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Looking for a male masturbator that, apart from making you enjoy, allows you control ejaculation and yield more in your intimate and sexual relationships? On the basis that the average duration of a sexual relationship ranges between 6 and 7 minutes, it is clear that some experts in sexual matters affirm that to endure practicing sex more than half an hour is to exceed, between 1 and 2 minutes is short, between 3 and 7 minutes is the average and between 7 and 13 minutes is desirable. And you? Are you fed up with not take the reins of your sexual experiences? Would you like to learn to have control over ejaculation in a totally natural way? Are you frustrated not to last longer in bed? Meet MYHIXEL, the sex toy with the latest in behavioral technology for the learning, evolution and sexual performance of man.

best sex toys male male masturbator electronic vagina premature ejaculation treatment myhixel med app play

The premature ejaculation it is a disorder produced by a excessively intense excitement, which leads man to reduce his ability to master semen excretion. It is very common, suffering 30 out of 100 men, so if you think this may be your problem, calm down! For everything there is a solution and the most important thing is not to frustrate you but to work on it as soon as possible. Today we want to talk to you about MYHIXEL, the most innovative and effective in sex toys to give you the maximum and enjoy sex in an effective, controlled and immediate way. It is a solution created by a team of specialized sexologists based on your specific needs that will be a before and after when it comes to your sexual abilities Take note, this will interest you a lot!

The problem: Premature male ejaculation and sexual resistance in bed

Premature ejaculation usually appears when the man cannot withstand semen excretion for more than one minute (in any type of sexual situation). Although the scientific definition of premature ejaculation refers to the intravaginal penetration, is a problem can also occur at the time of masturbation, losing in any case the ability to control oneself when ejaculating. A large number of men consider that they have symptoms of premature ejaculation, however, these problems do not match the diagnostic criteria for this disorder. Therefore, these men may suffer from the so-called natural variable premature ejaculation, which ranges from periods of controlled and satisfactory ejaculation to fast and uncontrolled ejaculation.

There are two factors that can directly affect the individual so that he suffers from this problem. On the one hand, the physical factor, who suffer only a 10% of menand on the other, the psychological factor, who suffer it 90% remaining (There are many causes that can lead to a situation related to this disorder). However, do not be discouraged, as you have seen is something that happens regularly among men and there are ways to treat it. These are the most common causes:

  • You have an unhealthy diet: A poor diet can cause problems of this type, the body is wise and needs to be well nourished. Try to maintain a balanced and varied diet, with lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereals, and leave aside ultra-processed foods.

  • You suffer stress and anxiety: It is likely that you are at a time in your life when labor or economic problems are affecting you more intensely, which directly affects the domain of ejaculation. Like anxiety, being repressed in a situation with a lot of workload or high daily activity, there is fatigue, lack of sleep and proper rest that can directly affect your durability in bed.

  • You consume excessive alcohol, tobacco or drugs: All these substances harmful to your body can directly affect your sexual intercourse and ejaculation. It is important to lead a healthy life to enjoy healthy sex lasting much longer and better in bed.

  • You often get infections: Suffer some kind of infection in the prostate or urinary tract It can increase the difficulty to control the moment of ejaculation. If your immune system is weakened, it may be directly affecting the quality of your sexual intercourse.

  • You suffer from poor circulation or tenderness in the penis: An extreme sensitivity of the most sensitive parts of the penis can accelerate the process until uncontrolled, causing the ejaculation to arrive too quickly on the one hand, and on the other the poor circulation of blood in the penis can generate the semen output before of time.

  • You practice sex infrequently: It is clear that the more you practice one thing, the better it is for you. It does not happen differently with ejaculation. When a lot of time passes between one sexual activity and the next, there is usually a faster ejaculation due to the loss of domain in this practice. Having sex frequently will lead to greater self-control of the situation and to endure more time in bed.

  • You are dissatisfied with your sex life: Sometimes the focus of the sexual relationship is on the obsession to reach the levels of satisfaction of the other person with whom you maintain sexual activity, and this can lead to lack of control over ejaculation. The problem occurs when the individual focuses on negative aspects related to sexual activities. This can cause lack of interest and orgasms will gradually lose their intensity, which increases the level of dissatisfaction.

  • You have received an incorrect sex education: The way in which we prepare sexually for when it comes time to lose virginity, in most cases is not the right way, since it is very common for young people to seek self-satisfaction in a rash way. This hurry to reach the moment of ejaculation and therefore to achieve the desired satisfaction in the short term can be a problem to last longer practicing sex.

These are just some of the reasons why you may not be long in bed, so reviewing one by one and analyzing if it is your case and putting a solution can help you in the medium / long term. exist treatments, exercises, supplements and other little things that can help you with this problem, but today we want to share with you our experience with a perfect solution and clinically tested It will help you control your ejaculation and improve your performance in bed.

MYHIXEL, much more than a male masturbator

best sex toys male male masturbator electronic vagina premature ejaculation treatment myhixel med app play

MYHIXEL, is a male masturbator from elegant design with an interior covered in soft materials of the highest quality, waterproof, easy to clean and lithium battery of great durability. But it's not just a device, but it's the latest in behavioral technology for him learning, the evolution and the sexual performance of man.

Male well-being is a must in man and for
that MYHIXEL Its main objective is to take care of the sexual health
offering a revolutionary solution to help men
to improve the quality of your intimate relationships, both alone and in

His method combines the more advanced
stimulation device
next to one playful and gamified methodology
through the app MYHIXEL Play, which allows you to reach a new level
sexual through ejaculatory control
. The digitization of this
methodology allows you to perform the treatment in the privacy of your home and with
total privacy Even if you need it, you can contact a specialist
through its platform to get the most out of your method.

MYHIXEL, the device that will allow you to improve your sexual performance

best sex toys male male masturbator electronic vagina premature ejaculation treatment myhixel med app play

MYHIXEL is an innovator pleasure device specifically designed to get the best results when combined with your MYHIXEL Play program and develop all your sexual potential. It is a unique product in the market that has an international patent and CE certification seal. How do you get it? Incorporating the latest medical and technological advances for simulate a real insight:

  • Therapeutic vibration system, unique in the market, developed to enhance ejaculatory control.

  • Anatomically realistic interior.

  • Mode self-heating It replicates body temperature.

  • Drums lithium magnetized charge with Usb connector.

  • Made in high quality material, antiallergic and harmless as it does not contain phthalates.

  • Waterproof and easy to clean.

MYHIXEL has combined a sophisticated design and last generation with high quality materials so you have a very pleasant use experience. This is what you will feel:

  • Nice and realistic interior.

  • Ultrasilent stimulating vibration.

  • Elastic and adaptable opening to the shape of your penis

MYHIXEL models (MED AND TR) according to your needs

MYHIXEL It has 2 product lines, MYHIXEL MED, designed to men with premature ejaculation, that is to say that they ejaculate below 3 minutes during penetrative sex and looking for an alternative treatment that helps them control the climax without side effects; and MYHIXEL TR, created for those looking improve your ejaculation control ability because they don't always get it and they want to acquire new skills that allow them enjoy more and better sex. Both are a revolution in male sex life, which also combines with the MYHIXEL PLAY Mobile App so that you follow in a fun and personalized way your evolution, learning and more personalized needs. And you can also purchase the MYHIXEL intimate lubricant and over time spare parts of the MYHIXEL anatomical sleeve.

This sexual device understands the needs both
of precocious men, as of those who only intend to improve their
sex life. In short, MYHIXEL proposes a innovative method that you
will help last longer in bed already develop new
sexual abilities
without having to use sprays or drugs that
They may have side effects.

MYHIXEL MED to control premature ejaculation

best sex toys male male masturbator electronic vagina premature ejaculation treatment myhixel med app play

MYHIXEL MED It is the program that helps you control the
ejaculation and last longer in your sex
(in this way
you will control physical and mental aspects involved in your climax). In fact,
The company has conducted scientific studies that show that, thanks to the
MYHIXEL methodology, you can triple your ejaculation time so
. They have converted the protocol developed and scientifically tested
by his team of sexologists in an online therapy composed of challenges
adjusted to your results and needs.

From the first moment, the challenges of MYHIXEL Play, adapt to your profile by customizing the program. All in an easy, comfortable and fun way, from the discretion of your mobile device. The goal is to improve while you enjoy when and how you want. Choose MYHIXEL MED yes:

  • Ejaculates below 3 minutes during penetrative sexual intercourse.

  • You want enjoy sex with the assurance that the sexual relationship will be full and satisfactory.

  • You would like to last longer in bed with a scientifically proven natural treatment.

  • You want lasting results in the time, no drugs or side effects.

  • Looking for a medical methodology That fits your schedule and pace of life.

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MYHIXEL TR to take your sexual relations to another level

best sex toys male male masturbator electronic vagina premature ejaculation treatment myhixel tr app play

On the other hand, MYHIXEL TR is the program that
have designed so that you reach a new level in your sex life. Is
an online program of activities and challenges developed so that you will acquire
total control over your ejaculation naturally, effectively and pleasantly
Thanks to a revolutionary method, thousands of men have developed
your ability to decide when to ejaculate and enjoy more in their
sexual intercourse

Through MYHIXEL Play you will live an experience of enjoyment designed by expert sexologists that allows you to acquire new habilities for improve your sex life, through specific guided activities. Choose MYHIXEL TR yes:

  • You want enjoy sexual practice more and better.

  • Are you looking for acquire new skills To enjoy more with your partner.

  • Innovas in your sex life while having fun.

  • You want control and decide when to ejaculate.

  • Looking for a medical methodology That fits your schedule and pace of life.

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Control your climax while you enjoy, we have already tried it

best sex toys male male masturbator electronic vagina premature ejaculation treatment myhixel med app play

If we wanted to share with you all Benefits that MYHIXEL has brought to our sexual life we ​​could be writing a few days. However, we have compiled from our experience “the best of the best” about this stimulation device for men, because it is much more than a sex toy for adults. And, although it may sound subjective because we speak from the voice of experience, we assure you that when you are the one using the device, you will come back here to affirm all this. This is our experience:

  • Starting to use it is very simple: You download the MYHIXEL Play app, open your device, charge it and start using it. You can use it alone or with your partner.

  • The feeling is amazing and very natural: On the basis that, if what you feel is not pleasant, you reject it, we want to tell you that the experience has been incredible and that we have never tried anything like it. Have a Soft touch and very realistic and its silent vibration stimulates each nerve end of the penis progressively so you can start enjoying it without haste.

  • Its self-heating mode replicates body temperature: This is something surprising, we had never tried such a realistic device in that sense, not only inside, but it warms up as if it were a real human body.

  • The vibration is progressive and perfect: his therapeutic vibration It aims to control ejaculation and extend male pleasure longer and we have noticed this a lot with the use of the device along with the application. At first you have to concentrate more, but with the exercises you are improving and controlling ejaculation much better both in the intimate moments as in those of couple.

  • It helps you to reach orgasm in more time enjoying much more: Each program is personalized and you are exceeding levels following its indications in time, stops and speed to be able to control ejaculation at all times. It is really amazing!

  • It improves the level of sexual relations: With MYHIXEL you will learn to understand your penis and to be comfortable with intense sensations. In turn, you will get increase your resistance and delay the climax.

  • Your design is very discreet.: He is not the typical male masturbator that shows what is, in fact, the design it's one of the things that surprised us the most because it looks like any decorative element, you can have it on the bedside table in your room, even if you have a visitor and nobody will know what it really is Take care of the same thing they like and they ask you where you bought it!

  • Your application is a unique spacewalk: MYHIXEL Play is a space experience that has also conquered us for its ease, discretion and originality. As if it were a spacewalk, we have been conquering planets and stars as we overcome the exercises that the app proposes. It is the perfect combination with the stimulation device.

  • It has a hands-free attachment: The MYHIXEL handsfree allows you to use your hands for whatever you want and how you want, simulating even more a real insight and give your hands freedom of movement while doing your program.

  • Its cleaning is very simple: You just have to wash it under the tap, without any soap or product, let it dry and then dry it with a damp cloth. Of course, be careful with the electronic zone since it is not necessary to get wet and avoid problems with the device.

  • Shipping and packaging not to attract attention: Many of the reasons why a man does not buy this type of sexual device is because, if someone sees it, “what will they think" The MYHIXEL box is on the one hand very attractive and on the other very discreet (No one would say that inside was the latest in male sexual technology).

We have specifically tested MYHIXEL TR and in conclusion we can affirm that the progression after its use has been simply perfect and we are really surprised since many men see this issue as a taboo and it is really something natural and important. Improve your sex life It is key to feel good in all areas of your life, so if you have problems premature ejaculation, hard little in bed or you simply want enjoy more and better sex Try MYHIXEL and surprise yourself with the results, because your sex life will only improve!

Take your intimate and couple relationships to a higher level

We have it clear! After try MYHIXEL TR We can tell you that it has nothing to do with the classic male masturbator, and that we also do not recommend that you see it that way. East male pleasure device it can help you both physically and psychologically to control and improve your sex lifeWith him we have learned to have control of our body and take our relationships to another level. We are freaking out! But beware! Do not hurry, know yourself, test yourself and improve and level up with MYHIXEL Play, you will be a new man, you will have more confidence and you will enjoy sex much more!

Man! 👨🏻 Do you want to Control 🍆 the Moment of Climax 🤩 in your Sexual Relations? Calm down with MYHIXEL ✅ Control your Ejaculation 💦 and Enjoy MORE SEX 🤪!

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What do you think of this revolutionary method to control premature ejaculation and last longer in bed? Did you know him or have you heard of him? Do you have any experience or advice about any treatment solution you want to share with us? Have you had any doubt or question? Then we ask you to leave a comment. No matter whether it is a question or a simple thank you, but we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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