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Have you heard of the CBD? Do you know the multiple properties that this component keeps? Surely you have heard about THC, the most popular substance found in marijuana. But the THC has already had enough prominence to this day and its recreational use goes into the background. The main protagonist of this post is the CBD, the other most important component of the cannabis plant. The CBD is a compound that acts on the central nervous system and therefore, it is psychotropic and it does not have the psychoactive effects that we find in THC.

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Thanks to the properties that we find in this component, the CBD is being studied in multiple branches of science and medicine, in order to be able to alleviate the effects of different diseases or eliminate them completely. Although its use is mainly focused on curing or alleviating these conditions, cannabidol can be used for various applications (cosmetic or sport) and continue to be equally useful. Let's know in depth what the CBD consists of.

Index of contents

  • What is the CBD, how does it work and what is it used for?
  • How CBD works (Cannabidiol)
  • Benefits and most important therapeutic properties of the CBD
  • Medicinal uses of CBD to treat different diseases
  • Applications of marijuana CBD oil
  • Differences between CBD of hemp and marijuana
  • Differences between CBD and THC
  • Side effects of CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • Types of CBD
  • Ways to consume CBD
  • Better products with CBD (Cannabidiol)
    • Soft Gel Capsules of CBD 4%, Zamnesia
    • Hemp Oil Capsule with CBD, Endoca
    • Moisturizing Cream with CBD, Jacob Hooy
    • Moisturizer with CBD, myCBD
    • Skin Oil with CBD, Jacob Hooy
    • CBD oil 4%, Zamnesia
    • CBD and Melatonin Super Sleep, Zamnesia
    • Crystals from Pure CBD, Zamnesia
    • Cannabis crystals with CBD, Endoca
    • Shampoo with CBD Bodycann, Annabis
    • Body Cann Shower Gel. Annabis
    • Lip Balm with CBD, Pura Vida
    • Suppositories with CBD Hemp Extract 500mg Oil, Endoca
  • Choose the product with CBD that best suits you

What is the CBD, how does it work and what is it used for?

It is likely that you have heard this word a long time ago, that you are already an expert in the field, or that you have never heard of it. Anyway, it is necessary to talk about it, because it is one of the most popular trends of recent years. CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, being in some cases, The main component of the plant, representing up to 40% of it many times. Cannabidiol is the non-psychotropic cannabinoid compound that has caused the most fury in recent years, thanks to its strong medicinal or therapeutic properties, among many others that we will see later.

One of the strengths of this compound, is that although it keeps a molecular figure that closely resembles that of THC, the CBD does not have any psychotropic effect, that is, it does not cause any feeling of drunkenness, vertigo or euphoria, which can be related to the recreational use of marijuana. The cannabis plant, goes back thousands of years ago, and in its resin, we find cannabidiol, this safe natural substance and nothing addictive. Currently, many professionals in the fields of science and medicine are constantly studying this compound, to confirm the solid therapeutic profile it presents.

How CBD works (Cannabidiol)

To know both the properties, the applications or the different diseases in which the CBD is a great ally, we must understand how it works, that is, what reactions occur in our body when it comes into contact with this substance. The first concept that we must understand is the Endocannabinoid System. This system (SEC), which develops through the central and peripheral nervous systems, consists of a set of endogenous cannabionoid receptors that are located in the mammals' brains.

The SEC is involved in different physiological processes that influence many of our daily situations, which include appetite, reaction to pain or humor, among others. CBD interacts with our body in different ways, and one of them is increasing the effects of the compounds in our body that are called endogenous cannabinoids, so named because of their similarity to the compounds found in the cannabis plant. These endogenous cannabinoids are part of the aforementioned endocannabinoid system.

Thanks to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, it has significantly improved our way of understand health and different diseases. The SEC has important implications for the vast majority of areas of medical science, and explains why CBD is such a versatile compound. The encocannabinoid system plays an important role in a wide list of physiological processes, such as immunological activity, energy level, mood, blood pressure, etc.

So, we found a big problem when the endocannabinoid system does not work in the correct way When this happens, it is when the disease appears. As advocated in a 2014 publication, Pal Pacher and George Kunos, "the modulation of endocannabinoid system activity may have therapeutic potential in almost all diseases that affect humans." Therefore, by influencing the endocannabinoid system, the CBD can delay and even stop the progression of the disease.

Benefits and most important therapeutic properties of the CBD

As you may have guessed, the CBD keeps important therapeutic properties that significantly influence the state of our health and the cure of multiple diseases that we will see later. Although it is still in the process of being studied and there is still much to know, it has already discovered a wide list of properties that represent a very solid medical advance. Let's know them.

  • Anti-inflammatory: It has great advantages compared to possible tissue inflammations or localized areas of our body. It is closely linked to the treatment of injuries in athletes.

  • Analgesic: That is, it has the ability to calm or eliminate pain, whether head, muscle, or arthritis, among others.

  • Neuroprotector: It refers to the effect of CBD on the nervous system, which prevents or delays neurodegenerative processes, avoiding the death of neurons or their degeneration.

  • Antioxidant: Prevents the formation of oxides, that is, is capable of retard or prevent the oxidation of other molecules.

  • Anti-nausea and antiemetic: Act protecting the lining of the stomach and blocks messages that reach the part of the brain that controls nausea and vomiting, relieving those symptoms.

  • Antitumor: What prevents or combats tumors, that is to say, that prevents the abnormal growth of the cells, which are what cause this problem.

  • Ansiolitic: Get decrease or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety, hoping not to produce sedation or sleep. An anxiolytic can also be known as a minor tranquilizer.

  • Antipsychotic: Treat the Symptoms of psychosis, as hallucinations (false situations that are considered real), delusions (false beliefs) and dementia (loss of the ability to think).

  • Reducer of appetite for other drugs: CBD works well as a treatment for addiction because it is not psychoactive. CBD reduces cravings and the withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, addicts who consume CBD do not crave the drug, and therefore, have a low risk of relapse.

  • Immuno-modulator: Substance that stimulates or strengthens the immune system. Therefore, it predisposes and helps our body to fight against different diseases.

Medicinal uses of CBD to treat different diseases

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid compound that has been studied in recent years. This has been a growing interest, because of the incredible potential it has with therapeutic purposes within different diseases and chronic conditions. Numerous studies show the effectiveness of this compound for the treatment, management and cure of the following diseases, all of them affecting a high percentage of people in the world.

  • Diabetes: The CBD holds incredible potential for regulate blood sugar levels of those with different types of Diabetes, either due to genetic predisposition or because of an inadequate chronic balance of nutrients in the diet.

  • Acne: Cannabidiol maintains a sebostatic and anti-inflammatory effect on human sebocytes, so it is considered an efficient molecule in the treatment of acne.

  • Schizophrenia: The endogenous cannabinoid system plays a fundamental role, both in the cerebral neurotransmission as in the inflammatory processes, since alterations of this system have been found in schizophrenic patients. Therefore, the possible therapeutic utility of CBD to help this type of patients has been postulated.

  • Anxiety and depression: The CBD is an anxiolytic that allows regulate mood and avoid depressive phases. It induces an antidepressant effect and works as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders.

  • AIDS / HIV: A study in people with HIV, found that those who had used marijuana, ate better, slept better and experienced a better mood, as well as less neuropathic pain. The same effect that CBD would have on our body.

  • Alzheimer's: The CBD slows down the progress of protein deposits in the brain, progress that means, in part, the cause of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Arthritis: CBD can help fight the pain caused by inflammation and therefore, reduce joint pain affected by this disease. So the arthritis would present a lower aggressiveness that would result in an improvement in the quality of the patient's daily sleep.

  • Asthma: CBD has shown that it is very effective in reducing or completely eradicating muscle spasms, which cause asthma. It also plays an important role in the pain relief caused by this disease.

  • Cancer: The consumption of CBD gives us different benefits against the fight against this disease. It supposes total recovery of the appetite and gain of weight, considerable reduction of the pain, calm of nauseas, and most importantly, it can suppose the complete destruction of cancer cells.

  • Chronic pain: The CBD, having a analgesic effect, is being tested in patients with different diseases that cause real pain. The results are truly satisfactory.

  • Crohn's disease: This disease is a chronic inflammatory process of the intestinal tract, although it can affect any part of the digestive system, from the mouth to the anus. The consumption of CBD helps relieve pain, limit the frequency of weight and help with weight gain.

  • Epilepsy: About 1% of the world population suffers from epilepsy, a neurological problem that affects all ages. And although there is still much to investigate to keep moving forward, the CBD can be a great help to treat this disease.

  • Glaucoma: It is considered as one of the Main causes of blindness. The CBD can be a breakthrough, it is already capable of reduce eye pressure, and therefore suppose an improvement in this optic nerve disease.

  • Multiple sclerosis: We find in this compound a viable alternative for the management of its symptoms. The best results are achieved when applied through a cream of CBD, which provide the optimal concentrations to achieve the expected therapeutic effects.

  • Hepatic steatosis: Cannabidiol protects the liver from hepatic steatosis, caused mainly by excessive alcohol consumption. CBD also protects the liver from damage caused by cocaine use.

Applications of marijuana CBD oil

As you have been able to verify throughout this guide, the CBD is a extract of the cannabis plant that holds great potential for its versatility. This ability to get benefits to our body without rhyme or reason, goes beyond the medicinal use, since it is valid to apply also in other fields, such as sports or cosmetics, achieving equally satisfactory results.

Applications of CBD in medicine

As we have said before, the demand for CBD has increased considerably in recent years because of its effectiveness in combating different diseases. Thus, the CBD market has grown unparalleled in the last couple of years, and this demand is expected to remain at a minimum, although it is likely to continue to grow, and much, over the next few years. The ways of consuming this compound are several and very different from each other, just as you have to know how to differentiate the dose that should be applied depending on the health problem or illness that each person faces.

What is most advised is start little by little, with minimum doses, and progressively increasing the amount consumed to get the most efficient amount. Keep in mind that if you consume a lot of CBD may be less effective than if moderate doses are consumed, although being a legal market, all products containing CBD will have to be accompanied by a consumer instructions so there is no doubt of the amount needed depending on the needs of each person. Therefore, we find in the CBD a perfect alternative for the cure of many diseases, or a perfect complement to traditional medicine.

CBD applications in sport

Even if it surprises you, more and more athletes are making use of this extract from the cannabis plant, which helps training routines And allows improve physical performance. But how can it help us if we play sports? We all know that sports involve a loss of energy and muscle strength that must be recovered, that is why this substance can be a supplement to achieve a improvement in physical condition of the athlete who consumes it, being above all indicated for elite athletes.

If at some point in your life, which surely yes, you have practiced a sport in a serious and competent way where your resistance has been tested, you will have noticed how your muscles may be slightly sore, as well as you may have also affected your immune system because of the lack of energy. Imagine this situation but being an elite athlete, where fast and efficient recovery is not an option, where you take your body to the extreme in every workout. This takes its toll, and the CBD may be the solution to this problem so common among a large number of athletes.

Applications of the CBD in cosmetics

Maybe you have not stopped to think about it, but yes, it's becoming more and more common find cosmetic products who have the benefits of the CBD. More and more brands are taking advantage of the multiple properties of the CBD to include it in their cosmetic products. This is because the product containing CBD maintains its properties also by topical use, so when applied to our skin we continue to find relaxing, soothing, anesthetizing or anti-inflammatory powers, among others. Being legal products, we expect a future in which products containing this substance, come to be seen as something normal and current, without anyone being alarmed by being a compound from the cannabis plant.

Differences between CBD of hemp and marijuana

The first thing we must clarify here are the differences between hemp and marijuana. Mainly, they differ by their morphology, by the use that is given to the plant and its composition. Marijuana is characterized by its high content of THC, the substance that causes the psychoactive effect, while in hemp, we find very low THC levels. Because of this, hemp has been cultivated to obtain raw materials for later use in multiple sectors, while marijuana has mainly sought the effect produced by the consumption of this cannabinoid, THC, either for medicinal or recreational purposes.

This section has no other purpose than to clarify the difference between the CBD of hemp and the CBD of marijuana. The CBD of hemp, at the molecular level, is identical to the CBD of marijuana. The CBD is also CBD regardless of its origin, so no difference is found. The only point to keep in mind is that hemp plants grow much faster that the marijuana, so if the objective of those who plant one or the other, is only to extract the CBD, hemp will always be more advisable, not because of the quality of the CBD, but because of the speed with which it grows.

Differences between CBD and THC

The cannabis plant has more than 500 chemical compounds different, including cannabinoids, proteins, amino acids, essential oils, sugars, alcohols, flavonoids, vitamins, hydrocarbons and fatty acids. Among the existing cannabinoids in this plant, where we find more than 100 different ones, we can distinguish 2 of them that stand out above the rest in terms of popularity and study. These protagonists are the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Although the 2 are cannabinoids, and both act in the endocannabinoid system, a system that all mammals have, they have enough differences to take them into account.

THC is the cannabinoid that occupies the largest volume of a certain variety of marijuana. Thanks to your psychoactive component, it is consumed for recreational purposes, and this is what gives the sensation of being "smoked". It is the chemical compound that has the most effect in the human body of all those that are included in the cannabis plant. On the contrary, the CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which acts on the central nervous system and represents the second highest volume in the cannabis plant (behind THC). As previously mentioned, it does not make you feel drugged and you are investigating multiple ways of use and consumption for its multiple properties and benefits in medicine.

Side effects of CBD (Cannabidiol)

Although we find in the CBD a world of highly beneficial possibilities, not everything is perfect. Among the adverse effects of this cannabic component, generally moderate, we find that its use in therapeutic doses can have unpleasant effects. Feeling tired, drowsiness, dry mouth, headaches or decreased appetite, among other. Usually these symptoms do not appear unless the dose consumed is really high. To reduce these effects, it is sufficient to dose reduction of CBD. These problems disappear completely when the administration is suspended.

Types of CBD

Among the most abundant cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) is distinguished. This component was discovered in 1940 and since then many studies related to this substance have been carried out. Their demand continues to grow as scientists advance their research and find more information about their natural benefits. One of the most common questions among CBD consumers is whether there is only one type of CBD or, on the contrary, more than one. The answer is 2, we find 2 types of CBD. On the one hand, CBD derived from cannabis and on the other the CBD synthesized in laboratory.

CBD derived from cannabis can be found in any part of the plant, either in the stem, in its seeds or the flowers of the cannabis plant (hemp and marijuana). Unlike the other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (except for THC), the CBD It is produced in large quantities in a natural way, so its extraction from the plant is really simple. its ease of extraction added to its many advantages, they are making it so popular year after year. On the other hand, we find the synthetic CBD.

The Syntheticized CBD molecule in a laboratory shares the same configuration as the molecule derived from cannabis. There is no structural difference between the natural substance and the one created by man. However, if we can distinguish certain chemical differences between one type of CBD and another, there are also numerous synthetic hemp products for industrial purposes, as well as rope, bags or other useful materials. These products are completely unrelated to CBD supplements or cannabinoids.

Ways to consume CBD

Currently there are several alternatives that we find for the consumption of this substance of cannabis origin. And although this is expected to increase and its use can be extended to more sectors than it already does, it is convenient set the consumption patterns well in each of its variants. Therefore, if you are interested in the properties of the CBD, but do not know how to consume it, we recommend the possible forms that are found today in the market for the consumption of the CBD, the main one non-psychoactive cannabinoid of marijuana.

CBD sublingual tinctures

If you are looking for a dietary supplement With a high content of cannabidiol, sublingual tinctures may be your best alternative. These dyes are created from hemp flowers rich in CBD they are left to soak in high alcohol and then cooked over low heat for several hours. It is a really simple process although somewhat slow. When the liquid is ready, it is usually mixed with an oil with a normally sweet taste, since it usually turns out to be bitter.

The final product must contain high levels of CBD. Many patients can not stand their bitterness, so they tend to mix it with food or drink (soup, salads, coffee or tea among others). Other people prefer to do it for sublingual (applying a few drops under the tongue). This method causes the CBD to be absorbed by the body more quickly than by other ways of oral consumption.

CBD gel capsules

The same you prefer to consume CBD in a more discreet and simple way. We present you the CBD gel capsules. These tiny cylindrical tubes contain CBD and have been designed to be swallowed. You only have to swallow the capsule with a glass of water or another drink. CBD will be digested, broken down in the stomach and distributed by the bloodstream. One or more capsules per day can be taken, depending on the dose that is recommended to each person depending on their weight or different medical or sports needs.

Vapear CBD

It is becoming more common every day use of electronic cigarettes, which mimics the sensation of smoking by steam inhalation. This process is achieved by an e-cigarette, in which the liquid to be vaporized is prepared. This liquid may contain CBD, a perfect alternative to nicotine to quit smoking. Today there are many types of electronic cigarettes and multiple flavors in the market for e-liquids with different concentrations of CBD. During vaporization, CBD goes directly to the lungs and is spread directly into the bloodstream.

smoking CBD

Marijuana buds have been legalized and is a reality both in Spain, as in the rest of Europe and the vast majority of countries in the world. Cannabis flowers with CBD contain very low THC levels, levels that to reach legality must not exceed 0.2% allowed. When finding such a reduced or null content of THC, consuming a heart of these characteristics eliminates any chance of suffering the psychoactive consequences that have accompanied the consumption of marijuana for thousands of years. Therefore, it is already possible to enjoy the benefits of the rest of cannabinoids of the plant.

Normally, these plants are grown indoors, in greenhouses and through organic farming in order to obtain the best possible quality. Not only the best quality at the level of cannabinoids is obtained, but also in terms of the organoleptic properties, with flavors and odors of quality. As it is difficult to acquire the knowledge or resources necessary to be able to grow your own plants with CBD, acquiring buds of CBD becomes a great possibility to be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a legal field.

CBD products for topical use

The beneficial effects that we find in the CBD can appear sooner or later. Generally, these effects may appear after a time of being consumed. However, cannabis that is consumed topically act differently. It must be applied on the affected area, by means of use of creams or oils. In this way, a faster and more concentrated relief is achieved. They begin to give results at the moment they are absorbed by the skin, where it crosses the cutaneous barrier, but does not reach the bloodstream.

These creams, lotions or topical products with CBD, can be used for different purposes, usually to alleviate ailments or skin problems such as muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc. These topical products are totally beneficial for the care of our body, since they are produced in their majority of totally natural and organic products.

CBD chewing gum

Are you one of those who chew gum on a regular basis? If you are one of them, and you also want to take advantage of the different benefits provided by the CBD, you clearly have to try the CBD chewing gum. The flavors that you will find in them, are the typical ones that you find in the usual chewing gum, like mint, strawberry or similar fruity flavors. The latest versions of CBD gum release about 80% of the CBD content in the first half hour. These chewing gums are made (usually) without added sugars, no chemical or artificial additives.

CBD suppositories

Surely you did not expect CBD to be consumed in this way, but as you can see, it is. Suppositories are a uncommon method of consumption of CBD, nevertheless consuming CBD rectally is the most effective method of administration. Biodisability (refers to the fraction and speed at which the administered dose of a drug reaches its goal) of CBD rectally is twice as much as orally, since the rectal membranes have a high absorption capacity, to be transported and distributed efficiently throughout the body. The effects can last up to 8 hours and begin to appear after about 15 minutes.

CBD paste

The CBD pastes suppose a high concentration of this component, since they are the product of the extraction of CBD with some solvent like alcohol or CO2, and they do not contain any carrier oil. Therefore, they are less economical than the rest of products with CBD. For its consumption, it is usually applied, in minimum quantities, in the lower part to the tongue or in the gums. If you need a more intense treatment, since the oils or capsules do not provide the necessary CBD for such treatment, pasta may be your best alternative. That is why generally they last much longer than the rest of products.

CBD Groceries

Foods with CBD can be found in many different ways. These foods can be found frequently as jellybeans or chocolate, although you can differentiate many more options. These products are decomposed by the digestive system before an effect occurs in your body, however, it is the slower way, since it takes about half an hour to decompose and does not take effect until that moment. Consuming CBD in this way can offer a Slow and constant release of CBD, so if you take it in the morning, you will notice the effects for much of the day.

Better products with CBD (Cannabidiol)

You have deepened everything related to this substance of the cannabis plant and it can be said that you know in depth its different characteristics. If it has caught your attention or has convinced you, you can start by trying some of the products that we propose below. They are different alternatives so you can choose according to your needs, since we can find products that are consumed in different ways, that have a different effect in our organism, that act more or less quickly or that include more or less CBD. We'll see!

Soft Gel Capsules of CBD 4%, Zamnesia

best products cbd soft gel capsules zamnesia cbd softgels

If you are looking for a fast, convenient and easy way to consume CBD, it would be advisable that you try CBD capsules of Zamnesia. The bottle contains 60 capsules, tasteless and as easy to swallow as a normal pill. We found a total of 6.4 mg per capsule and is free of any psychoactive substances. East practical and easy to use format It can be your ideal companion for as long as you need to consume your CBD capsule. It is recommended to take 3 capsules of CBD per day.

Price: From € 27

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Hemp Oil Capsule with CBD, Endoca

best products cbd capsules cbd endoca hemp oil capsules

Each of these capsules produced from hemp oil Of the brand Endoca It contains 50 mg per capsule. As in the previous case, it is a really simple supplement to consume. It is a product of the highest quality, and made from hemp that has been grown in an ecological way. The form of extraction of the hemp from which the capsules have been produced has been through a process of low temperatures and high pressure. Each bottle contains a total of 30 capsules, vegan, gluten-free and kosher.

Price: From € 125

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Moisturizing Cream with CBD, Jacob Hooy

best products cbd moisturizer jacob hooy cbd

Do you have sensitive skin? Are you looking for CBD products? If you agree on both issues, this cream can be a very good alternative for you. It is a moisturizing cream produced from CBD that has multiple benefits for our skin barrier. It will be a perfect ally if you have dry or sensitive skin, since it nourishes the skin and regulates the production of lipids. También estimula la producción de ceramidas y la formación de la barrera cutánea. Cada envase tiene un contenido de 50 ml.

Price: Desde 15,99 €

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Crema Hidratante con CBD, myCBD

mejores productos cbd crema hidratante moisturizing

Esta crema hidratante rica en CBD es una solución perfecta para personas con problemas de artrosis, artritis o dermatitis, ya que cuentan con efecto desinflamatorio y reduce los picores. Se trata de una crema natural 100% biológica. its alta capacidad de hidratación es altamente hidratante gracias a la combinación de sus ingredientes, donde se distinguen, entre otros, aceites de árnica y de oliva y cera de abejas. El extracto ecológico del cáñamo enriquecido con CBD brinda una sensación extrema de relajación y bienestar, ya sea en articulaciones o en zonas musculares localizadas.

Price: Desde: 24 €

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Aceite para la Piel con CBD, Jacob Hooy

mejores productos cbd aceite para piel jacob hooy

East aceite para la piel con CBD Of the brand Jacob Hooy es un producto muy recomendable para darle un toque de salud a tu piel. Es un producto que se centra en el cuidado de la piel para personas de cualquier edad. Además de hidratar la piel madura y sensible, también ayuda con las imperfecciones de la piel. Por lo tanto, si eres un adolescente que se encuentra en un periodo de revolución hormonal, donde los granos, los puntos negros o las espinillas te suponen un problema diario, este aceite ayudará a eliminarlos. Además estimula la producción de ceramida y la formación de la barrera cutánea. El producto contiene 100 ml.

Price: Desde 20 €

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Aceite de CBD 4%, Zamnesia

mejores productos cbd aceite cbd zamnesia

East CBD oil ha sido disuelto tantas veces como ha sido necesario hasta dar con las restricciones legales que rigen el porcentaje de THC máximo. El resultado, este extracto de cáñamo rico en CBD. El cannabis se cultiva para extraer altos niveles de THC, mientras que el cáñamo se cultiva por su alto contenido de CBD y por su fibra. Esa extracción da lugar a este tipo de aceites que cuentan con múltiples beneficios para la salud de ciertas personas. Es recomendado para gente que tenga problemas de ansiedad o epilepsia.

Price: Desde 32,50 €

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CBD y Melatonina Super Sleep, Zamnesia

mejores productos cbd formula liposomal zamnesia super sleep

¿Te cuesta dormir por las noches? ¿Te frustra estar cansado y no poder dormir bien aún asi? Te presentamos este producto producido a partir de CBD y Melatonina, Super Sleep of Zamnesia. Gracias a su única exclusiva fórmula liposomal, los diferentes ingredientes activos son absorbidos por tu organismo de forma rápida y eficaz, por lo que te ayudan a dormir y descansar durante toda la noche. Este producto solo usa ingredientes naturales. Es un producto muy fácil de consumir. Se trata de un sumplemento oral en formato líquido liposomal para aplicar a través de un cómodo envase cuentagotas, con lo que podrás administrarte tu dosis personal de manera precisa.

Price: Desde 25€

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Cristales de CBD Puro, Zamnesia

mejores productos cbd cristales cbd zamnesia

¿Conocías ya los cristales de CBD? ¿Sabes de que forma se puede consumir? The cristales e CBD de Zamnesia son perfectos para aquel que busque una pureza superior de CBD, ya que en este caso alcanza el 99%. Estos cristales son muy versátiles y se pueden adaptar a diferentes métodos de consumo o usor. Puedes elaborar tu propio aceite de CBD, hacer cremas y pomadas con CBD, preparar comestibles o vapear añadiendo este producto. Obviamente no contienen nada de THC ni causan efectos psicoactivos.

Price: Desde 39,95 €

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Cristales de Cannabis con CBD, Endoca

mejores productos cbd cristales cannabis endoca

Los cristales de CBD de Endoca, también mantienen esa pureza superior con una de las concentraciones de CBD más fuertes del mercado. Con un 99% de contenido de CBD. Cada caja contiene 500 mg de cristales de CBD, obtenido a partir de cáñamo orgánico europeo rico en CBD. Estos cristales se pueden consumir o usar de muchas maneras, sin embargo, su forma de consumo más eficaz, es colocando una pequeña dosis del producto bajo la lengua durante 60 segundo previo a tragarlos. Se recomienda usar tres veces al día, aunque siempre dependerá del efecto que tenga en ti y de la dosis que necesite tu organismo.

Price: Desde 47 €

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Champú con CBD Bodycann, Annabis

mejores productos cbd champu cbd annabis bodycan shampoo

El CBD, como se ha comentado en puntos anteriores de esta guía, es altamente beneficioso para la piel. En este caso, te traemos el champú Bodycann of Annabis. Con aceite de cáñamo y aceite de argán, entre otros componentes, ofrece una absorción completa de los múltiples nutrientes que benefician la salud de nuestra piel, penetrando hasta las capas más profundas de esta. Siente los efectos positivos que le brinda a tu cuero cabelludo y siente como mantendrás un pelo sano, bonito y reluciente, gracias a que ese cuero cabelludo estará cuidado y protegido.

Price: Desde 11,50 €

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Gel de Ducha Body Cann. Annabis

mejores productos cbd gel ducha cbd annabis bodycan showe gel

Teniendo en cuenta la capacidad del CBD de mantener un cuidado especial sobre nuestra piel, no podía faltar en este listado de productos, un gel de baño con CBD, para que cada ducha sea una lluvia de nutrientes que cuiden y beneficien la salud de tu piel. Este gel de ducha Body Cann de Annabis, aporta múltiples beneficios, como hidratación, rejuvenecimiento, nutrición y relajación de la piel castigada. Se puede aplicar tanto en la cara, como en el resto del cuerpo. Se trata de un buen aliado anti envejecimiento.

Price: Desde 11 €

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Bálsamo Labial con CBD, Pura Vida

mejores productos cbd ballsamo labial cbd pura vida

¿Te has cansado de la vaselina o el cacao de toda la vida? ¿Buscas algo rico en CBD? Encuentra en este bálsamo labial, todos los beneficios del Cannabidiol. Está indicado para el cuidado natural en cualquier momento del año, para utilizar de forma diaria, ya que protege tus labios de los agentes externos más comunes. Sus propiedades re-equilibran la barra protectora de tus labios, creando una barrera defensiva contra el frío del invierno y el calor del verano. Puedes elegir entre diferentes sabores (coco-mango, lavanda-vainilla, natural, etc).

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mejores productos cbd supositorios endoca hemp extract

Si sufres de problemas gastrointestinales o estas sujeto a restricciones alimenticias, los supositorios Endoca pueden ser una muy buena opción para ti, ya que te administran CBD que llega al torrente sanguíneo de forma más rápida y eficaz (la vía rectal es la forma más rápida de llegar al torrente sanguíneo) y puede paliar estas afecciones gástricas. Estos supositorios no se metabolizan en el hígado ni se degradan en el tracto intestinal. Cada envase cuenta con 2 blisters de 5 supositorios cada uno, donde encontramos 50 mg de CBD por supositorio, Han sido elaborados a partir de extracto de cannabis y aceite de coco.

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En esta guía hemos intentado acercarte al interesante mundo del CBD o Cannabidiol, para que conozcas en la medida de lo posible, todo lo que rodea a este componente, cuales son sus características, sus formas de consumo and the mejores productos para poder consumirlo, entre muchas otras cosas. El CBD abarca tantas posibilidades que puede resultar de verdadera utilidad a un gran porcentaje de la población, pero recuerda que debes consumirlo responsablemente y en las dosis que se ajusten a tus necesidades. Hemos intentado que si sufres alguna de las afecciones que se han mencionado anteriormente, puedas tratarla mediante este maravilloso componente, para eliminarla o paliarla rápida y eficazmente.

¿👀 Buscando Remedios Naturales? Conoce el CBD ☘ y Sus Aplicaciones, Propiedades, Tipos y los Mejores Productos para Consumir 🧴🧴🧴

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¿Has consumido CBD or cannabidiol alguna vez? ¿Crees que te puede ayudar a paliar alguna enfermedad? ¿Conoces a alguien que le pueda ayudar? ¿Te has quedado con alguna duda o pregunta? Entonces te pedimos que dejes un comentario. Da igual que sea o una duda o un simple gracias, pero nos alegraremos mucho de leerlo y responderlo.

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cosmetica para hombre trucos cremas productos recomendados

Guía de la Cosmética para Hombres

El mundo de la cosmética masculina hace tiempo que ha dejado de ser tabú. The neceser masculino ha sufrido una revolución y cada día son más las marcas que se centran en sacar productos dirigidos exclusivamente al hombre.

¿Qué busca un hombre cuando se enfrenta a un catálogo de cuidado facial y corporal? Productos etiquetados “sólo para hombres", que sean cómodos y de aplicación rápida. Te lo contamos todo en nuestra guía para hombres.

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