▷ MOVEMBER 🧔! What is the MONTH of MAN Care?


Have you heard of the movement Movember? Do you know their particular proposals to propagate the man care? Are you one of those who advocate for a healthy and aesthetic lifestyle Define your personality? Movember is your chance and November is your moment! The month of man has arrived to place a little more emphasis on your physical appearance and the attention you should pay to your physical and mental health. Are you interested We bet so. The reality is that this movement goes far beyond throwing you «a couple of creampies«, So we have made a complete guide to understand how take control of your health and what are those factors and incentives that propose an optimal male physicist care.

movember mustache movement foundation which is international month of man beauty care health

Do not be surprised if you begin to see dozens and dozens of mustaches in the streets soon. It's November: the month of man. And this symbolic act is Movember's way of giving visibility to an issue that has so far been relatively taboo: male health. You will be thinking "I can't get cancer because I don't get moisturizing lotion in the morning." True, let's not be skeptical. But nevertheless, male personal care has a lot to do with mental health, the personality, self-esteem and self-concept of each person. We encourage you to stay with us to learn about the November Foundation and its mission, the focus of action on which it focuses and how to solve the growing men's concern for aesthetics Thanks to the best male cosmetic products.

What it is, how it was born and what the Movember movement proposes

Movember It represents the reason we are here today: the month of man. Yes, our month. The ideal time to rethink the beauty routines that we follow and focus them towards a perspective that makes us feel better people. Either by being part of a personal concern, or by having the intention to raise awareness about diseases that, although they are not caused by lack of personal attention, if they can be encouraged, conditioned or succeeded by such neglect.

Movember is the contraction in English of Mustache (mustache) Y November (November), an affectionate and creative nickname that designates the most renowned international event in terms of male issues. We talk about a month in which meetings are organized with the intention of inform, raise awareness and help men in relation to health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression and physical inactivity. Through said concentrations and various thematic movements (which we will now mention), the organization raises money to help in each country one or more institutions dedicated to fighting these male health problems.

The event is officially and simultaneously promulgated in 21 different countries, including Spain, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong or Singapore. Without doubt, one of the most beneficial features of this movement is the fantastic welcome and solidarity That he had wherever he went. To give you an idea: in 2007, Movember was held in Australia (where it came from), Canada, Spain, the US and the UK and during this year 21.5 million dollars were collected. And three years later, In 2010, it was possible to gather 447,808 participants and raise 72 million dollars.

With the passage of time, Movember has managed to count on the support of health organizations to which the money raised goes. For example FEFOC in Spain; Livestrong Foundation in the United States or Prostate Cancer UK in England. It also has different partners (partners) such as Discovery Channel, Harley davidson, Harry’s, Maurice Lacroix, Yamaha etc. Other companies related to the world of videogames support the initiative as EA Sports which includes in its video games a cup called the Movember Cup with the same double objective of raising awareness and raising funds.

Grow a MO, save a BRO

movember mustache movement foundation which is international month of man beauty care health

The initiative Grow a MO, translated as "Let your mustache grow" is as simple as let the mustache grow during the month of November. The purpose of this gesture is to demonstrate to men the importance of taking care of yourself and of perform periodic reviews to prevent and combat diseases such as cancer was first celebrated in Australia in the year 2003 when a group of young people from Melbourne known as "The 30 Originals" had the idea of ​​growing their mustaches to support a friend suffering from prostate cancer. This was the beginning of the most significant factor by which today we recognize the event: from the same following year, the Foundation began to raise funds to allocate them to the fight against cancer.

Become a MOVE

We broke our soul writing this, but did you know that 60 men die every hour in the world because of suicide? This means that every minute of every day a man dies of his own will. One of Movember's biggest concerns is the mental health, and precisely for this reason, launches the movement "Become a MOVE" With the slogan "Prevent men from dying too young" urges people to walk or run 60km over a month: 1 kilometer for each man who should follow each other. Without a doubt, the perfect excuse for your community to wear the pavement in the name of men's health.

Origin, causes and principles for which the Movember Foundation fights

movember mustache movement foundation which is international month of man beauty care health

Now you can boast of knowing the Movember movement and its two main events in the fight and awareness for the welfare of man. However would you like to know who is behind this initiative? Naturally, there would be no effective progress without a good initiative and organization to support it. This is precisely what the Movember Foundation, known worldwide as the Movember Foundation. It is a international non-profit organization Founded in 2003 in Australia.

The initiative arises when a group of Australian men detect that there was no equivalent to breast cancer campaigns in the masculine scope. Since its inception, the objectives were key: “achieve a happier, healthier and more satisfying life for men”Through the financing, awareness and investigation of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, male mental health and physical activity.
His motto? How could it be otherwise, the Movember Foundation defends the mission to change the face of human health.

The fact that women live longer than men It highlights why the Movember Foundation focuses on men's health. We want to have an impact on the health of men around the world and reduce the life expectancy gap between men and women.

Adam Garone, activist and founder of Movember

The most significant program that Movember finances worldwide is called is called Global Action Plan (G.A.P., Global Action Plan) through which an unprecedented level of collaboration between 350 scientists around the world. Such has been its repercussion and impact both in the media and in regard to man, which was chosen in 2011 and 2012 as one of the 100 most notable NGOs by the Global Journal.

Do you know enough about prostate cancer?

You may have heard about him randomly, but the reality is that all men should be so aware and alert With respect to prostate cancer as are women with the analogous breast cancer. Unfortunately, prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed in men, and most worrisome: most cases develop without the man himself being aware of it Do not experience symptoms in the early stages. Know the facts and take action now that you are on time.

He prostate cancer It occurs when some prostate cells (a gland in front of the bladder) reproduce much faster than normal, resulting in a tumor. If it is not treated, the prostate cancer cells they can eventually spread and invade distant parts of the organism through metastasis. The main risk groups are the middle-aged men, the men whose family history has been marked by this type of cancer, and black men Africans and Afro-Caribbean.

If you notice a need to urinate frequently, difficulty having an erection, blood in urine or semen or difficulty starting urination (among other factors), do not think about it: you do not lose anything by pay a visit to the specialist. This will perform a rectal examination, biopsy and blood sample. And, depending on the results, one type of treatment or another will be applied. In any case, don't lose your cool: Prevention is better than cure.

Do you know enough about testicular cancer?

It probably sounds like something further away, because the reality is that the testicular cancer It has not had the same loudness and notoriety as other types of male diseases. However, today it should already be included in your “things to watch for" The rate of men diagnosed with this disease has been doubled in the last 50 years, so, in addition to performing self-exams with relative frequency, you should not rule out that a specialist gives you the final check.

Testicular cancer manifests itself as a abnormal bulge or growth in one or both testicles, and is right in the poor functioning of germ cells responsible for producing hormones and sperm. Testicular cancer risk groups focus on the young men between 15 and 40 years old; and although the exact causes are not known at present, there are factors such as family history, a previous condition of this pathology or Down syndrome that may contribute to the concern.

Though there is not always significant evidenceSometimes, some warning signs manifest as a swelling or lump in one of the testicles, some feeling of heaviness in the scrotum, pain in the lower abdomen or the English or increased sensitivity of the breast tissue. Don't let the restlessness take over you, and make an experienced consultationWell, among all this, we have good news to give you: testicular cancer It is a very treatable type of cancer It can be treated effectively and potentially cured if it is diagnosed and treated on time.

Do you know enough about mental health?

Although sometimes we fall into the error of abandoning our stability and mental solvency Under the frenetic pace of life that we lead, paying attention to the signals that our brain sends us can be a before and after in our lives. When we talk about mental problems we are not referring to having dysfunctionalities or cognitive deficits. Mental Health refers to the response sent by feelings and emotions in diverse contexts And these are not only hard to recognize, but also frustrating when trying. A problem does not warn before it becomes a big problem, and by then, it may be too late to take it into account.

For many men it is difficult share your concerns and concerns, because they feel the obligation to "be strong" and "remain silent." What are we supposed to win with this? Is essential get the necessary support and understanding in the moments when our existence is diminished. Be it your partner, your family, your friends, or a medical professional. There will always be a helping hand to whom you can convey your feelings and who can help understand them and remedy them.

You are not less, you are not worse, you are not a failure. You are brave, you are strong and you are capable. It is not always easy to repeat this ritual every morning, but underestimate yourself, undergo constant self-pressure, and not knowing how to manage frustrations and disappointments can only lead you along a bad path. Value your "being and being" and never let yourself question it.

The attention that male health deserves

movember mustache movement foundation which is international month of man beauty care health

If something you could have made clear so far is that the male health It deserves attention that has not always been the most fair. From Movember, a global contribution to the ambition to achieve that men have happier, healthier and lasting lives. Although it is likely that throughout this article you wonder … and why male health? Perhaps you have not thought to meditate carefully but the health status of men is in crisis. Being brief: men die too young.

The gender ratio represents one of the most representative indicators of health and life expectancy. The current data leave no doubt; and, unfortunately, they are not a dish of good taste for men. In the world, on average, men die six years before women. In this comparative range it should also be noted that mental health problems affect men more than women: the number of annual suicides, three quarters are male. Transcribed in figures, and according to WHO data, 510.00 men die each year from suicide worldwide. That is, one per minute.

It is obvious, therefore, that there is a certain gender inequality not premeditated (partly influences human nature) in which the male sex has not received sufficient recognition and attention by legislators and health officials (national, regional and global). And for this reason it is precisely why Movember echoes year after year of its purposes: focus on the health of man and promote male care. And beware, this is not just a men's thing! The measures deemed pertinent to address this issue are at the social community level.

Factors to take control of your health

Without a doubt, everything we tell you would lose a lot of meaning if we didn't get you the idea that you have a lot to do for yourself. Taking care of yourself is in your hands, being happy depends on you and having a full life depends on your ambitions. It's never too late to remind yourself that you have a great role in this world and that abandoning you for your worries or obligations makes you skinny favor. It is clear that there is no key to success but if we can venture to give you some tips on things worth doing and knowing About men's health. Take pen and paper and take good note.

  • Reserve time for the men of your life: Mutual support is essential when there is a common cause, and it will also give you a scope of view and a series of contributions that you may not have. Do not lose contact with your friends and spend time with them, take the opportunity to disconnect and get up to date regularly. From small communities the ones are born great purposes.

  • Hold open conversations: Talking about what really matters is essential, but do not discard those issues that may seem banal, because you can meet someone who takes advantage of them. And above all, listen: spend time with the people you care about and they need you (although they don't always show it to you as such) can save lives.

  • Knowledge is power: He family history It is one of the most powerful tools to understand your health. This affects the level of risk You have cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke, among other conditions. It all starts with a conversation; talk to your family and takes note of the diseases suffered by direct relatives. Do not forget to also inform yourself about deceased relatives.

  • Know the figures: You have all the information at your fingertips, and only by keeping it in mind will you be able to achieve great changes in your life. You have the data, in your hand is fighting them. The reality is that a certain age has arrived, such as 45 years (in the event that your brother or father has suffered from prostate cancer) or 50 years old, you should consider going to a check with your trusted doctor.

  • Explore yourself: There is no one who knows your body better than you. You are the only person who spends more time alone with your own privacy, and therefore, only you will be able to detect something strange in case there is one. Evading reality out of fear is not an option. Almost everything that is detected in time has a solution, so you spend a few minutes a day exploring your testicles, and at the slightest irregularity go to the specialist.

  • Move more: We probably won't discover anything new telling you that the physical activity and sport are essential to favor an optimal state of health. Again with the figures in hand, there is no doubt that exercising daily will not only make you feel good about yourself, but also will reduce the risks of contracting any type of pathology.

Movember, the international day of care and health of man

movember mustache movement foundation which is international month of man beauty care health

How could it be otherwise in this context, we could not stop talking about the International Men's Day. Did you know that each November 19th Dozens and dozens of countries in the world celebrate their particular dedication to the male gender? First established in 1992 (if you think about it … not so long ago) by an American professor, today, International Men's Day has the support of various organizations dependent on Un and the WHO. However, in spite of this, this support has not been formally or massively realized; and, perhaps, for that reason, it has a lower recognition than the analogue of Women's Day.

International Men's Day is an excellent idea that will provide some gender balance

Ingebord Breines, director of the “Women and Culture of Peace” Program

By flagging their values ​​and trying to offer a reliable and unitary benchmark for their celebrants, in November 2009 they decided to establish the 6 pillars that define, describe, delimit and document International Men's Day. If you look closely at the list that we will show you below, you will see that some of the topics covered by IHL are the main axis of Movember. After all, every effort is insufficient if the cause deserves it.

  • Promote positive male models; not only movie stars and athletes, but also men of the daily life, working class, living lives worthy and honest.

  • Celebrate the positive contributions of men to society; to the community, to the family, to marriage, to the care of children and the environment.

  • Focus on the health and well-being of men; in the social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

  • Highlight the discrimination against men; in the areas of social service, in social attitudes and expectations, and legislation.

  • Improve gender relations and promote gender equality.

  • Create a safer and better world, where people can be safe and grow to reach their full potential.

From these foundations, a theme is determined every year more concrete on which to influence with the objective of unifying criteria among the participants. For example, that of 2018 it consisted of "Make a difference for boys and children”, A proposal that combines the two targets of the initiative and tries to address problems such as challenges at all educational stages, lower life expectancy in men, deaths in the workplace, homeless men, children who They are not under care, etc.

Aesthetics and personal care are your allies

Despite what many visionaries claim to make us believe without argument, taking care of your physique is not a matter of superficiality, but a mental health sign. The aesthetic is not only something banal, but also reflects in many occasions the feeling of struggle and the desire to move forward.

There are few occasions in which it is intended to associate a high interest in care and personal aesthetics with something cold and superficial, away from things that are usually considered "deep" or interesting to analyze. This definitely denotes great ignorance, because take care of our physique (without turning it into an obsession) is, at the same time, treating our well-being holistically: feeling good on the outside helps us feel good on the inside.

The influence of all this in our life, our day to day, and our way of being is greater and more important than many believe: feeling at ease, beautiful, proud and satisfied with our appearance, be as we are, is a sign of good mental health. You love yourself, and you show it abroad worrying about your hygiene, your fragrance or your physical form.

We bet whatever you will ever have heard about "the big changes have to be accompanied by a makeover." Ok, let's not fall on the surface. It is a banal and popular saying, but it also has its share of reason: sometimes we feel we need a radical change, but we are not sure how to approach it. It is a matter of more inspiration or less, not desire. Therefore, let's consider it as follows: of a physical change, you can split the inspiration and the push to make other types of decisions or assume other types of routines.

Losing interest in your physical appearance is not a good sign

Several studies have been able to show that there is a really important correlation between the neglect and abandonment of physical appearance masculine and the severity of some psychopathological disorders. Whether or not it is first-hand, surely you know someone who after being immersed in a depression or an anxiety stage has stopped going out in the street as long as he is not seen, pay less attention to his dress and set aside all aesthetic care One of the indicators that worsen the prognosis of many moods is to abandon the care of the physical aspect.

We will focus on referencing the depression, as the cause and consequence of another series of emotional disturbances such as anxiety, stress, frustration, dissatisfaction or, in its highest exponent, suicide. In depression there is a generalized loss of interest in activities that previously caused it. For example, finding pleasure in looking in the mirror is probably not among the behaviors of a depressed person.

Thus, it's not about time or dedication that someone can spend trying to take care of his skin or his figure. Let's break with the traditional stigmas that don't let us see beyond. It's about the pleasure of looking and feeling good. Regardless of whether you wear the Levi, it's the most chic of the season, the Lacoste shirt of an exclusive line or the new Hugo Boss fragrance that drives them crazy. The person who loses interest in his life also does it for his external security. Let's prevent this from happening betting on well-being and self-esteem.

Does aesthetics concern both men and women?

We live in a society that attributes a High importance relative to physical appearance Yet the aesthetic perfection. Regardless of which, of course, it is imperative not to take this issue to the limit of obsession, what we ask is the following:it affects more if you are a man, or if you are a woman? Are women more pressured and, consequently, more obsessed? Or, on the contrary, it is men who have gained positions in this area over time?

The reality shows, according to a study by the scientific journal Body Image, that men are increasingly worried about their appearance and there are fewer and fewer differences. For years worrying about the physical aspect and being always up to date has been a woman's thing. As much as the insecurity or the self-esteem issues related to the physical aspect. The mentioned study discovers that, as expected, the tables have not changed; but, nevertheless, for a few years, they also include men.

Didn't you just agree? Let's put the figures on the table. Until 15% of respondents were very upset with their weight, compared to 20% of respondents. And up to 6% of them suffered because they did not like their appearance compared to 9% of women. They are not so disparate, right?

They are not the only data that approach, since also in the positive part of the study we find close references between men and women who feel good about their physical appearance: 28% of men felt good on their skin compared to 26% of women. Or 24% of men said they were satisfied with their weight compared to 20% of women.

And everything does not end here. Undoubtedly the most striking thing that research relegates is that the physical appearance occupies a vital place on the scale of fundamental things to be happy: This is the third place in the case of women, just after the economic position and the relationship andthe second in the case of men!, right after financial security.

The Decalogue of Male Personal Care

If you don't just want to feel good inside, but to show that you are a safe person, who is involved in his physical and that shows conviction and poise about its external figure, there are certain issues that you cannot afford to ignore. We are sure you will have your own rituals and beauty routines with those who manage to steal the eyes of those around you, but … as it never hurts to evolve, take a look at the following list that we propose and take good note of everything that had not occurred to you so far.

  • Bet on nutrition: The skin may reflect more than you imagine the implication you have with your personal care. You should know that any change of season will affect your dermis, the upper layer of the skin, since a sudden variation of weather conditions causes it to dry out and decrease the production of fat and sweat. For this reason, it is essential to drink a lot of water and consume foods with antioxidant abilities such as broccoli, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, nuts or green tea, as well as vitamin C (oranges) and Vitamin E (Egg Yolk or Spinach).

  • Take a clean: day to day and contact with the outside makes the pollution and the external agents finish interfering in the barriers of your skin. Therefore, facial hygiene is important to remove debris that, in the long run, can poke skin pores. In addition to washing the face twice, once in the morning and once at night, with warm water and neutral soap, it is essential exfoliate it once a week and apply moisturizer every day when I get up and go to bed. It is likely that the first time you use a neutral soap, without additives or artificial supplements, perceive a sensation between strange and unpleasant. However, it is the best way not to cause skin interactions and ensure effective cleaning.

  • Shine your lips: What you say is as important as how you say it. And in these terms, your lips are the main channel in all communication. According to recent studies, the shape, care and lip color they are the first issues in which a person looks at a first impression. You should know that it is one of the most sensitive areas, since the skin that covers them is thinner and has no melanin. What does this mean? What are more prone to suffer from ultraviolet rays. Before leaving home, check your pocket: keys, cell phone, wallet and … most importantly:cocoa, lip balm or petroleum jelly! Apply it several times a day, and if there are skinns, try gently exfoliating them.

  • Take care of the shave: a shave in conditions requires you to inform yourself, first, of what shaving tools they may be the most suitable for you, as well as which is the pattern that can best fit the features of your face. Frequently after shaving occurs irritations because of the small lesions that facilitate the penetration of germs into the skin and can cause infections. Both to avoid this, and not to go out with the face flushed, try moisten your face with hot water and apply a good amount of shaving gel or foam massaging you Also, don't forget to apply a post shave lotion It provides the perfect finish.

  • Pamper your beard: The beard is back in fashion as a symbol of masculinity and attractiveness. Whether in its most classical form as a abundant rounded beard and a generous mustache in its most measured form and adjusted to the face. Men with beards are now a trend. In the event that your style looks like a dense beard, this will undoubtedly be a differential factor for you. But beware, if you neglect it, it will become your worst enemy. Procure trim it and download it with relative frequency. A well-paraded beard can be a great attraction. On the other hand, it is essential wash it once a day with a mild neutral pH shampoo to maintain its good condition over time.

  • Practice facial gymnastics: as the face ages, the skin loses elasticity and the fat pads between the muscle and the skin become thinner, causing them to slide and fall easily. Say goodbye to the skin in suspension and the wrinkles that appear when you frown, when you laugh or when you yawn. The signs of aging they are never a good taste dish, no matter how much they are a consequence of the natural course of life. What is undeniable is that nobody wants to seem older than one is. I recommend you book ten minutes a day to massage your face, because although it may seem silly, it helps improve blood circulation y a combatir los signos de envejecimiento.

  • Recuerda la protección solar: la crema solar debería ser parte de nuestra rutina de belleza matutina. Es esencial cuidar y proteger la piel de los rayos solares, tanto en verano como en invierno (aunque no lo creas, los rayos inciden igual sobre la piel). A la larga, la piel acaba resintiéndose ante repetidas exposiciones al sol, y es entonces cuando vemos aparecer las antiestéticas manchas que envejecen nuestro rostro y cuerpo, que incluso podrían volverse malignas. Y, por si aún no lo sabías, una buena crema solar debe ser protección 50 o 50+, lo cual hace referencia a los minutos que la crema protege nuestra piel.

  • Saca tus manos a pasear: Apostamos lo que sea a que alguna vez habrás ido a dar la mano a alguien e inmediatamente has sentido una sensación espeluznante. A mano seca, agrietada, con cortes o heridas, nunca es de buen gusto. Menos aún si además tienes el desagradable hábito de morderte las uñas. Piensa que, a la par que tu rostro, tus manos constituyen una de las principales puertas de entrada a una primera impresión. Lo queramos o no, es una parte de nuestro cuerpo que siempre queda al descubierto, y por tanto, siempre están expuestas al exterior. Usar guantes en según qué condiciones climáticas ayuda, pero lo más importante es aplicar una crema hidratante al menos dos veces al día.

  • Realiza deporte: Entre los objetivos que conducen a alguien a practicar deporte, se encuentra tener una mejor apariencia, pero también nos ayuda a llegar sanos a edades avanzadas. Además, no tardarás mucho en comprobar que cuando practicas actividades físicas ya sean de riesgo o impliquen movimiento, tu mente libera endorfinas, consideradas como las moléculas de la felicidad. Estas funcionan como un analgésico natural ya que reducen la sensación de dolor, ansiedad y estrés. Algo que evidentemente afectará positivamente a las facciones y expresividad de tu rostro.

Los hombres empiezan a tomar conciencia del cuidado de su imagen

movember movimiento bigote fundacion que es mes internacional del hombre belleza cuidado salud

Es una realidad: el cuidado personal de un hombre no solo es estrictamente recomendable por una serie de cuestiones personales, sociales y emocionales, si no que también supone un reto en el que romper con los tradicionalmente atribuidos estándares de belleza femeninos y comenzar a dar buena cuenta de la implicación que los varones tienen con su cuidado personal. Sentirse un hombre nuevo cada mañana es una de las mejores sensaciones del mundo, mirarte al espejo y enamorarte de lo que ves no tiene precio, y la seguridad y confianza en ti mismo que te proporciona el hecho que tu fachada exterior represente fehacientemente tu persona, no es comparable con ninguna otra cosa.

Estereotipos como que el hombre no cuida su aspecto físico empiezan a quedar atrás. No podía ser de otra manera con la cantidad de recursos, información y productos que tenemos a día de hoy al alcance de nuestras manos. Los intereses del hombre de hoy en día van más allá de tener un buen trabajo, ver un partido de futbol y salir a ligar con los amigos. The presencia y percepción física ocupan un lugar primordial en la lista de necesidades de autorreconocimiento. Y precisamente para encargarnos de recordártelo estamos nosotros aquí.

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