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Are you tired of not feeling well inside and out? Have you mentalized (even if it cost a little) to start bet on healthy food? Do you usually eat well and are looking to discover healthy restaurants in Barcelona? You are in the right place! Healthy food is a choice that we recommend but, when you go out for lunch or dinner outside in Barcelona, ​​sometimes it is not easy to find a place that suits your needs. Most establishments (except some fast and processed food) start offering some healthy optionbut can you imagine going to restaurants with a menu of 100% healthy and healthy food? Well, it is possible! Catering businesses focused on fitness and fit feed they are becoming fashionable and in cities like Barcelona (or Madrid) you already have Many options From which to choose Know them all!

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona

You will have heard about the real fooding movement (otherwise we recommend that you investigate a little about it) but, in short, it is, in short, a lifestyle that bets on 0% processed foods (Or what is the same, real food). And, although the population group is increasingly aware of the responsible nutritionSometimes, asking for something healthy in a restaurant menu seems mission impossible (it also happens with healthy food delivery, although there are already very interesting options). Thanks to the sector of health and welfare (which does not stop growing) now you have many more options at your disposal. We love try new restaurants and, if they are healthy Y take care of the environment, better. We have no problem with food, (in fact it is one of our great passions) but, in addition to enjoying a good dish, we are taking care of ourselves in form and health, better than better. Go ahead and meet some of our Barcelona's favorite healthy food restaurants.

The "boom" for healthy food is no longer just a fad

52% of the population wants to know the story behind the products you consume. A percentage that is expected to reach 60% by 2030. It is what emerges from the study Values ​​and Visions 2030, which researcher Mirjam Hauser presented in the Think Next conference! (Think about the next) organized by the Swiss kitchen solutions company Franke.

The expert, who currently works for the market research company GIM Suisse, was convinced that “people want to smell the tomato they are buying and have contact with the people who produce it" What, among other things, has resulted in a resurgence of traditional markets. When it seemed that they were going to disappear, they have been renewed: now, they have a look more careful And they offer a great variety.

“Some are situated next to supermarkets to complement each other and that customers just bought in the large area what the market does not market, ”Hauser developed. Consumers want to know how each product has arrived at your table, know the whole process, and thus understand the price of what they buy. A trend that takes place especially in the big cities, especially since more and more people move to live there.

From "fast food" to "fast good"

Who said that the fast food can't be healthy? Why do we associate «by Decree Law» the fast food with hamburgers, burritos, pizzas, chips and greasy processed? We propose break with these standards! Although … thinking about it … maybe in the English-speaking countries they already broke up with the misunderstood term long time. Do not think that we are deviating from the subject, but here is a curious fact that almost nobody talks about.

In the Anglo-Saxon world the term «is usedjunk food»For what, in Spanish slang, we call«fast food«. They make a much needed difference between the junk food or junk food (foods processed, unhealthy, with saturated fats etc) and the fast food or fast food (takeaway food you can get, carry and eat easily and in a short time). A fruit salad from the fruit stand can be a quick meal, right?

We are going to talk about this precisely below, but taken to world of restoration. Because we need to put aside junk food and adapt our pace of life to all healthy possibilities which are currently available. Whether in restaurants where you can order a salad with bean sprouts or an integral-vegetable sandwhich at home or to pick up; or in those in which to enjoy a pleasant lunch or dinner in company. We will make a route through all the fit corners of Barcelona. If it were you, I wouldn't miss it!

Barcelona, ​​the world's first Veg-Friendly city

We rounded the first months of 2016 when the Economy and Finance Commission of the Barcelona's town hall approved an ERC proposal declaring the county capital ‘Veg-friendly city’; Or what is the same, friend of vegan and vegetarian culture. The overall objective of the project was to create a common space for the convergence of general information and the meeting of entrepreneurs, NGOs, consumers and investors in order to favor the prosperity of shops in the sector and the promotion of this type of eating habits.

At that time, a gap was opened between the main political parties of the city, given the approval of the majority and the abstention of some others. The debate revolved around estimates benefits of this diet, the economic and growth possibilities potentially posed by the sector and on the relevance of launching campaigns that promote consumption of these products to the detriment of others. In any case, the final validity of this recognition was due, in part, to the proposal of some associations and foundations on the inclusion in the electoral programs of this measure so that Barcelona was declared «ccity ​​of vegan and vegetarian culture«.

Thus, Barcelona it became the world's first city whose City Council officially approves a motion that includes this philosophy of explicit support for food without products of animal origin. Although this initiative gave the feeling of being a mere statement of intents to highlight the social, environmental and health benefits of a more vegetable and less animal diet, also contemplated concrete measures with those who really put into practice what I preached. Thus, the City Council set out to collect in a Guide the restaurants in the city where meat was not served (approximately 60), promote a mobile app to provide the user with useful information about the shops whose offer is based on vegan and vegetable products; create a Information point and meeting for those interested in the subject (BCN VegPoint), and finally adhere to the famous campaign «Meat Less Monday»O Monday without meat with which to promote a small approach to those who do not know or share the Veg-friendly movement

Best healthy food restaurants in Barcelona

Something is changing As far as culinary habits are concerned, and who has not noticed, should be putting the batteries. Society no longer thinks alike, medical advances are beginning to be insufficient, and scientific discoveries leave no room for personal interpretation. A balanced diet rich in all kinds of nutrients conformed by a great variety of healthy dishes, not only is it possible, but it is also necessary. The miraculous diets long since they stopped being an option, the intermittent fasting they do nothing but distort the rhythm of the organism and the physical workouts They are not enough if we do not accompany them with a responsible intake. There is something that we have no doubt about: we are what we eat.

More and more young people (you know, the future) who put aside multicaloric burgers and begin to discover the great variety healthy food establishments that open their doors for all tastes and pockets. It seems that little by little, society is becoming aware that people need a healthy nutrition, which practically never educate us, except at home since we are small if they exist good habits. There are more and more restaurants with an offer in restoration and healthy gastronomy and that's why today we want to talk to you about most recommended and well-known health food restaurants in Madrid.


best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona aguaribay

The secret of Aguaribay It has a name and surname. They are Valentina, Francesca and Manel; in charge of the kitchen, the room and the management of this restaurant. Their places of origin are Argentina, Italy and Catalonia, respectively; some of the territories where Aguaribay grows, the tree of the "pink pepper" That gives them a name. Coinciding with the festival of Sant Jordi of 2010 and after a long experience in the hospitality sector, they inaugurated this place in Poblenou (Barcelona), sharing the same passion for gastronomy and small things made with dedication and love. Thus, 10 years later they have in their hands the key to the success of a restaurant thate frequently feeds the most demanding gastronomic critics based on bold and tasty vegetarian dishes.

Aguaribay puts in your hands a tasty and imaginative vegetarian menu, which includes options vegan Y without gluten, with gastronomic influences from different countries, and combining the energy kitchen with recreations of the wise traditional cuisine. Do we give you a short summary? Organic food, organic, locally sourced, fresh and seasonal; craft beers and wines with ecological options; energy juices freshly made, alternative sodas and biological infusions; as well as homemade vermouth And good Italian coffee. On the other hand, from Monday to Friday, you can opt for the noon menu, a varied formula selection which almost always have different whole grains and organic vegetables, seaweed, nuts and seeds, and much more. All for one low price which also includes drink, bread and hummus, dessert of the day and coffee or infusion.

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Almalibre Açaí House

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona almalibre açai barcelona

Yes, their dishes are delicious, but we have concluded that Almalibre is much more than rich and healthy food. The concept with which this healthy restaurant is born seeks feed your adventurous spirit with dishes that make you feel the impulse you need to do what you have never been encouraged to do. Almalibre Açaí House Barcelona is located near Casa Batlló and Mercat de la Concepció, in a quiet and ideal area to enjoy the most exquisite variety of realfooder dishes. For example, vegan chickpea burgers and quinoa, red rice and tempeh or tofu, oatmeal and olives. They are also worth mentioning wheat wraps or the organic quinoa bowls, red rice or tabouleh. And to drink … the best natural juices created from the combination of different fruits and vegetables.

And, of course, your star dish,the acai! It is a fruit that grows in the brazilian amazon. Have antioxidant, rejuvenating and energizing properties. Its flavor is unique and incomparable and its components include amino acids, essential omegas, fibers and proteins. By creating your Bowl Açai you can select size you prefer, as well as toppings that you find more attractive: poppy, chia, hemp, flax, pollen, paçoca, chocolate, goji casualties, agave syrup, honey, condensed milk, powdered milk, grated coconut, buckwheat, sesame, sunflower, almond, pumpkin or puffed rice. By the way, for the most curious and lovers of the multipurpose places: on the ground floor they have a Coworking space, workshops and gastronomic events in which to complete a delicious meal with a different plan.

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Aloha Poke

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona aloha poke

Aloha Poke is a healthy fast food restaurant in Barcelona. Look closely, fast food in healthy mode is also possible. Arrived a long time ago and does not stop growing with locals throughout Spain. It is a favorite among addicts to poke bowls (which today are not few). The poke are very nutritious bowls composed of a combination of ingredients that make them a very complete dish: protein, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, etc. You can create your own bowl to your liking by choosing the ingredients, or choose some of their poke bowls proposals already thought. The truth is that if you have never gone you will want to try them all. For us, for now, the most TOP are the Funky Salmon and the Pica Tuna.

They also have healthy entrees like wakame seaweed or edamames. As well as desserts that are also delicious and they come in small bottles with a perfect amount. And for lovers of interior design, Aloha Poke has lvery beautiful, harmonic, pleasant and colorful ocals in which you can enjoy a quiet lunch. But if you belong to the motto «at home, like nowhere«, You can also order it and take it home. It was one of the first restaurants of this type that we tried and never let us down. Did you know him

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Knead me

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona amassame

A Italian restaurant in full Sants neighborhood (Barcelona). Knead me It has a differential concept that breaks with the common pasta and pizza restaurant. his pasta is homemade, like the dough of your pizzas, which has one two day fermentation. And although if you have not tried it you can still think otherwise, we assure you that it is something to appreciate in the taste. Want to know what our favorite pizza is? The farmer! Carries tomato, prosciuto, burrata, parmesan, basil, arugula and pepper. By the way, do not suffer from celiac disease !, because in Amassame they are also completely taken into account with ingredients and masses suitable especially for their intolerances.

And as to provide a really differential offer you have to aim high, this restaurant has a menu that goes beyond pizzas and pasta, where you can find the section «From the garden to the plate«, With tastings like zucchini carpacio wave eggplant salad. Also, all the vegetables used in any of the dishes come from ecological production and they offer sausages and cheeses with designation of origin. Don't wait any longer to discover Amassame, even if you don't usually go out to dinner. Those who want to take their excellent fresh pasta home, you can buy it in one small gourmet store located at the entrance of the restaurant. We vote YES!

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona bon

Are you fed up of fast-food and the usual snack? Do you want something different? Since 2008 eat well and quickly c’est possible! Has arrived Bon, a fast and quality restaurant that takes its French denomination, where this would mean «good«. And you know why everything is good? Because any dish you can imagine is made by the restaurant's own team, every morning, in their kitchen, and with their own hands. Only then can they guarantee you the maximum freshness and closeness with the product. And as they say, "If after trying our dishes you have the feeling of having eaten at home and you return to the office in shape, we will have achieved our goal ». Eating is good, and it is necessary, but if you enjoy the dish in front of you, better than better. Pleasure is good for health!

Most of his ingredients are organic, and come from local cooperatives how Green organics in Barcelona or Cal Valls in Lleida. They also have a more than tangible commitment to the environment: recycle all products possible and have a zero plastic policy by which all packaging used are from plant origin and biodegradable. Only keeping values ​​as firm and committed as these can give you creations as natural as life itself. For example, salads that change day by day, vegetarian bowls, hot creams and soups, bios juices made at the moment, quiches and vegan salty cakes, and a lot lot more. We encourage you to discover it for yourself!

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The fifth

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona the fifth

In The fifth all the elements come together in harmony, in a warm and close environment. His lack of pretensions make him an even more endearing place: it is a small food house in which every day a new menu is invented with ecological and proximity products: organic fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and dairy products coming directly from farms and small producers in Catalonia; as well as seafood sustainably collected and avoiding overfishing. In its brevity (three first and three seconds), it always has a vegetarian, vegan and carnivore itinerary. For example: first, a fennel and orange salad and as a second, the veal pulp stuffed with peppers and mozzarella or the buckwheat burger with beet mayonnaise.

With idea of preserve its flavor and properties to the fullest, the foods used are always fresh and they cook at the moment. As an interesting fact: always always always, using extra virgin organic olive oil. The coffees that they offer, besides being delicious, are also ecological and top quality. They are made with grains from small farms in Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras, which are subsequently carefully roasted by the renowned Osorio Family in Barcelona. In addition, El Quinto is a place for everyone and for everyone. In 2018, the Catalan Celiac Association awarded him the gluten free restaurant accreditation, after checking that they comply with all procedures and training necessary to provide a food service suitable for people with celiac disease.

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Informal (Terrace «The Dream of Picasso»)

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona informal dream of picasso

The dreamers stay very near the sea to unleash your ideas. Whether accompanied by a glass of good wine, enjoying a breakfast with impeccable views or being part of the romanticism of the place. The terrace is a creative enclave inspired by a distinguished resident of the estate, nothing less than Pablo Picasso. The first study in Barcelona of the renowned Malaga painter and sculptor, serve El Sueño as a stimulus to adapt 265m² at your disposal, with some privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Marina Port Vell and the Barcelona skyline. Can you think of a better fight to celebrate a reception, event or celebration? An environment elegant, yet relaxed, with impeccable service and attention by a highly professional staff.

Picasso's Dream is part of the «Informal» group, created and led by the renowned Cheff Mars Gascons under a philosophy in which the essence of flavor, the care of local seasonal product and the taste for good traditional cuisine updated. Among its elaborations to highlight, you can not miss the salmon tartare with mustard, avocado and kimchi sauce; neither does the grilled rice paella with sausages, sepia and girgolas of Castanyer Are you missing reasons to visit him? You should know that the new El Sueño de Picasso terrace of The Serras Hotel has been selected in 2017 as one of the 25 best terraces in the world for the Travelers Awards, being the only one in Spain.

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Fit Kitchen

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona fit kitchen

You decide to start Eat Healthy or control food intake according to your caloric needs, and suddenly you face the ignorance and the disinformation. Unless you have hired a nutrition expert to take you by the hand to each breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, it will be difficult for you to bring a accurate and measured tracking of your diet That's why Fit Kitchen makes it easy for you. Not only as a restaurant, but also as nutritional advisor and weekly planner. If you have decided to end the eating disorder but do not have time to cook the elaborations that you would need, the Fit Kitchen team offers you the possibility of having a caloric study and adapt a diet that will vary from week to week so that every day receive delicious and healthy dishes at home, in the office, or wherever you indicate. Believe us, they have extensive experience in this field.

In addition to an extensive letter that includes from starters Y downtown dishes, until first Y dessertsThey have a good lunch menu. As well as delicious options of breakfast and brunch that you will eat without any regrets. 100% dishes adapted to your nutritional needs, endorsed by food specialists and made from organic ingredients, with bio certification. By the way, if you follow one special dietIn Fit Kitchen there is also room for you with options such as intolerant and allergic meal plans or for high performance athletes. Among its colorful and tasty dishes we recommend the tuna tataki bowl. And for the sweet tooth, the crêpe with homemade blackberry jamToasted almonds and bananas, it is a delight.

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Flax & Kale

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona flax kale

The first restoration chain and healthy eating of Spain in receiving the sustainability certification world's most demanding, the B Corp® it's in Barcelona, ​​and it's called Flax & Kale. With the motto «Eat Better> Be Happier> Live Longer»This establishment is the first restaurant«Healthy-Flexitarian»Of the city. And you may wonder right now … And what does this mean? Well, baby of the influence of Vegetarian Food (which, in fact, is the main thing you'll find in your letter) but you can also find dishes of animal protein, although with a lower presence. But its differential character does not end here, because in 2018, its creators decided to open an innovative sustainable R&D center in Lleida. In order to investigate, innovate and be able to get your responsible offer with health further.

In 2011, Jordi and Mar Barri, together with their parents, opened the Teresa Carles in Barcelona, ​​an ovo-vegetarian restaurant that was born with the intention of demonstrating that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. Soon the good reviews of the press arrived but more importantly, those of his clients. It was three years later, when they dared to open Flax & Kale, a pioneer restaurant in fostering a lifestyle in which the values ​​of Respect for health, the environment and people. Since then, gastronomy would be his way to make this world a little better place for everyone.

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Green vita

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona green vita

With a concept of healthy and organic cuisine, Green vita commitment to the concept of Healthy Kitchen, characterized by its commitment to the natural product and its inimitable flavor. The gastronomy of this health food establishment stands out for its salads of fresh, organic and seasonal products, as well as for their dishes, stews and accompaniments of grilled seasonal vegetables. In turn, there are those who cross the city from corner to corner to try their organic sauteed of rice, quinoa and pasta or their grilled chicken. We also recommend the selection of grilled fresh fish; but if you are more than "fast-good-food" you can not miss their tasty burgers, organic veal, chicken and vegetarian (red veggie) or their unmistakable vegetable tacos.

The will of Green Vita is to contribute its small grain of sand to the creation of a concept of healthier, more balanced and natural diet. Always being transparent and honest to offer the best they have and wish that the diner enjoys what they do best. For all this, they only cook with fresh, proximity, seasonal products. They also respect the properties and juiciness of the ingredients because they cook them. grilled, steamed or sauteed. And how could it be otherwise, take special care in the selection of producers, prioritizing those who perform traditional and sustainable practices.
But what we definitely like most every time we go is that they cook at the moment and in front of his clients, making the visit to GreenVita a whole experience for the 5 senses.

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Honest Greens

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona honest greens

Honest GreensIt is certainly one of our healthy restaurants in Barcelona preferred, and since we tried it for the first time, we repeat whenever we can. His food, as his claim goes, is "real food for real people." All their dishes are made with seasonal ingredients, fresh, unprocessed and without additives, preservatives or added sugars. They cook with local ingredients, produced responsibly on farms and producers local producers and artisans They use sustainable methods. They also respect many diets by offering gluten-free, vegan, plant-based and paleo dishes.

They have restaurants in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon and all of them are having a lot of success. This always full, but there is usually no problem to eat, its premises are very wide, and they work with the format of ask, pay and pick up when ready To take it to your table. You can see all the ingredients at all times, and the menu changes with seasonal products. Have healthy drinks and desserts also delicious. In addition, you can choose elaborations already thought out or design your own healthy dish with a protein contribution, salad and side dish. We could tell you what our favorite dish is, but whenever we go we try something new and it never lets us down. Mind you, you can't leave without trying the sweet potato chips with ketchup!

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The Trocadero

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona la trocadero

Walking through the neighborhood of sacred Family we found a modern bar-restaurant that called us loudly with an especially striking message: «Vegan Fast-Food Burguer in the heart of Barcelona«. How were we going to go without trying it? Opened in 2017, this vegan restaurant draws attention for its modern, urban and super colorful interior. A very instagrameable site. As we anticipated, once inside we could verify that its star dish was the 100% vegan burgers. And what hamburgers! Although they also have hot dogs, potatoes and other supplements such as nachos or vegan nuggets. No meat here. And of post, sweets as innovative as beet donuts or vegan cakes.

This vegan restaurant was conceived a few years ago by Sergio Rodrigo, its owner, for the lack of establishments of this style without food of animal origin. What always makes you want to return to La Trocadero is the so cozy and colorful atmosphere of the place as well as the vintage style of woody colors and antique furniture decorating the room. Well, that, and that to be an experience on the palate we believe that your price is more than reasonableSo, to give you an idea, hamburgers are around the average of 5 euros, and cold-pressed juices, for example, 4.5 euros. Do you know what our favorite dish is? The Vegan Bacon Mushroom Burger and curry sauce! MMM…

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona maai

From the moment you enter through the door of MAAI he invades you style and personality from his decoration and creativity. After all, the environment counts a lot when it comes to making a diner have a good experience and memory of the service. But beware, this does not end here. You will have done nothing but sit at the table and you will already be willing to try any dish of your selection. We tried to be cautious and not to order too much food, but all the elaborations we tried were living up to our expectations. Very well executed dishes, combinations that would never have occurred to us, with a magnificent raw material, and a technique that does not leave you indifferent. In MAAI, it is offered real food, no additives, or processed. As a daily formula, your proposal is a glass of flavored water, a vegetable cream, and a healthy dish To choose between 8 options which change every 3 weeks (among which are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dishes).

The products used in each elaboration are seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat and fish of high quality, from KMO suppliers and from ecological origin. Further, the dishes are prepared daily, something that not only shows in the taste and quality of the product, but also in the easy digestion. There are several prestigious nutritionists who started being frequent clients of MAAI and have ended up becoming faithful experienced collaborators. Thanks to its advice and events, this restaurant can afford the complication of practicing prebiotic kitchen, so that it contributes, not only to easy transit Yet the nutrient absorptionbut also at slimming. What more could you want!

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy barcelona vegetalia

Once upon a time, a pioneer company in the production and distribution of organic products in Catalonia, which in 2007 decided to inaugurate in the historic center of Barcelona, ​​its first vegetarian restaurant, which would bear his own name. Thirteen years later, this first establishment multiplied by 4, this being the number of franchises that are currently located in different parts of Barcelona. In collaboration with Pablo Brunengo and Yotam Kantor, both professionals of the sector and with extensive experience in it, the idea was to bet on finding the maximum balance between their knowledge, experience and innovative spirit and the productos ecológicos más afines a la cocina vegetariana, casera y natural.

El día que visitamos uno de los Restaurantes Vegetalia (concretamente el del Raval) se nos había hecho tarde para desayunar y pronto para comer, por lo que apostamos por su fórmula de brunch vegetariano y ecológico a 9,90€. Es un plato único con productos dulces y salados, y un café, té o agua. La carta de tés e infusiones es bastante amplia y por 2,50€ puedes pedir un producto ecológico a granel o si prefieres, por 1,5€ tienen tés en bolsita. En concreto, la comida que incluía el plato era la siguiente: una fajita de verdura y mozzarella, humus con especias, queso brie, mermelada, yogur y muesli, ensalada, fruta fresca, strudel de manzana y tostadas integrales. ¡Menuda delicia! Comimos tan tan bien que esa noche ni siquiera cenamos. ¡100% recomendado!

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Salad Market

mejores restaurantes comida sana saludable healthy barcelona salad market

¡Amantes de la ensalada! ¿Quién dicho que no se pueda innovar con el plato que más éxito tiene en la dieta mediterránea? Si no lo has hecho ya, deberías conocer Salad Market, un bar/restaurante de comida rápida (nota: no asociar con comida basura) muy enfocado al Take Away, que nace con la idea de poder ofrecer una ensalada de calidad, personalizada de acuerdo con tus gustos y apetencias. Pero siempre, siempre, elaborada con productos frescos del día, así como con frutas y verduras ecológicas de temporada. Por cierto, ¿cómo vas de creatividad? ¡En Salad Market buscan sacar tu lado más innovador! Échale imaginación y crea tu ensalada combinando los ingredientes que más te apetezcan de entre los 50 posibles: quinoa, lechuga, pasta, arroz, pollo, pavo, lentejas, garbanzos, aguacate, frutos secos, mango, naranja, espinacas, pan frito… ¡y un sinfín más!

Sin embargo, hace tiempo que recibieron feedback negativo por parte de aquellas personas que, queriendo empezar a cuidar su alimentación mediante comidas saludables, no le encontraban ningún gusto a las ensaladas (por muy personalizadas que fueran). En consecuencia, en Salad Market comenzaron a crear los mejores aliños caseros. Por ejemplo, aliño de miel y mostaza, de salsa pesto con pimienta, from frambuesa ácida dulce, de olivada, salsa césar, etc. Una de las cosas que más interesante nos ha parecido es que, además de dar la posibilidad de disfrutar de una ensalada a muy buen precio y de pedir online, existen diversas franquicias/establecimientos a los que podrás asistir a lo largo y ancho de Barcelona ¿Parece que no les va nada mal, no?

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mejores restaurantes comida sana saludable healthy barcelona vacka

The pequeño local (en madera y con grandes ventanales) del restaurante Väcka puede pasar desapercibido si paseas despistado por la inspiradora y creativa calle Séneca, pero ahora que ya sabes dónde encontrar uno de los resturantes veganos más cool de Barcelona, merece la pena acercarse y curiosear el menú. Estamos seguros de que habrá más de una y de dos cosas que te llamarán la atención. De primeras, a nosotros nos llamó la atención el nombre del restaurante, y como a curiosos no nos gana nadie, le preguntamos al dueño. "Väcka significa despertar, despertar de la conciencia, porque cuando nos preguntamos lo que estamos comiendo y sabemos de dónde vienen nuestros alimentos, abrimos nuestra conciencia al respeto por nuestro cuerpo, nuestro planeta y las especies que viven en él.”

La carta ofrece dos opciones: DIY (Do it yourself) Y platos ya ideados. Nosotros nos decantamos por la primera opción para ver qué éramos capaces de crear, y optamos por probar sus tres platos estrella: wrap, pizza y waffle. Así, quizá pueda sonar un poco típico o básico, pero nada más lejos de la realidad. Para que te hagas una idea, Uno de los wraps que probamos estaba hecho con una masa de quinoa y garbanzos y relleno de mango, aguacate, olivas negras, tomate seco, champiñones y cebolla caramelizada. Empezamos compartiendo unos entrantes y de bebida nos decantamos por un “clásico porteño”, una limonada de jengibre y menta (perfecta para un día de detox). En fín, el típico sitio al que iríamos a comer todos los días.

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Veggie Garden

mejores restaurantes comida sana saludable healthy barcelona veggie garden

Veggie Garden es un restaurante que nace con la intención de transmitir que el veganismo es mucho más que un puñado de hojas verdes. Tras haberse declarado Barcelona como la primera ciudad "veg-friendly” del mundo y desde su apertura en el 2011, Veggie Garden se constituye como un restaurante 100% vegano con sustancia, colores y sabores. Su inspiración proviene de la mezcla de culturas, sobre todo del Nepal, de los países de alrededor y de la cocina mediterránea Europea, donde el chef internacional Ramesh Prasad Niraula junto con su equipo, te harán degustar elaboraciones veganas con un mix nutricional de sensaciones y texturas muy distintas a las que podrías encontrar en un restaurante vegano tradicional. Esto se suma a una atención cercana y cálida, rodeada de una decoración colorida que te brindará una experiencia inolvidable.

Veggie Garden es un restaurante de comida 100% libre de cualquier producto de origen animal, ideal no sólo para veganos estrictos y vegetarianos, sino también para cualquier clase de persona que desee probar platos saludables sin renunciar al sabor de los mismos. Dichas elaboraciones se caracterizan por tener un precio asequible y un valor nutricional inigualable, convirtiéndose en una alternativa mucho más saludable y exquisita a cualquiera de los restaurantes de comida rápida instrutrializada tan habituales hoy en día. Ensaladas, sándwiches vegetarianos, hamburguesas de tofu, curris y una impresionante variedad de zumos, batidos y cócteles veganos, que recargarán tus energías, te desintoxicarán y enamorarán a tu paladar. En fin, una maravilla.

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Reserva mesa en los mejores restaurantes saludables de Barcelona

¡Desayunar, comer o cenar en restaurantes 100% saludables nunca había sido más fácil! Si te gusta probar cosas nuevas y buscas opciones saludables para disfrutar de una buena comida entre amigos seguro que estas propuestas gastronómicas de comida sana en Barcelona no te han dejado indiferente. Hoy en día son cada vez más los restaurantes que incorporan en sus cartas opciones más sanas, pero probar este estilo de cocina y tener una amplia variedad de opciones que elegir es otro nivel. Por eso nosotros no nos cansamos de recorrer las calles de Barcelona y de otros puntos de España (cada vez que tenemos un finde libre) en busca de nuevas experiencias que deleiten el paladar siendo responsables con la salud. Y de hecho, esperamos ir incluyendo algunos más a medida que vayamos descubriéndolos. Esperamos que te haya gustado este listado de sitios healthy y que nos cuentes tu experiencia en restaurantes saludables barceloneses.

¿Estás 👀 Buscando Sitios #Healthy 🥗? Conoce 2️⃣‎7️⃣ Restaurantes Saludables 🔝 en #Barcelona Buenos, Bonitos y Sanos y ¡Cuida lo que Engulles 🍽️!

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¿Tienes ganas de elevar de nivel tus relaciones sexuales y los encuentros íntimos? Ahora lo que se busca son encuentros sexuales de calidad y, a ser posible, duraderos. No se trata de batir un récord, sino de que todo el mundo disfrute al máximo antes, durante y después de la relación sexual. En esta guía para hombre te ayudamos a mejorar tu vida sexual.

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