▷ How to know if you like a boy ❤️? 15 SIGNS


The idea of declare your feelings Have you been scratching your head for a while but are you not sure about taking a step forward? Do you feel that the relationship with that boy Special has taken a turn and you do not understand well why it is? Do you fear not being reciprocated? Brakes dry! It's just about take some perspective and analyze the matter. Knowing if he feels the same about you is not an easy task and, when you think you understand everything that bothered you, boom !, something happens that breaks your schemes. Don't be surprised if you start to go crazy while trying find out if he is interested in you or it has simply noticed the beautiful legs you have. Do not worry, your love counselors have arrived to stay. Take a look at what we tell you and you will be a expert in catching signals on the fly (although maybe you are looking for a girl).

how to know if a guy likes you

The fears They tend to stalk at first are more common than we sometimes pretend to believe. And in fact, they contribute greatly to butterflies that appear in the stomach when everything starts to go on wheels. If it costs you take the first step in relationships or you need to be sure that you are not misinterpreting their signals, it is best to keep in mind a series of tricks to identify if you're really interested. Eye, it won't be an easy task! But at least you will take uncertainty out of the way. One day smile, and another avoids you. One day he asks you for class notes and the other does not greet you by the corridors. One day he invites you to drink and the next one does not answer the messages. mens, sometimes complicated to understand; and others, a great incentive in your life. If you feel that the time has come to stop wasting your time and take action, always keep these signs on hand to see if a boy likes you.

Steps and tricks to know if a man likes you

# 1 Pay attention to what your body language tells you

how to know if a guy likes body language

There is nothing that says more than one person than the way you move your body. That we do not speak does not mean that we are not saying something. Nonverbal communication sometimes says much more about the person than his own words. However, not only you must be very attentive, but also, you will have to make accurate and accurate interpretations that do not lead you to error. Being realistic, It's a little complicated know if a boy likes you through his body language, since there are more than 50 gestures for it. However, we do not give any cause for loss, all for trying to make you feel as safe as possible when you get ready to Make the first move. In addition, if men have a good thing in this regard, they do not usually measure their instinctive actions too much, so in most cases you can interpret them as completely natural and sincere. Precisely for this reason, we have tried to compile a series of indicators that do not fail to identify if he is interested in you. Do you recognize any?

  • Don't stop looking at you when you're together: This craving for observation may be because you generate one of the following emotions: curiosity, attraction, admiration, love or tenderness. You should not feel uncomfortable, because he thinks that if he looks at you, it is because he feels good doing it or because he does not want to miss your person's detail. In any case, it is a symbol of interest in you and in what he thinks you can contribute.

  • Keep a lot of eye contact with you: Eye contact will be key when you're in front of him. Try to read what your eyes hide. Strive in To see beyond of what the color of the iris can tell you (… as much as you like that aquamarine blue). Yes your eyes are fixed for at least 4 seconds … very good sign! After the first 3 seconds the mind disconnects from outside and instinct is responsible for translate what a look says. It is a connection after which you can immediately recognize what are the sensations that flow between you.

  • That invades your personal space when you are together or that is very close to you: If you perceive that you frequently look for any kind of approach, is an excellent sign. Whether he leans toward you when he speaks to you or takes advantage of a time when you're laughing to put his hand on your lap. The approach signs play very much in your favor and, no doubt, they will remove the butterflies that slept in your stomach. Similarly, it is also positive if you worry about fasten your coat when you go out and it's cold or it does a sudden hug for no apparent reason Clear signs, which are probably not new, but very effective.

  • May your feet, legs or hands point to you when you speak: His body is speaking by itself, and you have the keys to interpret it, why do you want more! Human instincts indirectly seek a imaginary connection when there is attraction in between. And although sometimes the words try to show the opposite, show the palms of your hands, do not cross your arms or direct your legs in the direction of the person in front of you, it is certainly a proximity sign. With this we don't want to tell you to be more aware of the movements of his hands than of what he tells you, but without a doubt a multi-perspective will be of great help.

  • Take more care of your appearance when it's by your side: There is no doubt that, although in the day to day men have begun to take care of their appearance much more than they used to, there are times when you can observe a remarkable change in the appearance of a boy That makes you think he's trying to take advantage. You may wear a new tie, that you bought some skinny jeans that stylize your leg and mark your twin, or that you have included lacquer in your morning beauty ritual. Why do you want to feel more handsome when it's close to you? Indeed, you are thinking the right thing. In this context, it is positive that in addition, you should also look at their gestures: there are some clear signs such as smoothing the sweater, pulling on the lapels of the jacket, combing with the hands or stroking the beard that represent very clear clues.

  • Take care of your manners and manners: Not only for the simple fact of «To make a good impression«, But also by correction and repair. The forms and patterns of behavior of a man, say a lot about him, and it is very common that when he is interested not draw attention for rudeness or lack of correction, you can identify actions with which it pretends to make you think that it is a gentleman. Yes "your boy" the chair separates you from the table so you can take a seat Before proceeding to do it, you can predict a good evening. Yes, in addition, then you realize that smooth the shirt with your hands while he sits down instead of dropping which deadlift as a group of "colleagues" could do on the park bench, it means he cares what you think of him. Other easy to detect signs are: put your hand in your mouth when you cough or sneeze no matter how mild the stimulus is, that if you smoke, smoke the cigarette in another direction so that it doesn't reach you, to invite you to pass in front of him when he opens the door to enter somewhere, or to use courtesy formulas like "please" and "thank you" regularly.

You can trust what we tell you. If he doesn't like you, he will avoid all kinds of contact or care of his signals when he is with you, and this happens because the boys take care of themselves a lot. do not send false signals. Do not underestimate them, they are very intelligent and do nothing "unintentionally". So we recommend that you do not get excited if you always avoid contact with you. In this case, getting to attract him will require other techniques.

In the event that when sitting next to you Point your shoulders at your side, is also a clear gesture that he likes you a lot.

# 2 Pay attention to your look

how to know if a boy looks like you

Do not doubt Analyze the way he looks at you. This may start to sound a bit surreal and it won't be especially easy for you the first few times you try to put it into practice, but don't worry, there's no need for a Master to understand what a boy thinks While looking at your eyes We have already mentioned earlier that if a man has an interest in you, will not stop looking at you. For that reason, it is interesting that you analyze the eye contact. By this we mean the moments when you find yourself face to face with him and you feel that there is nothing but your eyes around. Learn to translate what someone transmits with the intensity and direction of the gaze, as well as with the flickering frequency it will be an essential key when identifying what sensations you transmit to it. Keep these tips in mind:

  • * Warning: try not to get dizzy while imagining what we tell you next: in the case that you look to the left, turn your head, look at you, turn it again, and then look to the right, is that you provoke very good feelings. Why are we so sure of this? It is simply a unconscious dissimulation tactic with the one he shows first, that he cannot contain himself; and secondly, that he does not want his intentions to be especially evident. The movement is used to mislead, but to you, who begin to be an expert in male tactics, there is no one who cheats you anymore!

  • Yes, on the other hand, the man avoid eye contact Because he is shy, or feels shame to be alone with you, do not think it is for lack of interest. It is simply a factor to consider within your personality, so you just have to worry about knowing your way of being before. The reality is that this situation is usually not especially common but do not rule out falling in love with a boy who, first, is relatively shameful, because in addition, they are usually the most tender and affectionate. This shows complexes, lack of self confidence and, of course, he worries what you might think of him. Over time you will be able to generate a climate of trust and closeness in which he is comfortable enough to express his appetite without bother.

  • If you realize that blinks very often, don't turn on the alarms, it's not a bad sign. Blinking is a mechanism of the organism in response to a tension situation or nervousness The eyes dry when we face a situation that creates uncertainty, and therefore we open and close them frequently. You may feel observed if not you are in a discreet place, or you may simply be thinking that you have not chosen the most suitable attire for the occasion. The other option is that you have simply acquired a unconscious tick That does not respond to any explanation. In any case, this is a positive point for you. As with shyness, there will come a time when get a relaxed atmosphere and these nerve disorders disappear completely.

  • There may also be the occasion that the boy who looks at you don't interest you. It is clear that if you find yourself reading this right now, it is probably not your case. But … have you stopped to think that the boy you like so much today can become a passing illusion within a month? And what happens if, at that moment when you have already lost much of the interest, they begin to wake up certain feelings in him? In this case, manage the situation with smoothness and empathy. If it bothers you or you don't want to create false expectations, just look away slyly, as if you were looking for someone. If you think that the situation is getting worse and starts to make you feel uncomfortable or make you feel bad about not responding to that person, then consider yourself have a conversation with him, is the best way to make things clear and move forward. First of all it is necessary show respect and understanding. It does not always rain to everyone's taste.

# 3 Listen and show attention for what I tell you

how to know if a boy likes you listen carefully

This may sound like a romantic comedy on Saturday afternoon, but nothing is further from reality. In the case that a man likes you, most likely try to impress you talking about him. It is a mechanism by which you will be trying to you know him better, to surprise you with your tastes or interests, and that you can find points in common. Do not think that it is self-centered, at least not in a first contact. Just try to impress and create links between you. As a symbol of thanks, have an active listening to what he tells you, internalize it, and let him know what causes you interest what you hear through gestures, head movements, or words.

We will not deny you that, if you were a continuous attitude and characteristic of your personality, you could become saturated with so much information and personal pride. In that case, turn around. You are not before the right person. Give it a prudential time, Check that he doesn't just want to talk to you about him, but also shows curiosity about different aspects of your life. And, if a certain moment arrives, you consider that he has already told you the most relevant questions of his life to start a relationship but nevertheless he persists in boasting his virtues, propose an exercise in humility and let him know that he is not the person you expected.

However, let's focus on the first assumption. Let's say that at the beginning of your meetings the boy wants to create some communication with you. Interspersed (it's a dialogue, not a monologue), take the reins of the conversation and talk about it. Let him also know how he can access your lifestyle. Important point: in the event that you talk about another boy, surely will try to prove his masculinity. Do not be offended, in a first contact this type of fluctuations in the talks are normal. And it's not that he intends to mark his territory, but that may feel inferior or insecure and consequently, take out his masculine weapons, with which he will not attempt to attack you at all.

Keep in mind that it doesn't matter so much what you answer (but also), but The way to do it. A key method to know if he is interested in you is to try to lean toward him and whisper something. For example "right now I only have ears for you." Then, gently stroke her shoulder or back. Supposing I approached you and respond to physical contact, is that you are on a very good path. Try never to forget that the basis of any relationship, be you starting it or take time in it, is the communication.

# 4 Interpret your interest and reactions to physical contact with you

how to know if a guy likes interest reactions physical contact

Eye with the interpretations. The rubbing is not by decree good, or bad. It depends on the moment, the person and the interest. However, the physical contact is a important sign of involvement in a relationship that is starting That is why you can measure your intentions by observing the way it touches you and the way he reacts when it's you who touch him. Physical contact is one of the most powerful expressions of feelings, destroys barriers and creates links between people. Remember that at the beginning of a relationship, this facilitates the acquisition of trust, in every way, since it allows us to give ourselves totally, emotionally and physically.

It is precisely the physical condition that allows to reach a healthy emotional development in the couple. After all, we are not talking about anything more or less than a natural and human manifestation conditioned by attraction. Caresses, kisses, and physical contact, unlike what many couples think, it does not only refer to the fact of wanting to have a sexual relationship, but these demonstrations also indicate that someone cares for the other, which can calm fears, soften pain or give emotional comfort.

However, we will make a brief paragraph to refer to the famous «Friends with benefits«. There are many people, especially today, who do not have much time to devote to a relationship (a couple means having time to be together) and many others who have fear of being 100% emotionally involved either because of distrust, because of fear or simply because they want to invest their energy and time in oneself or in other people or things (friends, family, work, hobbies…). Having a friend entitled to rubbing allows you not to get 100% emotionally and physically involved. Now, well, (and here comes our recommendation): try not to get hooked on him and above all, do not pretend to find an interest beyond attraction. It's fine that you delimit this concept to not fall in love with the equivocal person. And, of course, if your relationship expectations or the feelings you begin to have differ from his, try to cut off as soon as possible.

If he begins to notice that he likes you, there are certain attitudes that are often repeated frequently. Could caress your waist when you say goodbye touch your leg and leave it next to yours if you are sitting near or hug you with emphasis by greeting you Also, I could show your mood while telling you a story or just because "you seem to need a hug." Don't worry if these are not the patterns you detect with your boy, Every person is a world. These are several cases that can occur:

  • See how he responds to physical contact: A good way to measure the receptivity of a boy is to observe your answers and interpret their reactions when you set some kind of rub with him. In this sense, your women's weapons play in your favor. The normal thing is that the skin bristles when you caress him; or that, raising a bit of tone, begin to perceive an erection if the fact of having some contact with you excites you. Don't rule out getting nervous or even ask you to "stop" (even if you don't really want to) during the first few times or because you think you are not in the most suitable place. But do not worry, trust will pay off, and little by little you will understand their answers.

  • Although the blush and repair has been traditionally associated with the female sex, also the shy boys sometimes they startle when they feel a physical contact unexpected. Modesty is normal at the beginning of every relationship, so you don't have to take this reaction as negative, but ask him if he is uncomfortable, if you prefer to slow down, or if you have misunderstood your relationship. What is clear is that you should not stop being you or do what you want at all times. But, if this situation occurs, try to observe him immediately afterwards in order to rule out that he did it because he doesn't like you. If he smiles tenderly and tries to approach you to "return" your contact, then don't worry: you are interested. Just you must go slower until he picks up your pace and acquires security.

  • The most naughty boys enjoy fiddling. The best curious and daring they need to "access" a little more to you to see what feelings do you provoke. This does not have to mean that you are facing a womanizing man or that he places little value on women. Men, as a rule and by physiological definition, usually need more physical approach than women, especially at the beginning, when more curiosity arouses a relationship. It will depend on your personality that, being interested in it, you are able to follow the game or prefer to "go little by little" and not anticipate events. However, if you start to feel that you are looking for more friction than it would be within normality, before thinking that he is interested in you, inquire about him in case he is custom to do it automatically with all the girls.

# 5 Check that he acts and is different with you

how to know if a guy likes you act differently with you

Take a few moments to observe your gestures and find out if act with you differently than with the rest of the people with whom you relate. You will have to be very attentive, because it is not always easy correctly interpret language not verba. Remember: everything matters. Look at the position of his legs, the position of his back, the place where he places his hands … but especially, analyze well if look at the flooryeah turn your head constantly, or if your face reflects a relaxed and confident attitude. However, don't get obsessed with this issue either. There are guys who try to be discreet in public and care especially about not attracting attention or don't raise suspicions If you are not alone.

However, when the attraction is very powerful, there is no force in the universe capable of concealing it. In case he is interested in you, he will probably behave in a way closest and affectionate than with the rest when you are among a group of people. Will approach you whenever he can, and he will even change the site to someone with dissimulation to be by your side. You will take the slightest opportunity to surround yourself with your arm, or for stroke your shoulder. You can also notice in his attitude that he protects you more than usual or that he avoids the rest of the girls in the group, although this will not always be the case, nor does it have to be. The vast majority of boys tend to even "use" the rest of their friendships of the opposite sex as tool to cause some suspicion in you.

Let's make a brief note in relation to the aforementioned. Although they try to look for a certain spark or "sting" in you by what actions, most men do disgusting greatly the jealous or possessive girls. Therefore, whether he maintains the same relationship with you as with other girls, as if he does not, Do not play or "create your own movies". Distrusting someone without giving you clear reasons to do so is never a good start.

Anyway, it is very common that there are boys who prefer show this more behavioral aspect in private, instead of letting others feel their feelings or desires. Do not give it importance, the important thing is that you know how to recognize it. Gestures like rest your arm on your back when you're sitting next to him, bring his chair close to yours, or even, lend you a piece of clothing In the event that you seem cold, they can be a clear example of acceptance.

As we already told you, I didn't miss you flirt with others to try to make you jealous or arouse your attention. That's easy to know since in those cases, will look for your look To know if you're looking at him. In this case, become the "carefree." Smile at you making him see that you know what he is playing and take away importance To the subject. In the event that you touch with your arm playing, interpret it as a sample of approach. If you also like it and see that you do not turn away, you will most likely try to access it in a slightly more gentle way.

In the case that he does exactly the same with other girls in the group, he will not be interested in you, but you will be in his friends area, from which it is usually difficult to leave. If he does it only with you, but you are not interested, tell him.

# 6 Find out if your interests have changed

how to know if a boy likes you changes his interests

It is possible that now be very interested in your tastes and hobbies while before, he was not interested in the least. This can be positive or negative. Positive because, after find out about your desires, could discover a new vocation that you can also share. And negative at the same time, since, if you are not able to distinguish the way in which you get your ratings, you may not realize that you are only pretending to get closer to you. In which case, you will be living something similar to a "farce" that will uncover over time and it will make you realize that in reality, as much as you interest him as a person, you have little in common.

While the above is something to consider, Normally, your intentions are sincere. It is likely that you do a kind of psychological test and several questions to realize that you are the right person to occupy your heart. To know, you will interrogate sneakily, about your hobbies, profession, previous partners, future plans, your family, aspirations … Yes discover your tastes, it will divert the conversation until it reaches them and it will seek that indirectly coincidences occur.

«Do you like going to the movies?», «Yes, I love it», «Me too!«. Do you like to drink horchata while you play chess lying face down on the floor of the room »,« Yes, I love it »,« Me, too! ». This means that he wants to meet you, know more about you, find connection points, and discover new tastes. Rate it as something positive, whether you have a lot in common (or he pretends to make you see that you have a lot in common), as if you notice that he begins to adapt to your tastes. Not everyone is able to give in his hobbies to adapt to someone else’s.

Try to contribute to it. showing yourself what you like to do, in which you invest your time and what are the hobbies that you are passionate about. Of course, always checking what your answer is. In case he adopts your own position, consider yourself lucky. It dies for your bones!

An example of this may be that you do you recommend a group of music or a series that I didn't know before or didn't like and that suddenly, become a fan. If, on the other hand, you put a song on the radio and try to sing it or make comments like "what a cool music, I love it!", Is another sign that seeks to connect with you. That will happen if he is interested in you, otherwise, of course he would not waste time with things that do not attract his attention. Thus, make small "love tests" and when I ask about your concerns, return the gesture Doing the same with him.

# 7 See if he is nervous when he is by your side

how to know if a guy likes you is nervous

Whether or not you are a shy person, first contact shots with someone for whom you start to feel interest are always uncomfortable, strange, unknown. You will both be trying to figure out what the other is thinking, or what could you do to channel the situation. This attitude of over-reflection makes you end up being more aware of context and attitudes, rather than Enjoying the moment. It is normal, do not become obsessed, if he is withdrawn at first, it is a very good sign.

Maybe he laughs nervous, sweat your hands, be restless, sigh or stop looking from side to side. The most important thing is that you don't let him know with comments like "what's wrong with you, you're very weird", or similar. If you are nervous because you are looking make a good impression, maybe you like it a lot and soon dare to take the next step. In this case, be very careful! Stay very safe and make trust grow, because if you are falling in love, but you do not correspond, you can get to hurt him a lot.

If the time comes that you are absolutely sure of your interest in you, don't overdo it, don't try to show yourself "above" the situation. Even if he likes you, keep in mind that he is having a bad time, that it frustrates him not being able to show you more of himself because of the tension it has. Approach your boy and try to calm him down, explain that he has no reason to be insecure, since he should not feel any fear with you. Let him know that you like him as he is, naturally.

# 8 Watch how your friends act

how to know if a boy likes how his friends act

Most likely, their friends are more than aware of your intentions with you. Your environment of influence will be key in your relationship. Normally, friends have a lot to say when they discover that one of the group members has a new goal in mind. But beware, it is not as simple as we paint it: there are two sides of the coin. Your friends can stand in favor, supporting his decisions and seeing you as someone convenient for him; or against, trying to take your new illusion out of your head.

What do we mean by this? Be smart. Surely you've seen the typical Sunday afternoon movie in which she tries to "win" or fall in favor with his parents when he goes home for the first time. Let's apply this philosophy to your social environment. Try to get close to your friends, act cordially with them, show them that you are the right person and that with you they should not have any worries, because your feeling is sincere. Let them know that your friend cares, that you intend to take care of him and love him. And most importantly, let them be clear that you will never pretend that he stops spending time or distances himself from his friends by being with you.

In the case that I have talked about you, or have intuited that you are interested, maybe make jokes when they see you together, or even, they will try to find out, secretly, if you like it or not. If you notice him laughing, shout his name or give him little touches on your arm when you are near or you pass by, be happy: they accept you. It is easy to distinguish it: if they have face that they hide something, it will be because they hide something (and usually they have talked about it and really like you).

# 9 See if he imitates you

how to know if a girl likes you imitations

A sign of subconscious attraction is mimic the movements of the other person. In the case that many times you see him acting in the same way as you, and make the same gestures, most likely he is interested in you. In the vast majority of cases it will be a reflex and unconscious act. When someone is admired, we intuitively adopt their attitudes, gestures or way of communicating as ours. It's something that born institutionally and that, if it happens, it is very difficult to hide. Point in favor, girl.

Another clue will be to follow you everywhere. Imagine that you arrive at a cafeteria, sit down for a coffee and in a few minutes, he appears. I may see you and come closer, or try to hide who has not noticed your presence so you don't discover his "intentions." This coincidence could be coincidence, but, let's be realistic, if it happens to you more than once, it will be because he is following you. How should you react? Bien, asumamos que la primera vez que os encontráis es una casualidad. A la segunda, empezamos a tener muchos indicios de que él sabía donde te encontrabas, así que, si a ti también te gusta, ¿qué tal si te acercas y la invitas a sentarse contigo?

Las provocaciones amigables son otra pista. En el caso de que un chico te provoque de manera amigable, poco directa, y divertida suele indicar que tiene algún tipo de intención respecto a ti. Trata de disimularlo, no quiere ser evidente ni dar lugar a que pienses que «lo tienes todo hecho». Sin embargo, antes de lanzarte, comprueba que no actúe de esa forma con todos las chicas y que sólo lo haga contigo. En caso de que esta actitud no la muestre en exclusiva hacia ti, es que simplemente es muy juguetón, pero no siente nada especial.

#10 Atenta a los cumplidos

como saber si le gustas a un chico atenta cumplidos

En el caso de que hayas cambiado de look o de estilo y se haya dado cuenta, es probable que te diga lo guapa que estás o lo bien que te queda lo que lleves puesto en ese momento. En ese caso, sonríe y dale las gracias. Sin embargo, debes tener cuidado con esto. En el caso de que el chico que te hace el piropo sea tu amigo, no necesariamente estará interesado en ti, sino que lo más probable es que solo te lo diga para ser amable y hacerte sentir bien. Aprender a identificar desde qué perspectiva se dirigen a ti es esencial en este contexto.

Existen muchos y muy variados cumplidos que una mujer puede recibir. Por ejemplo, puede que, aunque él trate de mostrar que no le impresiona tu trabajo por cuestiones de orgullo, te haga saber lo bien que lo haces. También cambiará la forma en que se expresan las ideas: en lugar de decirte «me gusta tu vestido», un cumplido sería «qué bien te queda ese vestido«. Es muy común que le hable a tus propias amigas de ti, de lo ilusionado que está contigo, o de la suerte que tuvo conociéndote. En cualquier caso, si él realmente busca conectar contigo, te hará llegar sus sentimientos de una u otra forma.

Te recomendamos que no devuelvas el cumplido de inmediato ni de forma automática, pues quedará muy forzado. Además, él a penas lo valorará ya que el «tú también» carece bastante de valor. No obstante, ten presente que los cumplidos no serán frecuentes cuando se trate de chicos más vergonzosos o pudorosos. Los halagos no son su fuerte, a pesar de que lo piensen. Por ello, tampoco te preocupes si no recibes cumplidos frecuentemente, lo importante es lo que tú detectes en su mirada y la realidad es que este prototipo de hombres suelen ser más tiernos, cariñosos y fieles a la larga.

La entonación del halago te puede permitir identificar si se está refiriendo a ti como una amiga o…como algo más.

#11 Busca en ti prendas de otros hombres

como saber si le gustas a un chico busca prendas otros chicos

En el caso de que alguna vez hayas usado alguna prenda de otro hombre, como podría ser, por ejemplo, la sudadera que te pones para estar por casa de tu hermano, quizás el chico se fije y piense “¿de quién será esa sudadera? No tiene pinta de ser de ella" Un chico que esté interesado en una chica se fijará en esas cosas y en algunos casos despertará celos en él si no eres capaz de manejar la situación y responder correctamente.

Sabemos que esto no es especialmente común, y que probablemente sea la señal que menos frecuentemente detectes. Damos por hecho que no vas a salir a la calle con el abrigo de los domingos de tu abuelo, ni con el paraguas de Pokemon de tu hermano pequeño, pero, ¿y si tu tía se compra la nueva sudadera de Star Wars y ambos tenéis la misma talla? Puede que te la deje, y que cuando te la pongas, «tu chico» asocie la prenda con «tu amigo».

Todo es cuestión de estar pendiente de su reacción, ya que puede que ni siquiera te diga nada. Pero si tú te percatas de que su actitud cambia, prueba con algo como «¡mira qué sudadera más chula me ha dejado mi tía!, ¿te gusta?» Notarás como inmediatamente su gesto cambia de expresión. Sin embargo, ¿cuál es el quit de la cuestión? ¡Que le interesas!

#12 Pasa horas chateando contigo

como saber si le gustas a un chico horas chateando

Es un chico ocupado. Trabaja, estudia, se hace la comida, limpia su casa, sale con sus amigos, pasea con sus padres y tiene un sinfín de compromisos y obligaciones. Podría pasar el tiempo haciendo mil cosas distintas, pero se toma la molestia de ponerse a chatear contigo. Ahora un Mensaje Directo por Instagram, dentro de un rato una mención en Twitter, y por la noche, 3 horas intercambiando mensajes por Whatsapp. ¿No te llama la atención?

En ese caso, hay muy poco lugar a dudas. Es muy posible que le gustes. No obstante, debes tener cuidado, ya que quizás, simplemente lo haga porque está aburrido y no tiene nada que hacer en según qué momentos. Aunque si este patrón se repite durante un periodo de tiempo prudencial (pongamos, un mes)…quizá no andemos tan mal encaminados. Para saber algo más sobre sus intenciones, fíjate en lo que te diga mientras chateáis y en la forma en la que actúa.

Y si te consideras todo una conquistadora, lánzate a la piscina. Sé tú misma quien inicie la conversación si él no te habla. Y una vez estéis conversando, lánzale indirectas sobre «lo bien acompañado que estaría contigo» o «lo bonitos que tenía los labios cuando os cruzasteis ayer». Puedes alternar alguna que otra más «picante«. Dependiendo de cuál sea la reacción al estímulo (especialmente de estás últimas) será muy fácil identificar si está receptivo o no.

#13 Le encuentras en lugares inesperados

como saber si le gustas a un chico encuentros lugares inesperados

Si le encuentras en lugares inesperados muy a menudo, habría que plantearse hacer una pequeña reflexión al respecto…Antes de hacer conjeturas, averigua cuáles son los ambientes que suele frecuentar. Fíjate en lo que hacen sus amigos y pregunta a sus conocidos dónde acostumbra a salir los fines de semana. Si antes no solías encontrarte con él nunca, y ahora, no paras de verle por todos lados, lo más probable es que esté coincidiendo contigo a propósito para verte, o para poder hablar contigo. En el caso de que sean muchas veces las que te cruzas con él en muy poco tiempo, no habrá duda.

Si estas aquí, es porque él también te interesa a ti, así que no dudes ni por un momento: cuando le veas, salúdale con la mano y pregúntale «¿cómo tú por aquí?» Puedes esperar dos reacciones. La primera, de sorpresa, su expresión será de «me ha pillado» y sus palabras sonarán poco creíbles. Buscará la primera excusa que se le venga a la mente, como «vivo cerca» o, «me pillaba de paso saliendo del trabajo». So, pon cara de incredulidad y ríete dulcemente. No le hagas sentir incómodo pero hazle saber que te has dado cuenta.

La segunda de las reacciones es más propia de los chicos más atrevidos, y sonará parecido a «te he visto por la ventana y me apetecía saludarte» o «escuché que venías y pensé que podría hacerte compañía». En este caso puede que sientas que el asunto pierde un poco de magia pero, ¡nada de eso! Es lo mejor que te podía pasar: está allí por tí, y no repara en decírtelo. Invítale a sentarse contigo y a tomar algo. A continuación, guía la conversación para que podáis conoceros más a fondo.

#14 Actúa de forma correcta ante tus demostraciones

como saber si le gustas a un chico responde demostraciones

En el caso de que te sonría cada vez que te ve, o que para saludarte se desvíe de su camino, haz tú lo mismo, pero solo de vez en cuando. Una forma de mantener su interés constante y provocar esa intriga en él es que, en ocasiones te muestres muy cercana cuando coincidís , y en otras, sienta que «te pierde». Este tira-y-afloja es una de las cosas que más «engancha» del inicio de las relaciones. Por lo que si sabes como aprovecharlo sin tensar demasiado la cuerda (corres el riesgo de que se rompa y acabe dándote por imposible), mantendréis ese cosquilleo cada vez que coincidáis.

En el caso de que te guste y hayas decidido que quieres salir con él , intenta darle la oportunidad de tener una conversación tranquila. Identifica cuando debes «hacerte la dura» y cuándo es buen momento para ceder y dar pie a establecer algo más sólido. Si no estás interesada, o simplemente, te has cansado de coquetear con él , coméntale que te sientes halagada, pero que ya no percibes la magia que solía haber entre vosotros.

#15 Te hace regalos inesperados

como saber si le gustas a un chico hace regalos

A las mujeres les encantan los regalos, y eso es algo que los hombres saben. Por eso significa tanto que él te haga uno. Cuando un chico te regala algo, probablemente tenga un significado más profundo que el que a primera vista puedas percibir. Un regalo significativo no tiene por qué ser un regalo caro, ni grande, ni bonito, ni exclusivo. Estamos hablando de aquel que vale más por lo que significa que por lo que es, sin importar su precio. Piensa que cuando tenga un detalle contigo, estará intentando comunicarte lo mucho que le importas, y por supuesto, no estará esperando nada a cambio. No obstante, no está de más que de vez en cuando tú también le obsequies a él .

¿A quién no le gusta las sorpresas? No hace falta que te enseñe unos billetes de avión con un viaje al Caribe, tan sólo con un pequeño detalle es suficiente. Por ejemplo, si coloca post-its por la casa después de que hayas pasado la noche con él , recordándote cuánto le gustas o deseándote un buen día, es un claro síntoma de que significas mucho para él . Ese tipo de detalles marcan la diferencia.

La cuestión aquí es el refrán «lo que cuenta es la intención«. Presta atención cuando menciones algo que te gustaría tener. Si al poco tiempo lo recibes por sorpresa, podrás intuir que es porque se acordó de tí. A estas alturas tendrás claro lo que esto significa, ¿verdad?

Ahora que sabes si le gustas a ese hombre tan especial ¡Cuidado!

The concepción de pareja y el significado de amor eterno han evolucionado, adoptando una posición más realista y produciendo un gran cambio en lo que se espera de las relaciones. Suponiendo claramente una ruptura con los modelos tradicionales de relación. En pleno siglo XXI, el mundo liberal se abre paso ante las nuevas (y no tan nuevas) generaciones. La pareja tradicional da lugar a nuevas formas de amor, donde no es nada raro saltar de flor en flor prácticamente cada semana.

Si ya has podido comprobar que demuestra un interés genuino en ti, ¿para qué seguir esperando? Is momento de corresponderle y de daros una oportunidad. Del mismo modo, si tras un periodo conociéndole te das cuenta de que en realidad no es la persona que esperabas o no deseas seguir coqueteando con él , sé sincera y hazle saber que te sientes halagada pero que estás en otra sintonía.

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