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Are you looking to reflect your personality and lifestyle in the fashion accessories you use every day? You want that your watch stands out between all eyes? Don't keep looking, the Manhattan Series watches you propose Figgën They are designed especially for you. The value proposition of this brand defends that a clock is much more than a device that shows the time, since it can become a mirror of yourself. This watch group is committed to reflect, through premium mens watches, your aspirations, your goals, your achievements and your nonconformity. Therefore, it breaks with the established and reveals an unprecedented aesthetic in the market of mens watches. Learn about the company's trajectory and all the peculiarities of its innovative men's watches. Be warned that you will not be able to live without one of them soon!

figgenco manhattan series watches man premium accessories male accessories

You will have heard that "time is money". Well, time is not gold, but it is worth more than gold. The gold that was lost is recovered, but the lost time, no. In every modern culture, time and space are the most precious goods, so having a diligent attitude and taking advantage of every second of your life is the order of the day. And what better way to do it than with the complement What else can define a man: a wristwatch. Any one? Of course not. The key lies in the sensations that a watch is capable of transmitting to the eye. It is precisely on this that the mission of the Figgën Manhattan premium watch line, where they have been able to combine everything a man may need to achieve what he sets out to do. Keep reading and discover what will be the best male accessory for your doll.

Trajectory, value proposition and mission
of the Figgën watch group

Figgën Watches is a Spanish company launched in 2018 and focused on the retail trade of watches and jewelry for men in specialized establishments. Its objective is to cover the distribution, importation, exportation, promotion, commercialization and sale of watches, jewelry and jewelry. The inevitable popularity that the brand has experienced since its release to the market has resulted in, only 1 year later, the national roots being invaluable. In turn, Figgën It is considered a benchmark of the industry worldwideWell, continue to expand your international presence at a dizzying pace. Are you willing to be the only one who still doesn't have a Manhattan Series on his wrist?

He watchmaker group Figgën, 1 year old, is already giving much to talk, and its growth internationally is unstoppable.

The company was born with the
in purpose of convert watches to
man in distinctive symbols
Modern style with stunning designs
and unusual, to transfer to people who use it a unique design and with
personality. The differential factor that the brand offers compared to the rest of
manufacturers is the thorough attention to
detail that is printed on each product
, as well as materials and finishes
technically superior within the segment. On the other hand, the designs, colors
and combinations represent innovation in its most exquisite version. The mission
that Figgën pursues is to offer its customers high quality products and
An extraordinary and innovative design, which transfer users a touch
of distinction wherever they go.

Design, qualities and aesthetics of
mens watches from Figgën

Sometimes, fashions determine our buying behaviors, which can lead to rejection in short periods of time. Figgën goes beyond a simple trend, and advocate create a totally differentiated personal brand that breaks with all the established standards. We know that before making an investment, we seek to prioritize the confidence that a product transmits to us, as well as the obvious quality of it. Today, men are looking for neatness and subtlety in each and every one of the details that can define us, since the goal, whether you want it or not, is draw attention (without even pretending to do so). Although, for this, there must be a series of conditions, so we want to show you all peculiarities the Manhattan Series men's watch series Before choosing your favorite:

  • The watch case It is manufactured in 316 stainless steelL with mirror polished and matt brushed finishes. Unlike the common watches that flood the markets today, which is usually around 35-45 grams, the weight of the Manhattan Series watch is 72 grams, quantity determined by the quality of the steel used.

  • The measurements of the watch body are 42 mm in diameter, 11 mm in height and 50 mm from end to end and incorporates a strap with a width of 22 mm.

  • He housing finish stands out for its beveled and polished ends, in addition to being designed with a horizontal brushed matt of the lateral zones.

  • The back cover is curled into the body and includes el signature logo in the center of it, framed in a circular polished finish.

  • The toothed device with which the watch is adjusted and wound, also known as crown, have a gear gear and has the Engraved Figgën "F" on the polished surface.

  • The sphere has a matte paint specially developed for the Manhattan Series watch and is designed in 2 levels deep, the central disc having a striped texture with northwest orientation.

  • The crystal is coated with a ultra resistant import sapphire lens, which, in addition to facilitating visibility, hinders its deterioration (scratches, rubs, bumps, etc). Due to the sapphire coating, it is highly unlikely that the crystal will scratch or break.

  • The needles, in addition to having a high precision and are marked by a new gear system, they are made of a C1 luminescent material With green glow and white and orange contrast.

  • Movement is Japanese, belonging to the company Citizen Miyota (one of the most accurate benchmarks in the industry).

  • The waterproof It is 10 atmospheres (that is to say, 100 meters), which means that it is suitable for all types of aquatic practices (except diving), although we, for better conservation of materials, recommend you avoid contact with water (with this type of men's watches).

  • The battery life installed is from between 2 and 3 years, depending on external factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc. (in case it is necessary to replace them, it is best to leave the watch in the hands of a professional).

  • As for the design of the
    clock, as you can see, tends to minimalist, defending philosophy “more is less" The implementation of color contrasts makes
    the watch be flashy and provoke
    a sense of admiration among those who watch it. These models stand out
    by attention paid to all kinds of
    , as well as the use of the best quality materials. If we had
    to highlight its main aesthetic advantage is the ease provided by
    Manhattan Series at the time of to combine
    , from the most distinguished and sophisticated, to
    predominantly informal.

    It doesn't matter if you define yourself
    as an athlete, artist, hipster, rocker or senior executive, the style that watches provide for
    signature man
    It's a way of reflecting who you are without even
    talk. From their brand philosophy they promote that you can have everything
    you want in life, if you dress for it. Let's be honest, we have
    the conviction that take care of the
    external appearance
    and dressing in sophisticated clothing can mark the
    difference in many occasion, but there are factors that can mark the point of
    distinction between a “simplistic” person, although well dressed, and a person
    winner. We talk about the details,
    especially those that are visible, as do the Manhattan watches, for its style and versatility.

    Style, quality and variety of
    watch straps for men from

    They say it is necessary to take a different path to get a new perspective. This is one of the concepts proposed by the interchangeable watch straps Figgën That never ceases to fascinate us. Aesthetically, they provide the uniqueness and elegance that complement the sapphire dial and allow the variability of colors and materials using different combinations. Casual or sporty outfit? Choose nylon strap. Do you have a gala dinner or an act of etiquette? The stainless steel Milanese mesh strap It will be the best of your allies. Do you want it to go to work? The calf leather or suede strap it is your best option, besides they are authentic skins.

    Do you want some advice? Do as
    Us and buy several straps and
    interchange them with the same sphere
    so you always wear a watch
    different. It is very simple, in a few steps you will get in your hands
    A totally different model. First, place the clock down and
    look for the metal pin of the watch (it is a small metal bar that can be
    press on one end of the belt, near the case). Then, press said pin and remove the strap. Do you guess
    How do you have to do to insert the same strap? The same process, but to
    the reverse!

    As for its characteristics,
    you will be interested to know that these straps they count
    with a soft lining inside
    and white stitches on the edges.
    For its part, the buckle is polished on
    316 steel
    with the engraved Figgën logo. Of course, keep in mind that
    Leather belts should not come into contact with water or could be damaged (the
    Nylon straps are not waterproof either.) However, the Milanese steel mesh from Figgën yes it is
    Suitable for coming into contact with water. For what you already know, if you are from
    those who wash their hands many times a day, the latter will be the most
    You can not worry.

    Manhattan Series Watches, Figgën's Best Seller

    Figgën describes his commitment to men's fashion to
    through the slogan “We make premium and unique timepieces for modern men”
    (We design unique and exceptional pieces of time for modern men).
    Manhattan Series was born with the aim of creating a community of users that
    can experience how satisfying
    is to bring a quality complement
    and be the best ambassadors of the
    mark facing the outside. Cataloged with different combinations of numbers,
    The company segments the clocks according to the type of strap they bring from
    series and, within these divisions, reference is made to the color of the sphere
    Do you think you will be able to choose your favorite?

    Mens watches with genuine Figgën suede strap

    The suede fabrics and materials they are the clearest distinctive element of more autumnal months. The tones set from brown and black variations They assure you that you will always be able to combine your watch with the rest of the garments and give you that touch of elegance that you will appreciate so much in your day to day. We will make it easy for you! The model with genuine suede leather strap corresponds to the code 895. The spheres you can choose from are available at white, green, blue and black color. Our favorite is the green sphere, and who do you stay with?

    Mens watches with Milanese mesh
    stainless steel from Figgën

    The steel belt could be considered, depending on the outfit that,
    views, one of the most elegant and appropriate for special occasions. It consists of the interpretation of the
    brand of modernism and prosperity. From our perspective, the mesh
    Milanese has two main advantages. The first is that, being
    stainless steel, has properties
    that leather straps cannot afford, so if
    You forget to take it off before showering, it won't be a great drama. The second
    is that the characteristic light gray color brings luminosity to the sphere, which facilitates the reading of
    The time. In this case, the code corresponding to this series is the 897 and you can find the sphere in green, blue, black and white.

    Mens watches with nylon strap

    We are certainly facing the
    piece of more youthful appearance and
    , although not less refined. It's about the clock anymore
    suitable for looks of monotonous colors to which you intend to add a note
    of color and distinction. Suitable for use with informal outfits and even
    sports, the nylon strap
    assures optimal durability and a
    pleasant touch feeling
    . This is the most alternative option and
    brand differential (yes, try not to get dirty or you will have to
    strive to clean) Regarding the codes with which you will find
    These models on the official website of the brand, are 875 and 877, and the spheres are available in green, black and white.

    How to wear a Manhattan watch in style
    Figgën series

    The alarm sounds, you give
    a couple more laps in bed before turning it off, you open your eyes even with
    difficulty and you reach for the bedside table. Reaches your Figgën Watch Manhattan Series and that
    start the day! Now if you're ready to eat the world! The choice of
    one type of clock or another varies and depends mostly on tastes
    personal and the needs of each person. So, naturally you will notice
    the material quality, the
    durability of the piece, the precision of its function and the mechanisms that the

    All part of the basic need of know the time and, from this utility, it is true that you can find different formats and numerical markers. In the case of the Manhattan Series watches, The concept of the firm implies the definition of quality and aesthetics, with the aim that every man owns his own spaces and time. It is important that you give a good impression and, for this, a watch is one of the complements that can favor you the most when transmitting your identity. Let us explain how to wear a Manhattan Series watch from Figgën in style:

  • The first thing you should be clear about is in which hand you should carry your watch. Formerly it was carried on the right, since the vast majority of people are right-handed. But nevertheless, it is better to take it in the opposite to the one you use the most, since being the most used is the most prone to bumps and scratches. And after the time you've spent without your Figgën Watch, you won't want to spoil it at the first exchange.

  • He size It is another very important factor when it comes to wearing a watch correctly. Although large watches are in fashion, it is recommended that your strap does not exceed the wrist width (If your hands are large, a small clock is better to balance your body's vision). For this, we recommend that measure your wrist and you compare it with the measures that we gave you above on the dial and the watches. However, since these are made in a standard way, we are sure that they will sit like a finger ring.

  • Many people believe that the best place to take it is below the wristbut the truth is that It is not recommended. In that part it is not fixed and can be scratched and hit easily, so it is better always wear it above the wrist. In this way, you will give visibility to the watch and get it to really act as a complement to the rest of your clothing.

  • Keep in mind that watches with metal or aluminum strap (as is the case with Milanese steel mesh or Milanese stainless steel strap) they are perfect for business and that they also hit a thousand wonders with a suit. If it is to do exercise, the best watches are the ones that have the rubber or nylon strap (Nylon Belt) While for continued use, you must opt ​​for leather (Leather Belt).

  • Use a strap that fits you well! A watch should look comfortable and natural and should never have a careless appearance. It may be necessary adjust the strap so that it does not cause discomfort in the wrist (which changes size slightly with continued use), so pay attention to where you put the buckle tip and notch so that the clock cannot move more than 2 centimeters on each side of the wrist. However, you should be able to insert a finger between the dial and the strap (otherwise, it could leave a mark on your skin).

Ordering, payment, guarantee and
Figgën returns

Haven't we given you yet
enough reasons to think that clocks
for men of the Figgën group
Are they a bet more than recommended?
we continue! The company offers its customers the coverage of a limited warranty against any defect
of manufacture for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase
. With
"Manufacturing defects" we mean the movement of the clock, indices,
dial and hands. So try not to collide the glass of the sphere because,
as usual, you will have to take care of this yourself.

Keep in mind that this
international guarantee it will only be valid
if sent together with proof of purchase
(where indicated
purchase date, model and distributor name) along with the item
defective. Therefore, try to leave safe the box in which you will receive
Your precious watch so you always remember where you have the document. However,
We want to make a small point, since the wear of the watches is
normal with daily use (friction or scratches always appear unavoidable).

As for the changes and
returns, you must send the item back to the offices of Figgën Watches
in a maximum period of 14 days from
product reception time
. Of course, try to do it without
Having used or modified the labeling or packaging. Once
received, the company itself will be responsible for reimbursing the price in your account
of the same. Everything is facilities! Although we would bet whatever it was that in
When you see the watch, you cannot even consider a return.

On the other hand once
you have made the purchase of your watch
male Figgën
, you can start rubbing your hands, since, in less
what a rooster sings you can not stop looking at the time. Average time
of delivery counts, from the moment of payment, is between 24 and 48 hours in the case of Spain and Portugal, between 4 and 8 days in European countries
remaining and between 5 and 15 days at
rest of the world. Eye, we have another good news! Shipping is free to
all the world from € 100 purchase.

If you are not yet a
usual of new technologies and payment methods, you can breathe easy,
since all Figgën transactions are managed directly by the
provider Shopify payment services,
recognized worldwide for having the most secure encryption systems and
the strictest banking regulations. Speaking of course, your data
card are sent directly to the bank and nobody but your own bank could access them.

Ding-dong! The delivery man
Shipping knocks on your door. We know you are very happy, but try not to
pounce on him. You will find a package that contains a beautiful and robust leather case (It is done
well to receive the clocks in flimsy cardboard boxes do not you think?). This lining
ensures the maximum protection of your watch
throughout the shipping process and, moreover, it is lined in a sophisticated suede
black inside. We are looking forward to knowing what you feel when,
After a long day, you come home and place your Figgën Watch on this
delicate surface.

Become a distributor of the brand of
mens watches Figgën

No doubt Figgën is one of
the companies with more prospects for evolution, growth and expansion of
recent times in the industry of the watchmaking
, so being part of your customer base can be a very
good idea. With a truly entrepreneurial and innovative approach Figgën
also offers different contact plans.
Do you have a fashion store or fashion accessories store? Do you have many
contacts who love men's jewelry? So one of the options is Become a brand distributor,
for which you will only have to make an official request through this page.

If, on the other hand, you
Do you consider a social media crack or do you have a company with a project?
of business that identifies with the values ​​of the brand, you could encourage you to collaborate with them
establishing formal contact with them. This way, you will get
Benefit from all your proposals in a personalized way. And finally, yes
you are a person who loves challenges and ambitious with your goals,
consider working with Figgën, we are sure you will be happy to Receive your CV and rate your profile there is
many opportunities waiting for you, do not let them escape!

Buy your Figgën Manhattan Series men's watch and save € 15

There is no possible success but you trust your potential or you bet with passion for your project. The key to the recognition of Figgën is based on the overcoming and in the ambition for conquering a market proposing a quality user experience. We all need to know the time, to take advantage of the hours, minutes and seconds and to organize the schedules. And what better way to do it than by attributing the relevant value that our time has than by betting on do it in an elegant, sophisticated way and with an experimental design. Having a premium Figgën watch means being part of an illusion, a revolutionary model and the conviction that every detail matters.

Figgën has given us a € 15 discount With the code "MB15 »For MensandBeauty readers that you can take advantage of. Of course, you have to access from this link.

We move in a world of impossible desires, of hardly attainable goals, of opportunities that have not just arrived. The Figgën watch group marks a point in this trend, putting at your fingertips a Price more than justified by the quality of your items, a modern concept and focused on every man who takes care of his image. We would define it as a versatile brand with great potential that threatens from the outset with not leaving indifferent any of its clients The essence of the Manhattan Series is based on creativity, differential and innovative, see for yourself!

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