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¿You like a woman And you do not know if you also like? Do you feel curious to know if that girl who looks at you, does it becauseis interested in you or because he is reading a poster stuck behind you? Whatever the reason you want to know, there are a few ways to Find out if a girl is interested in you or not, and we want to explain them in detail, so you can identify them and take advantage of them to to be able to be with that girl.

How to know if a girl likes you

Yes do you like a girl and you have curiosity to know if you like her too or if, simply, you are curious to know if that girl who does not take your eyes has any interest in you, do not miss the following tips that will help you clear your doubts and be the one to take the reins of the conversation.

Steps to know if a woman likes you

# 1 Look at your body language

how to know if a girl likes body language

There is nothing that says more than one person that way he moves his body. It's a little complicated to know if a girl likes you through her body language, since there are more than 50 gestures For that. However, there are a few gestures that we have identified, which can be indicators of whether a girl is interested in a boy:

  • That does not stop looking at you when you are together (maybe raise your eyebrows a little when you do).

  • That hold a lot eye contact.

  • Sometimes invade your personal space when you are together or that comes very close to you.

  • If your feet, legs or hands they point to you when you speak, he likes you without a doubt.

  • Take care of your appearance when you are by your side (gestures such as putting on the jersey or combing your hair are very clear clues).

  • The way to sit He also says a lot (in the case that he does it in a very masculine way, like for example, with his legs spread and his hands on his knees, he will be trying to get your attention).

In the event that when sitting next to you point your shoulders towards your sideIt is also a clear gesture that he likes you very much.

# 2 Take visual contact into account

how to know if you like a girl eye contact

Do not doubt analyze the way the girl looks at you. We have said before that if a girl is interested in you, will not stop looking at you. For that reason, it's interesting that you analyze the eye contact. A shy girl will look at the boys she likes, but in the case of being caught, she will look away. Keep these tips in mind:

  • In case you look to the left, turn your head, look at you and then look to the right, is that she is very interested.

  • If the woman avoid eye contact because she is shy, do not think that it is because she does not care about you (if she is interested, but she has a shyness problem, maybe you look at her more often).

  • If the girl who looks at you does not interest you, look away discreetly, as if looking for someone.

# 3 Listen to everything the girl tells you

How to know if a girl likes you

In the event that a woman likes you, chances are that try to impress yourself by talking about her. In the case that you talk about another girl, she will surely try to prove her femininity. Keep in mind that it does not matter what you answer, The way to do it. If you want to know if she is interested in you, try to lean towards her and whisper something and then touch her shoulder or back briefly. In case that come near you and respond to physical contact, will be interested. If you do not answer or move away is that you do not interest her.

# 4 Recognize your interest in physical contact

how to know if a girl likes you physical contact

The physical contact is a important signal of interest in a relationship which is beginning, so you can measure your interest by observing the way it touches you and the way it reacts when you touch it. If he likes you, he could put his hands on yours when he laughs, could rub your leg and leave it next to yours or could hug you for little things, such as greeting you. Also, you could show your mood while telling a story or just because "you seem to need a hug." These are several cases that can be given:

  • See how it responds to physical contact: A good way to measure a girl's interest is to observe the way she touches you, as well as the way she reacts when you touch her.

  • The shy girls sometimes they startle when they feel the physical contact Unexpected: If you do that, look at it later to rule out the fact that you do not like it.

  • The naughtiest girls enjoy fingering: If you see that it touches you a lot, before thinking that you are interested in you, investigate if it does the same with all the kids.

# 5 Follow their gestures and see that they are unique

How to know if a girl likes you unique gestures

Observe their gestures and find out if they act with you differently from the rest of the group. In case you are interested in yourself, you probably behave in a way closest and affectionate that with the rest or that protects you more than normal. Gestures such as supporting your arm on your chair when you are at your side, bringing your chair to yours, or even, lend a piece of clothing in case you are cold can be a clear example of acceptance.

maybe flirt with others to jealousy or get your attention. That is easy to know since in those cases, it will look for you to see if you are looking at it. In the event that you hit her with the arm playing, she is interested in you (maybe she tries to disguise that she likes you by hitting you with her arm). If you like it too and see that you do not move away, it is most likely that you try to approach in a slightly gentler way.

In the event that he does the same with other guys in the group, he will not be interested in you, but will be in his friends zone, from which it is usually difficult to leave. In case you do it only with yourself, but you're not interested, tell them.

# 6 Investigate if your interests have changed

how to know if a girl likes you

It is possible that now be very interested in your tastes and hobbies and that before, he was not interested in the least. An example of this may be that you recommend a music group or a series that you did not know before or did not like and that suddenly become a fanatic. That will happen if you are interested in yourself, otherwise you would not waste your time with things that do not interest you. Therefore, make small "love tests" and talk about yourself, your hobbies and your tastes.

# 7 See if she is nervous when she is by your side

How to know if you like a woman nerves

Maybe he laughs in a way nervous, sweat your hands, be restless, sigh or not stop looking from one side to another. If you are nervous because you are looking cause you good impression, maybe you like it a lot and soon you dare to take the next step. In this case, be very careful! See very sure and make the confidence grow, because if you are falling in love, but you do not correspond, you can get to do it a lot of damage.

# 8 Watch how her friends act

how to know if you like a woman friend

Most likely, your friends know if you are interested or not. In that case, maybe they will make jokes when you are together, or even, they will try to know if you like it or not. In the case that they laugh when you are around, make jokes, look at them a lot or just have face that they hide something, it will be because they hide something (and usually they have talked about it and that girl likes you very much).

# 9 See if he imitates you

how to know if a girl likes you imitations

A sign of subconscious attraction is imitate the other person's movements. In the case that you often see her acting in the same way as you, and making the same gestures, she is most likely interested in you. Another clue will be I'll follow you everywhere. Imagine that you arrive at a coffee shop and sit down to have a coffee and in a few minutes, she appears. It could be coincidence, but if it happens more than once, it will be because it is following you.

The friendly provocations are another clue. In the case that a girl provokes you in a friendly and funny way, she usually indicates that she is interested in you. However, before launching, check that it does not act in this way with all the kids and that it only does it with you. If he acts like this with everyone, it's just that he's very playful, but he does not feel anything special about you.

# 10 Attentive to compliments

how to know if a woman likes you compliments

In the event that you have changed look or style and noticed, it is likely to tell you how handsome you are or how well you have what you wear at that time. Then, smile and thank him. However, you must be careful with this. In the event that the girl who compliments you is your friend, she will not necessarily be interested in you, but will most likely just tell you to be nice and make you feel good.

You have to be careful with the shy girls, because they may not launch to piropearte, or at least, do not do so directly. In this case, you should be more attentive.

# 11 Look for other women's clothes

How to know if you like a woman

In the event that ever you have used some garment from another woman, as it could be, for example, the scarf of your sister, perhaps the girl is fixed and think "of who will be that scarf? It does not look like it. " A girl who is interested in a boy will look at those things and will become very jealous if you do not know how to respond correctly.

# 12 He spends hours chatting with you

how to know if a woman likes to chat

He could spend his time doing a thousand different things, but he takes the trouble to get to chat with you. In that case, it is very possible that you like it. However, you should be careful, because maybe, just do it because she is bored and has nothing to do. To learn more about your intentions, look at what you say while you chat and the way you act.

# 13 You find it in unexpected places

How to know if a girl likes you?

If you find it in unexpected places very often, it's because he likes you. If you never used to meet her before, and now, you do not stop seeing her everywhere, she is most likely to be coinciding with you on purpose to see you, or to be able to talk to you. In the event that many times you come across her in a very short time, there will be no doubt.

# 14 Act correctly before your demonstrations

How to know if you like a woman

In the event that you Smile every time he sees you, or that to greet you he deviates from his path, do the same. In case you like it and have decided that you want to go out with her, try to give her the opportunity to have a quiet conversation. If you're not interested, or simply, you've tired of flirting with her, tell her you're sorry, but you're not interested.

# 15 Makes you unexpected gifts

How to know if a girl likes to surprise gifts

Who does not like the surprises? I do not need to show you some plane tickets with a trip to the Caribbean, with only a small detail it is subient. For example, if you put post-its around the house after you've spent the night with her, reminding you that you like her a lot or what you did at night is a clear sign that she likes you a lot and wants to repeat. Those kinds of details make the difference.

Now that you know if you like that special woman, be careful!

If it shows genuine interest in you (for example, he smiles at you every time they cross or deviates from his path to greet you), I know friendly Y Correspándla. If you have already decided that you would like to go out with her, do not let time pass until you give yourself the mutual opportunity to speak calmly. Similarly, if you are not your type or do not want to continue flirting with her, be honest and let her know that you feel flattered but that you are in another tuning.

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How do you know if a girl likes you? 15 SIGNALS 🥇

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