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Are you tired of not feeling well inside and out? Have you mentalized (even if it cost a little) to start bet on healthy food? Do you usually eat well and are looking to discover healthy restaurants in Madrid? You are in the right place! Healthy food is a choice that we recommend but, when you go out for lunch or dinner outside in Madrid, sometimes it is not easy to find a place that suits your needs. Most restaurants (except some fast and processed food) begin to offer some healthy optionbut can you imagine going to restaurants with a menu of 100% healthy and healthy food? Well, it is possible! Catering businesses focused on fitness and fit feed they are becoming fashionable and in cities like Madrid You already have Many options From which to choose Know them all!

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid

You will have heard about the real fooding movement (otherwise we recommend that you investigate a little about it) but, in short, it is, in short, a lifestyle that bets on 0% processed foods (Or what is the same, real food). And, although the population group is increasingly aware of the responsible nutritionSometimes, asking for something healthy in a restaurant menu seems mission impossible (it also happens with healthy food delivery, although there are already very interesting options). Thanks to the sector of health and welfare (which does not stop growing) now you have many more options at your disposal. We love try new restaurants and, if they are healthy Y take care of the environment, better. We have no problem with food, (in fact it is one of our great passions) but, in addition to enjoying a good dish, we are taking care of ourselves in form and health, better than better. Go ahead and meet some of our Madrid's favorite healthy food restaurants.

The "boom" for healthy food is no longer just a fad

52% of the population wants to know the story behind the products you consume. A percentage that is expected to reach 60% by 2030. It is what emerges from the study Values ​​and Visions 2030, which researcher Mirjam Hauser presented at the Think Next! (Think about the next) organized by the Swiss kitchen solutions company Franke.

The expert, who currently works for the market research company GIM Suisse, was convinced that “people want to smell the tomato they are buying and have contact with the people who produce it" What, among other things, has resulted in a resurgence of traditional markets. When it seemed that they were going to disappear, they have been renewed: now, they have a look more careful And they offer a great variety.

“Some are situated next to supermarkets to complement each other and that customers just bought in the large area what the market does not market, ”Hauser developed. Consumers want to know how each product has arrived at your table, know the whole process, and thus understand the price of what they buy. A trend that takes place especially in the big cities, especially since more and more people move to live there.

From "fast food" to "fast good"

Who said that the fast food can't be healthy? Why do we associate «by Decree Law» the fast food with hamburgers, burritos, pizzas, chips and greasy processed? We propose break with these standards! Although … thinking it well … maybe in the English-speaking countries they already broke up with the misunderstood term long time. Do not think that we are deviating from the subject, but here is a curious fact that almost nobody talks about.

In the Anglo-Saxon world the term «is usedjunk food»For what, in Spanish slang, we call«fast food«. They establish a much needed difference between the junk food or junk food (foods processed, unhealthy, with saturated fats etc) and the fast food or fast food (takeaway food you can get, carry and eat easily and in a short time). A fruit salad from the fruit stand can be a quick meal, right?

We are going to talk about this precisely below, but taken to world of restoration. Because we need to put aside junk food and adapt our pace of life to all healthy possibilities which are currently available. Whether in restaurants where you can order a salad with bean sprouts or an integral-vegetable sandwhich at home or to pick up; or in those in which to enjoy a pleasant lunch or dinner in company. We will make a route through every corner of Madrid. If it were you, I wouldn't miss it!

Best healthy food restaurants in Madrid

Something is changing, and who has not noticed, should be putting the batteries. Society no longer thinks alike, medical advances are beginning to be insufficient, and scientific discoveries leave no room for personal interpretation. A balanced diet rich in all kinds of nutrients conformed by a great variety of healthy dishes, not only is it possible, but it is also necessary.

More and more young people (you know, the future) who put aside multicaloric burgers and begin to discover the great variety healthy food establishments that open their doors for all tastes and pockets. It seems that little by little, society is becoming aware that people need a healthy nutrition, something that practically never educates us, except at home since we are small if they exist good habits. There are more and more restaurants with an offer in restoration and healthy gastronomy and that's why today we want to talk to you about most recommended and well-known health food restaurants in Madrid.


best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid abolea

Flare It's one of the healthy restaurants in Madrid That can not be missing in our list. Lovers of the Mediterranean diet, it would be a shame if you did not discover the letter of this central Madrid establishment. It is a restaurant with healthy cuisine where you can enjoy a honest, colorful, varied, healthy gastronomic offer And made with love. Your letter changes with the seasons and products of each season. Of course, its main protagonists are healthy bowl, created based on the combination of protein, vegetables, cereals, legumes and nuts.

All Abolea recipes are made with local ingredientsnatural grown in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, they do not contain preservatives or added sugars. Collaborate with nutritionists so that all your dishes always have a balanced energy contribution and a complete nutritional value. And, as an added value, in addition to a good meal, in its premises you can enjoy craft beers, wines, sangria, mimosas, cocktails or coffees. By the way, every day of the week they have a bowl of the day, but you can make the combination that you like and add extras.

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Aloha Poke

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid aloha poke

Aloha Poke is a healthy fast food restaurant in Madrid. Look closely, fast food in healthy mode is also possible. Arrived a long time ago and does not stop growing with locals throughout Spain. It is a favorite among addicts to poke bowls (which today are not few). The poke are very nutritious bowls composed of a combination of ingredients that make them a very complete dish: protein, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, etc. You can create your own bowl to your liking by choosing the ingredients, or choose some of their poke bowls proposals already thought. The truth is that if you have never gone you will want to try them all. For us, for the moment, the most TOP are the Funky Salmon and the Pica Tuna.

They also have healthy entrees like wakame seaweed or edamames. As well as desserts that are also delicious and they come in small bottles with a perfect amount. And for lovers of interior design, Aloha Poke has lvery beautiful, harmonic, pleasant and colorful ocals in which you can enjoy a quiet lunch. But if you belong to the motto «at home, like nowhere«, You can also order it and take it home. It was one of the first restaurants of this type that we tried and never let us down. Did you know him

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Batavia Healthy Food

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid batavia healthy food

Batavia it is a restaurant of 100% natural food in Madrid, which uses seasonal ingredients in its dishes, not processed, without artificial preservatives, or refined sugars. All its gastronomic offer is concentrated in homemade food dishes cooked on the day with fresh products of the best quality. As in Aloha Poke, its strength is the healthy bowls, paleos, vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, celiacs, raw vegan … Also offer breakfast, fitcakes, specialty coffees and much more.

Further, Batavia it is an active space, destined to All publicwhere can you organize workshops, events, masterclass, recipes and round tables around healthy food. We recommend you subscribe to your newsletter to be aware of its news and events. You can sign up for any of the many that are held in the Madrid venue that catches your eye, and, of course, enjoy after a healthy meal. Do you have a better plan? You already have something else to add to your «To do list«.

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Bump Green

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid bump green

BumpGreen It is another must in the health food restaurants in Madrid. With a slow food philosophy, offers a menu of healthy dishes made with natural and organic products. They bet on one natural, healthy and sustainable cuisine, while tasty and creative. They also have a nutritionist to prepare the breakfast and snack menu with delicious recipes that in addition to nourish the body, feed the spirit. They have an initiative that we found very interesting: it's about the movement «meatless monday«, In which the first day of the week the guests can taste a offer rich in vegetables and legumes that undoubtedly awakens the palate and falls in love with the soul.

Within your letter you can find starters very original, a wide variety of salads, rice and pasta, burguers, fish, meat and desserts with some recipes that look great. They also have many drinks like smoothies or organic teas To accompany your healthy food. The place has a style between vintage and beautiful and very cozy challenge to have a good time eating healthy with family or friends. We hope you can meet him soon within your route of healthy restaurants!

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Bunny’s Deli

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid bunnys deli

The little vegan (but thug) who falls in love in Chueca. If what you are looking for is a healthy corner delicious and super authentic in which love and care are appreciated in every detail and where you feel at home, Bunny’s Deli It is your place. In this tiny restaurant with barely a table and a handful of stools, Eric and Monta, the creators of this deli restaurant, offer from sweets to classic stews "reinterpreted in vegan language". First, they started going to the Motor Market with raw vegan products. They sold sweets and snacks like kale chips, popular in New York or Los Angeles, but not seen here yet, and they triumphed. It was thereafter, when they decided to open the restaurant that has been so successful since minute one.

She, who is the queen of spices, prepare Michelin Star dishes, made only with fresh and seasonal products. Like his raw vegan noodles with cashew cream, its Caesar salad (don't let the name fool you: it has nothing to do with the ones you've tried so far) or its pumpkin pie (That's a little less healthy, but Monta's desserts are so rich that we forgive the little one). Ah! Bunny’s Deli also marks some spectacular breakfasts. If you go, give memories of us and do not forget to take a selfie with Georgia, your dog. She is without a doubt the other star of the place.

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid crucina

The Malasaña's most "lively" and creative cuisine. This neighborhood is known for being one of the most vegan-friendly from Spain. Crucina it's a restaurant raw vegan that does not leave indifferent to lovers of vegetable cuisine. Although, without a doubt, it can also be an experience for the occasional adventurer who dares to try prepared food without a stove and always below 41º of temperature to preserve all phytonutrients in food. One of the things that surprised us most is that its dishes certify 0% cholesterol, processed sugar, gluten, eggs and dairy. And they are inspired by classic European specialties such as tiramisu or lasagna.

Your letter escapes the conventional with dishes made with techniques such as dehydration, the fermentation or the textured interesting, right? The menu is divided into starters, main courses, soups and salads. Some of the classics that never fail are their rolled seaweed nori, his greek vegetable moussaka and his strawberry gazpacho. In addition, the menu includes, depending on the seasons, seasonal foods, a reason to return! Be more or less a fan of raw vegan movement, it is worth enjoying this meal that always feels luxurious and is the most original, the experience will be fun and nutritious, that's for sure!

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Lucas's Garden

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid el huerto de lucas

Lucas's orchard it is, on the one hand, organic products store in Madrid (specifically in Chueca); and on the other healthy restaurant where you can find Organic food, gluten-free, vegetarian food, eco-friendly milk and meat, toxic free. Is a ecogastrocultural project, with more than 450 square meters dedicated to health care and the environment through food. To be honest, we had never felt the air so clean when breathing. As for his Gastronomical variety, everything you can find comes from carefully selected producers, who offer 100% organic food of the highest quality, beneficial for Health and for the conservation of the environment.

They have a BIO menu in which you have the option to choose between 5 first courses, 5 second dishes Y several desserts, all with fresh and seasonal ingredients. They also have a tasting bar where you can try creative dishes of simple elaboration, with low and fast cooking to respect all the properties of food, served almost unprocessed. Between his BIO dishes, highlight the fake raw zucchini noodles to the cashew nut pesto with parmesan, the vegetarian lasagna, the 100% organic veal burger and the organic fish (Ceviche and wild sea bass could be the eighth wonder). It's talking about Lucas's Garden and feeling the need to make a good purchase of organic products for home!

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid elektra

Elektra is a healthy cuisine restaurant in Madrid, which aims to offer a gastronomic offer First of all, healthy, delicious and appetizing. Since its birth in 2016, its raison d'être was, and remains, connect with a new generation which is up to date in trends, feels part of the new cultural and technological currents, values ​​above all the authentic and natural and, above all, shows a great interest in lead a healthy life. Elektra is presented as a space for retro-industrial trend, recognized for the high quality of its gastronomic product, good music, reading, and a service that values ​​this way of living and feeling.

With a cozy, modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere, at your place you will always be welcome for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. They take care and select all their ingredients, looking for local supplierss and choosing seasonal raw materials And with a lot of flavor. Their pantry is renewed daily with fruit, vegetables, fish, meat … Elektra's own team define themselves as «healthy food fans, without chemical processes, without additives, of sustainable production and elaborated from the beginning to the end in our kitchens ». What fascinated us most is that they offer many vegan, vegetarian and keto options. Another one for the list of those you have to try very soon!

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Fit food

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid fit food

In Fit food we found a place where not only enjoy a rich and healthy gastronomic offer, if not where also consolidate a meeting point and a reference in training in this regard. Also known as the first Juice Bar in Madrid With detox treatments and cold-thought juices, Fitfood is a chain of healthy restaurants and shops in Madrid. In their stores you can find detox juices of many types, although we are not very much in favor of this, perhaps as a food supplement but not as a substitute for food. What is true is that they get you to feel more healthy, light and energetic. In addition, being a main source of detox treatments that, designed by the best nutritionists, get purify your physical and mental state.

Although Fit Food was born with the aim of offering everyone a Delicious, nutritious and best quality juice; they have managed to extrapolate that pattern to the rest of their products, thus achieving a wide offer Delicious, simple, affordable and for all tastes. They have healthy food restaurants where they offer salads, wraps, sanwiches, paninis, creams, desserts, smoothies and bowls very varied and with a delicious pint. They prepare all their dishes with natural, fresh and unprocessed products; and in no case use preservatives or added sugars harmful to our health. What else are we going to tell you, if in reality the best thing you can do is go discover it yourself. And the sooner, the better!

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Honest Greens

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid honest greens

Honest GreensIt is certainly one of our healthy restaurants in Madrid preferred, and since we tried it for the first time, we repeat whenever we can. His food, as his claim goes, is "real food for real people." All their dishes are made with seasonal ingredients, fresh, unprocessed and without additives, preservatives or added sugars. They cook with local ingredients, produced responsibly on farms and producers local producers and artisans They use sustainable methods. They also respect many diets by offering gluten-free, vegan, plant-based and paleo dishes.

They have restaurants in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon and all of them are having a lot of success. This always full, but there is usually no problem to eat, its premises are very wide, and work with the format of ask, pay and pick up when ready To take it to your table. You can see all the ingredients at all times, and the menu changes with seasonal products. Have healthy drinks and desserts also delicious. In addition, you can choose elaborations already thought out or design your own healthy dish with a protein contribution, salad and side dish. We could tell you what our favorite dish is, but whenever we go we try something new and it never lets us down. Mind you, you can't leave without trying the sweet potato chips with ketchup beet!

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid la encomienda

The Entrust is a vegan and healthy restaurant in Madrid Of which wonders are also spoken in the capital. Your local is a relaxed and current space, in which they take care of every last detail to try to get a unique place, with a innovative kitchen in freedom. Imaginatively, they give life to tasty culinary creations, working with passion to put the vegan cuisine at the highest level. In their philosophy they define the intention of creating a firm present, to design a sustainable future in harmony with gastronomic pleasure. A home kitchen in which they are used ecological and proximity products.

All your letter is prepared with Natural, tasty, nutritious and vegan ingredients. They also have a brunch, dessert and snack menu, which is worth checking out. In the main menu you can choose between several Starters, portions to share and main courses. All of them very colorful and very good looking. They are elaborations that first, enter through the eyes; and immediately, delight the palate. Although we are neither vegan nor vegetarian, these types of proposals seem very interesting and healthy. Caring for food is not an "additive," but an obligation.

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid la hummuseria

The Hummuseria It is a restaurant whose star dish, as you can imagine, is hummus; but that also has a appetizing 100% fresh food menu, no additives or preservatives, vegetarian and healthy. This project was born in Madrid in 2015 thanks to Shai & Lotem, a Israeli couple Passionate about food and people. Since then they specialized in Middle Eastern vegetarian cuisine It includes many fresh vegetables and spices. And it is precisely this taste for him Mediterranean market what defines his inspiration: a mixture of colors, herbs, spices, music, good food and smiling people. And what is your mission now? How could it be otherwise, bring us all this know-how to Madrid!

By the way, what do you know about hummus? The choice of Hummuseria for this food is because this mashed cream of cooked chickpeas with lemon juice is full of protein, iron, calcium and nutritional fibers; which makes it a very healthy meal, while full of flavor. They make it twice a day and serve it hot. Besides the classic version, they have five more options to choose from: with stewed mushrooms, almonds Y pinions, green tahini (with parsley) and that of lemon (with a homemade macerated). You really have to try it!

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Levél Veggie Bistro

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid level veggie bistro

Haute cuisine vegan. This is defined Levèl Veggie Bistro, and so we confirm it ourselves. We have more and more vegan restaurants in Madrid, but few offer us a experience that makes us excited as children with each dish and that in addition, it is healthy food (beware here! "vegan" is not always "healthy"). But don't panic, because Levél Veggie Bistro was born exactly for that: create vegan haute cuisine dishes – and healthy – in a Quiet and super cozy atmosphere next to the Retreat.

Julie, his chef, takes care to marvel at dishes like his sufalafel 24 hours’(Raw vegan version designed with a slow dehydration technique), its vegetable lasagna elaborated at the moment or its mushroom papillot with a mixture of rice and pine nuts. We drool! Defines respect for the product and its elaboration processes, to obtain textures and flavors more than interesting, with a very solid proposal in general so that Vegans, crudiveganos, flexiterianos, crudívoros, ovolactovegetarianos… (yes, all these terms, and more, exist), or those who eat everything, we can eat enjoying. Activate your 5 senses, because you will need them.

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Mom Field

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid mama campo

Mamá Campo is a new project where food tastes like food again. If you are one of those who complains that the tomato does not taste like tomato, or strawberries do not taste like strawberries, you have a must visit to Mamá Campo, where the quality of its ingredients is the key to their success, since they work directly with certified organic products of farmers, ranchers and local craftsmen. All this makes both the dishes of your restaurant and those of your canteen a real enjoyed for the sensesThis is really food!

We drool at the thought of his pumpkin cream, coconut milk and cardamom or the crocodile tiradito with citrus and yellow pepper sauce, we have also been told that their Monte mushroom rice He is taking bread and dips. If the food is already to die of taste, the local itself makes the experience outstanding, and is that Mamá Campo took the 2014 Metropolis Award to the place with the best decoration in Madrid Thank you to your biodegradable natural materials and its hyper original design furniture. You know, 100% organic and delicious food in a pleasant environment, but we can't ask Mamá Campo more!

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best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid mandioca

Cassava It is not a local healthy food like any other, it is rather a life philosophy. What reigns here is the real healthy kitchen, made with love and made from raw materials specifically selected for each recipe. And all this in a beautiful space that makes you disconnect for a moment of a long day at the office. Because ordering pizza when you get home tired of work is worth a day, but for feed taking care of the form and health, it is necessary to eat in conditions. And what better place to be aware of it than in Mandioca. As expected, your card is constantly changing according to season and depending on what is on the market that day.

So, you have at your fingertips to savor from a delicious vegetable curry up to original chicken kibbeh textured with bulgur flour, chives and sesame in sete chili sauce. All handmade, and at the moment, of course. Two dishes we tried on our visit were their great chickpeas and her delicious quinoa burger with Iberian cured cheese, yogurt sauce with sesame, potato bread with poppy seeds and mix of tender shoots. We loved it. A great space to which, if we could, we would return every half day. And when mealtime is approaching they always propose a trilogy of dishes that are changing (and as of Thursday, they also give dinner).

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Naked and Sated

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid naked and sated

Naked and Sated It is one of our latest discoveries and I think that today I could place it among one of the TOPS in my list of restaurants healthy from Madrid. According to their own creators, “when we were little, we were taught that food came from the farm and the garden… but we don't know very well when we flipped and started to fill our food with hydrogenated fats, unnecessary additives and refined sugars and flours«. Therefore, in Naked and Seated, they bet on the food of our childhood, the real food, with fresh ingredients and in season they help you take care of yourself and feel good enjoying the pleasure of eating. A perfect option to eat without regrets, because as they say in Naked & Sated “Eating delicious, tasty and fast is not a crime, it is pure pleasure!".

In your letter you can find biscuits, toasts, bowls, pizzas, burguers, salads, donuts, waffles… if you have read waffles! but prepared in a healthy and healthy way, without additives, without sugars and without regrets. Among his elaborations of success with greater recognition are the vegan pudding pie Chia and coconut with strawberries, pumpkin pancakes, the healthy banoffee or the bowl of Mango Ice Cream, peppermint and turmeric … although there are also classics that are fashionable like the carrot cheesecake. They also offer children's options so you can go out to eat with your tribe, 6 months or 7 years old, in their Kids letter you will find a varied menu with crushed food, crushed or in the form of finger food. In Naked and Seat they make it more than easy to give us a little whim once in a while.

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Naked Concept

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid naked concept

Naked Concept (eye, don't confuse it with the previous one) is much more than a healthy food restaurant in Madrid, because it also offers a gym and another series of proposals for personal care at the service of health. Its main objective is maximize the welfare of its customers working with a holistic perspective, in two dimensions: first, they take care of the feeding with organic food, in season, in the perfect portions for you thanks to the advice of their food coaches. And second, accompanying you in the physical exercise to improve your health condition and you personal image. Undoubtedly, one of the things that will surprise you the most is the local, a cozy space of 400 m2 where the natural woods, the vintage furniture and the natural plants, with a particularly warm decoration.

They have a wide variety of breakfasts, natural juices and smoothies. In addition to a menu of simple dishes. Different flavors, soft or intense; creative and traditional dishes, full of color and flavor. In addition, it is a food coach (a specialist in charge of measuring your caloric expenditure) who prepares your Naked plate, a combination of vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates 100% customized to make sure you cover all your nutritional needs in the most complete way. We tried it a few months ago and it seemed like a perfect combination to take care of yourself from the point of view of the feeding and the physical activity. What do you think?

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Olivia takes care of you

best restaurants healthy food healthy healthy madrid olivia takes care of you

Home cooking with alma chic ’soul in Chueca. There are many charming places to eat in Chueca, and certainly one of them is Olivia Te Cuida: a tiny restaurant, with a bohemian touch and a informal atmosphere to forget about the rush and enjoy a very close treatment and a cocina ecológica saludable y deliciosa. Tuvimos el gusto de conocer a parte del equipo, y podemos afirmar que nunca habíamos visto una cercanía, coordinación y profesionalidad semejante. Esther es el alma de todo, la madre del proyecto, mientras que Fernando se encarga de que todo esté en su sitio. La esencial Khadija no solo es el corazón, sino también las manos de Olivia. Mientras que Pedro se encarga de ponerle voz y letra a las convicciones del restaurante. Quizá esta unión sea su clave del éxito.

El menú que ofrecen se divide en platos de ensalada, verduras, granos y principales. Aunque lo habitual (y lo más aconsejable) es pedir una combinación de todos en un solo plato. A nosotros nos conquistaron con su berenjena asada con granada, queso scarmoza, albahaca y piñones, su ensalada de mango y zanahoria (¡muy fresquita!) y nos terminaron de enamorar con sus raviolis de calabaza y albahaca ¡mmmm! Y es que en Olivia Te Cuida la comida es muy sabrosa y te hace disfrutar como un enano. Te advertimos de que al ser un local tan chiquitito, en horas punta puede no ser lo más cómodo del mundo (ni lo más rápido), pero si eres paciente y comprensivo, no tendrás problema.

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mejores restaurantes comida sana saludables healthy madrid rawcoco

Rawcoco es otro de los restaurantes saludables en Madrid que no solo te recomendamos nosotros, ya que busques donde busques, encontrarás buenas críticas y palabras de cariño para este Green Bar que ya es toda una tendencia entre las juventudes (y no tan juventudes) madrileñas. Ofrecen una carta de platos variados elaborados con productos ecológicos, cosechados por ellos mismos en su propio huerto, from temporada y proximidad. Todo en su conjunto refleja un estándar de calidad garantizada ofreciendo una alternativa de alimentación saludable para todos los que queremos cuidar nuestra dieta y salud. Ofrecen desayunos, brunch y comidas principalmente. Y uno de sus puntos fuertes son las opciones vegetarianas, veganas y sin gluten.

En Rawcoco están comprometidos con la necesidad de ser flexibles en el proceso evolutivo de los comensales en un contexto de cambio y transición hacia un modelo de desarrollo, más sostenible, más natural, y más coherente con la necesidad de encontrar en la conservación del medio ambiente, el disfrute de los alimentos. En cuanto a su modelo de negocio, los locales que regentan son muy acogedores y puedes comer, o simplemente sentarte a tomar un zumo natural o un açai bowl mientras lees o trabajas. ¿Te animas a probarlo?

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Roots Lamarca

mejores restaurantes comida sana saludables healthy madrid roots lamarca

The bowls más sanos y coloristas de Las Salesas. Hace ya un tiempo que abrió Roots Lamarca y nosotros no dudamos ni un momento en ir a probarlo. Este esquinazo de Chueca se ha abierto paso entre los locales healthy de Madrid a base de comida rápida saludable en forma de bowls, para tomar en su local o en formato take away. Su filosofía es ser responsable, consciente y sostenible, no solo con el bienestar y la experiencia de sus clientes, sino también con el medio ambiente. Por eso, muchos de sus productos vienen de la finca ecológica ‘Dehesa El Milagro’, trabajando solo ingredientes de temporada y condenando a cadena perpetua a los temidos ultraprocesados.

El resultado final es un batiburrillo de cosas en un plato enorme que no puede estar más delicioso. Respecto a su carta, debes saber que tiene 6 bowls con distintas personalidades, pero también puedes customizar uno a tu gusto. Ahora bien, si nos preguntas cuál es el que más nos gusta, nos pones en un aprieto. Todos tienen una base de arroz, quinoa o kale marinado; guarniciones vegetales; proteínas de calité (pollo, ternera eco, salmón, tataki y tofu); toppings muy sabrosos (damos fe) como los ‘coco chips’, ‘garbanzos crispy’ o ‘granola salada’. Sus salsas están brutales, y el humus de remolacha es de otra dimensión. Mezclarlo todo y… ¡boom! Y tranquilo, que si eres antigluten, antilácteo o vegetariano, aquí también hay un hueco para ti.

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mejores restaurantes comida sana saludables healthy madrid superchulo

Superchulo es otro restaurante saludable que tienes que probar, está situado en el barrio de Malasaña. Su filosofía es alimentar cuerpo, mente y alma, a través de elaboraciones muy naturales, plant based y con ingredientes sin procesar. En Superchulo creen que la nutrición es un estado de ánimo, que va más allá de contar calorías y por eso todos sus platos están pensados para que los disfrutes sin preocuparte de ello. Sus propios creadores ya se encargan de equilibrar cantidades, calorías y nutrientes combinando sabores exquisitos. Tienen 3 cartas muy variadas, una de desayuno Y comida, otra de cenas y otra de cocktails (de un espacio nuevo que estrenarán pronto). El local tiene una decoración al detalle, todo muy natural y fresco como ellos mismos.

Si eres de boca pequeña, puedes optar por algún pscolabis para empezar (tapas y miniraciones muy bien servidas y cuidadas); y, si tu estómago o tus ganas por seguir descubriendo Superchulo te piden más, puedes seguir por un plato o un budha bowl acompañado de un smoothie de frutas y verduras o un vino ecológico. Y, por supuesto, no te vayas sin probar alguno de sus postres, a cada cuál más delicioso. Es otro restaurante sano en Madrid con mucho éxito, por lo que si tienes ganas de probarlo reserva siempre que puedas para tener tu mesa guardada. Si quieres acertar o sorprender a alguien con una propuesta original, no te la juegues, Superchulo es una apuesta segura.

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Tasty Poke

mejores restaurantes comida sana saludables healthy madrid tasty poke bar

¡De este has oído hablar seguro! Sí, Tasty Poke lleva unos años estando en boca de todo el mundo. Por algo será, ¿no crees? Tiene una filosofía y carta muy parecida a Aloha Poke y también es otro de nuestros restaurantes de poke bowls en Madrid preferidos. Ha ido creciendo sin parar en el último año, lo cual les ha exigido evolucionar, renovarse e incrementar su oferta. Sus poke bowls llevan todos los nutrientes ideales para una dieta equilibrada. Además, es económico, delicioso y de rápida preparación. Se sirve en restaurante, a domicilio y en formato “take-away” para llevar.

Además Tasty Poke también ha creado una opción vegana en su carta y tiene platos disponibles para celíacos (sin gluten), para dar así la posibilidad a todo el mundo de disfrutar de este delicioso plato. Puedes elegir entres sus poke bowls ya pensados en su carta o hacerlo a tu gusto. Nuestros preferidos son el Tasty California, Wild Salmon Y Spicy Tuna, pero tienes muchas opciones para combinar los ingredientes que más te gusten. También tienen acompañantes como platamoles, alga wakame o edamames, y una variedad de postres también deliciosos. ¡No sabría con cual de los dos quedarme, pero te recomiendo que los pruebes!

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Xanacuk es un restaurante de comida rápida sana en pleno centro de Madrid. Pero ojo, no te dejes llevar por lo de «comida rápida». De hecho una de las ventajas de gran parte de los alimentos naturales y ecológicos es precisamente su cómoda ingesta. Xanakuk destaca su apuesta por los zumos naturales, ensaladas y sandwiches de diseño y alta cocina. No pienses que has confundido la dirección si al entrar te encuentras con una «frutería«. Y es que parte de su originalidad radica en que el producto va del huerto, a tu mesa (o a tu bolsa ecológica si lo pides para llevar).

Aparte de alimentar tu cuerpo, desde Xanacuk quieren alimentar tu imaginación, este es su slogan, y no podrían haber sido más acertados. Por eso, aparte de los zumos, ensaladas y sandwiches de la carta, existe la posibilidad de hacer tus propias creaciones. ¿Te atreves a sacar tu lado más original? Este restaurante healthy, inaugurado en 2003, nace al ser conscientes de la autenticidad de la frase «eres lo que comes«. Por ello, quisieron ofrecer al público una alternativa a la comida rápida, que fuera sana, nutritiva y apetitosa en un ambiente cálido y personal y con muchas opciones adaptables a diferentes tipos de dieta y gustos.

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Mapa de los mejores restaurantes de comida sana de Madrid

¡Nos lo habíais pedido y no podemos negarnos! Aquí tenéis situados en un mapa las mejores restaurantes para comer sano de Madrid para que te sea más sencilla la localización de los establecimientos gastronómicos que más cuidan tu salud. En el mapa encontrarás todos los datos de contacto de cada bar, restaurante y cafetería. Incluso en algunas puedes reservar hora pulsando sobre su ficha y accediendo a su página web o llamando directamente desde tu dispositivo móvil. Esperamos que te sea útil, que sepas aprovecharlo y que, si echas en falta algún establecimiento real fooder, de comida fit o saludable, nos lo hagas saber a través de los comentarios para, después de una minuciosa revisión física, lo añadamos (sólo vamos a añadir sitios que estén enfocados en el cuidado de la alimentación y el respeto al medio ambiente).

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Reserva mesa en los mejores restaurantes saludables de Madrid

¡Desayunar, comer o cenar en restaurantes 100% saludables nunca había sido más fácil! Si te gusta probar cosas nuevas y buscas opciones saludables para disfrutar de una buena comida entre amigos seguro que estas propuestas de restaurantes de comida sana en Madrid no te han dejado indiferente. Hoy en día son cada vez más los restaurantes que incorporan en sus cartas opciones más sanas, pero probar este estilo de cocina y tener una amplia variedad de opciones que elegir es otro rollo. Por eso nosotros no nos cansamos de recorrer las calles de Madrid y de otros puntos de España en busca de nuevas experiencias que deleiten el paladar siendo responsables con la salud. Y de hecho, esperamos ir incluyendo algunos más a medida que vayamos descubriéndolos. Esperamos que te haya gustado este listado de sitios healthy y que nos cuentes tu experiencia en restaurantes saludables madrileños.

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¿Qué te ha parecido nuestro listado de restaurantes de comida sana de Madrid? ¿Has probado alguno ya? ¿Disfrutas descubriendo restaurantes con este tipo de comida? ¿Añadirías alguno más en esta lista? ¿Crees que nos hemos dejado alguna cosa? ¿Te has quedado con alguna duda o pregunta? Entonces te pedimos que dejes un comentario. Da igual que sea o una duda o un simple gracias, pero nos alegraremos mucho de leerlo y responderlo.

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Productos y Tiendas Gourmet

¿Buscas bebidas o comida que estén elaborados con productos de la máxima calidad? Como ya sabrás, los productos gourmet son aquellas bebidas y alimentos que han sido preparados con ingredientes especialmente seleccionados. En esta guía para hombre, conoce los mejores productos y tiendas delicatessen del mundo y deleita tu paladar con productos premium.

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