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Does it sound strange to you about pluck one's eyebrows? Or are you one of those who shave them at home or in an aesthetic center? When we talk about the male eyebrow waxing, we refer mainly to those men who have the most populated eyebrows and who undoubtedly retouching at the aesthetic level It can help them a lot. But eye! It is not necessary to pluck your eyebrows like a woman. As a man who takes care of his body, his face, or his hair, his eyebrows must be part of that beauty ritual as long as you know how to do it and what feels best to you.

man eyebrow type forms eyebrow hair removal how to fix eyebrows

The eyebrows They are a very important feature of the face and of the look of a man, and either you triumph with a sexy look or you pass by not knowing how to wax your eyebrows correctly. It is clear that for tastes the colors, but in Mensanbeauty we are here to guide you and help you in this subject that surely worries you. Men need a regular eyebrow maintenance, just like women. It does not matter if you have large and bushy eyebrows or hairy, every man can benefit from depilating regular eyebrows according to what suits you best. Lets go see it!

Have a guide for proper eyebrow care at hand

A poor care or hair removal of yours eyebrows can damage your appearance, on the one hand the eyebrows out of control are a fail in the look of man, as is an excess of hair removal. In addition to the lines of expression and wrinkles around the eyes, the eyebrows are a clear indicator of a man's age, and that is why it is vital that you take care of yours.

For men of between 20 and 30 years, the maintenance of the eyebrows usually means Keep them clean and tidy. On the other hand the men of more than 30 years old They should be more careful when plucking their eyebrows.

For this and other details that we will see below, before getting down to work you have to know that not all eyebrow waxing techniques for men are a good idea, that the overuse of tweezers is a very common mistake that Many men commit and that without a doubt, fixing your eyebrows should be part of your beauty care.

Types of most common man eyebrows

man eyebrow type forms eyebrow hair removal how to fix eyebrows

exist different types of eyebrows in men Since not all the Lord has endowed us with the same physiognomy, so depending on the type of eyebrow, face and eyebrows you must choose a form of hair removal or arrangement of male eyebrows. The most frequent types of man's eyebrows They are basically two:

  • Excessively populated eyebrows: eyebrows with a lot of hair, very wide and with hair between the eyebrows, that is, between the eyes without being divided.

  • Depopulated eyebrows: It is usually less common in a man, but are too much eyebrows poor in hair that can also be retouched to beautify the face.

Waxing of eyebrows depending on the face of the man

As in the hair cuts and hairstyles for men, depending on the type of eyebrows you have and on the other hand, the shape of your face, will favor you more hair removal or fix concrete in your eyebrows.

  • Elongated face: The straight and horizontal eyebrows are those that will highlight and give more magnetism to your eyes, since they produce the effect that your face is shortened.

  • Square faceWith this type of face, the key is to look up and relax the hardness of your jaw. For this you will need delineate your eyebrows in a triangle.

  • Oval face: This type of face is almost ideal, since all types of eyebrows favor it. Although the ones that feel better are the eyebrows with slight angle.

  • Round face: for these types of faces, the ideal is to outline a man's eyebrows slightly go rising as they narrow, since they will make your face stylize and refine.

  • Small face: in this case, the most indicated eyebrow designs are the thin and sparsely populated, since they will not let your eyes lose prominence.

Tips and mistakes you should not make when shaving your eyebrows

man eyebrow type forms eyebrow hair removal how to fix eyebrows
  • Remember that your eyebrows are man's and not women's: Before shaving your eyebrows it is important to be clear that men should not pluck their eyebrows like a woman, so it is important to know what type of face and eyebrows you have to give it the proper shape. And with this we mean both removing excess hair and giving it a very arched shape. Do not mess it up!

  • Start with the eyebrow: That area that is between the two eyebrows, parallel to your nose. Start in a straight line through the nose to where your eyebrow really starts.

  • A natural eyebrow is always better: That is to say, you must avoid the excess of hair removal and although your eyebrow is thicker you can always touch up and give it a little bit of shape, but never by removing hair.

  • It is better to pluck your eyebrows after showering: Because you have skin pores open and it will bother you much less.

  • Do not depilate the upper part of the eyebrow: If you have a lot of hair in this area, you can clean a little but never give shape to the rest of the eyebrow.

  • You can always go to an aesthetic center for men to give shape to your eyebrows the first time: This way it will be much easier for you to take a maintenance at home from your eyebrow.

  • Avoid using wax if you have no idea: Women are much more focused on this issue, but if you have never shaved your eyebrows or rarely it is better to do it with tweezers little by little and removing the right amount of hair.

  • Use a magnifying mirror: Although you think you look good and you can do it in front of the bathroom mirror, it is best to have a magnifying mirror and make it sit, relaxed and comfortable. The magnifying mirror will help you see much better the hairs that you are removing.

  • Check your eyebrows once a week: If you want the shape of the eyebrow to be maintained, it is best to do a little review every week that probably will not take more than 5 minutes, so you will not have to start again to shape your eyebrows.

  • Use a tonic or aloe vera cream after shaving your eyebrows: Especially if you have sensitive skin, it will help you close your pores and if you have reddened skin to calm it down.

Steps to fix and pluck eyebrows with tweezers correctly

# 1 Start shaving your eyebrows

Once you get out of the shower, the first thing you have to do with the hair removal tweezers, is to remove little by little the area of ​​facial hair between your two eyebrows following the line of your nose. Use a magnifying mirror to not pass and see where the frown area ends. It is usually the most anti aesthetic area, much more important than the eyebrows if possible. Swipe and wax beyond where the eyebrow begins is a mistake that can be expensive, because although the hair grows, and even more so in men, the area of ​​the eyebrows is a little different and takes much longer to grow.

# 2 Continue removing the arch hairs from your eyebrows

But eye! We go back to the old thing, do not ever start to give an arched shape to your eyebrows as if they were women, because you will regret it. Little by little, go removing the hairs what do you see under the eyebrow, those that are not in the most populated area of ​​it. Only the hairs that are left over or that grow too much near the eyelid of the eye. It is best to do it from the inside out and without going over.

# 3 Continue on the outside of your eyebrows

If you have hairs that are left over in this area, where ends the eyebrow, you should also remove them with tweezers, but never shave more. But without shaping it, simply remove the excess facial hair on that part of the eyebrow.

# 4 Wash your face thoroughly and moisturize your skin

Finally, you can remove the hair that you have been removing with a cotton soaked in a facial tonic or wash your face very well and apply a moisturizer aloe vera u the one you usually use to moisturize the area, and if it is a little red the skin calms down.

Do not you like tweezers? Other types of eyebrow hair removal

In addition to shave your eyebrows with tweezers at home, which is what we certainly recommend to carry an adequate maintenance of them, there are other alternatives for eyebrow hair removal for men in aesthetic centers They may be of interest to you, especially if you are too lazy to shave yourself, or you are afraid to mess it up and prefer to have it done by a professional.

Eyebrow waxing

man eyebrow types eyebrow shaping how to fix eyebrow wax

For cases with more hair in the eyebrows, it is best to go to an aesthetic center or hairdresser and barbershop for men, and to shave your eyebrows a professional. What they usually do is shave the hair frown area with wax and then review the Eyebrow shape with tweezers for a more natural finish. It is not usually very expensive, it usually haunts from the € 3 Until that € 10 depending on the center you go to.

Eyebrow hair removal

man eyebrow types eyebrow shaping ways how to fix eyebrows thread

This is one of the most innovative techniques refering to facial hair removal, and many men use it to pluck their eyebrows, although not all centers use it and there are centers specialized in waxing. The technique of hair removal with thread is a totally natural procedure, in which the beautician or using a thread loop that can be either 100% cotton or silk, depending on the results you want to get, the thread is twisted by turning it on the skin, which is then lifted from the follicle, which is able to remove all the hair at the root. wanted.

Hair removal with thread is a millenary technique that has its origins in the India and the old Persia, which has become fashionable in recent years around the world. Unlike the traditional method of tweezing, the yarn is able to remove a full row of hair in a single pass, thus achieving more precise and elegant eyebrows. If you are a man with sensitive skin this technique is highly recommended. The price is usually around € 12 or € 15.

Accessories and products to depilate the eyebrows at home

Waxing Tweezers, Pfeilring

eyebrow man eyebrow hair removal manicures type how to fix eyebrows tweezers pluck

The hair removal tweezers They must be your best ally. There are many types of tongs and different prices but after having tried many, you are our best recommendation. They are somewhat more expensive but it is worth the price difference because they remove their hair very quickly avoiding tugs or pinches and having a hard time. The Pfeilring pliers are from high accuracy, they allow you to have a greater vision of the hair, and they are ideal to outline the design of your eyebrows. They are handmade in steel and bathed in 24k gold for durability. They are undoubtedly tweezers to shave your eyebrows for life.

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Magnifying mirror

forms eyebrows man waxing eyebrows how to fix eyebrows mirror increase

We recommend a magnifying mirror to depilate your eyebrows well, because it will allow you to have a greater vision of each area to be plucked and not to get rid of hair. This magnifying mirror 10 × 9 cm It is chromed and incorporates a sucker so you can, if you want, stick it in the mirror of your bathroom. There are many models with light, with foot to place them anywhere, etc, but this is very interesting because it is more manageable and you can take it anywhere.

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Full Eyebrow Waxing Set

eyebrow man eyebrow hair removal manicures type eyebrows how to fix eyebrows set eyebrow depilation

East eyebrow hair removal set It is also a basic to always carry it with you, plus it will help you to cut another body hair even. Take some tweezers to depilate your eyebrows 100% stainless steel, with the tip inclined to shape the eyebrows without pain. A knife for review certain areas where you have finer hair. An eyebrow comb made with 100% natural fiber bristles to shape the eyebrows and nails scissors of stainless steel for eyebrows.

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Facial Hair Trimmer, Remington

eyebrow man eyebrow shaping types like eyebrow hair trimmer facial hair trimmer

You may already have one of these to trim or shave body hair, but may not have a proper head for the eyebrows. East Remington facial trimmer It incorporates several heads, with an outer antimicrobial body with nano silver for a hygienic cut. It has an active bladeclean system with washing port for easy maintenance. It incorporates a double vertical trimmer with rotary cutting head and comfortable tip knives for easy and safe use, it is water resistant, and also includes 2 vertical guide combs for eyebrows. It works with battery and it is included.

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Ritual Care Purifying Toner, Sensilis

eyebrow man eyebrow shaping types like eyebrows tonic facial fix

After the waxing of the eyebrows it is good to wash your face well and take a facial tonic to help close the pores and relax the skin. This tonic of Sensilis, is a purifying lotion that frees your skin of shine and imperfections and reduces the size of the pores. Its zinc salt content normalizes sebaceous secretion, the astringent active regulates the size of the pores and the water of Hamammelis increases hydration and reduces redness. It is also a product without parabens, without mineral oils and without ingredients of animal origin.

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Facial Aloe Vera Cream Day and Night, vera Green

eyebrow man eyebrow hair loss types how to fix eyebrows aloe vera moisturizer

You can also use a facial moisturizer with aloe vera for when you pluck your eyebrows, although you can use the one you use daily as well. This cream with aloe vera nourishes, detoxifies and repairs injuries.
For skin with a beard it penetrates the pores, protects from irritations, nourishes the hair of the beard. For skins without a beard, reactivates circulation, hydrates in depth. It also has an exquisite aroma with aloe vera, clove and tangerine.

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A man should always look good and careful eyebrows

As you see the eyebrows they are a very sexy part of man and fundamental for a attractive look, in addition to endowing yourself with personality. More and more men are taking care of this vital part of their face, but as we told you, you have to do it well, with the right tools or in a professional salon so you do not miss out and know how to look like a woman. In fact there are many famous people who have spoken (for example, Cristiano Ronaldo), of his excess eyebrow removal. You can shave your eyebrows and always keep your masculinity. Of course, do not worry, it is a topic that not all men still come with respect to the perfect facial routine, but what do you think about after learning everything you needed?

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And you have depilated eyebrows sometime? Did you know all the keys to the male eyebrow hair removal? Which is the type of eyebrow hair removal What do you like most about the ones we've told you in this article? Do you think we've left something? Have you stayed with a question or a question? Then we ask you leave a comment. It does not matter if it's a doubt or a simple thank you, but we'll be happy to read it and answer it.

CEJAS Hair Removal for Men! Types and 10 Accessories 🥇

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