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Do you know the benefits of body massages? Would you like to be given a good massage throughout the body but you don't know the massage oils suitable? You are in the right place! The touch we all like and a well done massage (with or without oil) is a last. In the society in which we live we are continually coming and going, without stopping for a moment to relax and enjoy the moment. Imagine feeling warm hands running all over your body and making you forget everything for a moment (even stimulating your sexual desire). We know that getting a state of relaxation is not easy, so we want to give you some tips so you can massage with oil (or give them to you), so we've gathered the best massage products So you can leave behind all the accumulated stress.

best oils for body massages types essential oils techniques like doing an oil massage
best oils for body massages types essential oils techniques like doing an oil massage

Massages not only help you relax, but, depending on the type of oil, you can find various benefits for your body. In this guide we want to talk to you about the extensive world of massages, as much as if you want to do it only in one way purely therapeutic, forget about daily stress or, why not, increase sexual desire with your partner You should know that, in the world of massage oils, there are many types of products and that each one meets an objective, so it is important that you know which oil fits your needs and which massage technique is best depending on the situation. Of course, it is important that you know that, if you have major ailments or some type of muscle problem, We recommend you go to a professional (To be touching your body without having any experience can cause injuries).

Index of contents

  • What are the oils for massage and body benefits?
  • Types of oils for body massages
  • Properties of essential oils for body massages
  • Best oils for body massages
    • Vegetable Ginger Essential Oil, Aliver
    • Orange and Lavender Natural and Organic Massage Oil, Nanny’s Natural
    • Vegetable Rosehip Oil Rubiginosa 246, Naissance
    • Sweet Almond Oil, Dvita
    • Organic Jojoba Oil, Kanzy
    • Magnesium Oil, Magnum Solace
    • Massage oils set Arnica, Weleda
    • Professional Massage Oil, Strictly Professional
    • 100% Chocolate Relaxing Massage Oil, Bleumarine Bretania
    • Lavender Relaxing Massage Oil, Aromatika
    • Almond Massage Oil 215, Naissance
    • Massage Oil Work It Out, Naissance
    • Gift Set of Massage Oils «All Your Kneads», Naissance
  • How to choose the right oil to do body massages
  • Techniques to learn how to do a massage at home
  • Try the massages with oil and do them too

What are the oils for massage and body benefits?

Many times you will have wanted to give a massage (or give it to you) without any type of lubricant (with your hands directly) and you will have noticed that you have to make more effort and that it is less pleasant. Massage oils make life easier in every way, since they make your hands slip more easily (which greatly increases the quality of the massage). A good massage oil, in turn, Moisturizes the skin Y aromatize the room, which makes the experience even better. These are some of the Benefits of massage oils, but There are many more:

  • They facilitate the movements: If a massage already costs to do it with moisturizer (because the skin absorbs it very quickly), with dry hands it becomes even more complicated, so having a good massage oil on hand will make your hands slide on the skin easily.

  • They smell the room: Each oil used to perform the massage has a characteristic and distinct aroma, in addition to properties (below we explain the properties of each one) that provoke different sensations in the body.

  • Relieve pain and tensions: One of the clearest objectives of a massage is relaxation but, in addition, they serve to relieve certain pains and tensions. The majority of massages are carried out in areas that suffer ailments due to sports injuries, bad postures when walking or bad postures when sleeping or working, so oil massages help eliminate these tensions and for the body to recover faster.

  • Its price is very low: The prices of massage oils, compared to other beauty and personal care products, They are very cheap.

  • They care and nourish the skin: Apart from achieving lasting and effective benefits thanks to an oil massage, these also allow you to enjoy a feeling of hydration and softness on your skin that remains for a long time. In fact, in addition to hydrating it, it helps relieve various skin-related diseases.

  • Relationships improve: If you are going to start massaging your partner with oil at home, the contact that is created with the person who is going to give you the massage and the one who receives it grows since the existence of a mutual trust to get full relaxation. This can also be useful for performing erotic massages.

Types of oils for body massages

As with all products, there is no single product that works for everything, but you can find notable differences Depending on the varieties or uses of this when giving you a massage to choose in a correct way which oil is best for you. It is vital that you know the types of oils that you can find in the market, since you could be using one that is not suitable for your skin or need. Let us explain in detail the types of massage oils that exist and what each one influences:

  • Neutral massage oils: They are the best option when the person wants a good massage, but wants strong odors and has delicate skin, since they are massage oils that they have no dyes, preservatives or perfumes. Without perfect to combine with essential oils of your choice.

  • Oils for erotic massages: Although in many cases to give an erotic massage can be worth any type of oil, if you are going to include erogenous zones, you have to be careful, since they are sensitive areas that need specific products. There are many types, but the most popular are massage oils that transmit heat or cold and flavors.

  • Oils with natural aromas for massage: There are many oils for massages whose composition and aroma is represented by a fruit. For example, massage oil for almonds, mint, olive oil or lavender.

  • Cold oils for massage: They are made to give a touch of freshness to the person you are doing the massage due to the strength of the massage or because there is an injury or ailment. They are also highly recommended in summer since they refresh and revitalize.

  • Essential oils for massage: These are usually used when at times when we need a lot of relaxation or to end stress. They are oils made in a totally natural. There are many variants and we invite you to explore all of them. Later we will see in detail the power of these oils.

  • Oils for therapeutic massages: These are oils that are very practical to cure all kinds of mental problems and also muscle ailments. Among them are those that serve to treat inflammations, those that will allow you to end bone pain, those that are good for treating muscle aches and even those that are analgesic.

Properties of essential oils for body massages

Within what we have already seen in the wide world of massage oils it is important to know what the composition of essential oils for massage to know what they are made of and what each property brings to our body to be able to correctly differentiate the oil that we are going to use and what benefits its use brings us in a massage. Each oil has a property (a particular aroma), some characteristics and many are mixed between them so that its benefits are also mixed so we must take care and take into account the consequences. Read on to know the basic properties as well as if you want some ideas to do it at home.

Aloe Vera essential oil

Oil aloe vera It is obtained from the aloe vera plant. Of course, it cannot be obtained in a pure way since this substance it's not oily. Therefore, it is obtained by mixing aloe vera with other oils, such as olive, jojoba, almond, etc. It is one of the best known and used oils due to the enormous properties that the plant has and mixed with other types of essential oils can be a very useful remedy that you should have at home. Aloe vera oil is really useful has benefits for the skin (acne, spots, dermatitis, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, stretch marks, etc.), muscles (tired legs, muscle relaxation, injuries, etc.) Stomach (ulcers, gastritis, indigestion) and the hair and scalp care.

Price: From € 11

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Almond Essential Oil

The almond essential oil it is obtained from the fruit of the almond tree that must be cold pressed so that an elixir is obtained from the sweet almond rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and essential nutrients in addition to monounsaturated fats, oleic acid, linoleic acids (such as omega 3 and 6). Its color is practically transparent with certain golden touches and its aroma is practically imperceptible if it gives us a certain sensation of sweetness. The use of this oil brings us numerous health benefits, especially for treat diseases Y beauty and hair care (gives shine and softness). It is moisturizing, owns a anti-inflammatory effect, contains emollient properties (useful for massages, calm and desestresa). further for the skin, removes stains, reduces wrinkles, is perfect for exfoliating and for stretch marks

Price: From € 7

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Tea tree essential oil

The tea tree It is an Australian bush, from which the essential oil is distilled from its leaves and barks. It was used for millennia by the Australian aborigines since it serves almost everything. Its use has been extended since it is economical and effective which makes it doubly attractive. It has numerous uses and benefits among which its great power stands out antiseptic (of the most potent natural) should be used diluted and also prevents the appearance of infections. It has also been commonly used as home remedy for acne (Do not use it excessively as it can dry the skin). On the other hand, it helps to eliminate the foot and fungal infections. This oil is perfect. if your throat hurts (never swallow it) or you have a stuffy nose (steam baths) because with just a few drops you can mitigate that disease. For the skin it is used as mosquito repellent as well as the skin infections and the warts.

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Argan essential oil

The argan, also known as gold in the desert, is obtained by a sun-drying process of Argan tree fruits. Once dried, the seed is removed and cold pressed (chemical-free process) to obtain the greatest benefits of this tree. The oil obtained is golden, its aroma is practically invaluable. It is composed of essential fatty acids and by Vitamin E (antioxidants) As for its cosmetic uses it is highly antiseptic and antifungal (for mushrooms), it is recommended for moisturize hair and body, To treat the acneIt is also healing so it is used to burns and wounds. It also eliminates and prevents signs of skin aging and skin irritations. But this is not here since it is also edible and helps the cholesterol reduction, It allows improve digestion and it is a powerful antioxidant.

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Chamomile essential oil

The chamomile or chamomile It is a very popular herb in the western world, since it is a perennial plant that grows near the ground whose oil is produced from the flower. The color of the oil can be gray or dark blue and the aroma it gives off is warm, sweet and slightly fruity. This product is usually applied today especially for relieve skin problems and to body care, although it is also used to relieve muscle pains which is why its application in massages is really useful. Its enormous benefits include the relief of migraines, allergies, sunburn soothing and helps treat tonsillitis as well as its use for allergies and skin infections, soothe arthritis or rheumatism and inhalation can prevent insomnia.

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Cinnamon essential oil

The cinnamon It comes from a family of laurel plants. Cinnamon is distinguished by its small white flowers, bright green leaves, and purple oval berries. It is one of the oldest spices in humanity. This acts primarily as decontracting for muscles and sore joints serving to combat pain caused by injuries due to the heat it provides, it is very useful to eliminate stress After a long and tiring day. Eliminates joint stiffness and has a great anti-inflammatory power. Among its numerous uses and benefits apart from those already mentioned, cinnamon essential oil is mainly used as a natural disinfectant, as well as a natural scrubber, as an insect repellent and you can add it to the shampoo. It is commonly used as a home remedy for viral diseases such as colds.

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Juniper essential oil

The juniper oil it comes from an evergreen shrub of the pine family (the cupresacea) and it is a very common shrub In most of the world. It can be identified by its rigid leaves (green or blue) its yellowish flowers and its blue or black fruits. The oil is produced through the steam distillation of its leaves, branches, wood and fruits although it can be made of higher quality by distilling only the berries. The color of the oil is pale with a fresh fruity and woody fragrance which is known to be a relaxing oil that calms stress and anxiety. It is commonly used in steam therapies, use of oil in massages or adding to lotions and creams. Its properties are varied, it can be said that juniper oil is antirheumatic, astringent, depurative and antiseptic. It is also used to help relieve a wide range of skin-related problems such as psoriasis, acne or scalp lesions.

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Eucalyptus essential oil

The eucalyptus essential oil It is obtained from various leaves of the eucalyptus plant. Its essence and aroma is fresh, soft, balsamic and woody. It is known worldwide because of its use as remedy for respiratory diseases if used by inhaling (colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, dry nose, sinusitis) in addition to being the largest natural anti inflammatory, so it has a huge relaxing power over muscles, will help the fastest recovery of your injuries and relieve your ailments so it is very useful to use it for massages. Too it is common to use it on hair adding it to the shampoo because it fights dry hair, dandruff and irritations. Of course you can't forget his great natural antiseptic power applying it together with some lotion so its use is recommended for shallow wounds. First degree burns, insect bites and cuts.

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Gaulteria essential oil

The essential oil of gaulteria It is one of the largest anti-inflammatory most used in ointments to soothe pain. The oil is extracted from the Gaultheria Procumbens plant, which is mainly found in North America. This oil is yellow or pale pink and has a sweet, fresh aroma similar to mint and is normally associated by its relaxing power to the mind and its ability to relieve pain. Although today it is used as a food aroma especially for gum, this diluted oil can be applied topically or through a vaporizer, it is popularly known as pain reliever for muscle problemss and for relieve joint pain. It also helps prevent infections and promotes skin health (for acne, or small skin wounds) and hair (adding it to the shampoo). You should try not to use this oil with its highest degree of purity since it can become toxic and above all do not eat it.

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Jasmine Essential Oil

The jasmine essential oil It can be extracted from different jasmine species, this oil is extracted from the white flowers of the plant. It is widely used and known for its fragrance so it is commonly used in perfumery (Chanel Nº5 and Eau de Sauvage) is also added to alcohol, shampoos, soaps and body lotions. This is very useful for help you mentally, among other things relaxes, releases stress and contained emotions. He is known for being a powerful aphrodisiac, helps sexual problems such as impotence or premature ejaculation also helps raise self-esteem, creating a sense of peace and well-being, calm anxiety. On the other hand also relax the muscles, relieves muscle aches and spasms. Apart from the numerous benefits already mentioned, it is used to rejuvenate the skin (eczema treatments, dermatitis, dry or dehydrated skin), in a great antiseptic (its properties are antiviral and germicidal).

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Ginger essential oil

The ginger oil It is one of the most powerful home remedies to relieve pain, as you know, it comes from the root of ginger which is also edible. This dried root is the source of ginger essential oil, a energizing and uplifting Oil with a wide range of uses. This oil has a fine and light consistency, it is yellow and its aroma is pleasantly spicy (the fresher the root, the more aromatic the oil). Used on the skin the oil can ease the pain and promote the proper blood circulation. Although it is also valued for its soothing properties and for helping solve digestive problems In the stomach and intestine is a great remedy for spasms, flatulence and indigestion. It is also used for malaria and yellow fever, respiratory problems, pain in general and for heart disease.

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Jojoba essential oil

The jojoba essential oil It is one of the most precious today in the world of cosmetics because of the large amount of properties it contains, it comes from the seeds of a small original shrub from Mexico and the United States. It is a bright color is its maximum state of purity. It is the only plant that has chemical properties that are good for humans. As for its benefits and uses jojoba oil provides us with a excellent skin treatment It is used as an aftershave lotion, as a moisturizer, to treat wounds and bruises and is a lip moisturizer, it is also one of the most used remedies against acne. Also for hair is a very complete remedy Since it can be used to combat any hair problem as to remedy oily hair, prevent hair loss and scalp dermatitis.

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Lavender essential oil

The lavender essential oil It is probably the best known oil worldwide, it is extracted from the violet flowers of the small bush. Its aroma is fruity and very recognizable, in addition it contains numerous properties among them it has a great anti inflammatory power and for the relaxation of the muscles thanks to its calming effect, which also facilitates sleep and is excellent in states of anxiety and stress. It is also used against acne and dermatitis. Thanks to its strong smell it helps also for respiratory problems relaxing the pulmonary system It also helps greatly reduce blood pressure and is one of the few oils that can be applied directly to undiluted skin.

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Lemon Essential Oil

The lemon essential oil It is a great antioxidant. This is obtained from the fruit and leaves of the lemon, its aroma is citric and very characteristic. It has several applications in which it stands out as an air freshener (neutralizes odors). It is used for anemia and high blood pressure, for joint pain, for circulatory health, for colds, coughs and flu. Used in massages serves as an element to relax and get well-being and relieve fatigue especially mixed with other oils. As for your skin It helps reduce acne, nourish damaged skin and moisturize it. Various studies show that lemon oil is able to reduce cell damage. It is also used as a remedy for different diseases Apart from those already mentioned, digestive diseases, for throat infections, scars and oily skin.

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Peppermint Essential Oil

The peppermint essential oil It is another of the best known worldwide, comes from the mint plant and its aroma is characteristic and very recognizable. It is used as a natural ingredient to give fragrance to many cosmetic products. Can be used as natural cosmetics Since it regulates the production of fat in the skin so it is excellent for acne, it is deodorant, refreshing and reduces hair loss. Too can be used for home Since it scares away insects, it aromatizes the home and is a powerful antiseptic. As for natural remedy, peppermint essential oil is decongestant, stimulant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, tonic, expectorant so it can be used for respiratory diseases by inhaling it, in addition to massages by adding it to creams and lotions.

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Myrrh essential oil

The myrrh essential oil It comes from the dry resin of the myrrh tree. It is normally found in Africa and the Middle East. Historically it has been widely used, the oil has a yellow or even brown hue with a rich, smoky and balsamic aroma. In cosmetics it has the properties more beautifying, repairing and illuminating What is there today. Strengthens the body through emotional stimulation inducing calm and feeling of well-being. It also has an antioxidant effect since it serves to repair the skin. It is widely used in aromatherapy and its use is widespread in massages as it relieves skin infections and can be applied to heal wounds in addition to its stimulating effect on the body. In addition, it is widely used for respiratory problems, digestive ailments, oral diseases and to improve the immune system.

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Orange essential oil

The orange essential oil It is one of the best aromatic oils for beginners, it is extracted from the fruit and leaves of the orange tree and its aroma is really characteristic, in addition to being very easy to find it is the cheapest. Beautifies skins that suffer from diseases, strengthens our immune system, prevents cramps, relaxes muscles through internal activation, promotes digestion and relieves constipation. It is soothing and relaxing. Among its most popular applications and uses, its uses for acne, blemishes and oily skin. It is also useful for fighting depression and for common colds with cough and fever.

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Rosemary essential oil

The rosemary essential oil It is another of the oils with the greatest history in the market, it was valued by many cultures as a sacred plant. This oil is powerfully aromatic to fight fatigue, boost mood, renew enthusiasm and increase confidence. Most of the properties of this essential oil are directed towards the mental state, with its stimulating and tonic effects helps improve the immune system, as well as it is of great help for concentration and drowsiness. On the other hand, applied in massages also helps relieve muscle aches and bone problems. It is also used for diseases or treatments on the skin such as acne, headaches or migraines and colds or flu. In addition, its use in the scalp is also useful.

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Sandalwood essential oil

The sandalwood essential oil It is extracted from its wood, which is an evergreen tree with a huge world tradition. It is an oil with a woody, exotic and persistent smell (the older the tree, the more aromatic the oil will be). Its color can be yellow or pale gold and although it is the most expensive it is also the most useful. May get to calm the mind reducing tension or confusion. It is also widely used for its calming and relaxing effects so it is often used to awaken sexual energy, treat depression, stress, anxiety and fear. In addition to those already mentioned, sandalwood essential oil has other benefits such as its antiseptic power (protects internal and eternal wounds), anti-inflammatory against muscle pain what makes its use in massages, disinfectant, expectorant for lung diseases and also useful it's a great tonic.

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Important! Not all essential oils are the same or used in the same way, so it’s critical that you know how essential oils are used for body massages. In fact, some are stronger than others, so they can cause irritation if applied directly to the skin, so, to use them, you must combine it with an oil or carrier cream, among which the olive, almond, coconut, argan or rosehip oil stand out. Remember to read the instructions and how to use each oil, as well as the amount to use (each brand is different).

Best oils for body massages

You have already seen everything you need about body oils, the immense number of benefits they have on our body and our mind, you have also entered a bit into the world of body and erotic massages. There is an immense variety of oils, since, depending on the type and properties, some incorporate aromas, others are for the body and others are specific for the face, in addition there is also a complete range of erotic lubricants (because provide a feeling of heat or cold which increases arousal or act as aphrodisiacs).

To make the moment even more special, don't forget to put the product in your hands, rub them quickly (to heat it), make slow but firm movements throughout the person's body using any technique

Vegetable Ginger Essential Oil, Aliver

best oils erotic body massage intimate lubricants aliver essential oil vegetable ginger

Aliver and its ginger essential oils that guarantee 100% purity, one of the oils with more purity and concentration From the market. Most competitors dilute their oil in water to have more competitive prices, but this is not the case. keep all the concentration of ginger in its jar. In addition they are 100% totally natural and do not have adulteration and are made for therapeutic use. It has several functions but for body massages and why not also erotic, it helps reduce arthritis, rheumatic pain and all kinds of injuries and muscle ailments.

Price: From € 9

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Orange and Lavender Natural and Organic Massage Oil, Nanny’s Natural

best oils erotic body massage intimate lubricants nannys natural organic orange lavender oil

Nanny’s Natural It brings you an authentic massage oil. You have seen before the enormous benefits of essential oils and how they have a positive impact on our body, because here I bring you a perfect blend of essential oils for your body, orange and lavender. The orange that will relax you and lavender to treat ailments and injuries and to give an aromatic touch to the massage. This oil apart from containing all kinds of benefits and giving off an incredible aroma is totally natural and does not contain any chemical or any dye for the total care of your skin. It is also multipurpose for any place of the body or why not also for an erotic couple massage.

Price: From € 20

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Vegetable Rosehip Oil Rubiginosa 246, Naissance

best oils erotic body massage intimate lubricants naissance oil massage rosehip

Naissance one of the best brands of essential oils brings us a massage oil of 100% pure rosehip vegetable oil, cold pressed, refined and processed in the United Kingdom using seeds native to Africa in different sizes, can be found in both 100 and 250 ml. Owns a warm scent to earth and its color is yellow or light orange. A excellent moisturizing oil for all skin types, including mature skin. Is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, can be used in facial, tonics, massage or body oils, bath, creams, lotions and homemade balms.

Price: From € 9

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Sweet Almond Oil, Dvita

best oils erotic body massage intimate lubricants magnum dvita sweet almond body oil

Dvita It brings us a liter of the best totally pure sweet almond oil that will improve the personal care we give our skin. Ideal to give and receive massages this product softens and tones the skin. In addition this oil is easily absorbed leaves no stains and has a very mild sweet almond aroma que hacen que este producto sea realmente atractivo para personas que se inicien en este mundo. Además gracias a su gran formato a un precio realmente bajo hacen que tener este producto sea inevitable.

Precio: Desde 12 €

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Aceite de Jojoba Bio, Kanzy

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos magnum kanzy aceite jojoba

Kanzy es una marca especializada en todo tipo de cuidados de la piel, en este caso nos trae un aceite de jojoba de pureza máxima prensado en frío que ofrece un aroma puro, natural y muy suave. Utilizan semillas de jojoba seleccionadas de alta calidad de agricultura orgánica certificada. La jojoba se usa para reducir manchas, arrugas, acné, granos, cicatrices, antienvejecimiento y ojeras debajo de los ojos. Further, hidrata y trata la piel sensible. Perfecto para todo tipo de cuidados de la piel lo cual lo hace perfecto para su uso masajes.

Precio: Desde 9 €

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Aceite de Magnesio, Magnum Solace

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos magnum solace aceite magnesio

Magnum Solace nos trae este aceite de magnesio procedente de un lugar excepcional famoso por sus tratamientos terapeúticos corporales, el mar muerto. Se trata de un producto natural para la reducción de dolores musculares, dolores de cabeza y el dolor de articulaciones. El aceite de magnesio es considerado como uno de los mejores remedios naturales para el dolor en los músculos, el alivio del estrés, alivio de la ansiedad, calambres en las piernas, dolores de cabeza, migrañas y dolores corporales diferentes. También ayuda a relajarse, a dormir más fácilmente y mejor durante toda la noche. Esta es una alternativa única y perfecta a los tratamientos realizados en el mar muerto.

Precio: Desde 12 €

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Set Aceites de Masajes Arnica, Weleda

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos weleda aceite masaje arnica

Weleda nos trae un buen aceite con extractos de árnica biológica, planta conocida por sus extraordinarias propiedades medicinales analgésicas, antiinflamatorias y tonificantes. . Este producto facilita la preparación y la recuperación muscular. Es ideal antes del ejercicio para calentar y preparar la musculatura, después del ejercicio para facilitar la recuperación muscular y como cuidado diario para liberar las tensiones musculares y aliviar las molestias. Además, su aporte de calor aumenta la relajación muscular y proporciona una intensa sensación de bienestar.

Precio: Desde 23 €

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Aceite de Masaje Profesional, Strictly Professional

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos strictly proffesional aceite masaje profesional

Strictly Proffesional nos trae un producto de lo más interesante si queremos dar un paso más a la hora de dar o recibir masajes, con las técnicas que hemos visto más este producto podrías montarte una pequeña consulta de fisioterapia. Este aceite apto para todo tipo de piel usado por muchos especialistas fisioterapeutas es el adecuado para masajes faciales y corporales gracias a que contiene soja lo que lo hace un producto realmente suave e hidratante, además es rico en vitaminas para tu piel y viene en un frasco de 500 ml por lo que está programado para una larga duración.

Precio: Desde 14 €

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Aceite de Masaje Relajante 100% Chocolate, Bleumarine Bretania

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos bleu bretania aceite chocolate masaje

Bleu & Marine Bretania nos trae un escelente producto para masajes relajantes compuesto en su totalidad de chocolate. Este producto te hará creer que tienes un Spa en casa, además de producir relajación, los beneficios de los masajes con este producto muy diversos. Compuesto de aceite de chocolate ayuda a fortalecer y tonificar la piel, y aunado a sus propiedades antiinflamatorias ayuda a la recuperación de lesiones y a rebajar los dolores musculares.

Precio: Desde 9 €

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Aceite para Masajes Relajantes de Lavanda, Aromatika

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos aromatika aceite natural lavanda

Aromatika una marca especializada en productos de belleza y todo tipo de productos de cosmética de origen totalmente natural nos trae esta vez un aceite 100% natural de lavanda mezclado también con aceite de jojoba, almendras dulces, aceite de semilla de uva, aceite de semilla de durazno, aceite esencial de mejorana, lavanda, geranio, valeriana. Gracias a este producto date el mejor masaje posible para relajarte. Además sin aditivos sintéticos, conservantes ni colorantes. Un masaje con este producto te producirá los mejores beneficios para la piel, el cuerpo y el cuidado personal. Confía en el poder de la naturaleza para tu cuidado personal.

Precio: Desde 12 €

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Aceite para Masaje de Almendras 215, Naissance

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos naissance aceite almendras dulces

Este aceite de almendras de Naissance no podía faltar en la colección de aceites para masajes corporales, hecho 100% de almendras dulces es el aceite perfecto para equilibrar tu piel ya que está hecho enteramente de forma natural y no contiene ningún químico, su uso esta muy extendido para masajes corporales y también para aromaterapia. Es rico en vitaminas y en ácidos grasos esenciales, además se trata de un aceite fino que apenas desprende olor lo cual lo hace perfecto para empezar a probar aceites, ya que este cumplirá de sobra con lo que necesitas. Además de esta misma marca existe una gama completa de aceites para su uso combinado.

Precio: Desde 8 €

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Aceite para Masaje Work It Out, Naissance

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos naissance work it out

Este aceite de Naissance ideal para masajes corporales y deportivos sobretodo está hecho para las distintas molestias musculares que surgen en los entrenamientos. Es un preparado de distintos aceites esenciales como el jengibre, semillas de uva, la pimienta negra, romero, hierba-limón, cilantro, lavanda y vetiver es óptimo para aliviar los dolores musculares y articulares con una simple aplicación en la zona afectada y un buen masaje que harán que te quedes como nuevo. Ideal para su uso post-entreno ya que previene lesiones.

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Set de Regalo de Aceites para Masaje «All Your Kneads», Naissance

mejores aceites masaje corporal erotico lubricantes intimos naissance set regalo all your kneads

Naissance nos vuelve a traer lo que estabas buscando, este set de regalo que contiene 3 frascos de aceite para masajes es perfecto para sorprender a tu pareja o hacerte un auto regalo para conocer todas las posibilidades que nos ofrece esta marca, desde aceite para los músculos, para la relajación y por supuesto también para masajes eróticos es lo que hacen que este set sea tan atractivo. Estos aceites 100% naturales parten de una base de semilla de uva y son mezclados con otros tipos para dar a tu cuerpo distintos beneficios a un precio realmente bajo. Haz la prueba por ti y engánchate a esta marca.

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Cómo elegir el aceite adecuado para hacer masajes corporales

Ahora que has visto la enorme variedad existente en el mercado de los distintos aceites, los tipos, las propiedades, la composición, sus beneficios, te estarás preguntando que aceite vas a escoger, y si aún no te ha quedado claro tras los pequeños consejos que te hemos dado en cada sección sigue leyendo para saber cual es el aceite que debes elegir para el uso que le quieras dar. Esto es por decirlo de alguna manera un pequeño resumen de todo lo que hemos visto. Para poder elegir adecuadamente el aceite que vas a utilizar debes de seguir estas cinco claves:

  • El tipo de masaje: Si se trata de masajes deportivos o para activar la circulación conviene que sean de rápida absorción, pero en caso de ser un masaje relajante es preferible buscar aceites espesos que tarden un poco más en absorberse.

  • El tiempo que le vamos a dedicar al masaje: Si no dispones de mucho tiempo, busca un aceite para masaje en spray o ligero. Si dispones de todo el tiempo posible para cuidar tu cuerpo ya puedes buscar aceites específicos que sean más gruesos pero que te producirán mucho más beneficios.

  • Tus preferencias y gustos: Para gustos colores y si bien es cierto que hay algunos aceites que serán mejor para algunas cosas que para otras no hay nada mejor para elegir algo que sea lo que te guste y que te haga sentir bien, eso es lo principal.

  • Cuidado con las alergias: Casi todos estos productos son naturales o vienen derivados de productos naturales, por lo que es comun que se generen alergias así que ten cuidado y leete bien la etiqueta antes de echarte nada en la cara o en el cuerpo.

  • Considera las propiedades terapeúticas: Como ya hemos visto antes cada aceite es específico para una cosa, unos para la relajación, otros para la tonificación, otros para la circulación, así que conoce tu cuerpo aprende a saber que le ocurre y básate en eso.

  • No mires el precio: Ya hemos visto que estos productos son realmente buenos para el cuerpo, y además si los comparamos con cualquier producto de belleza son realmente baratos para los numerosos beneficios que aportan a nuestro organismo, por lo que no seas tacaño.

Técnicas para aprender a hacer un masaje en casa

Bien, ahora que ya has llegado hasta aquí te vamos a enseñar las distintas técnicas que existen para que puedas realizar un masaje en tu casa de una forma segura, pero antes de nada te tenemos que recordar que el uso indebido de estas técnicas puede llegar a ser peligroso para tu cuerpo o el de la otra persona a la que se le vaya a realizar el masaje por lo que siempre te recomendaremos que antes de nada te pongas en mano de un profesional para comenzar a iniciarte en este mundo de los masajes corporales. También es crítico que utilices algún tipo de aceite como te hemos explicado antes para una mayor comodidad.

Como verás todas estas técnicas que te vamos a enseñar tienen objetivos diferentes dentro del masaje corporal, unas van más bien dirigidas a la relajación corporal, otras van más bien dirigidas a la recuperación y tratamiento de lesiones musculares y otras a la tonificación. También cabe destacar que dentro de cada técnica hay variables que dependiendo de la persona serán distintas, entre ellas la presión (fuerza que ejercemos) o la concentración (zona en la que incidimos más o menos el masaje). Al igual que debes diferenciar cada tipo de aceite, también debes de ser capaz de diferenciar los distintos tipos de masaje para tratar unas cosas u otras. Sigue leyendo para ver cual se adecua más al tuyo.

Roce como técnica de masaje con aceite


The técnica del roce es la técnica principal y la más utilizada en cuanto al masaje relajante ya que prácticamente no incluye riesgo alguno al no ejercer tanta presión sobre la piel o sobre los músculos. Consiste en rozar o deslizar la mano sobre la piel sin la realización de presión sobre los músculos. Esta es la maniobra introductoria siempre el cualquier sesión ya que sirve como toma de contacto. También es la que recomendamos para la realización de masajes eróticos.

Para la correcta realización de esta maniobra deberemos de tener en cuenta el ritmo (para la relajación lo haremos de forma lenta y de una forma más rápida para la tonificación). En cuanto a la forma para realizar esta maniobra podrá hacerse en línea recta, en zig zag, alternando, concéntrico e incluso con ambas manos. Puedes hacerlo con el dorso de la mano o simplemente utilizando 1 o 2 dedos.

Técnica de fricción para masajes con aceite


Esta técnica de fricción pretende llegar con mayor profundidad a los músculos del cuerpo. Ejercerás una presión que dentro de lo que cabe sea tolerable y que permita la piel. En esta maniobra tu mano y la piel formaran una unidad que buscara la presión controlada de los músculos de la zona a tratar. Esta técnica se debe de realizar usando la mayor precaución posible y teniendo en cuenta la tolerancia. Es perfecta para iniciar un masaje erótico.

Los movimientos que caracterizan a esta técnica son circulares what deberán de ser breves y precisos. Dependiendo de la duración de la aplicación puede pasar de estimular a relajar, para hacerla lo podrás hacer utilizando las manos «en pinzas», con las yemas de los dedos, con las yemas de los pulgares, con la palma de la mano y con los nudillos.

Técnica de percusión para masajes con aceite


Seguro que ya habrás oído hablar de esta técnica, la percusión requiere que des golpes ligeros a un ritmo rápido sobre el cuerpo, las manos deben de estar en forma ahuecada y por lo tanto se debe escuchar un sonido hueco al dar el golpe ya que si no puede producir dolor. El movimiento debe de producirse desde el codo para dar estabilidad a la muñeca a la hora de dar el golpe.

Las percusiones son técnicas de masaje por excelencia estimulantes y se deben de realizar maximizando la precaución y golpeando en lugares bajos de la espalda. Para la realización correcta de esta maniobra podrás utilizar una serie de técnicas para dar los golpes, lo puedes hacer en picado, with palmadas o con golpes secos.

Técnica de amasamiento para masajes con aceite


Esta técnica del amasamiento tiene como base la compresión de la piel y sobretodo de los músculos. Es una de las más utilizadas en el masaje deportivo. El amasamiento exige una mayor fuerza e intensidad de las manos. Consiste en tratar de coger, deslizar y levantar los tejidos musculares, intentando despegarlos y buscando desplazarlos de un lado a otro, realizando al mismo tiempo una presión y un estiramiento del músculo.

Para realizar esta maniobra se colocan las manos sobre la zona de músculos que se quieren amasar, entre lo dedos se intentara coger la masa muscular para luego devolverlos a su lugar haciendo un estiramiento. Para usar esta técnica correctamente lo podremos hacer con ambas manos, con las yemas de los dedos, en pinza, with las falanges y los movimientos podrán ser ordinarios or circulares.

Técnica de vibración para masajes con aceite


The técnica de la vibración se realiza a partir de una presión y variando su intensidad con la que intentaras producir movimientos la zona en tratamiento. Al hacerlo nunca debes de perder el contacto con la piel. Esta técnica requiere de un entrenamiento ya que es normal que al hacer esta técnica se produzca un cansancio del masajista.

Tiene un efecto estimulante sobre el sistema circulatorio aunque también produce una calma y una relajación sobre la persona por lo que resulta una técnica realmente completa. Esta técnica podrá realizarse mediante sacudidas o vibraciones con 1 o 2 dedos o simplemente con el puño or la palma.

Prueba los masajes con aceite y hazlos tu también

¡Túmbate, desconecta y relájate! Apaga el móvil y deja atrás todo el estrés acumulado durante el día. Tanto si tu vas a hacer el masaje como si te lo van a hacer a ti, aprovecha estos aceites para masaje que, además, tienen enormes beneficios para la salud de tu cuerpo. Además, aprende a dar y a recibir masajes, ya sea en casa o con un profesional, y verás que poco a poco tus dolencias tanto físicas como mentales se irán reduciendo y esto repercutirá positivamente tanto en tu vida personal como profesional. Si quieres elevar la temperatura, apuesta por un masaje erótico y tu pareja te lo agradecerá.

A nosotros personalmente nos encantan los aceites esenciales naturales para masaje ya que son muy beneficiosos para la salud y huelen muy bien. Eso sí, te aconsejamos que pruebes primero con frascos pequeños para que, si no te gusta alguno, puedas ir variando (sin perder demasiado dinero) hasta encontrar el que te gusta. Si vas a hacer un masaje, empieza siempre por la espalda, baja a la piernas y pies y vuelve a subir hasta el cuello (es la forma más profesional y placentera de hacerlo).

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