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Advantages and disadvantages of wearing underwear under the swimsuit

In these dates that we still have the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves fresh, we have not wanted to miss the opportunity to raise the debate that everyone listens to speak yes and year on the beach. Be of those who underpants or swimsuit are placed or of those who prefer feel the freedom of water on your skin, you will know what we are talking about. However, a consensus opinion towards such a common practice in the male gender has not been established. Here are some of the advantage and inconvenience of this issue

Advantages of wearing underwear under the swimsuit

Wearing underwear under bathing clothes is, according to their defenders, the best way to walk along the beach peacefully without worrying about marking "your charms". There is an opinion that male genitals are a bulge that should not be intuited in public places. Also, this custom makes possible lie down or sit down without letting see any part of the body that should not be seen. For their part, there are men who perceive it unpleasant to let the Seawater, public and therefore "contaminated", flows freely between your genitals, something they think palliate with the use of underwear. After all, it is therefore a matter of tranquility, security and trust. Finally, there are those who consider that it is a sexy trend and that letting see the tape of the briefs over the swimsuit has some kind of sexual appeal. For tastes, the colors.

Disadvantages of wearing underwear under the swimsuit

From the opposite side, we find a series of inconveniences that make this practice less and less common among young people (those who tend to do it the most). To start, it is uncomfortable and annoying, because far from performing a restraint function, wearing two superimposed garments on the genitals can exert pressure. By this same logic, the drying slows down, because the sun or the temperature does not penetrate in the same way in the second “layer”, a garment that is not prepared for bathing. This gives rise to the following inconvenience: retained moisture In certain areas of secretion such as the genitals it leads to catching fungi or other much more annoying and painful infections such as cystitis. Therefore the hygienic factor It would also be coming into play. Also, for those who go to the beach for the pleasure of swimming, they should know that the body weighs more by not letting water flow. And finally, from the aesthetic point of view, very few men worry about having the swimsuit and briefs combine in colors and / or prints.

Types of underwear and briefs for men

Surely you have seen yourself in the situation of arriving at an underwear shop and being asked “¿look for some type of underwear specifically? ”And then, with the face of“ what am I supposed to say now ”it occurs to you to ask the clerk to show you a variety. This is an option. The second one is in front of you right now. Below we summarize very graphically what are the different types, styles and Models of possible underpants, so that the next time you have to renew your underwear you have no doubt about what you really need.

Boxer for men

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The boxer shorts They are a classic men's intimate fashion. Be it for style, comfort or custom, this type of underpants they have never ceased to be a trend. Designed for those traditional, elegant and serious men. But who, at the same time, seek feel sexy and get attention. The color in which you choose them is very important, and although the white classics express order, simplicity and neatness, some shades and patterns can make you feel wonderful.

  • Baggy Boxer: As its name indicates, the boxer briefs acquired their silhouette of shorts used by boxers. So they are loose and airy. They also adjust to the waist with a comfortable elastic and drop slightly beyond the middle of the thigh, without reaching the knee. This is the best option if you are looking for comfort and you usually wear wide trousers. However, we advise against using this type of boxer for sports activities, as you will not feel the appropriate support and support.

  • Open Boxer: The open-cut boxer consists of a slight variation of the aforementioned classic model, since they differ exclusively in the leg openings that have a more space. Similarly, seams are designed to provide more space and comfort to the movement. So, in the same way as with the previous type, they are not especially recommended for dressing with slim or skinny pants. It is likely that you find this type of underpants mostly made in lycra.

  • Boxer Brief: The brief style boxer consists of a combination between sizes and classic boxer briefs and brief, which is precisely with the Anglo-Saxons called the well-known slip. Without any doubt, it is one of the favorite styles not only of men, but also among women. This combination of styles in one piece is characterized by having the structure and appearance of a cycling shorts, very tight to the body. He has adapted the support of a classic slip (although with more width at the hips) and the coverage provided by a boxer. This type of underpants show that you take care of yourself and feel proud of your body.

  • Boxer Trunk or Swimmer: The trunk boxer consists of the average type, which means that falls mid thigh. That is, neither too short, nor with the characteristic length of the traditional model. This sewing pattern is also known as a swimmer, as It is inspired by the swimsuits of professional swimmers in the 50s: short and tight. The material with which trunk trunks are most commonly made is the micro fiber, because it facilitates the necessary adjustment with adequate ventilation.

Men's slip

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Commonly known as "Turbo" or "turbito" The slip brief is a classic in the collections of the most famous brands of intimate fashion. Although there is no objective evidence to corroborate it, the name of turbo has its origin in the famous Turbo swimsuit brand, used by professional swimmers for the dynamism and simplicity that this type of pattern provides. Functionally, the authentic underwear slip model has a elastic band or integrated rubber. Regarding the other variants you will find, they are purely aesthetic.

  • Classic Slip: You could say that slip briefs are, next to the boxer, the definition of male underwear. It is the most classic style and is generally associated with that used by a more childish audience for reasons of comfort and lightness. The broadband that allows the clamping of the piece is barely a few centimeters below the navel. Unlike the boxer, the slip leaves the legs completely exposed. And if there were one feature that stood out above the rest it would be a kind of fly (without closing, of course) that makes it more comfortable to go to the bathroom.

  • Medium cut slip: Adapting all the features of the classic model mentioned above, the medium cut style has a thicker elastic waist that is approximately 5 centimeters below the waist. It should be noted the excellent support properties that this piece has. 100% recommended for tighter clothing or low-cut pants with which we want to avoid being able to wear our underwear.

  • Low cut slip: We are faced with another slip pattern that, as the name implies, stands centimeters lower than the classic or mid-cut model. In addition, if the elastic band already increased its thickness in the mid-cut slip, the low-cut one has a much wider and stronger waist that, in fact, has traditionally been a reason for design and combinations of colors and animations. However, we have to tell you what the main difference is with respect to the two previous models: the low-cut slip may not include fly Due to its small dimensions.

Bikini for men

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Yes, you read that right: bikini. And no, we don't mean the bottom of a female swimsuit. Although it is not (and probably will not be) the most used or demanded model on the list, there are many men who bet on it for the occasions when they dress very tight or tight clothes. Because it does not have a thick elastic band and the seams are light and almost imperceptible they are not noticed at all under the clothes. The negative part of this model is that exposes our genitals a lot due to the dug deep Yet the fabric shortage.

Thong for men

types underwear men underpants types underwear men underpants types underwear men underpants types underwear men underpants thong

Surely we all have in mind the aesthetics of a thong as women's underwear. Perfect. Now let's apply this design to the male body. Do you already have an idea? It is, along with the suspensory (which we will talk about below), of the lighter piece of cloth of men's lingerie. As you could have imagined, the thong for men consists of a pocket where the genitals are placed which is supported by thin ribbons at the waist. From this, an extra thin tape is also extended towards the buttocks, which for many men is a cause for discomfort. It is, therefore, a very sensual model but not suitable for all types of audiences.

Suspensorios for men

types underwear men underpants

Following the general line we had taken with the thong, we found the suspensory. A piece specially designed as a form of protection and support facing the realization of sport activities. It consists of a thick elastic band (which reminds us a lot of the slippers) of which a long pocket where to place the genitals. Following it, two back strips are born that ascend through the lateral area of ​​the buttocks. As you will suppose, the back of the body is exposed completely.

Sports underwear

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Similar to the sports bra that women wear, men also require an intimate garment that provide support and comfort necessary to develop physical activities that involve movement and sweating. As a result of the combination of bikini and suspender For men, we bring you the sports underwear. It is composed, on the front by the same elastic band and pocket as the suspensory; and at the back by a panel attached to the waist that covers the buttocks. The same, of course, is exposed.

Long john for men

Although they are commonly known as "tights”, This qualification is incorrect, because they do not do the external function that would make some meshes, but serve as protective underwear. This is why, with the long jhon style, we refer to the long briefs lifelong. They are characterized by their great utility during the cold winters or in situations to extreme temperatures. So much so that they are currently especially known in their thermal version.

Men's inner t-shirt

The inner shirt for men is a variant of the traditional men's t-shirt Used as underwear. This can be either straps, short sleeves, or long sleeves. Depending, generally, on the time of the year in which it is used. Also while in summer we will use sleeveless underwear and of a breathable and not very thick fabric such as polyester or lycra; in winter we will try to take refuge from the cold under the sleeves of a T-shirt with relative thickness and preferably in cotton. Normally they are usually white, and are designed not to be shown or used as external clothing, so the color is not especially important. However, today you can find underwear or basic shirts that serve as underwear for infinity of colors.

Without underwear

There are few who claim that Going without underwear is one of the best pleasures in life. It may seem like a strange habit to you, but, nevertheless, we are sure that the advantages of this revolutionary practice may make you rethink to reopen the underwear drawer. To start, don't wear underpants helps prevent infections, because the skin of the intimate areas breathes with greater freedom and therefore, moisture and the appearance of bacteria are avoided. On the other hand, blood flow improves, which can reduce or avoid certain abdominal pains.

In addition, aesthetically, the underwear usually leaves marks on the skin, and in this way the discomfort caused by elastics. As well prevents chafing and irritation that some garments can cause in contact with the skin. And finally, although you are probably skeptical about it, do not wear intimate clothing increases the confidence of the person, because you learn to accept the body you have better and complexes are reduced. So, finally, people who choose not to wear briefs end up looking more attractive.

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