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Are you worried about baldness or excessive hair loss in some areas? Do you suffer from alopecia and have been recommended to try the hair fibers? Quiet! Male cosmetics take a step forward to offer you a perfect solution so that you feel much better with the look of your hair: hair fibers. This cosmetic product is about plant cotton microfibers that help you hide baldness or areas with alopecia of any kind, which act by performing a capillary densifier action So they are an ideal product to thicken the hair. In this guide we want to explain what they are, how they act, how to apply them Y where to buy them.

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Do not fool yourself! Whatever they say, the hair or hair It is part of physical attractiveness Both men and women. The vast majority like to wear a abundant and shiny hair, since this improves the appearance and gives a best aesthetic image. However, a large percentage of people have to fight against hair loss, which is one of the hair problems most common and difficult to treat (the query for hair treatments wins by win in men). Stress, poor diet and the maelstrom with which you live daily are the main causes of hair loss, beyond the hereditary.

The most effective treatment for alopecia is hair transplantation, but it has a very high price that not everyone can afford (although it is the one we recommend). However, each patient is unique and the hair loss treatments should be individualized, so we always recommend going to the specialist to make a correct diagnosis based on the medical history and a proper hair exam With microcamera Anyway, while you are thinking whether you take that step or not, hair fibers can help you feel better, so pay close attention to this guide.

Understanding the life cycle of hair and why it falls

The hair is part of your body from the first months of gestation that is when the follicles develop, from which a root and a stem that projects outward above the epidermis. Inside each follicle is the sebaceous gland and muscle fibers that attach to each hair. But it is in the capillary zone, formed by a connective tissue and blood vessels, where the nutrients needed for hair growth.

But if you have your follicles well, with the necessary nutrients for hair growth, why does your hair fall out? New hairs are born every day. And others fall, within normal parameters, due to the life cycle of these that are constantly renewed. We have between 130,000 and 150,000 hairs that cover our entire body, although it depends on the area in which the hair is located they have a different growth and fall process. For example, the scalp grows an average of 1 millimeter every three days, while eyelash growth is slower.

The legend that washing your hair every day favors hair loss It is widespread, but it is false. Rather the opposite happens. The fat drowns the hair. A daily wash with a little shampoo goes to the hair divinely. In fact, one of the worst enemies of hair is the stress.

Alopecia it is the pathology that affects both men and women and that consists of absence of hair in one, in several or in all areas of the body. Hair loss can be caused by having a genetic history with this pathology, after pregnancy, by hormonal disorders, by having diseases whose treatments favor the hair loss (such as hair loss in cancer patients) or due to lack of vitamins or essential nutrients for our hair, among other causes.

The hair life cycle

In each follicle cycle There are 3 differentiated: growth or anagen, transition or catagen and resting or telogen. The evolution and time of these phases depend on the age of the person, the place where the hair is located and the hair length or thickness. The hair matrix is ​​very sensitive to all kinds of modifications in our body, so bad eating habits, hormonal problems, infections, stress, anemias, pollution or abuse of dyes and lacquers, among others, favor hair loss.

It is necessary to be attentive to the appearance of symptoms such as dandruff and fat in the scalp to act on them on time, because this way you can prevent and anticipate the fall. It is best to go to a specialized center to determine the presence of these anomalies and advise you about the best preventive treatments.

Causes of hair loss

It is estimated that in the scalp there are more than 130,000 strands of hair and it is normal for the day to fall from 50 to 100. However, when the fall exceeds this limit, it is time to start treating it, as it can advance to a greater problem and lead to baldness. Currently millions of people have to deal with this hair problem, since there are many factors that can trigger it. Among its main causes we find:

  • Excessive smoking

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Infections of the scalp

  • Uncontrolled use of chemicals

What are hair fibers, how they work and what they are for

Do you really know why hair fibers are so effective? Have you ever considered using them? The reason why hair fibers are so effective is because of their electrostatic charge. Thanks to her, the fibers are attached to the hair, preventing them from settling and can be easily detached with a light movement. By joining with each of the hairs, the hair takes volume and they manage to provide a more voluminous and dense appearance. We could say that visually it is a kind of dust, like a very fine fluff, that in reality they are keratin filaments very small and that when scattered on the hair (there must be at least a little) they intertwine thickening it.

It is a cosmetic product used worldwide by millions of men suffering from alopecia. It's as simple as apply the hair fibers on the hair so that they remain fixed and you will see results from the first second of application. The product can be easily removed with shampoo and has no indications.

It means a very effective alternative for all those who are suffering from considerable hair loss and want to hide those areas where the scalp can be distinguished. It is a effective but temporary alternative, since you can see the short-term results perfectly, but does not solve the problem of baldness. The good thing is that you can combine it with other hair growth treatments while hiding it with microfibers. In this way while solving the problem at the medical level, you get an extraordinary appearance.

Differences between hair fibers and hair makeup

Among men, at a certain age, and to a greater or lesser extent depending on who is involved, the hair starts to fall and the loss of volume is noted. Normally, and if you have come here, you may feel identified, it is not something you like as a general rule. Hair loss can have very varied causes, but the consequences are always very similar emotionally, seeing it from a negative point of view.

Technological advances and their application within the world of cosmetics opens up a world of possibilities for all these types of situations, including hair loss. In this guide, in which we talk about hair fibers and where we explain everything about it, we also want to propose another alternative, since it is convenient to know different options and know what alternatives exist to curb or dampen the piscological blows that the fall of hair. That's why we will see the differences between hair fibers and hair makeup.

Hair fibers

The hair fibers are made from organic protein, that is, just the same as the hair (which is usually keratin). Hair microfibers attach to hair through its same static electricity. For use, you only have to shake the microfibers and apply on the desired area, staying in that same place throughout the day and night. It is completely undetectable, even a few centimeters, in addition to resisting different conditions such as wind, rain and sweating. It goes easily with the shampoo.

For a correct application you have to place the microfibers at a distance of 10 centimeters above the head, inverting the container and touching the base of the container so that the product comes out more easily. In this way, a large number of microfibers come together to cover the hair and scalp, making everything practically covered. It is important do not exceed the amount of product, since it can give an unnatural effect. If this happens, it is as easy as shaking your hair to release it from this excess or combing a comb.

Hair makeup

Hair makeup meets the same function as hair fibers, but differently. It serves to cover areas where there is no capillary density and makes it appear that these areas do seem to be populated with hair. In fact, it can be alternated or combined with hair fibers for more satisfactory results. The formulation of hair makeup in a general way (although it will always depend on the brand) ensures perfect hair binding And it is 100% waterproof or sweating. It is the ideal complement to do any type of aquatic activity.

To achieve the expected benefits of this type of products, it must be applied in the area where you want conceal the lack of hair, always helping you with a damp sponge or applicator pencil. It is simple, enough to give light touches with the damp sponge on the hair until the desired result is achieved. It is advisable to apply the product on combed hair, that is, it is not applied to the skin, but is applied above the hair so that the microfibers of makeup adhere to the hair.

In addition, hair makeup It is not harmful to the scalp (Again, it depends on the brand) since they usually contain only organic materials. It is not toxic or causes a skin reaction, as well as not affecting the life cycle of hair follicles. Nor does it leave any residue or stain

How you should apply the hair fibers correctly

The great advantage of hair fibers is their ease of application. Being microfibers that adhere to the hair due to its electrostatic charge, you do not need more than the same product to carry out its application. You do not need the help of a professional, or a methodical and careful application. Just apply on the affected area, quickly and efficiently. Further, it is not necessary to use a lot of product in each application, so to the few applications, it is more than amortized and you still have a lot of product to be used.

  • It is enough to apply the product about the area you want to hide.

  • Must keep hair completely clean and dry, so they can adhere properly.

  • Once they have been applied, you just have to lightly brush the hair with the palm of your hand so that the fibers generate enough electricity to stick to the hair.

  • If you want a perfect result, it is convenient that after your application, you do use of a fixing spray. It is enough to apply 2 or 3 sprays about 10 cm over the area that has been dusted.

  • Guaranteed a perfect and very natural result. You can use it every day you want, since they do not cover the pore and do not pose any problem for hair growth.

  • Remember how they are resistant to your daily routine You can go to the gym, run, take outdoor excursions with wind, etc.

  • If you want to remove it, with a shampoo wash is enough.

Best brands and products of hair fibers in the market

After having analyzed each of the characteristics presented by this alternative to conceal hair loss, it is time to indicate which are the best options within the hair fibers. One of the main reasons for buy hair fibers online It's because they are cheaper. Its quality is the same that it presents in specialized physical stores, in addition to that via online it is much more comfortable. That’s why we’ll let you know the best brands and the best hair fibers in the market, so you don't take a minute to choose the hair fiber you like the most and start enjoying a very different and positive appearance.

Blissany Hair Fibers

best brands products hair fibers blissany market

If you want to get a better feeling when you look in the mirror, with a healthy and seemingly abundant hair, Blissany hair fibers can be your best ally. Get thickened hair in a few seconds through a quick and easy application on the areas that clear up. Blissany hair fibers are made of the same protein as the hair, which makes the result totally natural.

Price: From € 16

See prices on Amazon

Dr. Hair Fibers Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market dr hair

Get the best results through nanotechnology revolutionary hair fiber of Dr. Hair Fibers. They manage to create a hair with more volume and more density from the first moment, being reliable in any environmental condition and any daily situation. You will look younger and more attractive since the first application, going from a fine and delicate hair to a thick one with a large volume in a few seconds. Undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to hide hair loss.

Price: From € 27

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Ecobell Hair Fibers

best brands products hair fibers market ecobell proffesional

The Ecobell hair fibers They hide alopecia and give volume to fine hair in a fast, economical, simple and effective way, improving your appearance and making you look younger. Get up to four times thicker thanks to these fibers being charged with static electricity, which causes them to adhere to the hair and not fall on the scalp. Microfibers and Ecobell are formulated from pure organic keratin protein, so it has no side effects.

Price: From € 18

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Hair Solution Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market hair solution

The hair solution hair fibers they are a perfect option to reduce the signs of alopecia, since they are 100% natural. Made from cotton fibers from Africa, more specifically the Gossypium herbaceum, which grows in the arid regions of Morocco and its filaments have properties very similar to human hair, both touch and sight. This is why the effectiveness and adhesion to hair HairSolution hair fibers are much larger than conventional keratin fibers. It is suitable for applying on any type of hair.

Price: From € 24

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Kapilab Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market kapilab keratin hair fibers

The Kapilab hair fibers they are truly fast and effective, a perfect solution to hide baldness, give it greater volume and density in a few seconds. This product has an improved formula that gives you better electrostatic adhesion so that the fibers last longer, which also provides greater resistance to movement, wind, water or sweat. It is also perfect for concealing gray hair or scars, as it is also applicable in the beard, for less populated areas. He offers you very natural results and imperceptible.

Price: From € 10

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Keratin Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market thecosmeticrepublic

Keratin is an immediate solution, which manages to hide alopecia in seconds getting a head full of hair quickly and naturally. These are natural keratin microfibers of plant origin made of the same protein from which the hair is made. Electrostatically charged, they are intertwined with existing hair covering the entire head. Keratin is available in 10 different shades that can be mixed to match perfectly all kinds of hair color, even hair with wicks or gray hair.

Price: From € 19

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KFP Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market kfp

If you want to feel good again in front of the mirror, the KFP hair fibers It is a product that offers visual results so surprising that thousands of people already use it daily to get a totally natural appearance. This product has a 99.9% percentage of natural keratin hair fibers. It offers you totally natural results, getting a greater sense of volume and density in your hair. In just a few seconds you will see the results.

Price: From € 22

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Kmax Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market kmax

Conceals baldness, alopecia or lack of hair in a few seconds, with K-Max and their keratin hair fibers dermatologically tested. It is a 100% natural product, without dyes. It has a great electrostatic adhesion and you can choose between two application possibilities, since the dispenser has selective or rapid possibility. K-Max reconstruction hair fibers Instantly cover baldness areas, alopecia or fine hair. These keratin hair fibers will repopulate these clearer areas in an instant.

Price: From € 43

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Nanogen Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers nanogen market

The Nanogen hair fibers have been dermatologically tested to offer the best results even in the most sensitive scalps. It is possible to adhere to your hair by static electricity and remains in the area where it has been applied throughout the day, supporting any type of condition. It is not necessary to apply a large amount of product to take effect, so can offer you supply for about 2 months.

Price: From € 44

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NanoLuxe Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market nanoluxe

With the Nanoluxe hair fibers you can get an attractive appearance and clear of scalp In a few seconds. It has 4th generation technology, with fibers that last longer and achieve a more visible and satisfactory result. It is completely undetectable and very easy to wash, and it can be used daily using a minimum amount of product.

Price: From € 16

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Tillmann’s Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market tilmanns

If you are tired of baldness or combing your hair in such a way that those areas that are lighter are hidden, here is a perfect solution. With the Tillmann´s hair fibers You will feel much younger and safer, since it provides you with thick and bulky hair, in a format that is really easy to apply and carry, so you can use it every day. They are made of 100% natural keratin.

Price: From € 16

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O³ Hair Fibers

top brands products hair fibers market o3

If you are tired of looking for ineffective methods to fight baldness, now you can count on the O3 hair fibers, made of 100% natural keratin, that mix with your hair and increase the volume immediately. They do not damage the scalp And it is an immediate solution that will make you feel safe and confident in no time. It is one of the best options to hide baldness.

Price: From € 16

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Toppik hair fibers

top brands products hair fibers market toppik

The Toppik hair fibers They have been manufactured from colored keratin that mixes with the strands of the hair without being able to be detected in order to create instantly the appearance of full hair. They make fine hair look completely thick, completely hiding hair loss. A very good alternative.

Price: From € 32

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VidalForce hair fibers

best brands products hair fibers market vidalforce

The vidalforce natural fibers eliminate hair loss in seconds, electrostatically adhering to the hair, thickening and rebuilding it with a totally invisible result but without getting dirty. It is a totally natural product that does not produce any type of side effect. It also resists any type of extreme condition.

Price: € 34.90

See prices on Amazon

X Fusion hair fibers

top brands products hair fibers market x fusion

The X-Fusion hair fibers They meet the same characteristics that we have mentioned in the rest of the products. However, its use is more aimed at professionals, such as hairdressers, beauty salons and beauticians. Keratin hair fibers from XFusion instantly create thicker hair and increase the density getting a more natural and young appearance.

Price: From € 45

See prices on Amazon

Frequently asked questions about hair fibers

Although it may be quite clear what the hair fibers are for or what their mode of use is, other issues that may make you doubt as a consumer can always arise. That is why we have compiled the frequently asked questions so you have no doubt and can depending on your needs, always take the best purchase decision.

Are the Kmax, Toppik and Keratin hair fibers the same?

Although you have already been able to check the effectiveness of hair fibers for hide those areas with less hair, it seems important to focus on 3 of the best known brands of hair fibers, Kmax, Toppik Y Keratin.

The Kmax fibers have been dermatologically tested, which shows that it is a antiallergic product and that does not harm the hair or scalp in any case. In case of Toppik hair fibers, they are known as a 100% natural product. Keratin, however, try to give a More "medicinal" image through the Internet, although we can see given its characteristics that are comparable to the other brands.

Are hair fibers harmful to my scalp?

Hair fibers They are not harmful to the scalp. It is important to know that when applied, the pore is not clogged. They work from electrostatic electricity, because thanks to this, they adhere to the hair. Most brands, or at least those we have discussed in this guide, are not harmful, since they are made from organic ingredients.

Is it necessary to use fixative for hair microfibers?

Hair microfibers they almost always have a strong enough grip so as not to shed their hair, it is convenient in some cases to increase that ability to bond electrostatically. To prevent them from detaching the hair earlier than expected, it is recommended to use a hair fiber fixing spray. In this case, a fixative spray of any brand can work very well, since in fact the fixers are valid for all types of hair densifiers.

Is it better to buy thin or thick hair fibers?

This is an important point, the fine hair fibers are of better quality. According to tests carried out by experts, it is the best way to get rid of the caking. Being smaller in size, they make the hair look thicker, while maintaining total naturalness. Keratin microfibers that are thicker tend to be of lower quality.

What colors are available when you buy hair fibers?

When choosing hair fibers, you not only have to decide on the brand, you must also select color type that best suits yours. There is a range of different shades of hair to ensure a natural result. We can find the following colors:

What is the composition of hair fibers?

As we have seen that there are different brands in the market, it is logical to think that we can also find products of different composition and quality. The basis of all differences comes from type of material used, where we can find the following types of fibers:

  • Hair fibers from rayon. Rayon is a type of synthetic fiber made from cellulose. Hair fibers of this type can be found at lower prices than the rest, so they are not entirely recommended, they get an unnatural appearance and fail to thicken the hair completely.

  • From sheep wool. The basis of this type of hair fibers is the keratin that is obtained from the sheep wool, because it has a structure very similar to that of human hair. However, the product may end up being deposited on the scalp and the colors are not as natural as the hair itself.

  • From cotton or other plants. These types of hair fibers are composed of natural plant fibers. By having a keratin structure similar to human hair, its electrostatic charge is negative, so that the subjection to the hair is very resistant, even in more extreme conditions.

How long does the canister of hair fibers last?

It depends on the use that each person wants to give it. You might prefer use it daily because you feel more secure or you may also use it only at specific times. It not only depends on the frequency of use, also of the amount you need to get a satisfied result, getting conceal the baldness correctly.

Can hair fibers be worn with a motorcycle helmet, cap or hat?

Yes, you can cover your head with a motorcycle helmet, cap and hat, but you will always get a best result if you use a fixing spray. Clearly recommended since once they get stuck to natural hair, they do not come off. You will keep them well fixed to your hair throughout the day and night.

Will you notice that I wear hair fibers?

As long as you do not exceed the necessary amount, the hair fibers hide the areas with the least amount of hair with a visual effect of maximum density. Can combine hair fibers with hair makeup, so that it is not saturated with microfibers and achieve a better result.

Do these microfibers have contraindications?

The ingredients of the hair fibers are organic so they do not present any type of abnormality in the skin such as itching or redness. It is still necessary, look at the product ingredients in case you could suffer allergy to any of them.

What should I do in case of accidental intake or contact with microfibers?

If the product comes into contact with any sensitive area of ​​your body you should rinse with plenty of water the affected area and go to your doctor with the product to make a diagnosis. It is normal that it is not serious.

Is the product easily removed? Will it fall or get stained?

When microfibers get wet with rainwater they may be able to see some lighter areas, but that does not mean that they have come off. When the hair is dry, the hair densifier joins the hair again, fulfilling its function without having to reapply more. To remove hair fibers, it is enough to wash your hair with shampoo. Another positive point is that you don't have to worry about staining anything, you can make a normal life without leaving any residue or stains on the bed, clothes or anywhere else.

Are hair fibers compatible with the products used in hair loss treatments?

Yes, hair fibers work in the short term hiding the areas of least amount of hair, but without eliminating baldness. The key to this is that by not plugging the pore and being a natural product, it allows anti-fall products to do their work simultaneously with the fibers. This way you can use the hair fibers for day to day while at the same time you solve the problem from the base.

Hide the baldness and gain confidence in yourself

Among the different treatments we find today to reduce or eliminate the problem of baldness, hair fibers have proven to be one of the most effective. Although they don't please everyone, since they are a kind of male makeup and they don't grow hair, without a doubt they manage to hide their lack and achieve a very important objective: that you feel more secure in yourself. After all, isn't it about that, about take confidence? Go ahead and try them, you don't lose anything by trying.

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