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Have you decided to solve alopecia? Are you sure you want initiate a process of follicular repopulation but you don't know where? Have you heard of choosing Spain or Turkey to perform the hair graft But you dare not take the first step? Feel proud! You have already taken the first step. Recognize that you have a physical complex that retracts you and to which you must face it means much more than you think, since it demonstrates security, courage, pundonor, sacrifice, honesty towards oneself. Worrying about your physical appearance does not make you a "despicable narcissist" as sometimes we are meant to believe. Therefore, if you are looking for a graft, implant or hair transplant in Spain or Turkey, in this guide we explain everything you need to know.

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Today, the popularity of graft procedures, implants and hair transplants is very high and suffers a remarkable comeback with respect to recent years. In fact, in the case of Spain, it is above the European average. That is why we hear more and more comments like "I worry about these tickets" or "I can see the cardboard". In
First and foremost: dramatize, everything has a solution. Baldness is not something to be ashamed of,
not a question that should restrict your freedoms, it is only one more phase of the course of events that human beings experience. Therefore, we want to explain the differences between graft, implant or hair transplant and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so in Spain or Turkey.

Differences between graft, implant and hair transplant

Since the greatest fears that lurk are accompanied by a profound misinformation, try to have in your hands all the data that may be useful to you at the time of entering a new project. That is why, when it comes to considering a hair intervention process, there are several terms to demystify in order to make the optimal choice. According to the SAR, we found that grafting, implant and transplantation have different meanings and therefore, it is pertinent not to use them interchangeably. These are your differences:

  • Graft: the capillary micrograft, also know as follicular microtransplant, consists of the act of transfer hair from the areas where it is always active (as in the neck or side of the head), towards sections with shortage of alopecia, where the follicular space has been left open.

  • Implant: the hair implant consists of the introduction of artificial hair in lifeless follicles, which implies that, although in sight the physical change is immediate (and it has not been necessary to extract hair from a donor area), these hairs they will not have the possibility to grow.

  • Transplant: hair transplant is known by the extraction of follicular units of areas with hair density for later transplantation in areas with greater capillary depopulation, which is usually the top of the head. .

The first step of an intervention where a hair transplant or graft is performed is the removal of live follicles from areas where alopecia has not influenced. It is very common that the area chosen is the nape, so the patient will be placed upside down. Once the most suitable area for extraction is selected, this will be shaved with the object of Limit hair length to 1 millimeter. Subsequently, the area will be anesthetized and the follicles will be removed. For which it is possible to mention several techniques used globally:

  • Fuss technique (follicular unit strip surgery): This technique is commonly known as "strip", as it consists of take a portion of scalp skin with the hair it contains. In this way hundreds of hair follicles are obtained at once. Although it is an issue that, at first glance, can worry the reader, the scar is barely visible, except in the case that it was decided to shave the head in the future. The main advantage of this technique is that, once the strip is removed, the professionals divide the follicles according to the number of hairs that each one of them has, so that those of greater quantity will be arranged in the areas where more need of hair has Aesthetically the patient.

  • Technique was (follicular unit extraction): the technique was consists of directly extract the individual hair follicles from the neck, for which a high precision millimeter tool is used. Obviously, this procedure is more laborious than the strip and, of course, leaves no scars. The only transitory sequel is a shaved area in the neck that will take a small period of time to grow back.

  • Robotic technique: the robotic technique consists of an auxiliary practice of the technique was for which a robot is used that facilitates the rapid extraction of follicular units. It consists of a technique was assisted by a robot that allows the extraction of follicular units in a faster way.

Advantages and disadvantages of opting for grafting, implantation and hair transplantation in Spain

Currently, due to work stress and the daily routine we are exposed to, many men face a problem related to hair loss and the baldness at very early ages. At the same time, the health problems that generate alopecia (without ruling out genetic issues). With the intention of solving this problem that worries a large part of the male population various techniques and procedures have been developed, whose advantage are:

  • Having a hair transplant will give you a more youthful appearance, since baldness is generally associated with aging.

  • It is very common for people who undergo a hair transplant to experience an increase in their self esteem and build trust while discarding complexes.

  • Putting a solution to an issue that worries or haunts us (as in some extreme cases) is a good way to put a brake on and drive away depressive processes and anxiety.

  • The ease of undergoing intervention in Spain is undeniable due to issues of closeness and ease in the communication.

  • The fact of not having to leave the country omits the expenses of displacement Y accommodation somewhere else.

  • The situation of hair grafts in Spain has improved in the last ten years, since it was previously an impossible mission due to the shortage of clinics.

However, not everything is a path of roses; our country also presents a series of inconvenience That in limit in our decisions when facing a hair intervention without resorting to external help (an aid that will not always be the most suitable option). We must take them into account in order to take a decision Not only objective, but also successful. Below we will detail some of the most relevant:

  • Like any surgical intervention, the patient may suffer infections during the postoperative recovery process, as well as light irritations in the areas where the incisions have been made.

  • During the operative process, as well as in the hours after the implant, the patient may feel numb or sleepy due to the effects of anesthesia.

  • In patients who have a lower degree of pain headache.

  • It's common for us to be ashamed to make public that we want put an end to baldness "artificially" and therefore staying in Spain can bother us and suppose we have to give a series of explanations that

  • While it is true that studies and research have advanced, Spain does not have a wide variety of clinics.

  • The most advanced surgical intervention teams in the hair field are still in short supply in our country.

  • The low supply of clinics and hair professionals, together with the great demand to undergo this type of procedures among society, makes the prices of hair treatments in Spain exorbitant and far exceed those we can find in other countries.

Advantages and disadvantages of opting for grafting, implantation and hair transplantation in Turkey

It is common that when we hear about “hair grafts,” the word “quickly comes to mind” comes to mind.Turkey”, A country that is providing grants to hair clinics. And it is well known that this country has hundreds of specialized clinics in this area distributed by the most renowned cities, being Istanbul to the head. Next, we will list some of the main advantage that we found by launching this process in Turkey:

  • While it is common for us to raise suspicions, traveling abroad to carry out a hair implantation process avoid explaining in case we don't want to make this public decision.

  • For years, this country has achieved a great international recognition endorsed by renowned professionals. It is increasingly common to find clinics such as Capilclinic, with presence in different European countries, which are dedicated to follow-up after the intervention in Turkey. The digital transformation (social networks, photos, web portals …) has led to viralization patient opinions and testimonials which manifest both the professionalism of Turkish specialists and the positive experiences they have had.

  • The wide range of these treatments, as well as the high number of specialized Turkish clinics, together with the exchange rate against the euro, has resulted in the graft prices are intrinsically lower in relation to the rest of European countries. Being the average of a repopulation of about 2,000 euros. The diversification of this type of services has led to the creation of operators that offer cheap packs in order to facilitate travel, accommodation and other services that the patient may need during their stay in Turkey.

However, in the information age, there are also many critics We found relative to the viability of traveling abroad with the illusion of returning with optimal hair health. Most of them are based on first person testimonials and opinions of patients whose experience has not been expected. Some of the main inconvenience What we found are the following:

  • The fact that the state subsidizes the clinics where the grafts are carried out (the reason for the reduced price) suggests that some of the clinics could be used as "cover", and not having the most appropriate specialization.

  • Although the main reason for traveling to Turkey is to save money on treatment, tour operators end up being responsible for providing a complete leisure trip, with what generally the credit cards suffer more than the anticipated thing by that of “since I go…”.

  • Nobody assures us that a couple of weeks after the implants are performed, we are not some kind of problem arises, but by then, the specialist who attended us will be thousands of kilometers away. The postoperative surveillance It can be key in these cases.

  • On the other hand, it would be almost impossible claim in case complications arise because that would mean having to return to Turkey.

  • The fact that we are in a foreign country limits, in a certain way, and because of the very good handling of languages ​​we have, the communication, the understanding and the reception of information (key factor in such a delicate process).

  • In some cases (it will be difficult for the patient to find out), the doctors responsible are not plastic surgeons, but Information lacking technicians adequate.

  • The preoperative diagnosis and the transplant design it is done through a Photography taken by the patient, since there is no possibility of prior consultation.

Although grafts, implants and hair transplants in Turkey have more disadvantages than those performed in Spain, there are clinics such as Capilclinic which, having activity in both countries, it is one of the few options if you want to “skip” the inconveniences, so We recommend that you ask for information.

Frequently asked questions about the graft, implant and hair transplant process

All process of hair restocking It requires a series of steps to follow in order for the intervention to proceed correctly. That is why the patient must take into account a number of issues before undergoing such a procedure. This requires a approach and one previous reflection, not just for the physical and mental involvement that this may have but also for the economical. This is the process:

Am I really convinced that I want to perform hair grafts?

You must assess how much is the relative importance that your physical appearance has for you. Just as if the decision is made own motu or in search of a potential social acceptance. Ask for opinions from relatives and close acquaintances, who can advise and objectify your doubts. Find out and value all possible options. Only then can you make a decision.

Do I have the necessary time to undergo medical tests and follow treatment guidelines?

Keep in mind that a team of professionals will have to study the quality and evolution of your hair for a period of time before undergoing any intervention. You must also follow some methods of manual hair stimulation, using in turn the products that these professionals recommend before the intervention.

What option should I choose? Transplant my own hair or implant artificial hair?

In most cases this decision will be essentially economical, and the amount of follicular units which we are talking about. The operative process is similar in both cases, although it can condition the small scar that would leave the technique of fuss extraction whereby a complete scalp strip is removed.

What prices are we talking about?

Referring two random clinics … in Spain, an average of between 2,500 and 4,500 follicular units (between 5,000 and 10,000 hairs), would entail a hair graft price of 5,090 to 5,590 euros. With the fuss technique and a populated donor area, the hair graft could start from the € 3,500whereas, in Turkey, the average of a repopulation of hair is in € 2500.

What should we do before the intervention?

The previous step to any hair graft is to wash your hair the day before with a special shampoo that the specialized person has been recommended, with the aim of disinfecting the hair and scalp well. It will also be necessary to remain in fast for 6 hours before the intervention

How long is the intervention?

The intervention will not take you too far from your daily routine nor will it cause you to cancel too many plans. It depends on the amount of follicular units to transplant Usually, the intervention usually lasts a few 3-4 hours approximately, which you will understand from the pre-operative, the administration of anesthesia and the process of hair transplant in itself.

It hurt?

You do not have to worry! Your pain threshold will know how to face this little trance. The hair transplant is performed with Local anesthesia Y oral anxiolytic, in order to make the patient more comfortable. For the post-operative, the specialist will prescribe you tonti-inflammatory and anti-coagulants So that the inconvenience is minimal.

Is hospitalization required?

The hair grafting process is ambulatoryYou enter and leave the clinic for yourself on the same day. However, it is understood recommended on accompaniment of a person, as the patient may finish the operation stunned or slightly sore after the anesthetic effects have passed.

What is the postoperative period?

The patient should monitor the scalp to avoid inflammations and infections. The healing period can sometimes be slow, but doctors will prescribe all the Medication needed You will feel little discomfort, but nothing serious.

Can I live a normal life after the intervention?

In the event that there is no risk of receiving blows in the transplanted area (either because an individual sport is performed or because of having a “quiet” day to day) it is recommended to wait 7 days, what the small scabs take to disappear. However, both for the realization of collective sports as if we are exposed to physical or risk occupations, agglomerations etc., the patient must wait one month.

Do I have to go back to the clinic?

Either in parallel to the intervention, or in later days, they will be used complementary treatments that accelerate the acceptance and growth of hair. The most common forms of hair regeneration are laser, or plasma. Also, the specialist who attends you will be at your disposal during the follow-up period whenever you have any doubt or discomfort.

How long does it take to grow transplanted hair?

The transplanted follicles begin a resting phase that lasts between 2 and 4 months. Subsequently, they will begin to grow, so a relatively visible result would begin to be seen between the eighth month and year since the intervention. Do not hurry, every difficult process has its reward.

Spain and Turkey are able to get a hair implant

Today, society is conditioned by the culture of "here and now" and "the cheaper the better". On rare occasions we brake dry to value the pros and cons of any decision (especially in something as important and as visible as hair). The problem appears when you apply this philosophy of life to the realms of life that can really condition us and have negative consequences for your health. Playing with the quality of issues that can affect your vital well-being is not, in any case, an option.

Alopecia or baldness and alopecia are a major inconvenience for a high percentage of society (due in part to beauty standard of the big brands). It is precisely because of this relevance that is attributed to the physicist of people that you must assess what is the best option, so it is important that you have the opinion of qualified professionals and with the information related to all the procedures and techniques that will be carried out in a process of graft, implant and hair transplant, either in Spain or Turkey.

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