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Are you looking for sex toys for men? Do you see many options and have doubts about which accessory is better to masturbate? Quiet! In a world where more and more taboos are demolished every day, the issue of masturbation no longer generates controversy as it did before. Masturbation is a physical act and a need of the human being to satisfy your sexual desireIn addition, the practice of this activity (without becoming excessive, of course) brings many benefits to physical, mental and sexual health. Therefore, we have made a selection of best male masturbators on the market by type and price stay tuned!

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When talking about masturbators, we immediately think of those erotic accessories manufactured, mostly, for women (traditional dildos and vibrators, among others). However, if you haven't looked at the market offer for a while, there is a great variety of these erotic products, which grow more and more and have been designed exclusively for men. Whether you are looking check pleasure for the first time that such a toy can bring you into your most intimate moments as if you are fond and you want to renew your instruments, in this guide we explain how to choose them and why some are better than others.

What have we relied on to choose male masturbators

Although not until long ago it was considered a taboo subject, today the masturbator It is one of the best selling sextoys in the world. The reason? Very easy! It is a practical sea object when you are alone or have a distance relationship. It is very fun and exciting to include such objects in your erotic games (alone or with a partner) and delve into new sensations, since it generates greater complicity and help break the routine. In fact, if you use them in moments of own pleasure (during masturbation) you will enhance erotic creativity, it will help you to know better how your body works train ejaculatory control and, it goes without saying, to last longer in bed. In fact, the number of models is such that sometimes it is too difficult to find the best option. To help you, here are several essential criteria to consider before buying any sexual accessory:

  • The size: Dear gentlemen, contrary to what is normally said, size does count. I'm not talking about the penis, but about the masturbator. Although not all penises are the same, most masturbators they adapt to the general public. Therefore, there is no problem unless nature has granted you a member like a sequoia tree.

  • The performance: Honestly, at this level (and without a bad pun), it's as everyone prefers. You just have to keep in mind that with a automatic model You can not go against the movements of the machine, because you run the risk of blocking the mechanism (or something else …). At this level, a manual model It may offer more flexibility, but it is not as effective as automatic.

  • The type: In general, there are three types: the masturbator vaginal, anal and oral. Again, it is a matter of taste or fantasy.

  • The level of stimulation: It all depends on how you are going to use your masturbator: if you use it for preliminaries, better a “soft” model That causes excitement but not too much. If it's about exerting your resistance, a stimulating model It can be a real challenge.

  • The shape: They exist for all tastes: models realistic, fetish, aesthetic, discreet… Anyway and as I said, it all depends on what you are looking for. If, for example, it is about improving your endurance, a realistic model may be more effective.

  • The material: The question of the material is raised on several levels: texture, shelf life, ease of use and ease of cleaning. In any case, we must always favor models that, not only are of good quality, but also hypoallergenic. In general, silicone models are considered the most pleasant at all levels.

  • Sheath: It's the internal structure of the masturbator. Some are narrower than others, or have stretch marks, cracks or knots, with one or two entrances. Obviously it is decisive for the result and the variation of sensations.

  • Ease of cleaning: By hygiene issues Obviously, it is imperative that your masturbator be easy to clean. For this there are no secrets: consult user opinions.

  • The options: Is your masturbator waterproof? Free hands? Can you connect to another masturbator or a vibrator to enjoy as a couple? Currently, male masturbators are designed with a endless features. Some “smart” models have Bluetooth connectivity that allows them to directly access visual or sound pornographic content, or control the masturbator directly from their smartphone (a very convenient function in case of long-distance relationship).

Types of male masturbators

Although the world of eroticism has been traditionally related to female sexuality, the universe of male pleasure It is worth discovering and enjoying in depth. There are thousands of proposals that over time we find in the market and that have the objective of go beyond traditional masturbation. Why shouldn't we make our favorite moment of the day more sophisticated? Next we have prepared a classification of all typologies had and for having masturbators for men. From devices that seek to imitate real sensations, simple gadgets in shape but very complete in functionalities, some that include lubricant to provide greater smoothness or even full-scale formats of the female body. You are willing to experience a different form of masturbation?

  • Vibrators ring for the penis: Although it is not well known, let's start with the basics: the penis ring. Yes it is a ring as it is put on the penis to exert the right pressure and so maintain a more powerful erection and increase sensitivity from the area This ring can be with or without vibration. The vibrations always bring a plus of pleasure and sensations that the hand cannot achieve. But not only that. Some penis vibrating rings are designed to stimulate the clitoris during penetration, thus giving wonderful sensations to both. This is a very desired factor for them especially since 76% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

  • Flexible masturbator: So that we understand each other, we mean the masturbators known as egg masturbator, like the one of Tenga Egg. Being flexible and having an internal texture of "spider web" are very pleasant. So much that it is one of the most selled products in the male sector. The bad? Most are not reusable. But the time you use it, enjoyment is assured. This category also includes flexible masturbators who have a rotary valve system They give unique sensations.

  • Masturbator with suction effect: The fellatio or oral sex is one of the most pleasant practices for many and, that is why masturbators with suction effect are so demanded. It is amazing to what extent technology and research are capable of generating such toys as the Flip Hole. These they work through some air chambers that the user himself can control from a hole at the end of the toy. Only by covering and uncovering them the sensations trigger.

  • Vibrating Masturbator: If something is clear is that where there are vibrations, there is pleasure. These cause the stimulation to rise to another unknown level. With this type of masturbators the person with penis does not have to worry about anything, just let go and abandon yourself to pleasure. In addition, there is a variant of vibrating masturbators that is the heat effect. And it is that men feel much more pleasant feeling hot and humid. Something that characterizes these sex toys is that they are very easy to clean and reusable.

  • Prostate stimulator: The popularity of the penis is indisputable. In fact it is one of the most searched words on Google. So we could say that there is a slight obsession about it and therefore, we forget that there are other erogenous zones which may involve a before and after in sexual life. One of them is the point P or also known as the male G zone which is in the prostate. To stimulate it, there are several ways to perform prostate massage. Being 5 cm from the entrance of the anus, more or less, it is very easy to find and stimulate it with your fingers and a good dose of silicone lubricant. But if you want to make sure you do it perfectly and discover another new way to reach orgasm (according to some much better), the ideal is to get a prostate stimulator.

  • Inflatable dolls: Currently, the sale of sex dolls has increased dramatically, making this fetish one of the best companies of the male population and leaving behind traditional inflatable dolls. Either because of loneliness or because they don't consider themselves capable of being with a woman who meets the physical attributes they want in reality, many men decide to buy them so that in a quick way can fulfill your fantasies. There are many types of sex dolls that we find today, from the Inflatable dolls even dolls that they look human. Any of them has different holes for penetration and in the case of the best quality dolls, they have a touch very similar to human, so being with the woman of your dreams will not be as complicated as it would have seemed.

Materials with which male masturbators are made

There are many types of materials used in the manufacture of male masturbators. However, most use materials such as Silicone, TPR or TPE, TPR Silicone, Superkin, Latex, PVC and jelly. Each one has different bases and compositions, so before opting for one or the other we recommend that you inform yourself about the materials and ingredients included in the product to ensure that you do not interferes with your health leading to an allergic reaction or other skin disorders. The second factor that you might consider when selecting a toy or another for its material consists of the sensations you can experience in the contact depending on its properties: flexibility, softness, lightness, thermicity … Do not get carried away by doubts and look at the following comparative table.

Material Skin safety Base components Properties Difficulty and way of cleaning
Silicone Very high Semi or inorganic polymers It retains heat, odorless, soft and elastic, repels dirt and bacteria, very resistant to friction and is not allergenic Easy: With warm or warm water and antibacterial soap
TPE or TPR high Mixture or compound of rubber polymer that exhibits a thermoplastic character Excellent flexural fatigue resistance, high impact resistance, starts smoothly and has additions to make them more rigid Intermediate: They should be washed with warm water and mild soap. It is not a bad idea to use a condom when using them
TPR Silicone high Mix between Silicone components and TPE or TPR They are somewhat rigid, are stable against high temperatures and perfect balance between chemical and mechanical elements Intermediate: Must be cleaned before and after use. Use warm and antibacterial water
Superkin Moderate Patented fleshlight material Very soft as skin and soft and non-allergenic materials Easy: Wash with warm water and let dry before storing (do not use soap)
Latex Moderate Synthetic rubber derived from some plants Allergenic for some people, peculiar smell, very flexible and good vibration conductor Difficult: Being porous, it is easy for dirt and germs to hide. Condom use is suggested. Clean with mild soap and water
CyberSkin Low Thermoplastic Elastomer (PVC and Silicone Blend) They simulate the sensation of true skin, high molecular density, flexible and resistant Very difficult: Due to its high porosity, germs and dirt are easily stored. Use condom Clean before and after use
Pvc Low Polyvinylchloride. Not recommended for sensitive skin, very versatile, elastic and flexible and contains harmful materials such as phthalates Easy: With warm water and antibacterial soap
Jelly Very low Polyvinylchloride. Very flexible, soft to the touch, highly porous and contains harmful materials such as phthalates Difficult: Dirt and germs are stored in it. It is suggested to use a condom. Clean with warm water and toy cleaner. Do not use strong soaps.

As you can see, the materials determine everything about your masturbator. The most important thing will be the cleanliness and care. In fact, many manufacturers of reusable sex toys have begun to include, together with the product, a cleaning kit composed of a spray or cleansing gel, gloves and a soft sponge. The safer materials as silicone will be more expensive, but in the long run safer and more durable than others such as PVC or gelatin. As for lubricants, we always suggest using water based, as they are not harmful to any sex toy.

Best cheap male masturbators

Realistically, the best valued erotic toys for offering a greater number of experiences and have a wider range of functionalities they are those that precisely do not tend to be suitable for all budgets. However, the price is not always related to the quality of the product. Maybe in this section we cannot talk about luxury sex toys but we do guarantee a selection of male masturbators who, having more affordable costs (less than € 50) do not play with product quality nor do they make the user land on toxic materials and cheap or unsafe imitations. There are no excuses, do you dare to try them?

Satisfyer Men Vibration Male Masturbator

best cheap male masturbators satisfyer men vibration

Neither more nor less than 14 vibration modes, 3 intensities and 8 rhythms hot at your choice to stimulate the area with greater nerve endings of the penis. The powerful motors are in the tip and in the middle bulge of the toy and the overlapping vibration patterns of the rhythmic programs provide a feeling reminiscent of the tingling of oral sex. Once the soft and pleasant walls of the vibrator embrace your member decisively, you will notice the fair narrowness that will increase your sensations. The ergonomic device curves They adapt perfectly to the shape of the hand, so that it will be super simple to press the buttons with the thumb at the same time that the rest of the fingers find a good support in the lateral grooves. And besides, it is fully waterproof. Treat yourself to discover new pleasures underwater. This new toy of the prestigious Satisfyer brand has everything for you to innovate in your masturbation. It is an elegant and sophisticated model, which makes the masturbator a discreet playmate for modern men. ¡¡Say goodbye to the exhausting manual work!

Price: From € 29

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Oral stimulant for men Have Air Tech

best cheap male masturbators have air tech

Air Tech is the range of oral masturbators that, thanks to a technology based on the air stimulation, reproduces more accurately the feeling of an oral relationship. You will wonder how … well, by letting the air freely circulate on the sides, it will not only reproduce a intense suction and friction effect, but also the noises that naturally accompany it. Its firmer material offers greater stimulation and its design of grooves and ribs presents a greater relief to enjoy a more powerful sensation. Tenga Air Tech incorporates lubricant inside, as well as a removable sleeve for cleaning and reuse. In addition, it is shaped like an hourglass, which makes it easy to grip and convenient to use. The outside of the toy is coated with an elastic material to ensure that it adapts to almost any size and morphology of the penis, and is equipped inside with different grips and cameras, creating a very satisfactory pattern. In addition, although it is not automated and does not vibrate, the soft shell of the toy te allows you to easily change the sensations by increasing or decreasing your grip during the game, easy!

Price: From € 15

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Male Erotic Toy Kuuval Pussy and Ass Doll

best cheap male masturbators kuuval pussy and ass doll

We will not deny that the name of this masturbator, despite attracting attention, is unnatural and somewhat unpleasant. But what really matters, the product, is really surprising you. It is a Exact life-size replica of the lower back and female buttocks. In this way, its main feature is that it is remarkably easy to maneuver in and around the Kuuval. It is so that what really distinguishes this model from the rest of masturbators are the realistic movements, which give rise to more real experiences, and without a doubt, more fun. Unfortunately, the Kuuval has a major drawback, it is quite cumbersome and unpleasant to clean. It weighs about 15 pounds, which makes it an odyssey to move it. It is cumbersome and difficult to transport, especially with an erection and lubricated fingers. Although, to your relief, it comes with a drying agent that is very necessary (it is difficult to ventilate the toy after cleaning it). If you ignore these last questions, you will have at your fingertips a super fun experience at a great price.

Price: From € 55

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Urnight 3D male vibrator

best cheap male masturbators urnight vibrator masturbator

Pleasure must be available to everyone. And precisely with this proposal the line of Urnight male masturbator vibrators. As you can see, its design is completely ergonomic: the massager is made of soft and flexible silicone. Inside, you can find a structure reminiscent of the oral passage covered with a silicone with memory of size and shape (yes, like mattresses). The airbag squeezes and contracts the silica gel at the rate that you indicate among the 7 available to achieve the pinch and suction effect In addition, the internal spiral folds in several layers will give you the friction pleasure. And we haven't told you the best yet! It has a function of automatic heating Built-in: by means of a button that you will find at the top, you can regulate the temperature of the device to emulate almost perfectly the feeling of a real sexual relationship. Intelligent heating can reach 45º (as they say, for tastes, colors). This, unique to movement and vibration will immerse you in a sense of integral warmth.

Price: From € 34

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Best mid-range male masturbators

He male masturbator ceased to be considered a taboo subject from the moment that modern science began to discover quite interesting and inspiring things about having sex and practicing masturbation. Although many of these devices look similar or work the same way, the main features they can give you a lot of information about the effectiveness and quality general of each. In this second catalog we will talk about those male erotic toys that tend to offer a greater adaptation to the needs of man: either by functionalities of the device, by ergonomics internal, by the design outside or because of the sensitivity of materials. All this, as you can imagine, will make the price of the masturbator also rise one level. But beware, a more than justified level.

Fleshlight Turbo Men's Manual Masturbator

best male masturbators midrange fleshlight turbo ignition

Those who think that masturbation with this type of accessories at the end ends up being monotonous will be surprised to discover the particularities of the Fleshlight Turbo. A 100% manual masturbator where you take control and mark the rhythms. With an aspect that the brand has managed to reorient over time, the device is made of Superskin transparent materials (technology patented by the company) in colors from clear to opaque. One of its most revolutionary features is that Fleshlight Turbo It has three insertion chambers, which means that, unlike the rest of mid-range masturbators (which make the user have to change the head depending on what he wants to feel), the Turbo provides a single structure and the extent to which you insert the penis is what will make a difference: lips, tongue or throat. In addition, to make the experience even more interesting, the device has the ability to adjust vacuum suction by turning the screwed cover on the bottom.

Price: From € 53

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Male Massager Lovense Max

best male masturbators mid range lovense max 2

Lovesense swept the market not so long ago with Max and his operation using teledildonics, a patented technological formula to help induce and improve orgasms. While this device can be used alone, it has incredible possibilities when it is connected to a computer or smartphone. With a material similar to human skin and an air pump design, the contraption is soft and flexible while rigid and stimulating. Max proposes you three different "game" modes. The first one is to use it in its simplest facet, no connectivity. The second one is to try the music experience rhythms through bluethooth which consists of letting the toy react to the sound of the music you are listening to base on it the sensations that it provokes. And finally, play as a couple, since a device Max can be paired with a Nora device (the female Lovense range) or even with another Max to have an amazing technological-sexual experience with whoever you want. By the way, although you may sound skeptical at first, Lovense Max also allows someone control your sex toy miles away.

Price: From € 69

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The Fleshligh Stamina Training Unit sex toy

best male masturbators mid range the fleshligh stamina training unit

Created by one of the most successful companies in the sex device industry, the Fleshlight Resistance Training Unit (also called "STU") almost sold out when it hit the market. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a sex toy for men designed specifically to reproduce the incredible feeling of sexual intercourse at the same time it helps you find your rhythm and get the maximum sexual performance. This masturbator presents one of the most realistic and pleasant manga textures on the planet. For this reason and for its dimensional format, it was baptized as «the revealing flashlight«. This promises an increased sexual experience, especially when used with products that enhance the experience of man, such as lubricantsor automated machines on which the masturbator is placed to save us the manual work. Take your imagination to fly and enjoy your sexuality like never before.

Price: From € 38

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Best high-end male masturbators

Ready for bring pleasure to a higher level? For the most demanding and for those who believe they can say that there is nothing in the erotic market that may surprise them, in this section we show you qualified sex toys for men with characteristics that closely approximate the luxury category. We talk to you about incredibly revolutionary models, which offer a qualitative experience and present multiple functionalities. Of course, depending on the range in which your perception of "expensive" and "cheap" oscillates, you will assume the prices of these products as reasonable in line with what they offer, or disproportionate. In any case, for this selection we have decided to ignore the economic component and focus on quality and experience proven to offer

Male Blow 2 + XT male pleasure device

best male masturbators high end autoblow blowjob simulator

Autoblow is a third generation male masturbator who expertly simulates oral sex sensations at the same time you use artificial intelligence to learn your behaviors and adapt your performance based on your individual needs. It even has a trim function that will allow you to start and stop the party to your liking, an excellent feature for the endurance training provided that you clean the machine properly between sessions. Its great virtue is that it has a really flexible channel in which you can accommodate almost any penis size. With Autoblow you can not worry about batteries, just connect it to any outlet and its long-lasting metal engine will be in charge of providing you with a totally safe enjoyment experience. In addition, it offers the opportunity to use 100% silicone exchange sleeves, easy to clean, reusable and adaptable to any type of penis.

Price: From € 118

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Kiiroo Onyx 2 men's self-disturber

best male masturbators high end kiiroo onyx 2

Willing to dive into a new wave of sensory interactivity? Considered a first class item in the field of personal pleasure, the Onyx 2 is another one of those most acclaimed automatic male masturbators in the luxury sex market. But it has a big difference: it can be used with absolutely any other device or application of the gigantic inventory of the Kiiroo brand and is even compatible with the launch of Fleshlight. It has a easy to use ergonomics, such as a touch-sensitive control panel and an elegant external housing. In addition, use 10 contraction rings to stimulate the penis while transmitting pornographic content in real time through a Bluetooth connection basic Its operation is based on automatic contractions up and down that you can configure based on multiple 100% silent masturbation modes. Best of all, the channel is wrapped in the same SuperSkin material that put Fleshlight in the spotlight of any man in the world.

Price: From € 170

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Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red pleasure coach

best male masturbators high end lelo f1s developers kit red

F1s is a game console, a platform for mobile application and a personal pleasure trainer. The new LELO product aims to bridge the gap between technology and nature to give rise to the most pleasant experience while facilitating fun in sexual practices. In its physical form, this sexual contraption has a cylindrical shape and is very light in terms of support. Its coverage incorporates all the technological connections necessary to provide maximum satisfaction when inserting the penis inside the silicone bag. Thanks to its unique dual motor design, the F1s Red harmonize the vibrations conventional with a completely inexperienced feeling previously in a male product. One of the engines is in charge of emit powerful sonic waves which are immersed intensely in the penis, as if these vibrations were resonating from all directions at the same time (instead of only at the nerve endings of the skin's surface). The product is combined with the patented system Cruise ControL, which allows to be sure that the F1s never suffer a power drop during heavy use. As? The software of this erotic article monitor and direct the necessary intensity intelligently to provide an uninterrupted experience.

Price: From € 149

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MYHIXEL Premature Ejaculation Masturbator

best male masturbators high end myhixel med tr

MYHIXEL, is a male masturbator from elegant design with an interior covered in soft materials of the highest quality, waterproof, easy to clean and lithium battery of great durability. But it's not just a device, but it's the latest in behavioral technology for him learning, the evolution and the sexual performance of man. His method combines the more advanced stimulation devicenext to one playful and gamified methodology through the app MYHIXEL Play, which allows you to reach a new sexual level through ejaculatory control. The digitalization of this methodology allows you to perform the treatment in the privacy of your home and with total privacy. Even if you need it, you can contact a specialist through its platform to get the most out of your method. In addition, it has 2 product lines, MYHIXEL MED, designed to men with premature ejaculation, that is to say that they ejaculate below 3 minutes during penetrative sex and looking for an alternative treatment that helps them control the climax without side effects; and MYHIXEL TR, created for those looking improve your ejaculation control ability because they don't always get it and they want to acquire new skills that allow them enjoy more and better sex. And you can also buy the hands-free kit, the MYHIXEL intimate lubricant and, over time, MYHIXEL anatomical sleeve replacements.

Price: From € 160

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The Cobra Libre 2 male dildo

best high-end male masturbators the cobra libre 2

With this complacent masturbator, the user will not have to repair the size, shape or curvature of the penis, and also the depth of the device, since this It is designed to stimulate the crown of the penis, and not the entire shaft. Made of luxury materials and with one of the motores integrados más potentes de la industria, la Cobra Libre II es una máquina de masturbación totalmente impermeable, que, como un plus añadido, cuenta con un bloqueo de seguridad. Su funcionamiento consiste en deslizarlo sobre la entrepierna (flácida o erecta) hasta conseguir el orgasmo sin bombeo manual ni esfuerzo excesivo. El CL2 se convertirá en un aliado perfecto para ayudarte a despedirte de tus inseguridades, pues es perfecto para hombres que sufren de disfunción eréctil o enfermedad de Peyronie. Basándonos en las opiniones globales de los usuarios que actualmente ya disfrutan de él, te podemos decir que se trata del juguete sexual ideal para un hombre que se desenvuelve mejor cuando se estimula la punta de su pene, pero definitivamente no para los hombres que disfrutan de la penetración completa o los placeres basados ​​en el eje y las características interactivas.

Price: Desde 129 €

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Otros masturbadores masculinos dignos de mención

Somos exigentes y no nos avergonzamos de ello. El tiempo de simplificar las relaciones sexuales y no buscar ningún tipo de innovación en ellas ya pasó. Ahora bien, encontrar el masturbador que mejor se ajuste a todas las sensaciones que buscas experimentar tampoco es tarea fácil. Por ello, fuera de la clasificación por gama anteriormente planteada, no queríamos perder la oportunidad de hacer tres menciones honorables dignas de conocer.

Huevo masturbador para hombre Tenga Egg

mejores masturbadores masculinos baratos tenga egg huevo masturbador

Tenga Egg es un juguete sexual divertido, simple y ultra compacto para hombres. Si eres nuevo en esto de los juguetes sexuales, y especialmente si las inhibiciones se han interpuesto en la exploración de productos de placer para el pene en el pasado, Tenga Eggs podría ser una gran introducción a la experiencia sexual porque hay algo sobre ellos que debería ser algo familiar para la mayoría de los hombres, incluso si nunca has tocado un juguete sexual. Cuando abres un Huevo Tenga, el concepto de diseño no es realmente tan diferente de un condón, es una pequeña lámina gomosa que se estira sobre tu pene, un accesorio sexual con el que la mayoría de los hombres ya tienen alguna forma de experiencia. Su exterior está empaquetado de forma similar a un huevo de Pascua de plástico y lo encontrarás disponible en una amplia variedad de texturas agradables. ¿Te gustaría saber qué es lo que más nos fascina de Tenga Eggs? El diseño divertido los hace parecer tan accesibles y ordinarios como un condón. Are fáciles de ocultar y transportar, lo que los hace ideales para viajar. Además, propone una variedad de sensaciones emocionantes y lujosas. Por otra parte, es lo suficientemente económico (de 6$ a 9$ cada uno) como para ser usado y desechado, aunque también puedes optar por lavarlo y usarlo varias veces.

Price: Desde 7 €

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Dispositivo erótico masculino Tenga Flip Hole

mejores masturbadores masculinos gama media flip hole tenga

La alta tecnología y la alta calidad son solo dos de los adjetivos que mejor describen el Flip Hole de la marca TENGA (que por cierto significa «vibración electrónica»). Te presentamos lo último en la revolución de la masturbación masculina reutilizable. Este juguete sexual fue diseñado por un ingeniero suizo con idea de crear un dispositivo erótico con un concepto elegante y eficiente. Aclamado como «El iPhone de los juguetes sexuales masculinos», este dispositivo presenta un diseño abierto que funciona con una bisagra innovadora, lo que lo hace ideal para todos los tamaños de pene e incluso para aquellos que sufren de disfunción eréctil u otras enfermedades sexuales. Esta obra maestra vibrante no solo es completamente impermeable y está equipada con una funda suave como la seda y segura para la piel, sino que también tiene almohadillas de presión manuales en el costado para que cada bomba sea uno de tus sueños más salvajes. Asimismo, el TENGA Flip Hole ofrece cinco experiencias muy diferentes, no anatómicas y placenteras, con el siempre popular y original blanco, he negro ajustado, el plateado satinado y el Red increíblemente estriado.

Price: Desde 39 €

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Estimulador para hombre The Fun Factory Manta

mejores masturbadores masculinos gama alta fun factory manta

Los masturbadores para penes suelen ser grandes, aparatosos y difíciles de usar en pareja. A diferencia de cualquier otro juguete del mercado, Fun Factory Manta está hecho para la estimulación en solitario, pero también es ideal para el sexo en pareja debido a su diseño elegante y su potente funcionalidad. Será tan fácil como sostenerlo entre ambos durante el coito para sentir una vibración compartida. Muy versátil y extremadamente liviano, este dispositivo de mano envuelve sus «alas de murciélago» texturizadas con lubricante alrededor del eje de su pene para ofrecer vibraciones intensas en una ubicación precisa. También es completamente recargable y resistente al agua. Además cuenta con 12 patrones de vibración únicos que proporcionan diversos placeres, porque las intensidades de vibración son infinitamente ajustables mediante botones táctiles: una amplia gama de configuraciones de velocidad e intensidad para explorar mientras disfruta de la increíble discreción proporcionada por las dimensiones compactas.

Price: Desde 85 €

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Vibrador masculino Hot Octopuss Pulse III

mejores masturbadores masculinos gama alta hot octopuss pulse 3

He Hot Octopuss Pulse III es apreciado en el campo de los juguetes sexuales masculinos porque ha permitido que los hombres más perezosos puedan disfrutar de una estimulación óptima por medio de motores vibradores con un dispositivo de características fáciles de usar. Por ejemplo, tiene un revestimiento exterior liso hecho de silicona duradera, pero dentro del mecanismo es donde ocurre la magia con estas cuatro palabras: «Tecnología de placa de pulso oscilante«. Tiene una función turbo, un sensor antigolpes y un 25% más de potencia que el diseño anterior. Hay 5 funciones de vibración diferentes para explorar y las alas elásticas que crean el cuerpo general de este dispositivo lo hacen perfecto para penes de todas las formas, tamaños o niveles de habilidad. Con esto último tambien queremos hacer referencia a aquellos hombres que sufren de problemas de salud o enfermedades relacionadas con el pene. Además, el masturbador incluye una bolsa de almacenamiento y un cable USB con un cargador magnético. ¿Y sabes qué es lo mejor? EL Hot Octopuss se sujeta directamente a tu pene sin necesidad de agarrarlo. ¿Ahora entiendes por qué la denominación «pulpo»?

Price: Desde 80 €

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Elige un masturbador masculino apto para tus necesidades y tu bolsillo

Elegir un masturbador masculino u otro es una decisión que solo tú mismo, y que solo después de haberte informado en profundidad, podrás tomar. No obstante, probablemente ahora mismo te encuentres entre abrumado y excitantemente indeciso. ¿Quieres alguna recomendación personal? Por relación calidad/precio, nosotros apostaríamos por Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red y MYHIXEL y su novedosa tecnología para la masturbación. Aunque si lo que buscas es un placer en solitario con una alternativa más económica, quizá el Satisfayer Men Vibration con sus 14 modos de vibración sea tu opción correcto. Y si, por el contrario pretendes romper con todo tipo de sofisticación y quedarte con un diseño discreto y sencillo, cualquier variedad de Tenga Egg con su composición en «tela de araña» que envuelve 360ª el pene es sin duda lo que estás buscando.

¡Hombre 👨! ¡Dí Adiós al Trabajo Manual 🖐🖐! Tipos de Juguetes Sexuales y 1️⃣7️⃣ MASTURBADORES Masculinos 🔝 y Cumple Todas Tus Fantasías Sexuales 💦😍💦

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¿Qué te ha parecido nuestra selección de juguetes sexuales y masturbadores masculinos? ¿Has tenido experiencias previas con ellos? ¿No sabes cuál sería el más indicado para ti? ¿Crees que nos hemos dejado alguno por el camino? ¿Te has quedado con alguna duda o pregunta? Entonces te pedimos que dejes un comentario. Da igual que sea o una duda o un simple gracias, pero nos alegraremos mucho de leerlo y responderlo.

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guia sexual hombre como ser mejor en cama disfrutar sexo

Guía Sexual para Hombre

¿Tienes ganas de elevar de nivel tus relaciones sexuales y los encuentros íntimos? Ahora lo que se busca son encuentros sexuales de calidad y, a ser posible, duraderos. No se trata de batir un récord, sino de que todo el mundo disfrute al máximo antes, durante y después de la relación sexual. En esta guía para hombre te ayudamos a mejorar tu vida sexual.

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