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Have you heard of the hair dye for men? Are you fed up with the white hair and are you thinking of dyeing your hair? or do you fancy Change of look and give your hair another color? A few years ago men dyed was a taboo subject because it was considered to be something more than women, but today is something that is the order of the day within the world of male beauty and hair care.

best hair dyes man how to dye hair at home gray hair types advantages

Brad Pitt, David Beckam, Justin Bieber, Rafael or Leo Messi, are some of the actors, singers, footballers and male celebrities, among many others, who have dyed their hair on more than one occasion, either for work, for fashion or for rejuvenate your image covering his gray hair. And today, more and more men are encouraged with these products to dye their hair and change their look or improve their image.

What is a hair dye, how does it work and what is it used for?

The hair dye
It is a product to color, discolor or change the hair color. The tincture
for hair, or hair dye, is a preparation
which is used to change the color of a man's hair or a
woman. There are different types of hair dyes and their chemical composition
may vary, in addition to products to change the hair color more natural
or even vegans.

Types of hair dyes for men according to their duration

Can dye your hair so that the color goes away with the washings or to do it of permanent form so that it is only necessary to touch up the color in the zone of the roots. Within the different options of hair dyes for man You can find the following options:

  • Permanent hair dye: Permanent dye is a dye that it does not go with the washes, but it stays impregnated in the hair, completely covers the gray hair and gives shine and color to the hair. The drawbacks of this type of dye is the ammonia content that it carries, with which the hair spoils and dries a lot. Although there are already some alternatives in the market without permanent ammonia.

  • Semi-permanent hair dye: The semi-permanent has molecules of smaller size than the temporary dye, and therefore Partially penetrates the body of the hair. The color holds only several washes, normally 4 to 5 washes with shampoo or a few weeks. Some semi-permanent dyes may contain very low amounts of developer, peroxide or ammonia, and therefore are safer for damaged or brittle hair.

  • Temporary hair dye: Temporary hair coloring can be obtained by various techniques and methods. Temporary hair color is usually brighter and healthier than permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes, but it lasts very little time. The pigment molecules in the temporary dyes are large and do not penetrate the hair cuticle layer. The colored particles remain absorbed (adhered) to the hair and are easily removed by a single wash. It is a good alternative if you want to see how you would have a hair dye if you do not dare to make it permanent.

Types of hair dyes for men according to its composition

best hair dyes man gray hair types advantages

Besides types of dyes depending on its duration we can make another classification depending on its composition, if they carry more chemistry or are more natural, since within the cosmetic and products for man there are also many alternatives:

  • Metallic dyes: Metallic dyes are made up of metal salts like the silver or lead salts that change the hair color. These salts by themselves, do not color the hair, but they need a activator to do it. When it reacts with salt, it forms the metal oxide. This type of dyes are the ones that you can easily buy at any store of beauty products for men and dye your hair yourself at home. In hairdressing salons are not used as they offer little chromatic variety, in addition to being more aggressive for him hair.

  • Vegetable dyes: The vegetable dyes are the more natural of the market, and are obtained naturally from plants. They are deposited in the cuticle forming a film. This type of coloring is a progressive coloration. That is, several applications are needed to achieve the required color, in addition, the chromatic variety is more limited than other types of dyes due to its natural origin. Among them, the henna, which is normally bought in herbalists. Henna is a Middle East natural plant which has been used since ancient times to dye the skin and hair. It can help you cover the gray hair or change the color of your hair much more naturally, in addition to moisturize your hair and keep it much healthier than with other dyes.

  • Vegetometallic dyes: This type of dyes are a mixture of the previous two, but it is not used as much currently. You can find dyes that do not include ammonia, but if they are permanent or the compound henna.

  • Organic-synthetic dyes: These are the professional dyes They use in most hairdressers for men and women. They are dyes specially formulated for use in hairdressing and that of one application they allow you to get the desired result. In addition, this type of dyes can obtain a permanent, semi-temporary or temporary coloring. They also offer a chromatic variety much wider than the rest of the hair dyes of the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of dyeing your hair

best hair dyes man gray hair advantages

Yes like modern man and that you take care you decide dye your hair, you must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of doing so according to your needs, since like any other aesthetic treatment you will require maintenance.

Benefits of dyeing your hair

  • It helps you cover your gray hair: The gray hair is hair that have become white or gray color for a loss of pigmentation. This discoloration of the hair is due in particular to a decrease in melanin, which is what determines hair color, among other things. If you are a man with gray hair, regardless of how old you are, dying your hair will help you cover them and disguise them. You can choose any dye to do it.

  • It will help you rejuvenate your image: The gray hair is a clear sign of age, although there are men and women who have them since they were very young. Gray hairs also appear sometimes due to stress or others. That is why many men decide to dye their hair, to recover the color in their hair and look younger.

  • It allows you to change look or image: If you do not have gray hair, but you're bored with your hair color, dye your hair can be a good solution, since you can dye it to change color, make yourself wicks, reflexes and much more.

  • Your self-esteem rises: Dye your hair can raise your self-esteem, on the one hand, because you can look younger in the case of men with gray hair, and on the other, because we all feel good about look change plus cool and modern.

  • It allows you to highlight your features: Some colors of dye can help you not only to take that step towards a new change of look, but to highlight those features of your face that you like. But watch out! In this sense it is always good have a professional to advise you on it since you can get the opposite effect. Just as light hair colors can brighten your face, dark tones can make your features too strong. Every man is a world, so it is important to know what colors favor you.

Disadvantages of dyeing your hair

  • It forces you to carry out periodic maintenance: If you decide to dye your hair, you have to keep in mind that this will require a permanent care, either to revise the roots or to touch up highlights or reflections since the lack of retouching in the dye can give you an aspect of little care.

  • It requires a greater care of your hair: Hair dyes usually, except vegetable and natural, dry hair a lot. That's why, since you start dyeing your hair, it is very important that you take a more complete care routine with specific products for men's hair, such as conditioners, specific shampoos for dyed hairs, etc.

  • It is an extra economic expense: If you dye your hair at home you can get very economical, however, if you have to go once a month to the hairdresser to do this will be an extra expense in your beauty routine.

Best hair dyes for men to dye their hair at home

# 1 Hair dye for man's hair, Just for Men

best hair dyes man coloring shampoo justformen

This hair dye for men from Just for Men, acts only on gray hair, covering them with a tonality that harmonizes with your natural color.
Its dense formula does not drip during the application. It is enriched with vitamins and it gives your hair more volume and body. It is a soft product, without ammonia, what does not damage the hair.

It is very easy to use: mix, apply, wait a few minutes, rinse and wash with shampoo. Cover the canes immediately and last until the canes grow back. Act in just 5 minutes Y Eliminates 100% of gray hair. As easy as showering And an application lasts up to 6 weeks! It is available in several shades, so you can choose the one that most resembles your natural hair.

Price: From € 6.94

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# 2 Gradual coloring treatment for gray hair Touch of Gray, Just for Men

best dyes man hair gradual coloring justformen

This other dye for man gray hair is for what they want a gradual coloration and not such a sudden change. Touch Of Gray removes some gray hair, not all. Its innovative formula reacts with the oxygen in the air to eliminate some gray hair without suppressing them all. It is the first and only treatment for hair with gray hair with which You can decide how many gray hairs you want to leave. Combine the gray hair with your hair tone, getting a natural look. The color of your hair will not change suddenly because in each application you can eliminate the gray hair you want until you achieve the desired gray hair level.

To maintain the desired tone, it is sufficient to Apply the product once a month. In addition, it is as easy to use as combing. The product is ready to use, it is not necessary to make any mixture as in other dyes, and it is easily applied with the applicator comb. Acts in just 5 minutes, not stain and it lasts until 6 weeks. It does not contain ammonia or peroxides that damage your hair, making it a very safe dye. You also have it in different shades to choose the one that most resembles the color of your natural hair.

Price: From € 10,20

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# 3 Coloring gel for gray hair Men Perfect, Schwarzkopf

Men Perfect by Schwarzkopf, is the first care and coloring gel with an innovative application system in 5 minutes designed specifically for mens. With this color gel for gray hair, you can cover your gray hair easily, safely and with a very natural color result. Thanks to the speed applicator, Men Perfect is particularly easy to apply.

Its formula contains ginseng Y natural keratin, without ammonia, so you can dye your hair at the same time you take care of it. The color of hard hair up to 28 washes. To make sure that your gray hair is always covered, it is recommended to repeat the application once a month. You have it available in various shades of hair.

Price: From € 6.70

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# 4 Hair coloring cream for men Men Expert, L'oreal

best hair dyes man coloring gray hair loreal menperfect

This other hair color for men Men Expert from L'Oreal is a specific product to cover gray hair man. Attenuates and covers gray hair during 4 weeks. Includes a brush-applicator so you can use it easily and quickly at home. You just have to apply it during 10 minutes, wash your hair well and that's it! Does not contain ammonia and respect the hair. Like other temples, it has different shades so you can choose the color that most resembles your natural hair.

Price: From € 5.80

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# 5 Gel coloring cream for men Men Advance, Llongueras

best hair dyes gel man cream coloring gray hair llongeras menadvance

East hair color for man of Llongeras, it will help you rejuvenate your image in only 5 minutes. Men Advance, by Llongueras is a professional coloration for men, formulated specifically for the characteristics of the male hair. It applies so easy and fast like a shampoo, thanks to its cream gel texture, it does not drip and spreads easily on the hair.

Your formula without ammonia, enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Ginseng, nourishes, hydrate and provides elasticity to the hair, recovering all its vitality and shine. Covers gray hair in a natural tone, and you can choose the most similar shade to your hair.

Price: From € 7.99

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# 6 Gray hair reducing shampoo for men Control GX, Just for Men

best hair dyes man shampoo reducer gray justformen controlgx

East gray hair reducing shampoo for men of Just for Men, It is another very interesting option. Control GX is a shampoo that gradually reduce the canes, while washing and revitalizing the hair. To get a natural look, it is recommended to use Control GX as your usual shampoo and after the first washings, you will start to see the results.

Continue using it until you see the result, usually from 2 to 4 weeks. You can even control the way you gradually reduce gray hair when you use it at the beginning daily or every other day. In addition, its maintenance is very simple, once you have achieved the result you want, you can reduce the frequency of use, alternating with another shampoo. In general, at the beginning it is usually used as the usual shampoo and in the maintenance phase, it is used 3 to 4 times per week.

Price: From € 8.45

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# 7 Gray Gum Reducer Conditioning Shampoo for Men Control GX, Just for Men

best hair dyes man shampoo reducing conditioner gray hair justformen controlgx

This other shampoo to cover gray hair of Just for Men, is similar to the previous one but with a formula that incorporates in addition to shampoo, conditioner. GX control shampoo and conditioner gradually reduces gray hair, while washing, condition and revitalize your hair, at the same time that it covers your gray hair and rejuvenates your image.

its 2 in 1 formula Contains conditioning agents to facilitate styling, soften and make hair more manageable for men who prefer to use a single product for wash and condition hair. Its use is the same as the previous product, depending on the tone you want to get you can wash the times you want your hair with it.

Price: From € 8.45

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# 8 Farmatint man hair dye

best hair dyes man gel permanent coloration farmatint

Farmatint Gel, is a unisex hair dye, which combines the most advanced dermopharmaceutical technologies with vegetable ingredients of maximum quality so that the hair shows a radiant color and remains healthy and protected color after color. His composition without ammonia, Without parabens, without paraffin, without silicones and with plant active ingredients, is the permanent coloration able to completely cover white hair from the first application.

The active vegetal ingredients of Farmatint Gel protect, nourish and hydrate your hair during the coloring process, also exerting a restructuring action in the hair fibers. Thanks to the amount of oats, wheat, soybeans and corn This hair dye contains maximum protection and capillary nutrition during the coloring process, restructuring and hydrating the hair in depth. It is very easy to apply and you can also choose the more natural tone for your hair among its wide variety of shades.

Price: From € 6.68

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# 8 Natural dye for dyeing man's hair, Henna

best hair dyes man natural plant henna

The henna it is an alternative natural for Cover your gray hair without damaging your hair. It is a natural vegetable dye that effectively dyes your hair, taking care of it and nourishing it. It is an interesting alternative if you are one of those who prefer natural products, but it has two rather negative points, on the one hand it is a bit cumbersome to apply it since you have to prepare the mixture and then leave it on your head hours; and on the other, if you use it until your hair grows well you can not use other dyes that have metals.

Price: From € 7.24

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# 10 Dye for gray hair and mustache, Just for Men

best hair dyes man gray hair beard mustache justformen

The hair of the beard and the mustache can also age your image, that is why more and more men are added to this type of dyes for those areas with hair. East dye for mustache and beard of the man we think is a marvel. Just for Men removes gray hair and improves hair of the beard and mustache enhancing his natural color and providing a more careful and balanced appearance.

Thanks to your applicator brush you get a easy and convenient application and the gray hair will disappear in 5 minutes. Its formula is specially designed for the facial hair since it penetrates this type of hair so hard and resistant. Its formula does not drip and soften while acting. You can also choose the color that most resembles your natural tone of facial hair.

Price: From € 8.82

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How to dye your hair at home step by step

best hair dyes man gray hair types advantages

Although most of the hair dyes for men of which we have spoken to you has a very easy application, let's talk about the Step by Step of the dyes that require a previous mixture and how you should have the hair before dyeing it. The shampoos as you have seen they are very easy to apply, like a normal shampoo, yes, some men are stain the fingers and the nail, and although it goes with the washings our advice is that you use gloves to apply it always. Let's see how you have to dye your hair at home:

  • Choose the type of men's dye that's right for you: The first thing you have to do is to choose the product that you are going to use for change your image or cover your gray hair. On the one hand you have to decide if you want something temporary to leave with the washings, or a permanent dye. He too type of composition of your hair dye and finally the more natural color for your face and your features.

  • Read the instructions of the hair dye well: If you have never used this type of hair products, it is very important that you read the instructions correctly, how to make the mixture, how to apply it, how long to have it in your hair, etc.

  • If it's the first time, do an allergy test: Some products may make you allergic reaction, especially if you are a man with sensitive skin. That's why it's always good to do a test of the previous product before spraying it all over the scalp and it starts to itch. Using a small amount in a small area of ​​your head.

  • Put on the hair dye gloves: In most hair dyes, they include some gloves for protect your hands, since some of them, especially permanent ones, can leave you stains when applying them Quiet! If you stain with the washes it ends up disappearing, but better to prevent than to always cure.

  • Apply some neutral Vaseline on your forehead and around your face: This is another way to protect the skin of the face from dye stains, if you put on neutral petroleum jelly it will be less likely to stain the skin on your face.

  • It is preferable that you have not washed your hair that same day: It is usually recommended to apply the hair dye one day that you have not washed your hair and dry.

  • Prepare the mixture: Except for shampoos, dyes usually carry what is the dye, and a color activator which is what you have to mix well in the indicated package before applying it.

  • Apply the product throughout the hair: The dyes for men almost all come with an applicator brush that will help you to spread the product very well for your hair.

  • Respect the times Read very well the time you have to have the product in your hair because if you spend time or do not arrive you will not get the results you are looking for.

  • Clarify your hair very well and wash with shampoo: Once the indicated time has passed, first clarifies well your hair to remove all the excess product and then wash it with shampoo, normally many dyes include a wash kit for after the application of the dye. Rinse well and if you want to wash again with another shampoo for men, to clean your hair to the maximum. Clarifies well and ready!

  • Apply the product throughout the hair: The dyes for men almost all come with an applicator brush that will help you to spread the product very well for your hair.

Goodbye gray hair! Hello young and rejuvenated hair!

As you will have seen, There are many types of hair dyes for men and it is important to determine which one is right for your hair and the goal you want to achieve. If what you want is cover your gray hair, you've already seen that you can easily do it at home. Or if you just want change the color of your hair to one lighter or darker. However if you want something more colorful or modern, such as fantasy or white color that takes a lot now, it is best to consult a professional in a hairdresser for men.

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Hair dyes! Types, How to Dye Hair and 10 Products 🥇

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