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The art of seduction

Few arts are more captivating and interesting than the seduction. It is a language that goes far beyond physical contact or the word and, to master it, you must have exceptional qualities That few people own. Of course, that does not mean that you can not train, since you must be able to master the psychology, the intelligence and of course the mystery. When you get it, these aspects will make you give off a unique charisma that will make you more attractive to other people (remember that seduction goes far beyond flirting or sex).

To master the art of seduction you must basically be able to master two fundamental aspects that you must know and internalize. First of all you have to know yourself. It's about knowing what you do well and what you do wrong to be able to change it and enhance what you really do best. Think about it! Seduce is show the best of yourself hiding your lacks (without overacting). Secondly you have to be able to observe, know what the other person wants at the right time, anticipate their movements, be very empathic, being able to read gestures and signals and master nonverbal language (This will give you clues about whether you are doing well or poorly.) But that is not all! There are some more aspects that you must master to be able to seduce:

  • The look: It is, without a doubt, the first weapon of seduction. Therefore, you must learn to master the look to know when to do eye contact.

  • The smile: Another factor to have as soon as the smile is. Here we must highlight the duchenne smile, which is also called authentic or spontaneous smile and that is named in honor of the French doctor named Guillaume Duchenne.

  • The posture: To be able to seduce you must look gestures that convey confidence and security. For example, if you are talking to a person, it is normal for you to lean forward to listen to it (it is a sign that what you are saying interests you). On the contrary, if you lean back you will be controlling the situation and being colder, so seduction will be more complicated.

  • The smell: One aspect that very few people take into account is the perfume for men or women. In matters of seduction the smells are exciting and it must be something that you take care of in detail (even the wake you leave when you pass in front of someone).

  • Physical contact: You have to have physical contact, but not overdo it. Especially if you don't have much confidence with the other person, since people don't usually like that invade your living space. A brief and subtle touch or a touch on the arm will suffice (these are small gestures).

  • Voice tone: Another factor that you should not neglect in the art of seducing is having a tone of voice tight and careful, who knows how to connect and caress and is often as exciting as it is pleasant.

  • Seduce is not the same as flirt

    If you have reached this seduction guide it is probably because you need advice to flirt with girls or boys and get love, company or sex. Flirting is something very simple, which anyone can do, since it is usually the first approach that you have with a person (usually for sexual purposes). In short, it is the first contact you have to see How far can you go with that person (it is definitely a kind of flirtation that does not have to reach any point).

    However, seduction is somewhat more complex. To put it somehow, it's about an attitude towards life, a way of being, a absolute mastery of aspects of verbal and nonverbal language that make your person show attractiveness and charisma that makes other people are attracted (sometimes to the point of falling in love). Is he art of sexual proposal, it is a game in which adrenaline is generated and an attraction with the other person that becomes practically unstoppable.

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