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Are you one of those who love sex but you endure less than 5 minutes in bed? Do you suffer from early eyalucation and you don't know how last longer in bed? According to different investigations the average duration of a sexual intercourse oscillates between 6 or 7 minutes, and sex experts say that endure practicing sex more than half an hour is to exceed, between 1 and 2 minutes is short, between 3 and 7 minutes is the half and between 7 and 13 minutes is what desirable. Staying more in bed is one of the main concerns of many men and as always in Mensandbeauty we want to help you with this natural issue.

There are many factors that can influence the weather that hold on making love with your partner, But undoubtedly premature ejaculation is one of the main ones. How do you know the premature ejaculation they suffer 30 out of 100 men, being a disorder caused by a excessively intense excitement, which leads the man to reduce his ability to master the excretion of semen by enduring very little time in bed. But do not worry! Everything has a solution and that's why in this guide to last longer in bed We will share with you exercises, tricks, toys and remedies so that you can endure practicing sex like never before.

Why do you last a short time in bed? Causes of premature ejaculation

The premature ejaculation consists of a out of control at the time of semen expulsion, causing "run" at an unwanted moment. As an individual you do not have the ability to control your arousal, so you end early and, many times, it can happen even before penetration or with a simple touch (usually it does not take more than a minute before it has given expulsion).

There are different degrees of premature ejaculation but in this article we want to focus on that you can endure like a soaping in bed, with penetration and controlling your body. Before, we want to review some of the Causes that favor that premature ejaculation and your resistance in bed, so that you can ask yourself what is happening and how you can remedy it in addition to the advice we are going to give you:

  • You have an unhealthy diet: A poor diet can cause problems of this type, the body is wise and needs to be well nourished. Try to maintain a balanced and varied diet, with lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereals, and leave aside ultra-processed foods.

  • You suffer stress and anxiety: It is likely that you are at a time in your life when labor or economic problems are affecting you more intensely, which directly affects the domain of ejaculation. Like anxiety, being repressed in a situation with a lot of workload or high daily activity, there is fatigue, lack of sleep and proper rest that can directly affect your durability in bed.

  • You consume excessive alcohol, tobacco or drugs: All these substances harmful to your body can directly affect your sexual intercourse and ejaculation. It is important to lead a healthy life to enjoy healthy sex lasting much longer and better in bed.

  • You often get infections: Suffer some kind of infection in the prostate or urinary tract It can increase the difficulty to control the moment of ejaculation. If your immune system is weakened, it may be directly affecting the quality of your sexual intercourse.

  • You suffer from poor circulation or tenderness in the penis: An extreme sensitivity of the most sensitive parts of the penis can accelerate the process until uncontrolled, causing the ejaculation to arrive too quickly on the one hand, and on the other the poor circulation of blood in the penis can generate the semen output before of time.

  • You practice sex infrequently: It is clear that the more you practice one thing, the better it is for you. It does not happen differently with ejaculation. When a lot of time passes between one sexual activity and the next, there is usually a faster ejaculation due to the loss of dominance in this practice. Having sex frequently will lead to greater self-control of the situation and to endure more time in bed.

  • You are dissatisfied with your sex life: Sometimes the focus of the sexual relationship is on the obsession to reach the levels of satisfaction of the other person with whom you maintain sexual activity, and this can lead to lack of control over ejaculation. The problem occurs when the individual focuses on negative aspects related to sexual activities. This can cause lack of interest and orgasms will gradually lose their intensity, which increases the level of dissatisfaction.

  • You have received an incorrect sex education: The way in which we prepare sexually for when it comes time to lose virginity, in most cases is not the right way, since it is very common for young people to seek self-satisfaction in a rash way. This hurry to reach the moment of ejaculation and therefore to achieve the desired satisfaction in the short term can be a problem to last longer practicing sex.

These are just some of the reasons why you may not be long in bed, so reviewing one by one and analyzing if it is your case and putting a solution can help you in the medium / long term. Definitely bring a healthy life style It is one of the factors that is going to influence the time you endure practicing sex Take care of yourself every day to enjoy sexual intercourse even more!

Exercises and techniques to endure more in bed and delay ejaculation

There is no magic formula in bed, but there is a sum of things that can help you, and we recommend that you try to improve your sex life considerably. Patience, discipline and control among many other tricks that we want to share with you.

Breathing exercises

The Breathing frequency It is one of the factors that influences when practice sexThat is why if you are very nervous and too excited, the lack of control may come earlier. To endure more in bed it is advisable to do previous breathing exercises that will help you lower heart rate in a generalized way. When you feel that your body is going to reach orgasm and that you are going to ejaculate, take a deep breath, take control and relax. When you think about it or feel that insecurity of ending much worse, you have to find the opposite effect, tranquility, slow pace and control.

In bed the secret is breathe deeply and relaxed to reduce as much as possible the heart rate thus influencing the signal that the brain sends to the body to ejaculate and end the sexual act. Focus on your breathing every time you practice sex, doing long and deep inhalations and also slow and sustained exhalations, focusing exclusively on how the air leaves and enters your lungs. If you are not used to it at first it may seem a strange technique but believe us you will last much longer in bed having control of your breathing and your body. Everything is to practice!

Train and control your mind

Did you know that the most powerful sexual organ is the brain? So that's it! When you practice sex your mind is fully focused on pleasure and that is good with control. You may be thinking about whether the other person is liking, where you are from orgasm, or that you are worried about not ending the sexual act. All this you have to get it out of your mind, since those worries or insecurities will make you last little in bed. Relax the mind, use the breathing techniques of which we have spoken before, and enjoy every minute of pleasure slowly so as not to activate your sympathetic nervous system, in charge of your ejaculation. Again it is a matter of learning and practice, control your mind It will definitely help you endure much more in bed over time.

Train your body physically

We recommend you take one active life, avoid sedentary lifestyle and practice sport regularly. You can go to the gym, train at home, go jogging, play soccer, etc., but choose a physical activity that you like and that allows you to keep fit. Exercise has many benefits both physically and psychologically and will help you have more energy Y greater stamina at the time of have sex.

Quiet! We are not going to send you to run the marathon before starting to practice sex. He physical exercise besides being health is the basis of a pleasant sex life. Training your body frequently can help you endure much more in bed, since your body is prepared for resistance when it comes to sex. If sex is the only sport you practice, in the long run it will bring you many more problems, in fact the exercise is directly related to different sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, the impotence wave premature ejaculation.

Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor

The Kegel exercises they are usually more focused on women as they aim strengthen pelvic floor muscles. These exercises are performed through contractions and relaxations of the pubococcygeal muscle, to increase the strength and endurance of the area Where we found the conflict. Knowing and training Kegel muscles, help considerably to solve premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. Also in the long term, if you do them frequently, they are very effective in achieving satisfactory results.

You can locate these muscles when you urinate by interrupting or slowing the flow of urine (the muscles you use to do so are the ones that you will exercise with these exercises). It's about getting all those muscles noticing the tension from the penis to the anus, keeping this contraction as long as you can, noticing how even the testicles rise a little. This is the right way to do them:

  • Locate the pelvic floor muscles: Finding the PC muscle is easy. The next time you go to urinate interrupts or slows the flow of urine. The muscles you use to achieve this is the PC muscle. You should not tense your legs, abdomen or buttocks, but you should focus on mobilizing the pelvic floor up (Continue breathing while contracting the pelvic floor).

  • Contract the pelvic floor muscles: When you are ready to perform Kegel exercises, the first thing you will have to do is contract the pelvic floor muscles.

  • Hold the contraction: Hold the contraction as long as you can. Most men cannot keep a kegel for more than 2 seconds and some will not arrive at all (take mental note of the time you endure).

  • Loosen the contraction and repeat: Loosen the contraction, repeat and do 10 repetitions. Increase the intensity gradually until you can hold each contraction 10 seconds.

When you perform the exercise correctly you must be able to feel your testicles rise slightly. This may take time for some men, but if you practice this routine regularly you should notice an improvement in the strength of the pelvic floor muscles in 4-6 weeks. Best of all, the Kegel doesn't need you to use your hands or legs, so you can do them anywhere, anytime.

Train with male masturbation

It is clear that masturbation is the best practice and one of the best techniques to endure more in bed. The masturbation will help you controlar and endure ejaculation longer, and therefore, to hold more in bed with practice. The first objective of masturbation in this sense, is that in your privacy you manage to control through exercises that help you better control the moment of ejaculation, nobody better than you will know your body.

The best thing is that you start with a daily masturbation routine where you can have 15 or 20 minutes of tranquility, in which to look for what stimuli are the ones that excite you most, what speed is appropriate, and anything that can help you at the time of ejaculation control. Practice in your privacy and successfully lengthen your sexual relationships at the moment of truth. Usually, the second ejaculation takes longer than the first, so you can also masturbate a few hours before having sex with your partner to see if this helps you last longer in bed. The objective is that little by little you can have all the control over your penis, over your body and over your ejaculation to be able to enjoy more lasting sexual relations.

Practice postures that delay ejaculation

Every bed posture produces a excitation level in each member of the different couple due to the amount of nerve endings that are stimulated according to position and friction. Choose postures in which you are not dominant, for example, with the woman on top, or in the teaspoon posture, which allow you to focus on enjoying and controlling ejaculation better. However, each man is a world, so it is best to try different positions to choose those in which you can endure more in bed.

Sex toys to endure more in bed

There are endless erotic toys and intimate lubricants that can help you last much longer in bed, intensify pleasure and make your sexual relations a success by delaying the moment of ejaculation. Everything is to practice, give freedom to your imagination and take things easy, they will surely help you!

# 1 Kit to Last Longer in Bed, Planetamelon

best sex toys endure last longer in bed sex kit planetmelon

This sex erotic kit from Planetamelón is perfect for aGuantar more practicing sex with your partner. We all have a first aid kit in case we hit ourselves, or we cut ourselves, but … What if we urgently need a dose of passion and eroticism? No problem! With this kit to last longer in bed you will find everything you need to get the control of your penis Y satisfy your partner more, including a manual, created by the Platanomelón sexologist team, with tips to guide you step by step to try new things and get inspired to be more naughty.

The kit contains: a egg have, what is a male masturbator designed to intensely stimulate masturbation through friction. Its use is very easy, just open the shell, remove the masturbator and apply the lubricant that comes inside; a guide with tips to extend your sex; a retarding spray, specially designed for increase and prolong male pleasure reducing penis sensitivity and helps prevent premature ejaculation and a lubricant water base, which intensify the sensations and creates a lasting effect.

Price: From € 25.99

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# 2 Egg Male Masturbator, Have

best sex toys endure last longer in bed sex egg male masturbator have

This egg cup with 6 eggs Have for male masturbation, it can help you last longer in bed if you use it before having sex. This male masturbator Have Egg, is intended for intensely stimulate friction masturbation. Inside each egg we find an intricate design specially dedicated to providing maximum stimulation.

Its use is very easy, you just have to open the shell, take out the masturbator and apply the lubricant that comes inside. Its interior is made of medical grade elastomer, an extraordinarily elastic material that does not cause any allergic reactions. In addition, it gives an ultra soft and gelatinous touch to your penis. You can buy them loose or in egg cups with several units.

Price: From € 27.48

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# 3 Ring to Delay Ejaculation, Gleitzeit

best sex toys endure last longer in bed sex penis ring delay ejaculation gleitzeit

This set of Gleitzeit penis rings It is specifically designed for use in the male genital organ (penis). The different ring sizes have been manufactured for the glans, for him scrotum and for the penis root They are elastic and flexible and they are easily placed, and can be used with condoms. Its main objective is increase power Y delay ejaculation, helping you to endure much more in bed.

They prevent the reflux of blood from the cavernous body, compress the veins through which the blood is evacuated and the arteries that lead the blood remain open more easily due to the high vascular wall tension and high blood pressure. Therefore, the cavernous body of the penis can continue to be filled with the ring or with the set of rings on. This feature of penis rings helps to achieve a satisfactory erection. They are made in Germany and are of good quality. They can also help you if you have erection problems and prolong your resistance in bed.

Price: From € 9.99

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# 4 Pleasure Device to Control Ejaculation, Myhixel

best sex toys endure last longer in bed sex electronic vagina delay ejaculation myhixel

Myhixel it's the latest in the market for Last longer in bed. You decide when to ejaculate, learning to control ejaculation with the Myhixel TR method through an exercise program designed by sexologists to improve your sex life. He is not a male masturbator, but a pleasure device Designed specifically for you to get the best results by combining it with your Myhixel Play program and developing your full sexual potential.

It works with an app that allows you to acquire new skills to improve your sex life, through specific guided activities. It's about a progressive training to enhance sex and improve your sex life. No pills or retarding sprays and without side effects.
Myhixel TR is designed for men who do not have premature ejaculation problems, but who want improve your sex life, last longer in bed, learn new skills in sex. The inside of the device is smooth and anatomically realistic. Includes self-heating mode, which replicates body temperature. Magnetic charging lithium battery with USB connector. Water resistant and easy to clean.

Price: From € 170

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Sprays, lubricants and gels to last longer in bed

There are a number of sprays and gels for delay ejaculation, which aim reduce penis stimulation so that the excitement is increasing and so you can endure more and better in your sexual relations.

# 1 Retardant Spray to Increase the Duration of your Relationships, Viaman

best sprays gels sexual lubricants endure last longer in bed sex delay ejaculation viaman

With this retarding spray from Viaman you can end the problems of duration in ejaculation Y avoid ending your relationships early. It will help you overcome premature ejaculation problems and enjoy your full sexual relations again. Thanks to its formula it will allow you increase both you sexual resistance as the duration of relationships in a simple and natural way.

The spray formula is composed only of natural ingredients known for their high efficiency in helping increase the duration in the bed, which will help you gain confidence when it comes to sexual intercourse, making you enjoy lasting intimate relationships.

Price: From 11.95

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# 2 Retardant Gel for Men, Excite Delay

best sprays gels sexual lubricants endure last longer in bed sex delay ejaculation excite delay

This other male retardant gel Excite Delay, it will help you prolong your sexual intercourse holding out more in bed. Extend sexual intercourse thanks to its refreshing action that decrease penis sensitivity. It is made with natural ingredients and plant extracts of hemp oil and vegetable extracts of mirtil and poppy from California, which have soothing and relaxing properties.

It does not contain parabens, colorants or perfumes and has a very nice and soft texture. With only 2-3 drops of the stimulating gel you and your partner will enjoy your sexual relations to the fullest.

Price: From € 14.99

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# 3 Vigorizing Retardant Lubricant, Pjur Superhero

best sprays gels sexual lubricants endure last longer in bed sex delay ejaculation pjur superhero

Pjur Superhero Glide is a retarding lubricant, bracing Y energizing, which will help you get the most out of your sex. It is an ecological formulation lubricant Water based with Ginkgo. The best lubricant now with retarder, for longer and more enjoyable sex. Ginkgo means growth, strength and energy. Developed for external use in the penis, through its special ingredients it cools, increases elasticity and prevents hypersensitivity in the penis, delaying ejaculation and allowing you to enjoy much more time in bed with your partner. It can be used with a condom.

Price: From € 12.00

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Pills and male supplements to endure more in bed

Finally we want to talk to you about pills and supplements that exist for last longer in bed, to control premature ejaculation and to enhance your sexual relations. However, we recommend that before consuming any of these products, consult with your doctor beforehand and always read the leaflet to know how it is consumed and possible contraindications.

# 1 Natural Supplements to Improve Male Sexual Performance, Viaman Plus

best pills supplements man endure last longer in bed sex viaman plus

These Viaman Plus capsules, are some natural supplements for men made of active and natural ingredients that include Zinc, Selenium, Maca, Korean Ginseng, Beet and L-arginine which aim to improve and enhance your sexual relations. Korean Ginseng and Zinc have shown a stimulating action on several male enhancement products. Zinc is known to contribute to the maintenance of normal levels of testosterone in the blood, as well as fertility or reproduction. L-Arginine is known to support nitric oxide, which is said to play a key role in the circulation.

All ingredients follow high quality standards. Its natural ingredients have been clinically studied for their contribution to intimate performance of men.

Price: From 24.95

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# 2 Supplement for Male Sexual Resistance, Nerasan

best pills supplements man endure last longer in bed sex nerasan

These male supplements from Nerasan are made with a formula 100% natural, high quality safe and reliable. Its main objective is increase desire and the sexual potency in men, combining clinically proven ingredients to improve resistance such as: saffron polyphenols, grape seed extract, Korean Ginseng, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3 and MTC (medium chain vegetable triglycerides).

These pills improve male performance and they will provide you with the physical resistance of a Casanova, unlike other brands, these pills provide a quality result for much longer and without causing side effects. From day one, it provides immediate and lasting action for longer. While other products take days or weeks to take effect, the effectiveness of Nerasan allows a maximum duration and a rapid increase in blood flow.

Price: € 19.97

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Home remedies to improve your resistance in bed

As we told you in the introduction of this article, the healthy nutrition and a active lifestyle are fundamental for last longer in bed and keep satisfactory sex. In addition to exercises and toys, gels and supplements there are a number of natural home remedies that can help you with your sexuality.

# 1 Tea or infusion of lime

best natural home remedies endure last longer in bed sex infusion tea

In many cases, as we have told you at the beginning, the short time in bed has to do with your physical and emotional state, stress and anxiety They do not help and can be an obstacle in your sexual relations. The tila It is a plant with many benefits, including relaxing and sedative effect which will help you reduce stress when practicing sex. You can take a lime As minimum 30 minutes before your sexual intercourse, so you will be more relaxed, concentrated and endure more practicing sex. You can buy them in any supermarket in tea bags format.

# 2 Tea or infusion of ginko biloba

best natural home remedies endure last longer in bed sex infusion te ginko biloba

He ginko biloba It is another natural aphrodisiac plant that enhances pleasure and delays ejaculation. It has properties that help you increase the oxygen reflux that reaches the brain, he Blood flow that reaches the sexual organs and gives sexual vitality. In addition to the ginko biloba raise testosterone levels, increasing sexual desire and the quality of erections. You can take one ginko biloba infusion a day, or buy vitamin supplements of this plant in supermarkets and herbalists.

# 3 Ginger in your meals or infusion

best natural home remedies endure last longer in bed ginger sex

He ginger is a aphrodisiac food that helps you stimulate and increase sexual desire. It is widely used as a home remedy that as a man can help you improve your erections and delay ejaculation by causing you to be impotence in men since your sex be more lasting. You can buy it in any supermarket and consume some sheets a day, in infusion format or by adding it as an ingredient of any of your meals.

# 4 Pistachios in your meals

best natural home remedies endure last longer in bed sex pistachios

Pistachios are about healthy nuts that have many benefits and properties to help you last longer in bed. Several studies have shown that men who ate pistachios presented significant improvements in aspects related to ferectile anointing, the satisfaction in sexual intercourse, the Orgasmic function and sexual desire. So we have no doubt that you have to include yourself in your daily diet. But don't overdo it, with a handful of pistachios a day is enough!

# 5 Honey at your breakfast or snack

best natural home remedies endure last longer in bed sex honey

The honey is another one natural aphrodisiac very interesting that can help you so much in the premature ejaculation like hold more in bed. It is a very nutritious food that will help you in your resistance and sexual performance in bed. In addition, honey increases the testosterone in your body and will help you to be full during sex. You can take a spoonful of honey as naturally as possible a day, add it in a tea or in a yogurt.

Now yes, you will last much longer in bed!

After all these tips, exercises and remedies for last longer in bed It's time to get to work. Just relax! Choose your exercises and supplements and dedicate them a time a day, you will see that in the medium term you will improve your performance in bed, you will reduce the time to reach ejaculation and you will feel very much safer practicing sex. Do not be sad! Sometimes it's a matter of breathing, forgetting everything and not thinking about it too. Take care of yourself, lead a healthy life and follow our steps. Cheer up!

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What do you think of ours guide to last in bed? Do you think we have lacked any advice, product or home remedy to endure practicing sex like a champion? Do you have any experience or advice about any treatment solution you want to share with us? Have you had any doubt or question? Then we ask that leave a comment. No matter whether it is a question or a simple thank you, but we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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