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The most romantic date of the year is approaching and have not yet thought about any plan to enjoy as a couple? Do you like to organize your trips in time to avoid last-minute unforeseen events? Have you read about so many romantic destinations that you wouldn't know which one to choose to surprise your girl? It's time to start making decisions! And as we know that it is not always easy to ensure a unique experience on a date as prominent as it is Valentine's Day, we want to help you out surprise the person you love most with a dinner on the other side of the world, the best sunset or a “love you” on the ideal stage. Would you know what are the best destinations for Valentine's Day?

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That the month of January comes to an end, it only means two things. The first, which is time to sign up for the gym to lower the Christmas polvorones. And the second: that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Be those who realize that we are on February 14 the day before, or those who prepare months in advance a unique gift for your partner, We have a solution for you. Because although love does not understand dates, Valentine is the ideal excuse to make a special getaway and create unforgettable memories with that person who has stolen your heart. And for that, there is no lack of corners in the world where unleash passion. In this Guide you will find the five best destinations to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Valentine, why is this day celebrated?

We know you are dying to know the most unique romantic destinations where to celebrate the Valentine's Day, and we promise that the wait will be worth it. But, first of all, a little bit of general culturilla … Aren't you curious to know what the valentine's origin? To us a lot! And as it never hurts to know why we celebrate what we celebrate, we investigate about it and find the true story of Valentine's Day. You imagine what happened on February 14 tens of centuries ago? Let's see…

Valentine was consecrated hundreds and hundreds of years ago as a religious holiday (or perhaps, rather, it was the Church who seized the date) since it is known by the name of a saint. And it is not an ordinary saint, but one who revealed himself to power at the time and suffered the consequences for it. It turns out that, in the Rome of the third century after Christ the emperor Claudio II He decided prohibit marriages of young couples, considering that single people without family were better soldiers by not having sentimental ties No couple ties. Nor should we ignore the fact that Christianity was banned in Rome at this time.

In this context appears what was the savior of the civilization of the time. A priest named Valentine considered that this was a mistake and decided to skip the order and csecretly roast all young lovers That they wanted it that way. When the emperor met Valentin's boldness in performing such an act of rebellion, sentenced the priest to death Valentine's Day February 14, 270. Since then, Valentine was erected as the pattern of the Lovers and the date of February 14 became known globally as a day to celebrate free love above the rest.

At the beginning, the party was official of the Catholic Church, until, in 1969, during the Second Vatican Council it was removed from the liturgical calendar.

exist numerous legends around the history of Valentine; but as is common in these cases, they are only legends, so we do not know for sure if they came to be produced or not. One of the ones that has caught our attention is that while the priest Valentine was in the dungeons waiting for his fatal destiny, fell in love with a young blind who was also incarcerated and who attended the miracle of being able to see before you die.

However, if we know about Valentine's Day for something today, it is because of its great commercial potential. The celebration has become popular all over the world, and has been used by the market to create all kinds of products especially designed for impulse buying. In fact, as a curiosity we will cite the case of Spain, which began celebrating Valentine's Day in the mid-twentieth century and it is said that the promotion of this date was made by the department store chain Precious Galleries to encourage the purchase of gifts.

Romantic places to surprise your partner

The Valentine's Day it's a nice excuse for propose a romantic plan to your partner. And although it is true that love is demonstrated day by day, the reality is that it is precisely on these outstanding dates or traditional festivities when it makes more illusion receive a detail or propose a love getaway. In addition, the excuse of a low budget or having run out of time for leaving everything for the last moment ceased to be valid long ago. Since there are many travel agencies, accommodation companies, airlines and digital reservation platforms that offer hundreds of low price options, and even at the last moment. Sun or cold, city or countryside, near or far … choose the option that is most adjust to your tastes and start doing Valentine's plans.

Verona, the city of lovers

Surely the city sounds like Verona, if only because it was the backdrop of some series and films with an international label. This is the case of "Letters to Juliet”, A movie starring Amanda Seyfried, who plays a young American who helps an old woman find her old love of youth after finding a letter from him in the Juliet's house. And this house is precisely the great attraction of the Italian city. A place that nothing has to envy romantic tourist destinations Traditional

It is said that this medieval palace it was the home of the protagonist of the tragedy Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare in the 16th century. There is evidence that in this city two families lived with the surnames used by Shakespeare in his work, Montesco and Capuleto, and that the latter were in possession of the palace. Today, Juliet's House receives thousands of tourists a year that take the opportunity to leave your own love letter on the construction wall. Without a doubt, it is a most romantic destination with which you will surely get surprise your girl.

In addition, Verona has several attractions, such as Roman amphitheater, the Castelvecchio or the Maffei Palace. Her beauty did not go unnoticed by the UNESCO, organism that declared the historic center as a World Heritage Site. A path that noted for its historical mix: Roman remains, medieval streets and Renaissance palaces make touring its streets an adventure, a magical experience full of romanticism. It is worth mentioning the Stone Bridge, the Plaza de las Hierbas, the Basilica of San Zenón and especially the imposing Duomo. Complete the getaway having dinner at any of its fancy restaurants It is the perfect icing for culminate a romantic evening.

La Gomera, the Island of Happiness

We left Italy for return to spanish territory, although not peninsular. With little time to plan a high-flying trip, opt for a national destination it's always a success; especially if you choose one that is in low season. This is the case of the Canary Islands, whose tourist activity usually rebounds during the summer months. However, in the middle of February, the archipelago offers some most pleasant temperatures what contrast with the cold that has been felt during the last months in almost all the peninsular territory. So, a romantic weekend In some of its islands it is a most attractive plan.

Among all the islands we recommend Travel to La Gomera. Why? Because this small rounded island whose average temperatures range from 15-22 degrees, It has its own charm and is much less crowded than Las Palmas or Tenerife. It is a place to discover walking, since it only reaches 25 kilometers in diameter. In addition to enjoying the beach and the sun, you can do the viewpoints route (from here some of your best photos will come out in years), Vallehermoso or the Hermigua Valley.

Other romantic corners and recommended to congratulate Valentine's Day is the Garajonay National Park. It is located at more than 1,400 meters of altitude and the 4,000 hectares that compose it are declared by UNESCO as World Heritage. In this place we also find a legend of lovers, the story of Gara and Jonay. Two characters persecuted for not being able to manifest their love due to belonging to families facing each other. If you or your girl are passionate about nature, do not hesitate, La Gomera is your destiny.

Borgonyà (Girona), the City of Intimacy

In this case we do not want to recommend a specific place but a unique accommodation. Its about hotel Mil Estrelles which offers the possibility of sleep under the stars with all luxury of comforts. Yes, under the stars. This hotel has several single rooms that conform as glazed bubbles located in the middle of nature. Thus, you can enjoy a magical and romantic night surrounded by a blanket of stars. The rooms are heated and invite you not to have to worry about anything other than share your time with the person you love most.

The essence of the hotel is to offer a atmosphere of intimacy to guests, so each bubble is isolated from the rest of the rooms. In addition, and with the aim of giving you a romantic touch At the stay, there are no televisions or any electronic device. So, nothing about Netflix series or football games. Valentine falls on Friday so play Total disconnection throughout the weekend. We recommend you download the episodes of the series that you want to see when you return; and if you are a lover of sports and betting in this sector, try to make your forecasts before going on a trip. The mobile must be turned off or out of coverage during your romantic getaway.

The avant-garde of this concept surprises with a exquisite vintage interior design, simple and unpretentious. The objective has been break with the futuristic style of the bubbles providing warmth to the space with a Provencal air. Cassiopeia, Vega or Sirius are some of the names of the bubbles, made with recyclable materials, with translucent walls, independent bathroom and even dressing. They are located on plots of between 120 and 420 square meters so you can enjoy that feeling of absolute freedom that we experience when we get lost in a starry sky, without being seen. A unique and different experience to carry out a internal trip as a couple under the vastness of the universe.

Paris, the Cité de l’Amour

Obviously we could not make a Guide to romantic destinations and not include Paris, the city ​​of love. While it may seem like a cliché, the truth is that there are many couples who continue to travel to the French capital to celebrate Valentine's Day. We do not have much to say about Paris unless its cultural, gastronomic and tourist offer is very complete, so you can take advantage of the weekend to do and visit endless things and places. Essential: climb to the Eiffel Tower and take a selfie for the memory.

Not in vain the French capital is known as the February 14 city par excellence, located in the first place as soon as we talk about romanticism. This has led to the accommodation, leisure and flight offer The city not only multiplies in quantity but also significantly reduces its prices. Hotels, apartments, restaurants, transfers, airlines… The competition of the tourism sector in this region is immense, so do not rule out finding discounts or express offers A few days before Valentine's Day.

Among its many corners converted into key symbols of the Parisian romanticism, you can not miss the Pont des Arts, famous in the past also for the thousands and thousands of locks They have been left here by couples from all over the world. The locks were withdrawn in the month of May 2015 Due to several controversies. In the previous year a bridge railing sank by the weight of hundreds of locks.
Anyway, the bridge has not lost its charm and remains among the most romantic places in the French capital.

Amsterdam, the most Liberal City

Of the five, this is perhaps the most recommended option for those couples who not only seek an intimate trip but also live new experiences. Amsterdam is a city of the most varied that offers its visitors all kinds of attractions and activities, with a wide range of leisure and cultural. In addition, its proximity to cities such as Witches or Ghent make it a ideal destination from which to move to other locations.

The dutch capital It is a wonderful destination to enjoy as a couple on Valentine's Day. Stroll through the channels, celebrate a romantic dinner aboard a cruise … and, above all, kissing on the Magere Bug Bridge which, they say, guarantees eternal love. Its streets, avenues, and its lively day life has made Amsterdam one of the most romantic cities in the world. It does not have important monuments to visit, but it does have that particular charm of the old european cities that make it a unique place to spend Valentine.

Its channels, World HeritageThey are fascinating during the day, take a bike ride, have a coffee on a terrace by the water, and wait for the night to come to see the dazzling show of illuminations: boats, bars and bridges offer a very romantic image. The best way to enjoy it is browse your channels, on a candlelit dinner cruise. A curiosity, the company Wed and walk offers the possibility of get married, Las Vegas style, for one day, for only € 75.

Surprise your partner with a romantic trip

Although it may seem like the typical occasion for which there is always a long time, it is normal for you to stand in February and without realizing it you have the Valentines Day around the corner. Surprise your girl with an experience never before lived and do not miss the opportunity to book a getaway for lovers before the websites and travel agencies suffer a collapse and the offers run out. Either for touring each and every one of the streets of the city, or for stay in bed all morning hugging your girlWith these Valentine's destinations, your February 14th will be a sure bet.

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What do you think of ours guide on the best destinations to surprise your partner for Valentine's Day? Have you already traveled to any of them? What plans do you usually make with your girl for Valentine's Day? Would you add any more recommendations? Do you think we have left anything? Have you had any doubt or question? Then we ask that leave a comment. No matter whether it is a question or a simple thank you, but we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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