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You know combine the colors of clothing and accessories? Are you lost among so much possibility and are you looking for help? You are in the right place! The color scheme plays a very important role at the time of choose and wear clothessince it adds individuality and style to your closet For a long time, men's fashion goes hand in hand with the opposite sex and offers a great variety of colors, styles and shapes. To help men and their women, we have gathered some examples, so that you learn to combine colors of the appropriate attire for each occasion.

guide how to combine colors clothing men clothing accessories

A proper color scheme It is one of the main components of a perfect look and a stylish design. You cannot join certain colors with others, since, not only will it look aesthetically wrong, but you can get ridiculous, depending on the situation and the place in which you are. Men, in general, do not go well dressed (in the eyes of women), but it is because no one has bothered to teach us to combine colors, textures, etc. It is time to do your part and learn something about this topic.

Precisely for this reason we have decided to share with you a guide that will help you not to make mistakes when it comes to choose and combine the colors of the clothes (You can even transfer it to many more things). Therefore, you can see, step by step, what you have to do to choose colors and how they join together. The idea is that you have a chop to be useful and easy to understand and that you can use both to go out and to go to a wedding.

Schemes and types of usual color combinations

Within the fashion world, the color scheme is the variety of possible colors used in clothing and accessories. These schemes, which are based primarily on the chromatic circle, are used to create attraction and style (These color combinations, when used together, produce the human eye a feeling of beauty). A basic color scheme will use two colors that they look good together. It is essential that you learn to combine colors as it will allow you to look your outfits better. Anyway, although this guide is aimed at fashion, also you can apply it to many other things, be it the decoration of your house or the graphic and web design. This is the correct way to combine colors:

How to combine colors according to their type

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear man wheel color circle color twelve colors types

He chromatic circle, color circle or color wheel is a graphic representation of the harmonic relationship and contrast between primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Although there are several types of color circles that represent the different colors of the palette, the theory of the color of graphic arts uses the CMY model (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) in which the three primary colors predominate (from which they depart afterwards colors that make up the rest of the range). Thanks to that wheel you get the most important color combinations (by type). Let me explain it to you in parts:

Primary colors

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men types primary colors

The primary colors are the main colors of the circle and are located so equidistant. They are called as primary since they cannot be obtained with the mixture of any other color and most of the other colors are obtained with the mixture of these three. The colors that make it up are the Red (magenta), yellow (yellow) and blue (cyan) These are the most basic colors that exist and the combination of these colors is the creates the remaining colors of the color circle.

Secondary colours

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men types secondary colors

The secondary colours are perceptual shades of color, which are obtained mixing the uneven parts of the primary colors (from 2 to 2). The colors that make it up are the orange (the sum of red plus yellow), green (which results from yellow and blue) and Violet (the sum of the blue and red) and are an idealized model, fully dependent on the source that represents the color, the nature of the material that generates it and the subjective characteristics of the visual and auditory perception of the authors.

Tertiary colors

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men types tertiary colors

Tertiary colors they are the result of the combination between a primary and a secondary color. Mixtures like these result in violet red, orange yellow, greenish blue, greenish yellow, orange red, among others. The colors that make it up are the yellow orange (yellow orange), oranged Red (red orange), purplish red (red violet), purplish blue (blue violet), greenish blue (blue green) and greenish yellow (yellow green). These form a really interesting variety of colors since this is very wide, in addition to the fact that they form most of the colors found in nature (although they are based on few combinations I can affirm that they are practically infinite).

How to combine colors according to their relationship

As you will understand now, there are various ways to combine the different colorsAlthough in this case I will teach you how to do it according to your relationship, it can also be done according to its properties. The colors are related to each other, that is, if we use a certain color range These combinations allow you to use another range of colors that makes your outfits don't lose the aesthetic And they look better. Knowing the different combinations of colors is essential when dressing any garment or accessory, since it will allow you, in a very simple way and following some basic rules to combine colors, to keep it as aesthetic as possible. These are the color combinations according to their relationship:

Complementary color scheme (opposite colors)

how to combine colors clothing accessories men's shoes combination colors according to complementary relationship

The complementary, additional or cons colors are those that are located on the opposite sides of the Itten color wheel. Your combination looks very lively and full of energy, especially if the colors of saturated tones are combined. These colors are widely used in advertising, because of the high contrast they produce that results in a call to action. Therefore, the use of these color ranges can be a good element if you are looking for attention (They are not good colors to go unnoticed).

Complementary color scheme separately (nearby colors)

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to separate complementary relationship

It is a variation of the complementary color scheme but, instead of the opposite color, they are used the two colors that are by your side. This combination applies to one base color and two additional colors. The scheme looks almost as contrasting as tense. If you are not sure that you can use the complementary combination well, use the complementary combination separately.

Triad color scheme (3 colors)

how to combine colors clothing accessories shoes men combination colors according to triad relationship

The triad color scheme Is about combination of 3 colors that are located at the same distance from each other. Such a color scheme provides a great contrast without interfering with harmony. This type of combination maintains the contrast of complementary color combinations, while printing the harmony that these colors lack. The best in using this combination is take a dominant color that is used to a greater extent than the other colors, since these colors print strength and you counted vibrantly.

Analog color scheme (between 2 and 5 colors)

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to analog relationship

The analog colors are the combination of 2 to 5 colors located next to each other in the color wheel (ideally combine 2 to 3 colors at once). They are the neighboring colors of the chromatic circle which have a common color as a denominator if red is taken as the dominant color, being able to form a color scheme analogous with the other three correlatives in the chromatic circle represented in watercolor by the lacquer of a color primary but that does not matter but the color, the purple and the violet. Analog colors too they are similar to tertiary colors, because they combine between primary and secondary that form the analogous colors in the chromatic circle. For example, orange yellow, yellow, greenish yellow, green and greenish blue.

Rectangular or tetrad color scheme (4 colors)

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to relationship tetrada

The tetrad color scheme (which is the same as rectangular) is a color scheme that includes a basic color, two additional and another that puts accents (these are colors found at the same distance in the color circle). You must be careful, since given the nature of the tetrad, all colors tend to be different. To solve that, you should let one color be the dominant one and use the other 3 to highlight. For example, greenish blue, purple blue, orange red, orange yellow.

Square color scheme (4 colors)

how to combine colors clothing accessories shoes men combination colors according to square relationship

It's about the combination of 4 colors that are the same distance from each other (the colors don't look like tone, but they complement each other). Very similar to the tetrad or rectangular combination. It is a square color scheme similar to the rectangle, with the difference that the four colors are evenly spaced Around the color circle. In this color scheme it is preferable to let a color be dominant and you should pay attention to the balance between warm and cold colors in your design. This type of combination allows you to create a dynamic, playful and striking style. For example, purple, orange red, yellow, greenish blue.

How to combine colors according to their properties

All color has a series of properties that make you vary in appearance and that define your final appearance. According to the different existing properties that I have already explained, with each color you can get to create a whole range that serves you for your graphic and web designs, simply changing the hue, saturation or brightness. This can be very useful if you want to make your design look uniform and one color prevails over others. These are the color combinations according to your property:

Warm colors

how to combine colors clothing accessories men's shoes combination colors according to warm properties

The warm colors are the fire colors, of the passionate love, of the sunset, of the leaves in autumn (it seems that they approach the user above the background). In addition to the thermal sensation, they transmit closeness, intimacy, energy and warmth, the warm colors They convey feelings of joy. In fact, it is often said that the redder the color is warmer.

Cool colors

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to cold properties

The cold colors are all the tones that go from the blue to green, in addition to the purple ones. The more blue a color has, the colder it will be. The cold colors are the winter tones, of the night, of the seas and lakes. They are usually used to give a sense of tranquility, calm, seriousness and professionalism. They also give a feeling of spaciousness.

Bright colors

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to bright properties

The bright colors they are stimulating colors that they attract a lot of attention, so they must be combined with neutral colors. Care must be taken when using them in our designs because if you abuse them you can generate a feeling of rejection. They inspire cleanliness, youth, cheerfulness, as with yellows, greens and oranges.

Dark colors

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to dark properties

The dark colors They inspire seriousness, maturity, calm. Traditionally they have been the combinations that have been used over time. They are very sober combinations that will not make you clash at any time but they can make your designs look sad and muted. You must be careful when using these color combinations but, if you do it right, you will keep the desired elegance in your designs.

Saturated Colors

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to saturated properties

Combining saturated colors it makes colors look more intense, since they tend to be very alive. This is due to the amount of gray that a color contains, since, the more gray it is (more neutral) the less bright or less saturated it is. These colors will help highlight certain important elements of our designs In addition, they transmit intensity, energy and liveliness.

Unsaturated colors (desaturated)

how to combine colors clothing accessories footwear men combination colors according to unsaturated properties

The unsaturated color scheme (or desaturated) is performed adding the gray color to the chosen color tone. Therefore, you are adding a more neutral color to an initial color tone, which makes the colors look less bright and more muted that will lead to so-called pastel colors. These types of colors are widely used in fashion due to the possibility of «decolorize»And therefore can be applied to more elements.

These combinations are very interesting if you want your designs they look with a certain tone range. By playing with some values ​​you can get very different colors using a single tone.

What colors mean and what colors combine best with others

Once we know the different color combinations, it would be convenient for you to be able to Choose the tone or color that best suits your graphic or web design. All colors they have a meaning, since it is a preconceived image in the mind that evokes different feelings. Therefore, it is essential to know what inspires each color to each person or society, because when you use them in your design you can convey the message in a totally different way. That is why the big brands usually use a single color, since this transmits the same sensations to consumers even if many years pass (Coca Cola red, HP blue, McDonals yellow, etc). Therefore, let me show you the meaning of colors most used and what colors combine best with others:

Colors that combine with white

He White color It is one of the most used next to the color black. It is a color that is usually linked to feelings of purity, cleanliness and simplicity. White is a feminine and noble color But it is also weak. In this sense it has as colors contrary to black and red, which are the colors of power and strength. Both exterior cleaning and interior purity are associated with white and everything that can be considered hygienic It is usually related to this color.

The white color is universal and combines well with all colors. White clothes are cooler and perfect for humid climates and very hot seasons.

Colors that combine with black

He black color sometimes It is not defined as a color in itself, but as the absence of light and, nevertheless, it is indispensable so that the other colors can vary their hue. The color black is one of the favorite by fashion designers to combine it with other colors. It is a color that is usually related to feelings of power, formality and mystery. It is also considered somewhat controversial, especially in Western culture, where its meaning can be related to both positive and negative aspects.

The black color is universal and combines well with all colors. It is perfect for make contrasts and stylize the figure a lot.

Colors that combine with blue

He color blue usually related to feelings like freedom, seriousness and loyalty. In addition, it is one of the most used colors In many designs. It is perfect to use on different occasions because at first sight he is the representative of trust, intelligence and wisdom (qualities that please). Although it is a cold color, it almost always evokes positive feelings, due to the confidence and security it conveys.

  • Colors that match Turquoise: Fuchsia, cherry red, yellow, brown, and dark purple
  • Colors that match blue: Red, gray, brown, orange, pink, white and yellow.
  • Colors that match Electric blue: Yellow, brown, light brown and gray.
  • Colors that combine with dark blue: Light purple, blue, green-yellow, brown, gray, yellow, orange, green, red and white.

Colors that combine with gray

He Gray is usually linked to feelings of peace and tenacity (In some cultures you are related to indeterminacy or mediocrity). The gray color is the symbol of the neutrality and represents a fresh, detached and balanced color. It is a color without emotions, in a bad mood, typically associated with the meanings of opaque, dirty and dreary, as well as formal, conservative and sophisticated. A corporate image based on gray has no intention of capture attention of the general public and generally act without prominence.

  • Colors that match Gray: Pink, fuchsia pink, red, purple and blue.
  • Colors that combine with Light Gray: Beige, white, pink, navy, magenta, red, orange and violet.
  • Colors that combine with Marengo Gray: Broken white, red (not intense shades) and beige or sand color.

Colors that combine with orange

He Orange it is a color that is related to the quality, creativity and encouragement. Therefore it is a very interesting color to integrate into any design or range of colors (even as an additional color). This color represents fire, the sun, also fun and is related to citrus tones typical of healthy foods and tropical environments. Orange can inspire adventure, take risks and be independent, since it is a very striking and sometimes inappropriate color (so you must be careful).

  • Colors that match Orange: Light blue, blue, purple, black and white.
  • Colors that match Light orange: Gray, brown and olive green.
  • Colors that match Dark orange: Yellow, olive green, brown and dark red.

Colors that combine with red

He Red color It is usually related to terms like passion, impulsivity and strength. For this reason it is very useful for designs, products and services that are related to desire and love. In this thought, red is, from the beginning, equivalent to color (a natural association since fire is red) and also blood. It is related to dynamism, heat, closeness, fertility, health, power. Many brands use this color, including Ferrari or Santander Bank.

  • Colors that combine with Red: Yellow, white, brown, green, blue and black.
  • Colors that match Light red: Blue, green, beige, white and gray.
  • Colors that match Dark red: Light blue, gray, orange, beige and yellow.
  • Colors that match Garnet: White, black and pink.

Colors that combine with green

He green color is linked to feelings related to the nature, growth and balance. Its use in designs is interesting because it helps build trust and that the user feels more relaxed. It is currently the flag color of many companies with «Bio» products.

  • Colors that combine with olive green: Orange, brown and light brown.
  • Colors that match Green: Brown, gray, white, black yellow and gold.
  • Colors that match Mint Green: Pink, white, red, coral, orange, black, navy and gold.
  • Colors that match Bluish green: White, navy blue, orange, coral pink, gold, brown and beige.

Ways to combine the colors of clothing and accessories

Once you are clear about the different types of combinations you can make with colors, it's time to put it into practice. That is why we have put together a series of examples with images to give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about and how you can combine different colors to make you feel good and fashionable. Review them slowly and looking at the intervening colors In each case.

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