Types of boots and booties for men

Good male dress is a universe of diversity. And within this, the types of formal shoes you will find are varied. One of them is the boots and booties. Although for many they are part of a simpler wardrobe, if you know how to combine them properly, you will have an outfit the sea of ​​elegant. And above all, very very comfortable. The models of shoes with ankle picked up are versatile and are specially designed for cold winter days in which getting out of bed makes us a world. Do you want to wear male ankle boots with pride? Then give it a plus: ask your tailor to raise the hem of your pants a little and you will see the style with which you combine your seasonal outfits.

Brogue boots and booties for men

types shoes dress man lace-up boots ankle boots brogue man

The origin of the pattern of this male shoe dates back to the 19th century. However, since centuries ago, men's shoes were divided into two general categories: low cut footwear for etiquette activities, and high shoes (borceguí, booties and boots), for outdoor activities, transfers, field or similar. In this case you showed the second one. With certainly rural features, these booties represent good dress and comfort raised to the nth power, both united to perfection. Although years ago they were used for merely outdoor activities, the reality is that this type of boots and booties give a touch of distinction to the winter winter looks.

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Monk boots and ankle boots for men

types shoes dress man lace-up boots ankle boots monk man

This type of high shoe or monkstrap boot for men, it is inspired by monkstrap shoes With the same philosophy. Its name dates back to the Middle Ages, and comes from the aglosajón language, where the term Monkstrap is used to designate shoes with buckles (either single or double). It was in the 20th century when this type of shoe began to be generalized globally, especially driven by Line Lelzzi, a prestigious Italian businessman and fashion designer. It's about a comfortable, versatile and functional footwear, but in a high shoe such as boots or ankle boots. Instead of cords, they wear one buckle or several buckles depending on the design It's a boot elegant and modern which can give a casual but formal look to any look. You can combine it with jeans, jeans or Chinese.

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Chelsea boots and ankle boots for men

types shoes dress man lace-up boots ankle boots chelsea man

The Chelsea boots They are a very fashionable men's shoes model, with a very british touch They have become a must in the men's closet. They mainly differ from other boots for men because they don't wear laces. They are also characterized by their design with elegant lines, central elastics to facilitate its setting and high quality leathers and in different colors. They are very comfortable, functional and stylish, perfect for use all day. They are very easy to combine with virtually any style. You can find models with more modern touches, with buckles or decorative zippers, sole or thick heel, etc.

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Boots and booties for men

types shoes dress man with laces boots sports ankle boots man

Also calls high top sneakers, this type of shoe has become a "must-have"of the last seasons. They were created to play basketball back in 1920. And today they are already an icon of men's footwear, because allow you to freely move from sport to fashion and vice versa. You will use them in various scenarios: to go to college, meet friends, go out for a drink, go shopping, or even for parties that are not particularly formal. The high leg of this shoe provides a optimal ankle support, and its thick sole will make you step on firmly and comfortably. You will recognize them as soon as you see them, since they have been present in primary schools, institutes, design studios, rock clubs and streets of cities around the world for decades.

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Desert Boots and boots for men

types shoes dress man lace-up boots booties desert boot man

Its peculiar design to the ankle and the informality of the ribbons, make the desert boot one of the most sought-after and used pair of shoes for spring: its versatility to take with the carefree of some shorts and the elegance of a suit They make them a safe investment in our closet for this season, and here we have chosen the five best pairs that you can buy at low cost, and even online. You can find this loot model in suede or in leather, also with glossy finish. Depending on the color and the material that is chosen we can use them with suits or with jeans. This versatility, together with the ease they give us to fit them and the comfort you will feel when walking with them, make it the Perfect shoe to go on a trip.

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Chukka boots and ankle boots for men

types shoes dress man lace-up boots ankle boots chukka man

The Chukka men's boot It is a rather casual shoe so it can work for casual outfits and even casual business. The reason for this is in its history, since, compared to other male models, it is quite "recent" since it is not even 100 years old. They took place during World War II, in Africa, where the British military realized that the traditional footwear they wore did not work on desert terrain and in which they needed rubber soles for better grip, greater protection so that the sand does not enter the interior of the footwear and that at the same time they are light to endure more time in the hell in which they were.

As for the name, the thing is not clear as to why this name was chosen, but perhaps it was taken out of the sport of Polo (that of horses) that is played in 6 periods or “chukkas" Anyway. From the decade of the 50’s they became increasingly popular until today we can see them everywhere. The basic design of the Chukka boot that is to the ankles and has 2 to 3 eyelets for the laces it has been maintained over time, but the material they are made of and the thickness and material of the sole has been modified and adapted to cover different purposes.

The Chukka boot of very thick rubber sole, resistant skin and interiors with protections are ideal for those who work in industrial areas, factories, buildings, etc. At the same time, a suede Chukka bootie with thin sole can help you for a very casual look weekend. Another great trend of current men's fashion is to combine models and develop shoes that are neither one thing nor another to look different and more creative. In this sense you can see the Chukka boot in black with a tip very similar to Oxford.

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Military boots for men

types shoes dress man lace-up boots military ankle boots man

The military fashion was seen again in the streets not long ago. And with it, military boots, also known as Tactical Boots. This type of footwear, of which we all know the origin of the name, has its origin in Roman times. During this period the first military boots appear to face clashes between civilizations in the safest and most protected way. Thus, they transformed their sandals, making them more robust and adding tacks to ensure the union between the sole and the capellada. Naturally they have evolved to our times, but it is still one of the shoes that offer the most protection to the foot. The soles are usually made of resistant rubber with reinforcement in the heel and toe, so that the blows are not an inconvenience that deteriorates the appearance of our feet. You can find them in materials from leather to suede and they look especially good with Chino and corduroy pants.

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Mountain boots for men

types shoes dress man lace-up boots ankle boots climbing mountain man

The hiking boots are an excellent example of the adaptation of a purely utilitarian shoe to men's fashion styling. In principle, we would be talking about a very specific field within your sector, that is, how to put man and the mountain in contact. This shoe was born to withstand extreme conditions of humidity, friction, temperature shock, etc., so specialized brands are always in search of technological innovations that improve footwear conditions. Now this kind of boot It is no longer used exclusively to go to the mountain, but they can combine perfectly with different fashion styles. They are probably not the best option to go to a work meeting, but do not doubt that you will be right if you use them in less formal occasions and according to the weather conditions.

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