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It's been a long time since notes your dirty, frizzy or dry hair? Are you looking for quality mens products for improve the health of your hair? As a sure man, at some point in your life you have worried about the condition of your hair, either by taking care of your appearance or by the health of your scalp. Whatever the reason may be, if you're looking for products for man's hair that really make the difference and work, you're in luck. We have made a complete guide where you will find the best accessories, conditioners, shampoos, waxes, creams, foams, hair gums, lacquers, ointments, protectors and serums for man's hair.

best accessories products hair care man

In this male hair guide, let's see the different possibilities that the market offers us for take care and shape the hair and get in this way a better appearance. During the investigation, we have found an immense offer of beauty products for men's hair, which can cause more than one to end up buying "whatever". That is why we have prepared a list with the different types of products that you can use for hair care and shaping, as well as best products from each of them.

Tips for having a shiny, resistant and healthy hair

Currently, show a hair groomed, combed or beautiful, has ceased to be a concern that affects only women, to become a subject of great interest to many men. A healthy and strong hair gives us more confidence in ourselves, and we will find it much healthier. Maintain strict attention to the products we use and the treatments we carry out for the hair care It was never as important to men as it is now.

  • Use the products that best suit your needs: Therefore, before reaching a situation in which our hair does not have any solution, a series of measures must be taken to prevent our hair from spoiling. We find a multitude of products on the market, which makes it increasingly complex to decide which ones will be best for our hair type or those of higher quality. These measures focus on knowing those products that can help us the most healthy life guidelines.

  • Use quality products: You may see a pretty hair and that you feel proud of him, although that is not everything. Although most likely if the hair looks beautiful, is that the hair is also healthy, it is not always like that. That is why we must always be aware of the products we use, since many short-term products make you feel very good with a exemplary hair, however with the passing of months the hair deteriorates, because that same product has affected the health of our hair.

  • Beware of temperatures: Hair, like our skin, suffers in excess at high temperatures. Therefore it is advisable not to wash your hair with very hot water or use products that reach many temperatures. On the other hand, for dry our hair, you can make use of a towel with gentle movements so that the hair does not suffer any pull. It is also recommended that it be dried outdoors. If you use a dryer, try to make the air go cold.

  • Take care of your diet: Food, as in so many other things in a person's life, has a remarkable influence. In this case, the power keeps a strong connection with the condition of our hair. We must always look for products that maintain a high content of vitamins and proteins, you'll see how Your hair looks better.

  • Use each product accordingly: Hair products, there are many, and each of them is used in one way and another. It is important to know the way of using each of the products to apply it in the correct way and that the results are the same as expected. For example, the gel, wax or foam should be applied in a manner in which hair can breathe, for this reason it is fundamental that the product is not applied at the root, but at the tips and in a slight way.

  • Discover what is the problem of your hair: You must know the reasons why your hair is not in the state you would like, either because you suffer hair loss by some nutritional deficiency, by stress, or even by a genetic issue. Today we find food and supplements that can stop or stop the fall altogether, as long as it is not a genetic issue.

  • Let yourself be helped by a professional: If through looking more and more time on the internet, you can not find a solution, it's time to visit a specialist. Putting yourself in the hands of a dermatologist is key to the development of your hair. Although genetic factors can not be controlled, there are products that will help keep your hair in place, regardless of your problem.

  • Help yourself to a hair massage: It is considered one of the best ways to stimulate blood flow. In fact, on some occasions, hair loss caused by stress can be stopped or completely stopped. The massage should be applied very gently and with the fingertips.

  • The importance of good brushing: To have a healthy hair, it is very important the moment after washing and drying, brushing. You must include in your daily routine of beauty, if you have long hair or you reach a good mane, even two brushed a day, since you will be able to untangle your hair that will later avoid problems of hair pulling and breakage

  • Wash your hair how it is due: At the time of wash our hair we must do it in the most professional way possible. For this, it is advisable to use a lot of water and very little product and distribute the shampoo in equal parts on the forehead, crown and neck.

  • Always dry your hair: If your goal is to have a healthy hair, which we are sure that it is, you should take as a routine the drying of your hair. You can make use of some heat product but as long as the hair has been previously protected. The best thing is that you massage the capillary area with a towel giving gentle circular massage. In this way, the hair will not be damaged by any product and will be free of moisture. With the towel you may have more time in dry your hair, so we recommend you to have patience until the hair is completely dry.

  • Finish each wash with cold water: In addition to getting more shine for your hair, finishing each hair wash with cold water has numerous benefits, such as avoiding frizz, favoring Hair growth or improve blood circulation. You may not feel like it, especially if the outside temperature is low, and you are very cold putting the water at low temperatures. However, your hair will appreciate it, and it does not need to be long, with a few seconds is enough.

  • Cut the hair from time to time: Although of a little rage, although you have been a long time leaving that mane to the wind, we are sorry to say that it is better that you cut your hair from time to time. To clean the hair it is necessary so that it continues to grow strongly. Hair eventually weakens and is convenient at least, remove the tips so that the rest of the hair continues to grow strongly. But do not worry, that in no time you'll be able to wear the same hair, but with a much healthier appearance.

Mistakes you make daily and that damage your hair

Although there are many tips and tricks you can follow to get a hair, or a healthier scalp, you should also keep in mind what you should not do to avoid problems short or long term with your hair. We know that keeping a strict routine of hair care is not easy, but following the little tips that we propose here, it will be very easy for you see results with hardly any effort. These are small details that you must take into account so as not to fall into the mistakes that others have already made. If you manage to carry out the recently commented tips and avoid the errors that we propose below, we are sure that you will notice great results in the appearance and health of your hair and scalp. These are the most common mistakes:

  • Wait until the hair is in bad condition: There are many men that their concern to maintain the healthy hair and care appears at the same time that hair problems arise, dirty hair, dandruff, hair loss, frizziness, etc. We should not wait to have very dirty or damaged hair to start with a hair care routine, in addition to why it could be too late if our hair is too damaged, because it can help you to avoid reaching this situation.

  • Do not avoid the own or external factors that harm your hair: A damaged hair and little care is a dry hair, weak and lifeless. The cause of wearing a hair with these characteristics can be preceded by bad habits such as poor diet or the consumption of different substances such as alcohol or tobacco. We also find many external factors, totally foreign to us, that contribute to our hair is in worse condition. These factors can be wind, sun, chlorine, seawater, etc.

  • Do not reduce or eliminate bad habits: In addition to using products that do not finish adjusting to the our hair needs, there are different customs that can harm, and much, the health of our hair. As it is obvious, the tobacco, the alcohol or unhealthy food, are harmful elements for our organism, and therefore, for our hair. We can also comment on the routine of Wash the hair every day, that more than keeping it clean, you get it dirty more easily.

  • Scratching the head with force: Your hair and your skin go hand in hand and they maintain many similarities as far as care is concerned. Therefore, both in one and in another, you should not scratch hard or scratch yourself. Also, do not use sharp elements, they will be a problem and they will leave your damaged hair.

  • Rubbing excess scalp: When we wash our hair, we tend to get a lot involved in the washing, even when the impetus with which we do it to make it clean is exaggerated. That's why we recommend you avoid rubbing excessively the scalp, that way you will not disturb the natural balance of oils and glands. You will also be more sensitive to the scaling of scalp or dandruff, which often appears by scratching or rubbing the leather in an exaggerated form.

  • Dry hair daily with dryer: It is advisable that you let your hair dry in the open air, that you do not dry your hair daily with a hairdryer, as it will be very weak due to the damages produced by the high temperatures. It can be used from time to time, and if you use cold air better, but still it is preferable that the hair removes moisture in the open air.

  • Wash your hair every day: We already know that the hair stays much nicer after each wash. In fact it may be the reason why many men have routine wash your hair daily. You will have noticed, if you are one of those who have this habit and if one day you do not wash your hair, it gets dirty quickly. Try to distance in time the washings and you will see how over time the hair will remain clean even two or three days after you have washed it.

  • Use products that damage your hair: Although we have previously said the importance of using quality products for the hair care, it should be noted that we must also take into account the type of skin we have and how some products or others may affect our scalp or our hair. Each product covers a complete needs, so you should know with what purpose you use each of the products you use and if they are suitable for it.

Best shampoos for hair care of man

The care and hygiene of your hair It's very important. It is one of the things that are most visible at first sight, whether you have done a good job or if you have completely forgotten it. there is a very important previous step that will leave your hair ready and radiant to be styled, washing the scalp, and for that there are hundreds of products for male hair. To prevent the fall, eliminate dandruff or control excess fat, progressively cover the gray or to show off with elegant and proud silver reflections, get an extra volume or tame the most rebellious curls, nutritious, exfoliating, regenerating, purifying, moisturizing, antipollution, etc.

True Volume Redensifying Shampoo, Black Jack

best mens hair products shampoos black jack redensifying shampoo true volume

This shampoo brings together a mixture of botanical ingredients They help to nourish both the hair and the scalp and a complex that helps the hair follicles look healthy and complete. Thanks to this True Volume Redensifying Shampoo of black Jack You will feel an extreme cleanliness, thanks to that it eliminates the oils, the dirt and the accumulation of other products for the hair. In addition, the hair feels thick and bulky.

Price: From € 33

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Anti-dandruff Shampoo Redken Brews, Redken

best mens hair products shampoos shampoo redken brews

Dandruff is a very generalized problem among men, so we think it is convenient to add some product to the list that faces this problem. The Redken Brews Shampoo, is an anti-dandruff shampoo for men that soothes and calm the scalp, helping to eliminate the scales of dandruff found in the hair fiber. Also you will notice quickly how the itching and itching disappears, so you will not feel like scratching your head, which is one of the most significant causes of dandruff being more visible. Its formula, exerts a total cleaning on our hair, since it eliminates any impurity or residue of another product.

Price: From € 17

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Shampoo Silver White Treat Naturtech, Montibello

best mens hair products shampoos montibello shampoo silver white treat naturtech

If you start to notice that the hair is getting a more gray color, and you do not like anything, with this shampoo you can fight that problem. Shampoo for white hair Silver White Shampoo, of Treat Naturtech Montibello, is a shampoo manufactured for gray or whites. It neutralizes the yellowish tone of the gray hair, produced in many cases by the heat of the dryer, by the hair straighteners, or by external agents. It also conditions and take care of hair.

Price: From € 16

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Best conditioners for man's hair care

It is important that you consider a great beauty product What do you have in the bathroom and what do you often do not use: the hair conditioner. The outer layer of your hair (the cuticle) is like a door that can be open or closed. After wetting or washing your hair, the cuticles are left open and you have to seal them using conditioner (especially when you have the long hair). Although there are different types of conditioner for hair, all do the same job (moisturize and seal the cuticles), although, yes, they are used in different ways.

best mens hair products shampoos shampoo nuggela conditioner & sule premium onion extract

IF you are looking for a conditioner quality hair, we present the Premium Extractp Onion Conditioner from Nuggela & Sulé. The main function of this conditioner is to offer hair treatment to stimulate the Hair growth, at the same time that it facilitates the hairstyle and offers an exclusive shine. Its treatment improves health and hair protection and scalp.

Price: From € 15

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Hair Recovery Conditioner, American Crew

Best mens hair products shampoos shampoo conditioner american crew hair recovery

If you are still looking for a specific product for hair with gray hair, here is the Hair Recovery Conditioner of the prestigious brand American Crew. Thanks to its unique properties, manages to balance the tone of the hair, completely eliminating the most yellowish tones, so typical of gray hair. Because it contains hydrolyzed milk protein, it gets condition in depth the hair fiber. Do not settle for any conditioner.

Price: From € 15

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Conditioner Cafeine Shampooing C1, Alpecin

Best mens hair products shampoos shampoo conditioner alpecin caffeine c1

With the C1 Cafeine Conditioner of Alpecin, you will get great benefits in each wash. You will reduce hair loss, because during washing it strengthens weakened roots and prevents hair loss. You will notice how the speed of Hair growth, thanks to the combination of ingredients with the active agent of caffeine, it intensifies the growth and prolongs the phases of hair growth. further Strengthens hair weaker and provides greater levels of grip.

Price: From € 7.80

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Better waxes for fixing and molding the hair of man

The wax it will allow you to get very versatile and modern hairstyles, having the option of being able to change it throughout the day, since does not fix 100% hair nor does it form a hard film like other hair products can do. They get to add definition to the cuts of hair with texture contributing to your haircut a very attractive touch getting a natural and casual look. There are several options you have to try choosing the style of hair that you like, from the brightest to the most matt and with less or greater fixation. In short, help modeling a hairstyle with an informal touch but ensures its fixation for hours.

Wax Capital Force, Kérastase Homme

best hair products for men wax kerastase homme capital force

If you are looking for a wax that does not leave residue or cake your hair, here is the wax Capital Force Densifying Modeling Paste of Kérasstase Homme, which provides a soft and durable look. It has a fixing level of 3 out of 5, which provides a natural fixation without weighing the hair. Fully meets the needs of male hair modeling. Comb and look your more personal style with all the facilities you can have.

Price: From € 15

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Shaping Wax Defining Cream, Shave Barbers & Spa

best products beauty mens shave barbers spa the shave club wax molding hair defining cream

Here we bring you the product you were waiting for. Thanks to this hair wax, the wax Defining Cream, you get an extreme fixation and definition, being able to give your hair the shape and style that you like the most and the one that suits you the most. It is perfect for those who want to add texture and control to their hair, and it is indifferent to the type of hair you have, it works the same way in both. Blend over and over again and take your style to the most professional level with wax Defining Cream by Shave Barbers & Spa.

Price: From € 15

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Original Balm Wax, Candem Barbershop

best mens hair products candem barbershop balm original wax

It is necessary to include in this list, a wax to shape and shape your beard. Get a soft and careful beard with this Original wax of Candem Barbershop. Apart from getting shine and a fresh masculine scent, it brings volume to wear a thick, dense beard. It has 100% natural ingredients, so it is free of fragrances or artificial preservatives. A point to take into account is the pleasant aroma that emerges when using it, a perfect combination of cedar wood and lemon, creates a fresh and unmistakable fragrance.

Price: From € 12

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Best lacquers for fixing and molding the hair of man

The lacquer is a product that is used a lot for impossible hairstyles and for fix the hair in place. Although some still think, It is not a product just for ladies and it serves, above all, to obtain volume in your hair and so that those hairstyles that defy the laws of gravity (such as high tupes or impossible fringes) remain in place, since you have to use it to give that final fixation of the hairstyle . What he does is fix the already done hairstyle, but allows it to move slightly avoiding having a plasta over the head (usually disappears with a brush). There is a wide variety, from those that fix ultra strong to those that leave your hair more flexible.

Lacquer Schwarzkopf Professional, Osis +

best mens hair products lacquer schwarzkopf osis session lacquer

Do you want a hairspray that offers extreme fixation? Very easy, we present the lacquer Osis Schwarzkopf, a hairspray that gets fix your hairstyle and give it the shape that you like the most. Also, it does not matter what your hair is, since it adapts to any type of hair or hairstyle. In addition, it does not leave hair sticky and gives a natural look to your hairstyle. you will also get maximum protection against future damages.

Price: From € 6

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Ultra Strong Fixing Lacquer, Pantene Pro V

best hair products for men lacquer pantene prov laca ultra strong fixation

Pantene Pro V, one of the most prestigious cosmetic brands, offers us this lacquer ultra strong fixation. This lacquer provides a fixation and a long-lasting control for styling. About 24 hours. You will get your hair a radiant look throughout the day, even when there are high levels of humidity in the environment. For its elimination, simply pass the brush and the product is easily removed. It has a fixation level of 5/5.

Price: From € 3

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Lacquer Elnett, L'Oréal Paris

best mens hair products lacquer loreal paris elnett fixation

Finally, we present this lacquer of the cosmetics giant, L'Oreal Paris. As a prestigious brand that is, its products do not detract from the attention of those who like to be well groomed. The Elnett lacquer, keeps the hairstyle that you like most throughout the day. It has a micro-diffuser for ultra fine vaporization. For the elimination of the product, it is enough with a light brushing. The Hair will feel protected of moisture at all times. This product is perfect for both men and women.

Price: From € 3.50

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Best foams for fixing and molding the hair of man

The foam It is ideal to get wet effect and above all to give those beautiful and wavy shapes to your curls. If you have the curly hair or wavy, this product is your biggest ally. It can also be used with more or less short cuts, but basically what it does is maximize the curly hair effect. For a good result, apply it in the palm of your hand and distribute it throughout your hair progressively, squeezing to give that curly effect. If you want to enhance it even more use the diffuser with the dryer and you will get to undulate and curl your hair in an amazing way These are our favorite hair foams:

best mens hair products wella professional eimi foam extra volume

Meet the Extra Volume foam Eimi of Wella, a retention volumizer, prepared to protect hair from heat damage while drying hair. Suitable for using curly or wavy hairs, it is suitable to get some higher levels of hydration, with which an increase of the shine in your hair is achieved. It should be distributed evenly on wet hair from the root to the end. It has a level 3 retention.

Price: From € 14

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Foam Hydra Frizos Fructis Style, Garnier

Best mens hair products garnier fructis foam hydra curls

If you are one of those who costs get a straight hair and you have a rebellious hair, we present this Fructis Style Hydra Frizz Foam of Garnier, which gets a smooth finish and fixes the hair for 24 hours. It is perfect for both men and women, always providing a remarkable increase in the shine and volume of your hair. Also prevents frizz.

Price: From € 2.70

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Foam Elnett Mousse Fixation, L'Oréal Paris

best mens hair products foam loreal paris elnett mousse fixation

If you look long hair and you intend to keep that mane, but with defined and hydrated curls, this is your product. The Elnett Mousse Foam of L'Oreal Paris, for men and women, offers a perfect definition for your curls. It gives you the same care as a cream, but nevertheless, creates and fixes any look for 24 hours. Thanks to PowerSoft technology, you'll get perfect fixation without the hair becoming stiff. Its creamy texture provides extra care, more softness and greater shine.

Price: From € 12

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Best rubber bands for fixing and molding the hair of man

The gelatinous consistency of the styling gel makes it one of the best allies to maintain the style of hair styling desired in any type of hair and for any situation that arises. just apply a pinch of this product to have the hair as you want for hours and with a higher brightness. It is a very versatile product because it is capable of fix any type of hair. We could say that it is the wild card for any look. We recommend its use when you have a very short cutting style where you want to give a wet effect or if your hair requires a lot of control (for example, a hairstyle with the hair pulled back or the stripe on the side).

Gummy Spicked Up Extreme Hold Gel, AX

best ax male products spicked up gel extreme hold gel

Can not you leave the house without having previously fixed your hair? Thanks to the gel Spicked Up Extreme Hold of AX, you will have a daily ally to fix your hair. Fix your hair with the shape you want every morning for the rest of the day, as it has lasting effect. You will also find it very easy to style and will give you a unique texture. It is sufficient to apply a small amount of the product on wet or dry hair. From there, you just have to choose the hairstyle that you like and shape it.

Price: From € 19

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Gomina Professional Styling Gel, Eco Styler

Best mens hair products eco styler gel with argan oil

Meet the Gomina Professional Styling of Eco Styler, a gel that has a lot to offer you. The Eco Styler hair gel is not sticky, does not dry your hair, does not dry it. Apart from leaving you the clean hair, without residues that give appearance of dirt, the hair is very easy to clean, since the product is easily removed. On the other hand, it is a fixing gel without alcohol, so your skin and hair, will not be affected with problems of dryness or dehydration. It does not contain parabens or sulphates, which promotes better health of your hair. Keep a bright and pretty hair day after day.

Price: From € 9.70

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Gomina Roline Ice Gel, Salerm Cosmetics

best mens hair products salerm cosmetics proline ice gel

If you are looking for a powerful and lasting gel, you have to know the gel Roline Ice of Salerm Cosmetics, a strong fixing gel that allows to create any type of hairstyles. Its advanced formula has a fusion of gels and waxes of last generation molding. It manages to create a perfect consonance between fixation and hydration. Thanks to arginine, you will achieve greater fixation of your hair, while simultaneously the hair fiber and hair follicles are favored. It should be applied on wet hair.

Price: From € 10

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Best ointments for fixing and molding the hair of man

Hair ointments are fixatives that are composed of a water base. It maintains many similarities with the gel, however this product is usually found with other packaging, in a jar and its texture is watery. It is a fixative that do not cake your hair and, in addition, by having a water base, you can eliminate the remains of hair product when you want without any difficulty, you just have to rinse abundantly with water.

Price: From € 17

Firm Hold Ointment, Suavecito

best soft hair mens product pomade firm hold

If you still do not know a quality ointment with which fix your hair, here is the ointment Firm Hold of Softly, which achieves through a creamy consistency, great ease for manipulate hair. Compared with its sister cousin, which contains the original formula, this ointment offers superior hardness and fixation. Let yourself be seduced by its characteristic aroma. It is enough to apply a small amount of product for each use, so you will have the product at home for a long period of time.

Price: From € 17

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Original Long Hold Ointment, KingBrown

best hair products for man ointment king brown long hold original pomade

The Original Long Hold Ointment of KingBrown It has a medium fixation and brightness. It stands out among other things, for its peculiar aroma of tobacco leaf and vanilla. One of the characteristics to keep in mind is that it is a product resistant to sweat, so you can return to comb at any time, passing the comb or brush as the hair is not hardened. In addition to mineral oils, it has carrot seed oil to condition the hair and scalp.

Price: From € 16

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Super High Hold Claymation Ointment, Fuko's Hanz

best hair products for man ointment hanz de fuko ointment fixative

If you are looking for an ointment for gravity defying hairstyles, where high levels of fixation are required, here is the ointment Super High Hold of Fuko's Hanz. It gives you the possibility of reshape your hairstyle at any time without hardening the hair so that it continues to maintain its natural appearance. It gives you a matt style finish, with a very high fixation, providing volume and without hardening the hair. Apart from leaving no residue on the hair with each use, the product is very easy to remove with a simple wash.

Price: From € 28

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Best serums for men's hair care

When we talk about serum, we are referring to a capillary cosmetic that improves the appearance of the hair instantly. You will notice the results just after its application. The Serum quickly adds shine, a slight wet effect, closes the tips, favors the hairstyle and prevents frizziness. This product is above the rest in price if we refer to hair cosmetics.

Serum Professionel Serioxyl, L'Oréal Paris

best hair products for men serum for loreal hair professionel serioxyl

Si notas el pelo estropeado, como sin fuerza ni brillo, ha llegado el momento de plantearse el uso de un sérum. Si hablamos de sérums, tenemos que hablar del innovador sérum Serioxyl Denser of L´Oréal Professionnel, una dosis de hidratación diaria a tu cabello. Se debe aplicar diariamente en el cuero cabelludo durante tres meses y conseguirás aumentar la densidad del cabello en +1600 cabellos al final del tratamiento. Te brinda una total protección del cuero cabelludo.

Price: Desde 19 €

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Sérum Therapiste K Resistance, Kérastase

mejores productos de cabello para hombre serum de pelo kerastase serum terapiste

The Sérum Therapiste es perfecto para todas aquellas personas que tienen el cabello con las puntas abiertas, ya que es un producto reparador de puntas. Está diseñado para funcionar de igual manera tanto en cabellos finos como gruesos, por lo que se adapta perfectamente a tu pelo. Es un producto perfecto para reestructurar la fibra capilar de forma rápida y eficaz, gracias a la base de fibra-KAPT y el hidrolizado de proteína de Trigo. Además, es el producto perfecto para proteger de los aparatos de calor como las planchas o los secadores, que dañan considerablemente la salud de nuestro cabello. Disfruta de su agradable textura que combina un tacto cremoso y de aceite al mismo tiempo.

Price: Desde 23 €

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Pharma Hair Sérum, Organic Pharmacy

mejores productos de cabello para hombre serum para pelo organic pharma hair serum

Si últimamente notas como tu cabello se ha convertido en un pelo seco, apagado y encrespado, y necesitas que cobre fuerza, brillo y naturalidad, tienes que conocer el Hair Sérum of Organic Pharmacy. Gracias a su acción hidratante y regeneradora y el cóctel natural de aceite de jojoba, rosa mosqueta, madera de cedro, romero y arnica, conseguirás un pelo totalmente sano y brillante. Aplicar el número de gotas que se indique en cada caso directamente en el cuero cabelludo y masajea por toa la zona de la cabeza. Es conveniente utilizar por la noche para que actúe durante las horas de sueño. Al día siguiente, cuando te despiertes, lava tu pelo y disfruta de los resultados.

Price: Desde 25 €

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Mejores protectores de calor para el cuidado pelo del hombre

La plancha de pelo ya no es cosa solo de mujeres. Ahora también muchos hombres hacen uso de ella ara conseguir peinados más resistentes. Sin embargo, no debemos olvidarnos de que la temperatura que alcanzan estas máquinas superan los 200ºC, lo que puede provocar daños graves sobre el cabello que no ha sido protegido de forma previa. Esta situación es muy fácil de evitar si te aplicas un protector térmico del pelo. Además de proteger tu cabello, facilita el peinado y evita el calor localizado.

Protector de Calor Repara & Fortalece, Tresemmé

mejores productos de cabello para hombre protector de calor tresemme repara fortalece

Tener un pelo dañado hoy en día a causa de los aparatos de calor es muy habitual, por lo que cada vez encontramos más productos que se enfrentan a este problema. Es el caso de este protector de calor Repara & Fortalece of Tresemmé, que protege tu cabello de los efectos darios del secador o la plancha, como rotura, encrespamiento o sequedad. Contiene un complejo termo-activo que detecta el calor y protege tu pelo. Mantén tu pelo sano y lleno de energía y vitalidad y olvídate de los daños producidos por estos aparatos.

Price: Desde 4,90 €

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Protector de Calor K-Pak, Joico

mejores productos de cabello para hombre protector termico joico k pak

El protector de calor K-Pak of Joico es una es una espuma hidratante protectora que se encarga de llevar a cabo el proceso de reconstrucción de nuestro cabello, sellando la cutícula y proporcionando una barrera protectiva. Es perfecto para cabellos secos, dañados o que hayan sido tratados químicamente. No cuenta con efecto fijador para darle a tu pelo la forma que gustes, sin embargo, protege tu cabello del calor del secador así como de los rayos UV. También aporta elasticidad al cabello y le da brillo. En definitiva, es una alternativa perfecta si sientes que tu pelo ha perdido fuerza, brillo o ves que no se encuentra lo suficientemente sano.

Price: Desde 34 €

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Protector Térmico Uniq One, Revlon Professional

mejores productos de cabello para hombre protector termico revlon professional uniq one

Gracias al protector térmico Uniq One of Revlon Professional podrás lucir un pelo brillante y sin encrespar. Claramente, también actúa como protector frente a los daños que pueda causar el secador de pelo o la plancha. Pero eso no es todo, también notarás como gracias al protector térmico Uniq One, el pelo se vuelve más suave y sedoso, coge más cuerpo y volumen, no se abren las puntas o el color del cabello se mantiene. It's about the primera mascarilla sin aclarado, que es apta para todo tipo de cabellos.

Price: Desde 8 €

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Mejores cremas para la fijación y el moldeado del pelo del hombre

Las cremas de peinado te ayudarán a conseguir un mayor volumen y a aumentar la durabilidad de los peinados. También es un producto muy útil para hidratar desde la raíz hasta las puntas de nuestro cabello y además evita el encrespamiento. Las cremas de peinado ayudan a desenredar y proteger del calor proveniente de los rayor UV, el secador o la plancha. Aunque en ocasiones, este producto puede aplicarse sobre pelo seco, lo normal y conveniente es que se utilicen sobre pelo mojado, después de haberlo lavado, ya que si el pelo está limpio se notan más los efectos.

Crema/Pomada Para el Pelo, Baxter Of California

mejores productos de cabello para hombre baxter of california crema para el pelo

La crema para el pelo de Baxter of California conseguirá que tu cabello quede fijado con un efecto mate sin brillo. Además de aportarle textura al cabello, es perfecto para todo tipo de pelo, proporcionando un natural look a todo el que la use y proporcionándole un peinado manejable. Para su uso es suficiente con agregar una pequeña cantidad de producto en la palma de la mano, frotar con las manos y aplicar sobre el cabello húmedo o seco. Cuanto más producto se aplique, aumentará el nivel de fijación.

Price: Desde 23 €

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Crema de Moldeado Flexible, Smooth Viking

mejores productos de cabello para hombre crema de moldeado flexible smooth viking

La crema de moldeado flexible de Smooth Viking es un producto que te proporciona fijación media y un aspecto moderno. Gracias a sus ingredientes naturales el pelo luce con una apariencia mate, con mayor grosor y textura. Esta crema de moldeado está diseñada para darle mayor espesor al cabello mientras crece el agarre y la sujeción propias de una de las mejores cremas de peinado. Luce un pelo peinado, pero con aspecto despeinado, se verá muy natural.

Price: Desde 14€

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Crema Moldeadora Tea Tree Shaping Cream, Paul Mitchel

mejores productos de cabello para hombre paul mitchel crema moldeadora de arbol de te

La crema moldeadora de Arbol de Té of Paul Mitchel es perfecto para todo tipo de cabello. Te ayuda a lucir un pelo limpio y lleno de brillo pero con la forma que desees. Gracias al aceite de árbol de té natural y la menta, el cuero cabelludo se calma y coge un aroma fresco. Además de proporcionarte volumen, sus ingredientes especiales y el aceite de arbol de té, eliminan las impurezas del cabello y lo llenan de brillo, fuerza y vitalidad.

Price: Desde 30 €

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Mejores peines para peinar el pelo del hombre

Tan importante como los productos que utilizas para el cuidado de tu cabello son las herramientas que usamos para peinarnos. El uso de un buen peine, es necesario para evitar que se deteriore la fibra capilar. Además, con el peine puedes aportar calidad al cabello y conseguir que se sienta más saludable. Evita cualquier tipo de nudo rápidamente antes de que pueda resultar perjudicial para tu cabello. Es aconsejable que el peine sea de púas anchas de madera, sobre todo para aquellos que se les encrespa mucho el cabello, aunque encontramos también opciones muy favorables para otros tipos de peinados.

Peine de Madera

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello peine madera

Los peines de madera cuentan con una apariencia simple pero muy estética. Define un classic style que tanto éxito tiene entre muchos hombres. A la hora de elegir un peine de madera, debes fijarte que cuente con madera de calidad que le proporcione a tu pelo la suavidad que se le exige a un producto de estas características. Por ejemplo la sandalwood es de mucha calidad y desprende un ligero aroma a madera muy agradable que te gustará percibir cada vez que te peines.

Price: Desde 8 €

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Peine de Púas Anchas

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello peine puas anchas

A la hora de peinarte, debes escoger cual es el peine que más se adapta, tanto a tus gustos, como a tu cabello, y que dependiendo del tipo de pelo que tengas, será mejor usar de un tipo o de otro. The peine de púas anchas es perfecto para dar volumen a tu cabello y desenredar los rizos. Además evita el encrespamiento y marca las líneas de peinado sin romper su forma natural.

Price: Desde 6 €

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Peine de Púas Finas

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello peine puas finas

Por otro lado, el tipo de peine que cuenta con las púas finas, es un tipo de peine que se utiliza para desenredar los cabellos más finos, ya que proporcionan una textura muy suave. Se usa principalmente para eliminar los mechones y marcar los peinados con raya, que suelen ser de pelo corto. Además la mayoría de este tipo de peines, cuentan con dos tipos de púas, que aunque ambas partes son de púas finas, hay unas que son más gruesas que otras.

Price: Desde 5 €

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Mejores secadores para secar y moldear el pelo del hombre

Elegir un secador de pelo no puede ser una decisión que se tome a la ligera. El secado de nuestro cabello, importa y mucho. Cada vez que te secas el pelo con un secador, estás haciendo que el cabello se deteriore en menor o mayor medida a causa del golpe de calor. Sin embargo, podemos encontrar secadores de alta calidad que no perjudicarán en absoluto la salud de nuestro cabello. Por ello debes informarte antes de hacerte con cualquier secador, ya que si es barato o de calidad mediocre, tu pelo será el primer afectado. También puedes encontrar secadores económicos y de calidad.

Secador de Pelo ThermoProtect, Philips

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello secador de pelo philips thermoprotect

Con este secador de pelo Thermo Protect of Philips puedes conseguir increibles peinados. Gracias a su boquilla ultrafina y una potencia profesional de 2200W, puedes dar forma a tu cabello con la mayor precisión. También cuenta con función turbo para un peinado más rápido. Siempre que quieras le puedes dar un golpe de frío para fijar el peinado y que se dañe menos tu pelo.Cuenta con 6 velocidades y ajuste de temperatura para que tengas un total control sobre él en todo momento.

Price: Desde 24 €

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Secador de Pelo Cuattro Ion, Bosch

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello secador de pelo quattro ion bosch

Con una potencia de 2000W, este secador de pelo de la prestigiosa marca de electrodomésticos Bosch, cuenta con tecnología de ionización para reducir los niveles de encrespamiento y conseguir un mayor brillo. Cuenta con un selector de velocidad con 2 posiciones y 3 posiciones para seleccionar la temperatura. También tienes la opción de que el aire salga frío, que ofrece todos los beneficios previamente comentados.

Price: Desde 34 €

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Secador de Pelo Hair Dryer 385 Power Light, Parlux

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello secador parlux hair dryer 385 power light

Gracias a su nuevo motor con tecnología K-Lamination, este secador de pelo de la marca Parlux, cuenta con un 13% menos de peso que su versión anterior. Es también más potente, con una tecnología que alcanza los 2150W. Gracias a su ergonomía, podrás trabajar en tu pelo sin esfuerzo. Claramente está pensado para cuidar la salud de tu cabello, dejando tu pelo libre de encrespamiento. También cuenta con un silenciador incorporado para un uso con menos ruido y por tanto, más cómodo.

Price: Desde 90 €

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Mejores planchas de pelo para alisar y moldear el pelo del hombre

Con la plancha de pelo nos pasa prácticamente lo mismo que con el secador. Comprar una plancha de pelo de calidad o comprar una que no de buenos resultados, determinará completamente el aspecto de tu pelo durante los próximos años. Debes tener en cuenta que es preferible hacer uso de este artefacto sobre cabello seco, ya que si está mojado, tienes que incidir más en cada parte de tu pelo para secarlo y alisarlo. Además, tu pelo sufrirá bastante, ya que esta mala costumbre hierve tu pelo literalmente.

Plancha de Pelo C1 Black Soft Touch, Corioliss

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello plancha pelo corioliss c2 black soft touch

Gracias a las placas de titanio ultra lisas de la plancha de pelo de la marca Coriolis, puedes deslizar tu cabello sin esfuerzo, alcanzando los 210º C, proporcionando un acabado perfecto y elegante con cada pasada. Con la nanotecnología de partículas de plata, es capaz de eliminar hasta el 99,9% de las bacterias que puedan existir en tu cabello. Mantiene una temperatura constante y uniforme desde las raíces hasta las puntas, por lo que el cabello no se ve dañado en ninguna zona concreta.

Price: Desde 78 €

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Plancha de Pelo G3 Salon Pro, Karmin

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello plancha pelo karmin g3 salon pro

La plancha de pelo de Karmin cuenta con elementos de calefacción profesionales para un calentamiento instantáneo. Gracias a los iones negativos y el calor inflarrojo, se consigue un pelo sedoso y brillante. Cuenta con diferentes opciones de temperatura, aptos para todo tipo de cabellos, desde los 120º C. Tu pelo podrá estar listo como deseas, pero siempre manteniendo un aspecto saludable.

Price: Desde 129 €

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Plancha de Pelo Pro, Philips

mejores productos de cabello para hombre accesorios para cuidado cabello plancha pelo philips pro

Con sus placas recubiertas de titanio, la plancha de pelo de Philips, consigue una óptima conducción del calor y un alisado más eficaz y duradero. Cuenta con placas flotantes para prevenir la rotura del cabello y con un acondicionador iónico para evitar el encrespamiento. Cuenta con una pantalla de tamaño mini para que conozcas la temperatura a la la plancha de pelo que está trabajando en cada momento. Una de las mejores opciones para todo aquel que quiera lucir un pelo liso y sano.

Price: Desde 59 €

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Ten a mano los mejores productos para tener un pelo brillante, resistente y sano

Aunque la lista que te hemos presentado sea amplia, hay muchos más productos para el cabello masculino de calidad que también podríamos haber incluido, no obstante los que hemos elegido están dentro de lo mejor del mercado, por lo que notarás la diferencia respecto a otros productos de menor calidad. Probablemente ya sabías que había una gran variedad de productos para el pelo, pero ¿Realmente sabías que había tantos? Si tu pelo importante para ti, no dudes en probar alguno de estos productos.

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