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▷ IMAGE Advisor for Men, what it consists of and prices

Prices and options for hiring an image consultant

Betting on an image consultancy is the answer you need. These specialists may work in a cabinet or agency, or they can be freelance or freelance. The price certainly varies, but not much. While an image consulting firm has its own specialists in color palette or image coaching, a freelancer may contact you with those experts, but the expense is separate. Therefore, we consider that making a total sum, the price of a comprehensive image assessment is between 400 and 450 euros in person. This implies personal contact between the client and the image consultant, and the days or hours of work. It is very common for the counseling to be distributed between 2 to 4 hours per day, but you can also find the full day option. However, it is recommended that the job completed in two daysRemember that you will not only go shopping but also receive verbal and non-verbal communication training.

The price of a comprehensive image assessment is between 400 and 450 euros in person. This implies personal contact between the client and the image consultant.

We can also find the service of online image consulting with a lower cost, approximately 300 euros. All contact will be by Skype, Zoom or another digital platform. It will not include the personal shopper service because they will not go shopping.

Many times it is necessary to resort to verbal and non-verbal communication training, or also called image coaching, to more than one session. Therefore, the rates could vary a lot, according to the hours and the follow-up. Today many companies that work in image consulting They offer services separately, by the hour or by the day. You can find prices between 50 to 240 euros, apart depending on the sessions. The personal shopper is another service that many men and women turn to. They just want to dress well and go shopping in the latest trend stores, therefore, it is also an option that is handled separately. Prices vary with or without transportation, and the hours they need them (between 2 to 5 hours). You can disburse between 100 to 200 euros.

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▷ +50 Exciting and Pleasant SEX positions 🤩 [+TIPS]

Conclusion: Practice new sex and take sex to another level

We are sure you have read this guide to sexual positions and you have not hesitated to send him a WhatsApp your partner to start playing. In a hotel, at home, in the car, on the couch, or wherever you want … Experience new pleasant emotions! Do not forget that communication is very important in a couple, and much more in bed. Tell him about your fantasies and tell you theirs, smile and have fun together. Get out of the monotony and surprise your partner.

Women and men orgasm differently. Penetration is not the only thing in sex, stimulation, hands, kisses and sex toys are also valid in bed. The idea is to renew, innovate. Therefore, we have made available several sexual positions that are more pleasant for her and for him. Let’s not forget about the preliminaries, they are always an extra motivation for the sexual act; in addition to use protection and lubrication if they need it.

What do you think of our list of best sexual positions? Have you done any of the ones that we indicate here? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Have you been left with any doubts or questions? So we ask you leave a comment. It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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▷ FACIAL Rejuvenation Man, Products and Treatments 🤵

Facial rejuvenation treatments for men

Before getting into the subject, you should know that men’s skin is different from women’s. The beauty routine in a man is a fundamental element to contribute to a healthier life and protected. In general, the skin is thicker and more fragile and more oil is secreted due to the androgen production resulting in a decrease in the freshness of your skin. Therefore, it is important that you trust people who know this field and go to a trust aesthetic center to start your type of treatment. In this list, we are going to tell you which are the most successful types of treatments to contribute to rejuvenation:


The microdermabrasion It is a novel technique to keep the skin young, smooth and clean in a totally natural way, without surgery or previous preparation. From the first session you will be able to notice a younger appearance thanks to the applied technology that allows correcting expression lines, imperfections on the skin’s surface, spots caused by the sun or burns, as well as providing a cleaner texture thanks to removal of pimples.

This aesthetic treatment is listed as one of the most effective today for its ability to rejuvenate the face. Skincare professionals use a small machine containing fine substances to exfoliate the facial surface. By means of certain movements they manage to carefully remove the layer of skin that is left over, thus eliminating the part most affected by the passage of time and providing a appearance of vitality.

Radio frequency

The tratment of facial radio frequency It is one of the most demanded facial rejuvenation techniques today in both men and women. It is a completely natural progressive treatment that improves acne scars, wrinkles and sagging of the face in a remarkable way with just five or six sessions that can be distributed over a period of time even seven or eight months.

During the thirty minutes that the session usually lasts, the professional is in charge of stimulate collagen production of the dermis through a small high-frequency device. The increase of this substance gives tension to the facial tissue, reducing flaccidity and improving the appearance of the skin. This treatment also stimulates blood circulation achieving that in addition to luminous the skin is much healthier.

Despite the fact that after the session there are people who notice a sensation of heat on their face, it is very rare due to its non-invasive condition. Professionals recommend this treatment for people over 30 years old due to the characteristics of their skin, but it is also suitable for those who do not reach this age and wish to have a healthier and brighter face.

Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins

The mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins It is an excellent option if you are thinking of adding luminosity to your skin to acquire firmness and vitality while preventing aging. If you are tired of using moisturizers to improve the condition of your skin, this aesthetic treatment is one of the best options thanks to its effectiveness for the face to regain its vitality.

As time passes our body stops producing hyaluronic acid naturally, a substance that is responsible for hydrating the body. As a consequence, the skin begins to deteriorate and takes on an older appearance. The treatment is responsible for injecting this substance along with certain vitamins through multiple needles in the dermis, the layer of the skin that is located above the epidermis where the renewal of cells takes place.

It is important to note that it is a totally natural that does not present any type of problem for our organism, but quite the opposite: it recovers the complexion, brings luminosity and increases the volume of the skin. The facial appearance improves from the first session and continues to progress progressively depending on the number of times we decide to carry it out. His combination with peeling treatment allows to keep the skin in optimal condition.

Sessions with LED light mask

Sessions with led light mask They have acquired much prominence in recent years thanks to the ease of the process to reduce inflammation of the skin, reduce the presence of acne, eliminate face blemishes regardless of their origin and promote the recession of facial aging. All of it from quick way due to the components of the technology applied in the treatment.

The light is applied directly to the face through a mask similar to those that you have surely used at a costume party. The rays emitted are similar to the sun’s rays with the main difference that they are not ultraviolet rays, so they do not heat or cause any type of pain. exist three types of light depending on the objectives you intend to achieve: red (repairs damaged tissues and improves the expression line), blue (eliminates acne caused by bacteria) and green (eliminates stains and regenerates the skin).

What if you want to get two or more benefits? You can choose to carry out each treatment individually or indicate to the aesthetic professional your preferences to combine in a single mask both solar rays. If you are simultaneously undergoing other facial treatments or you plan to do so, you should know that if it is bottox, caboxiterapia or laser there will be no problem. However, we recommend that you consult in advance with a specialist for better advice.


The peeling It is listed as one of the main facial rejuvenation techniques among men for its effectiveness in eliminating unwanted wrinkles, alleviating acne and its sequelae, fighting rough and oily skin and finally reducing skin blemishes. The start of treatment is usually recommended during autumn and winter to protect from the sun, since after application the skin is very weaker despite the set of products used to prevent it from suffering any type of damage such as sun creams or moisturizers.

The dermatological treatment is developed in a similar way to an exfoliation technique: various chemicals are introduced such as salicylic, glycolic or phenon acid on the skin to subsequently remove them in a controlled manner and remove the most damaged layers of skin present on your face. Subsequently, it is necessary to apply certain specific creams depending on your skin type for the treatment to conclude effectively.

Do you know if you can do a peeling with a beard? Quiet, The answer is yes. Currently a high percentage of men have opted for it and the treatments have been developed taking into account this characteristic so that it does not appear as an impediment to achieving good facial care. In the center where you carry out the dermatological treatment, they will apply special care so that you can show off younger and brighter skin without any problem.

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▷ 7 Steps to WASH your HANDS Correctly [+TIPS] 🤪

Steps for proper hand washing

Hand washing is extremely vital, since we often touch our face, nose, mouth or hands frequently even though they are not perfectly clean. eye! ¿Did you know that you should wash them between 40 and 60 seconds? The World Health Organization prevails that time and areas are essential, such as between the fingers completing it with a proper rubbing, the appropriate products etc. This time is being difficult for everyone, therefore, it is necessary that you learn to perform the routine of hand washing as precisely as possible.

In the last year, it has become unmatched in importance as the virus can spread from person to person through respiratory droplets and skin-to-skin contact. Therefore, and what you must be very emphatic, is to do a regular wash. You may think you know everything when it comes to protecting your body, but are you sure you do the routine properly? This is why I want you to take a look at our guide to find out what the proper steps for proper hand washing technique.

# 1 Wet your hands with water

The first thing you should do is put your hands under the tap of your bathroom or your kitchen. In this way, it will be much easier for you to spread the soap. If you do not have soap or water you can apply a disinfectant spray, providing an instant feeling of comfort in the hands offering a easy drying and freshness.

# 2 Apply soap to the palm of your hand

With the soap in hand, rub your hands together making circular movements. This movement will create a soft and creamy lather. It is important that this soap helps you cover the entire palm of your hand making circles. I recommend that the soap you use takes care of you, protects you and hydrates you. It is essential that the soap you use has nutritive substances so you can have one perfect hydration and do not have dry and damaged hands.

# 3 Interlace the fingers of the hand

The time has come for you to start taking soap to every corner. You must do the same thing that we have commented previously, only this time, you can do it by intertwining your fingers. You must reach those areas that separate one finger from another, since despite being one of the most forgotten parts, germs and dirt also accumulate there.

# 4 Wash the back of your hands

To stick with a good routine, you must rub the back of the hand, both from the left hand and the right hand, or vice versa. It is important that keep your fingers together. If you do not know where it is, it refers to the visible part of the hands, that is, what joins the visible part with the fingers.

# 5 Rinse your hands with water

Once you have put the soap on your hands, you should rinse them with water. Nothing happens if there is a trace of soap left, as you can dry it with a towelHowever, we recommend that you be very careful when rinsing.

# 6 Use a personal towel for hand drying

It is possible that in your house, you have those typical towels that you always have there and that you do not change regularly. Careful! It can be very harmful to your health. Handwashing starts with the right products, and one of them is use a towel or disposable paper. What we mean by this is that a towel that has been there for days is not worth it. In fact, what you should do is grab a “disposable” towel and throw it in the launder immediately. This will prevent the arrival of unwanted bacteria.

# 7 Use hydroalcoholic gel

As we have mentioned separately, the situation may arise that you do not have time or you are not at home. If not, what alternatives do you have? The hydroalcoholic gel It is the most appropriate solution since if you are in a restaurant, a work meeting or shopping and you do not have soap and water at hand it will help you fight those bacteria that attack your skin, especially in times of pandemic. There are a number of sizes of gels, that’s why you don’t have to worry. To this day, you can find them in carafe sizes wholesale, or in smaller doses like 500ml and 200ml. They are really cheap and it is the most suitable method to fight against the virus.

The who recommends using hydroalcoholic gel when your hands are clean and you don’t have them wet or dirty. It is highly recommended to use it after you have put soap and water on your hands. It must have an alcohol concentration of less than 60%.

# 8 Use the right moisturizer for your skin

Despite the fact that you think that everything would be done, because we are performing an even more extreme hygiene and due to this last year, the skin on your hands may be affected. Winter, the change of season, continuous cleaning etc. can seriously affect your dermis. That is why my recommendation is that you use a moisturizer that has both emollients, humectants, occlusives and antioxidants.

It is important that you use the moisturizer once your hands are completely dry and after the gel has taken effect. Failure to use this product may cause a irritative dermatitis. We recommend that you gently massage your hands and even reach the cuticles, a very forgotten area. I recommend that you apply the moisturizer twice a day, as it is the best way to keep your hands in perfect condition.

You should never rub yourself, but self-massage. Grab the thumb of the opposite hand and help to stretch the fingers, as they have a tension generated from all day. This will help promote blood circulation. Not all moisturizers are for everyone, so I recommend that you go to even specialized center or to your dermatologist to find out which cream is the most suitable.

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▷ FACIAL Beauty ROUTINE for Men 🤩 [+TIPS]

# 4 Use an exfoliator to remove impurities from your face

Once your hands and face have been thoroughly washed, you should start exfoliation. This is perhaps the most important step in facial beauty cleansing. It is the passage through which you really get rid of dead cells and unwanted blackheads. Like a good skin cleaning with soap and water, it is recommended that you do it every day, the exfoliation will have to be done, at most, 1 time per week.

This process, in addition to cleanse pores deeply makes the entire outer skin layer renewed. Eliminate dead cells, remove impurities and give uniformity to the face. Also, if you have any stains on your skin, it’s great, since, also called “peeling“It is also very good for acne marks. Although it is best to do it with your hands, today there are facial hygiene devices for men that offer some unique results combining them with the cleaning and hydration products that your skin needs. And why not say it, they will make your life easier!

In the case that you want to opt for using a exfoliating mask, are cosmetic products that are used occasionally (depending on the type of skin you have) to purify, illuminate and hydrate your skin. There are different types of masks depending on your skin, therefore, you can find moisturizing masks, energizing masks and purifying masks. Both hydrating and energizing help you fight dry skin and keep skin healthy. The exfoliating mask can help you remove dead cells from your skin, giving you softness and depth by letting them apply a series of minutes with warm water, being the most suitable when starting your facial shave.

And if you finally decide to use one exfoliating creamIt can also be a very good option, especially if you have oily skin. The function of the exfoliating cream is deep cleanse the skin Y remove dead cells. You can also activate circulation giving rise to skin regeneration providing great effectiveness leading to water retention of the skin with a hydrated result.

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▷ PROSTATE Cancer, Symptoms, Causes and Treatments 🤪

What treatment is suitable for prostate cancer

The kind of treatment for prostate cancer it will depend on the stage or stage of this disease. Whatever the path, the emotional and psychological support it will be key in this phase. Here comes to play the role of oncologist, who will request more tests if the cancer is causing problems in the patient. Other factors for treatment recommendations will be to know the possible side effects as well as the patient’s preferences and general health.

Active surveillance and observation

This goes for men with low-grade, low-risk cancer, or the tumor is confined to a small area of ​​the prostate. To accept this treatment is not easy, because you know you have the disease, but the doctor does not recommend surgery or chemotherapy, but to wait quietly. This is because many times a treatment can cause more problems than the disease itself or side effects (erectile dysfunction, maintaining an erection and incontinence). Therefore, it is recommended to delay any procedure, but to be constant check-ups between 3 to 6 months (blood tests, digital rectal exams, and possibly biopsies).


The prostatectomy it is an operation where doctors remove the prostate and the tissue around it. It is used to try to remove a tumor before it spreads outside the prostate. Before the surgery, you should ask or receive all the information about the surgical technique by which you are going to be operated, such as what risks, complications and sequelae the type of intervention entails. Both your sexual intimacy and your body image are at stake, with all that this implies in their relationships or in their work, social and family life; in addition to urinary problems. There are three techniques that we explain below:

  • Radical retropubic prostatectomy: the prostate is reached through the abdomen, making an incision from the navel to the pubis. After the intervention, a scar will remain in this area.

  • Radical perineal prostatectomy: In this case, the removal of the prostate is done through an incision made in the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotal bag that houses the testicles). This technique is rarely used.

  • Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: it consists of practicing several punctures in the abdominal cavity that allow placing tubes (tocars) through which the surgeon operates by looking at the images collected by a camera on a television monitor. This technique allows the prostate and seminal vesicles to be removed without leaving a surgical wound. In recent years, robotic techniques have been incorporated to carry out this type of surgery.


In recent years, the different modalities of radiotherapy have suffered a important evolution for both healing and other purposes. Is he use of high power beams for destroy cancer cells. Generally, it is indicated in patients with tumors located in the prostate or that have exceeded the capsule of the prostate. When the tumor is locally advanced (tumors that infiltrate the rectum or the bladder), tumor control and improvement in quality of life are achieved.

Hormonal therapies

With antiandrogens The new generation slows the growth of cancer by reducing androgen levels (male sex hormones) or reaching the prostate.

Radiopharmaceuticals and / or chemotherapy

Also called radioactive drugs, which emit directly radiation particles to prostate cancer tumor cells disseminated, for example, in the bones, deposits of cancer cells, even tiny deposits, are destroyed. They are given to the patient in several different ways: by mouth (orally), by injection, or applied to a certain part of the body.


A special probe is placed in or near the tumor in the prostate to freeze and destroy cancer cells. It is used if the cancer has come back after radiation therapy. It may be an option for treating men with prostate cancer in low-risk early stages that cannot receive surgery or radiation therapy. Although it is not surgery, the patient is given spinal or epidural anesthesia because the procedure is like an ultrasound and the gases are administered by frozen needles.

Cancer vaccine

This vaccine not to prevent prostate cancerInstead, it is used to boost the patient’s immune system, helping it to attack prostate cancer cells. The vaccine is effective in treating prostate cancer advanced that no longer responds to hormone therapy. Its preparation is for each man because white blood cells are extracted.

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▷ How to Choose the Valentine’s GIFT for Him or Her 🤵

Why celebrate Valentine’s Day after February 14

You may have a series of doubts about the situation that is happening with the Covid-19. That is why, if you do not have the possibility to celebrate your adventure the February 14th, all experiences have been extended to keep you and your partner safe, and of course, you can keep your money. You should know that all associated establishments duly comply with social distancing.

Well-being is a top priority, which is why the “Covid-19” guaranteeoffered by Smartbox helps you to extend the validity of your gift voucher according to your needs. They can help you in any situation such as buying a Smartbox gift box, registering gift vouchers, doubts about the deadline or extending and reserving a date.

All these options are available so you can enjoy your adventure and experience, without worrying about your health and that of your partner. Another question that may arise is if you can delay these gift boxes, of course you can. If both bonuses are active in your account, you can extend both at the same time.

If you are wondering what the exact date is, don’t worry, you can use it up to three years and three months late, all to change, redeem or extend the validity of your subscription, modifying it for free.

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What is upcycling? The differences with recycling and how it is used in men’s fashion

Art, recycling, design? Upcycling was aimed to be a trend but it seems that it has come to stay. The new way of reusing all kinds of elements continues to be all the rage around the world. Still don’t know this term? We tell you what is upcycling: The differences with recycling and how it is used in men’s fashion

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in men's fashion cover

What is upcycling?

Despite having been boiling for several years, there are many people who still do not know what is upcycling. The truth is that this Anglo-Saxon term is used to define the recycling of objects in premium version.

Basically, it consists of retrieve an object that was to be discarded, apply some imagination to convert it into an element with a different use, getting a final object of greater value than the initial one.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how brushes are used in men's fashion

Photo: @bodepersonal

But why upcycling? The term is the combination of the words uprgrade (update) and recycling (to recycle) and was coined in 2002 by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, authors of the book ‘Cradle to Cradle’.

A book that was edited in reusable plastic and whose ink was also recycled, in which they taught to make the most of everything that many people consider garbage.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in menswear Cradle to Cradle book

Thus, among the benefits we obtain with upcycling there is prolonging the useful life of some objects that were no longer used, reducing outrageous consumption and, incidentally, recovering the value of these items that were already discarded.

Additionally, by reusing existing materials without manipulating them, required emissions are avoided to condition the recycled raw materials that will later be used from scratch for another use.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how lamps are used in men's fashion

Photo: @bodepersonal

It is an improved version of recycling although, as we will see, there are differences between recycling and upcycling.

The differences between upcycling and recycling

The differences between upcycling and recycling They may seem minimal but they are two completely opposite concepts of recycling.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in men's fashion example upcycling

Photo: @bodepersonal

  • Respect for the original form – The most notable difference between both concepts is that upcycling respects the original shape of the reused object. That is to say, even if we give it another use, the object will be recognizable and, therefore, it does not require any industrial process to turn it into a malleable element as happens with recycling.
  • Value added – When applying upcycling to an object, the update we obtain must be more valuable than the original. We are giving it added value thanks to the design and innovation that we have applied to it. In recycling, the usual thing is that the new element has a lower value or, at most, similar to the previous one.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in men's fashion Bode NY store

Photo: @bodepersonal

  • Novel term – As we have mentioned, the term upcycling was coined in 2002 and, therefore, already conceived in the 21st century. Meanwhile, recycling to use, according to experts, dates back 10,000 years. There is a significant time jump between the two.
  • Stimulates creativity – Before facing an upcycling process, we will have to think about what we are going to create from the recovered object. This period of creativity and imagination helps to exercise neurons and seek solutions to a problem that is not really a problem. In the case of recycling, the object is simply discarded, its raw material decomposes and is used to make something else.

How upcycling is used in men’s fashion

Obviously, upcycling has reached the world of fashion. It seems obvious that a culture that is committed to recovering objects that are no longer used has an important niche in this sector. However, it is convenient to delve into how upcycling is used in men’s fashion

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in menswear Marine Serre designs

Photo: @ marine-serre

According to a study, We only use a fifth of the clothes in our closet. We are talking about 80% that does not fulfill its function and that, in that case, it is a tremendous option to use as raw material for your own upcycling.

In the world of fashion in general, there is a increasingly widespread goal of being an environmental benchmark, since many elements with which they work allow it. Upcycling is the simplest and most complicated answer to this goal.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in menswear Nicolo Puccino

Photo: @nicolopuccino

That is, it can be done as Emily Adams Bode, who turns old bedspreads into jackets and pants, but the process to get to that idea is more complicated than the actual execution of the idea.

For its part, Marine serre, French designer, has turned upcycling into more than half of its current business. Such is the case, that in its Youtube channel You can find videos with the creative processes of many of their garments.

One of the most viral is the one that starts from a handful of vintage silk scarves which, after completing the upcycling process, end up converted in a beautiful red silk djellaba. Imagination, talent and dedication are the basis of a men’s fashion creation style that is here to stay.

In fact, the great change that indicates the relevance of upcycling is what Louis Vuitton gave embracing this way of working. And that the prices of Louis Vuitton garments do not invite recycling. Despite this, the commitment to sustainable, creative and surprising men’s fashion is decided.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in menswear Bode Personal americana

Photo: @bodepersonal

Your next shows will not present seasonal trends, but rather the french house will go on a world tour, as a show, where their upcycling designs will be the stars of the show. And is that combining fashion with expectation is the best thing that can happen to upcycling to multiply its relevance.

In fact, in his Spring-Summer 2021 collection, more than half of his designs were recycled or recovered. In contrast to the new Zara catalog for men, which continues to bet on new designs.

What is upcycling?  The differences with recycling and how it is used in men's fashion Batard

Photo: @batardcreation

Of a total of 80 garments, 25 were upcyclings from previous atelier collections, while another 25 were directly previous collections. The rest were new designs but upcycling has caused a sensation.

Another great designer who has signed up for upcycling is Margiela. Memorable were the gloves that he turned into shirts or the broken dishes that he recovered in the form of vests.

I said, upcycling is here to stay.

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▷ Alimentación VEGANA, Qué Es y Alimentos 🥗 [+DIETA]

Mejores alimentos veganos que no deben faltar en tu despensa

alimentacion vegana dieta alimentos veganos beneficios vida saludable

Comenzamos con la parte más divertida y creativa del mundo vegano: descubrir todos esos alimentos que quizás desconocías. Sabores nuevos que te asegurarán un camino maravilloso y saludable en esta nueva etapa de tu vida. Revisemos esos veinte alimentos que no deberían faltar en tu despensa, descartando cualquiera que provoque alergias, por supuesto.

#1 Frutas y verduras

El consumo de frutas y verduras son la base esencial de una dieta vegana, debes completar tu dieta con otros alimentos esenciales como cereales, semillas, etc. Lo recomendable es que aproveches todas las verduras y frutas de temporada pero en la mayoría de las dietas veganas se tiende a congelar algunos vegetales para siempre tenerlos como opción al momento de preparar recetas, y aprovechar así todos los nutrientes.Las ventajas que obtendrás al consumir todas las propiedades de las frutas y verduras se verán reflejadas en tu día a día: desde tu estado de ánimo hasta en la piel.

Cada fruta y cada verdura tienen diferentes beneficios nutricionales, son tantos que te daremos la clave: combinar sus colores. Todos la verduras contienen bastante clorofila y a eso se debe su color: pimentón, espinaca, coles, albahaca, y muchos más Ahora, ¿qué aportan a tu dieta? Vitaminas A, C, E, K y complejo B y minerales como el magnesio, hierro, potasio y calcio. Sobre las frutas, pues están llenas de agua, minerales, fibra y vitaminas. Es decir, todo lo que necesita tu cuerpo para estar sano. Al comer muchas frutas, estarás luchando contra el envejecimiento prematuro de las células. Y si quieres hacerte un experto en la combinación de frutas, podrías revisar sus propiedades según sus colores.

#2 Semillas de Chía

La chía es una de las semillas más completas y versátiles. Básicamente puedes añadirla como complemento a la comida que quieras: batidos, tortillas, guisos, helado, etc. También puedes tomarla solo con agua. La chía contiene omega-3, omega-6 y calcio. Si aún no has probado esta semilla, te advertimos que podrías obsesionarte por su versatilidad. Realmente es deliciosa y detox: logra que tu organismo libere toxinas más rápido, ayudando así a tu sistema digestivo. Como es tan pequeñita, no es usual comerla sin acompañarla con algo. También funciona como un estímulo a la creatividad.

#3 Semillas de Linaza

Así como la anterior, estas semillas son esenciales para sustituir el omega-3 que se encuentra en los pescados. Además tiene hierro, magnesio, fósforo y otros nutrientes. En realidad la linaza debería ser una de las protagonistas en tu alacena. Recuerda que esta podrás encontrarla también en muchos panes integrales del mercado, así que no te preocupes por cómo prepararla o consumirla. Aunque, ¿sabías que la linaza tostada es un buen sustituto del café? No referimos al caso donde quieras dejar poco a poco no solo la cafeína, sino el café. El sabor tostado de la linaza y su color podría engañar a algunos o al menos ayudarles a dejar de consumir tanto café. Eso sí, debes estar atento al producto que compras, ya que algunos sucedáneos del café pueden incluir colorantes, gluten y caramelo.

#4 Maíz

Desde la visión Maya, el hombre viene del maíz. En la actualidad este cereal resalta en la gastronomía de casi todo el mundo. Te recomendamos comprarlo para hacer palomitas (un perfecto snack), así como harina de maíz precocido. ¿Qué aportará? vitamina B, E y A, excelente para la salud cardiovascular y la piel. Existen dos ventajas claves, entre muchas, de guardar maíz en tu despensa. Primero, es muy económico: desde su presentación en granos para palomitas, pasando por el maíz dulce y tierno, hasta el harina de maíz precocido. La segunda ventaja es que sustituye perfectamente al trigo, o al menos evita que lo consumas tanto.

#5 Carne vegetal

Cuando decimos “carne vegetal” nos referimos a los alimentos que se adaptan a recetas que en una dieta omnívora incluiría carne animal. En el mercado encontrás proteína de soja o carne de soja; esta es granulada e ideal para guisos. Ahora, el seitán es otro tipo de carne vegetal, no granulada sino en trozos. Esta última está hecha a base de gluten del trigo; es riquísimo y podrás congelarlo para degustarlo cuando quieras. Sobre la soja, te adelantamos que también es uno de los principales sustitutos de la leche de origen animal, quizás el más conocido por todos.

Cada 100 grs de soja texturizada supera la proteína presente en carnes, pescados y huevos. Vamos ahora con el segundo sustituto: el seitán. No aporta tanta cantidad proteica como el anterior pero sí que minerales como el calcio, sodio y potasio. El pequeño detalle del seitán es que no deberías consumirlo si eres intolerante al gluten.

#6  Nuez de Brasil

Este fruto seco es bastante exótico y proviene de Sudamérica, específicamente del Amazonas. No es como la nuez que conoces, sino que cuenta con una forma alargada y muy particular. Es una rica fuente de omega-9 y omega-6. Cada 100 gr de este tipo de nuez contiene 650 calorías, así que no es para comerla a diario. La nuez de Brasil podría ser un complemento fantástico para algún brownie o pastel vegano, ya que le dará una textura especial. Aunque te mencionamos que no puedes comerla a diario, consumir nuez de Brasil con mesura, hará que tu piel luzca más radiante y que tu estado de ánimo mejore.

#7 Leche vegetal

El mundo de las leches vegetales es muy amplio. Ya sea que decidas comprarla en el supermercado, tiendas orgánicas o prepararla en casa; es un alimento indispensable en la despensa de cualquier vegano. ¿De dónde viene la leche vegetal? De muchas fuentes: soja, almendras, arroz, avena, coco, sésamo, quínoa, cáñamo, nueces, alpiste…y la lista continúa. Si decides prepararla en casa, podrías darle un toque especial con una pizca de cúrcuma.El primer y gran beneficio de la leche vegetal es que no contiene lactosa.

Seguro pensarás: ¿entonces por qué dejar de tomar leche animal si existen presentaciones deslactosadas? Principalmente porque esta última no se incluye en una dieta vegana, y segundo porque descalcifica los huesos. En cambio, la leche vegetal tiene múltiples ventajas: no contiene colesterol, te brinda calcio, vitaminas y muchos nutrientes. Las leches vegetales son fáciles de digerir y, aunque sus ventajas podrían parecer generales, existen aquellas que son específicas debido al origen: coco, avena, soja, etc. Todo está en que pruebes cada una, eligiendo así tus favoritas pero sin enfrascarte solo en ellas. Recuerda que la alimentación vegana debe ser equilibrada.

#8 Quínoa

Se trata de un súper alimento que tiene toda la cadena de aminoácidos que tu cuerpo necesita. La encontrarás en varias presentaciones: quínoa para cocinar (reemplazando el arroz o agregándola a ensaladas) y quínoa pop, un tipo de cereal crocante para acompañarlo con yogurt, chocolate caliente, y lo que se te ocurra. Te recomendamos optar por la quínoa pop natural y no por la endulzada. Además de eso, debes saber que la quínoa también tiene tres colores: blanca, roja y negra. La primera es la más tradicional. La roja contiene más carbohidratos, siendo ideal para deportistas. La última es más bien una combinación entre quínoa blanca y espinaca; entre sus beneficios para la salud encontraremos que es antiinflamatoria y cicatrizante.

#9 Maní

El maní no es un fruto seco, como muchos creemos, sino una legumbre. Tenerlo en tu despensa te asegurará una fuente de vitamina E y B3. Y lo más espectacular del maní es que sus aceites esenciales lo convierten en un personaje ideal para preparar mantequilla a partir del mismo. Eso sí, para la mantequilla de maní necesitarás comprarlo sin tostar, pelado y sin sal. Son muchas las razones por la que debes consumir maní pero, por supuesto, si no eres alérgico al mismo. Pero bueno, dejando a un lado eso, el maní siempre te ayudará a procesar mejor el azúcar, prevenir enfermedades del corazón y, así como el chocolate, generar serotonina. Todo se resume a felicidad.

#10 Especias

En este punto se abre un amplio abanico. El uso de especias transforman el sabor de todas las comidas, existiendo unas que te gustarán más que otras. Empieza por el curry, la cúrcuma, la pimienta, la nuez moscada, el ají o chile deshidratado y la paprika. Además, deberías considerar otras especias para postres, té y café. Por ejemplo: cardamomo, anís estrellado y canela. Quizás al principio de tu dieta vegana desconozcas muchas especias y por lo tanto sus sabores, por lo que es común comprar condimentos procesados. ¡No lo hagas! Es muy perjudicial para la salud y van en contra de tu dieta vegana. Te aconsejamos ir experimentando poco a poco con los sabores de cada especie, sin mezclar mucho.

#11. Té o café

Si eres amante del café no te asustes porque en las dietas veganas se permite. Solo que por tu salud, deberás consumirlo de manera moderada; lo ideal sería tener café molido orgánico (para tomar por la mañanas) y un pequeño frasco de café instantáneo para preparar postres, como batidos con helado de vainilla vegano. El té sí es preferido por muchísimas personas, sobre todo por su variedad y capacidad terapéutica. Si no quieres comprarlo en el supermercado, te aconsejamos visitar tiendas orgánicas en tu ciudad o tiendas veganas online. También podrías cultivar manzanilla, toronjil, laurel, entre otras plantas para crear infusiones.

12. Ajo y sal orgánica

Algunos cocineros y cocineras tienen el dicho de que “solo ajo y sal es suficiente para obtener platos deliciosos”. Quizás podrías ponerlo a prueba un día, a ver qué tal te va con ello. Lo que sí es verdad es que el ajo tiene muchísimos beneficios para la salud: mejora la circulación y los resfriados, disminuye los niveles de colesterol y cuida el aparato digestivo. La sal también protege a nuestro organismo, específicamente al sistema inmunológico. Eso sí, aquí no entra la sal refinada que solemos comprar. No, nos referimos a la sal en grano, ya sea extraída de minas o del mar. Cada tipo de sal en grano tiene un sabor distintivo. Veamos algunos: sal de Himalaya y sal rosa de Los Andes (muy sutil), sal negra de Hawaii (sabor terroso), y sal Maldon (suave y con tonos dulces).

13. Endulzantes naturales

En la dietas veganas puede consumirse azúcar, tal cual la conoces. Sin embargo, como uno de los principales propósitos de la alimentación vegana es llevar una vida saludable, llenar tu cuerpo de azúcar refinada no es lo más alentador. Pero si de verdad te gusta mucho, busca la más oscura: desde la rubia a la morena. Por otra parte, existen endulzantes sin procesar, como la stevia, que tiene muchos seguidores. Aunque, como no es del gusto de todos por su particular sabor, te presentaremos otros endulzantes para tu despensa: panela (proveniente de la caña de azúcar), miel de arroz (con sabor sutil), miel de cebada (bajo poder endulzante para ser usado en postres), miel de caña (dulzor intenso), sirope de agave, sirope de maple y dátiles.

#14 Granola

La granola es una combinación de frutos secos que debes tener sí o sí en tu despensa. Sin duda, te salvará en esos días donde necesitas desayunar rápido. Suele contener avena, almendras, nueces y cereales. Debes poner atención cuando la compres, ya que algunas contienen miel de abeja; recuerda que esta no se incluye en las dietas veganas. De verdad tienes que ser quisquilloso al momento de elegir la granola porque es normal que encuentres barritas procesadas en el supermercado. Ante estas prefiere prepararla en casa: hay varias formas. Hornea los frutos secos de tu preferencia (almendras, pistachos, avellanas, etc) para el toque crunchy. Luego añade pasas, higos, semillas, frutas deshidratadas, ralladura de naranja, canela y lo que más te guste.

#15 Postres

Hay un mito terrible sobre las dietas veganas: se comen muy pocos postres o la opción de postres es muy reducida. ¡Qué gran mentira! Existen desde helados hasta galletas, chocolate y variedades de golosinas veganas. Al principio seguramente estarás dudoso leyendo las etiquetas, y eso está bien. Comienza por colocar unas galletas dulces de arroz, chocolate sin leche, sirope de agave y dátiles en un lugar especial en tu alacena.

#16 Pasta

La pasta, este alimento originario de Italia, es parte del día a día. Sus infinitas presentaciones te darán libertad al momento de elegirlas. Optar por la integral o por las que están hechas a base de lentejas, arvejas, remolacha, espinaca… ¡es lo mejor! No solo por lo saludable que será sino por los sabores y las variedad de recetas en la que podrás incorporarla: al plato con aderezo de preferencia,  en pasteles al horno, etc. Una de los platos más deliciosos y tradicionales es la pasta al pesto de espinaca o albahaca. Aprovecharemos el tema para comentarte sobre otros alimentos que podrías tomar en cuenta si no te emociona mucho la pasta. Por ejemplo, los fideos chinos: fideos Lanzhou,  fideos de Beijing, fideos Dandan de Chengdu, fideos de arroz y fideos Biangbiang de Shaanxi. Sí, sabemos que pocos conocen que los fideos chinos son tantos, pero todo se trata de ir probando hasta encontrar tu preferido.

#17 Garbanzos

Dentro del grupo de legumbres, los garbanzos se destacan por su alto contenido nutricional. Con cáscara o sin cáscara, eso dependerá de las recetas que quieras preparar. Para que tengas una idea del provecho que podrías sacarle: ensaladas, hummus, guisos, falafel, etc. No recomendamos comprarlos enlatados sino en bolsa, naturales. Estos granos protegerán a tu corazón, a tus huesos y al sistema digestivo, además de ser una rica fuente de proteína. Los garbanzos tienen bastante proteína y pocas grasas saturadas. De hecho, es un gran aporte de fibra. Y si lo combinas con cereales como quínoa, arroz o cuscús, será mucho mejor. Ya verás que no es necesario consumir soja, por ejemplo, todos los días para hallar proteína.

#18 Almendras

Las almendras las encontrarás como frutos secos por gramos hasta en chocolates, tortas y helados. Cualquiera de estas formas es viable y dependerá del gusto de cada persona. Sin embargo, guardar en tu despensa un frasco con almendras dulces, ya que las amargas son tóxicas, sería excelente. Este fruto te dará mucha energía cada día. ¡También puedes preparar mantequilla con almendras! Cada vez que comas almendras, ten por seguro que ayudarás a tu organismo. No les basta con tener un sabor riquísimo, sino que también son muy antioxidantes, contienen calcio, magnesio y zinc. Una porción de almendras aporta la misma proteína que la carne animal. Y resaltamos que una porción de almendra equivale a 100 grs; si consumes mucho más podrías sufrir una indigestión

#19 Algas

Puede que este sea uno de los alimentos que menos comes o al que no estás acostumbrado si estás iniciando una dieta vegana. Las algas deben ser incluidas poco a poco y con moderación. Existen muchas especies: la más conocida es la nori (la que se usa en la preparación de sushi), alga wakame, alga kompul o kelp, alga hiziki y espirulinaalga cochayuyo, entre otras. Empecemos por algo que quizás desconocías: las algas tienen un alto nivel de calcio, y más hierro que algunas legumbres. También son antibacteriales, antioxidantes y antiinflamatorias. Algo muy curioso sobre las algas es que carecen, dependiendo de su origen, de todos los fertilizantes y químicos que podrían estar presentes en la mayoría de los vegetales.

#20 Arroz

Todos consumimos arroz, blanco o integral, de tamaños independientes, con semillas o sin semillas. El caso es que para llevar una alimentación vegana es casi obligatorio incluirlo en tu despensa. ¿Por qué? primero, por ser un complemento para todas la comidas, por su versatilidad al momento de ser preparado y por los beneficios que aporta a nuestra salud: magnesio para optimizar la absorción de nutrientes. El arroz da para tanto que hasta es un depurativo por excelencia. Las depuraciones van dirigidas a los intestinos, los riñones y el hígado. Tomar agua de arroz mejorará tu piel y eliminará esa grasa que está de más. Ahora, es algo que podrías hacerlo tres veces al año, no es para implementarlo como tal en una dieta vegana: solo es un recurso.

Men's Fashion & Beauty

▷ HAIR CLIPPER for Men, Types and How to Choose the Best 🤵

Types of hair clippers according to their use function

There are an infinite number of types of hair clippers today, whether they are for a specific part of your body or your face. As we explained in a section above, there are two types of trimmers, corded or cordless. But here we want to talk about clipper according to use. That is, if you do not want to buy a complete kit with several nozzles, you can choose one according to its specific function.

Nose and Ear Clippers

These little machines have a smaller and round nozzle, which allow access to difficult and delicate areas such as the nose and ears. These clippers manage to catch the hair and cut it smoothly without causing damage.

Body Hair Clippers

They are powerful enough to cut hair in areas such as the abdomen and chest. This hair clipper offers good adaptability to all areas of your body due to its ergonomic handle.

Intimate Zone Hair Clippers

These little machines have been manufactured exclusively for this delicate area. Combs are more accurate at catching and trimming hair of varying lengths, without the skin coming into contact with sharp edges. Specially designed to cause less irritation.

Head Hair Clipper

Head clippers are generally the best sellers, because they usually integrate multiple interchangeable heads so you can get different styles and shave different parts.

Beard Clipper

They are machines with heads perfectly adaptable to the lines of the face. Every day, brands strive to make them with hypoallergenic materials because they know that facial skin is more sensitive.