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Issues to consider before buying some socks

Do you remember those days when we put on the first shirt that appeared on the closet door, worn shorts and the slippers that your mother had just left at the door of the house, like this, bareback? Us neither. Quick Fashion is no longer a trend. In fact, it never was, but we accepted it. For years, there are few who do not spend a minimum of 15 minutes in choosing the perfect outfit to spend the day, combining shirt with jacket, pants with belt, and of course, shoes with socks. But how you know you wear the right socks? Attend the following considerations that you should keep in mind when buying this undergarment.

Cane height

Although in many cases, the height of a sock can be determined by your personal preferences or your style at the time of dressing, on certain occasions, the activity that you have to practice will have a lot to do in choosing a sock that reaches the top of the shoe or that ascends to cover the lower part of the legs. In this sense, you should know that the cshort ankle socks and of ¾ do not offer protection against rubbing and abrasion of the tongues of the shoes or sneakers or against the medium or high rods of certain boots or ankle boots. Regarding the type of activity to practice, it should be noted that, for example, for hiking a c is usually preferablemedium cane sock Cover to the bottom of the calf. However, if you are a regular of the climbing, maybe you prefer a high cane that covers you to the knee so you can wear shorts that favor mobility.


When we talk about "adjustment" we mean the capacity that has a certain sock model of fit the last of the foot. The combination of carving, the materials manufacturing, the seam arrangement and the elasticity of the model, will determine how tight will be the sock, which should gently follow the contour of the foot without leaving any slack. The correct length will be the key criterion to pay attention to. If a sock is too long, the folds will pile up between the fingers; and if it's too short, you'll notice how as you walk it slides down. However, to be completely sure that the setting is the most suitable we recommend that you always try the socks along with the footwear for which you require them. The union Footwear + Sock will be what gives you the security that you have the necessary comfort.

Manufacturing materials

While it is true that, in the vast majority of occasions, when we are ready to renew our socks we look at the colors, size and at most, the price, in these cases it is worth stopping dry to study the properties slightly printed on the label. This will contain the percentages in which materials are used with which the garment is manufactured, which is essential to know what is the probability that manage sweat and smells well. For example, the Synthetic materials They are ideal for remove moisture from the skin and alleviate the perspiration of the feet. The Merino wool natural is also very popular for the comfort It offers, but we must not forget that it can become saturated with moisture if we subject it to very hot conditions. Therefore the most common is that we find this last material combined with another synthetic. As for the cotton, it is not other that you know that you should avoid it if you are looking for some socks for sports activities, because this absorbs sweat and moisture (instead of expelling them) and dries very slowly, causing you to wear wet feet. However, textile experts know their work well and focus on the best types of threads, such as nylon, polyester, spandex, or bamboo.


The seam quality It is an aspect that a priori can go unnoticed when buying socks, but that can still bring many headaches in the long run. The joints between fabrics and patterns should be soft and thin, in a way that allows avoid pain points. Think that, just like when we buy a shirt we try to ensure that the seams of the shoulders are positioned just at the beginning of the arm, the same thing happens with the sock. Although it is increasingly common to find them seamless (in one piece) if you detect stitching in those you choose, try to follow the silhouette of the foot or fingers.


He thick socks It can provide the best comfort or the worst sensation. Depending on various factors: the footwear with which you use them, the epoch of the year you are in, or the activity What are you going to do? You will find socks in different thicknesses; the denser they provide a extra quality and a optimal padding, while the finest they are more fresh Y less fluffy. If we speak in general terms, anyone could conclude that a particularly dense thickness is not recommended for the summer months. However, when it comes to performing certain practices such as hiking or mountaineering, one might believe that a well designed thick sock is better for stony terrain to be more comfortable. For its part, thin socks are intended for use with dress shoes or slippers.


He sock size most appropriate for each foot is intimately related to the setting that this will provide. It is essential that the fabric that we carry under the shoes sticks well to the foot, and for this, it is essential to choose the proper size. Otherwise, they will be generated wrinkles in loose areas, and consequently, you will have to deal with some blisters that, at the very least, will imply that you have to use healing patches, and at the most, they will disable you to perform certain activities. Therefore, when choosing a sock, ensure that it has a wide range of sizes. As a rule, the cheapest ones usually have a reduced range, or even market in one size, while other models even offer a sock designed especially for the left foot and one for the right, perfecting the fit much more.


He lining of a sock It is essential when perceiving comfort when using a certain footwear. You must ensure that the padding is appropriate both in the heel, and in the silver of the foot. This is created either by the increased pattern density in those areas, or by adding prolonged use materials like acrylic In this way, you will get that regardless of the activity you have to do or the distances you plan to walk, your foot enjoys a adequate cushioning and protection. Padding can vary your usual size, depending on what type of socks, but what you should avoid at all costs is that your shoes are tight, because excessive pressure on the feet can lead to clotting and poor blood circulation.

Arc Reinforcement

While it is true that not all models offer a reinforcement in the arch of the foot, those cataloged as more technical or professional, offer an area lined with a tighter and reinforced arch fabric, in order to improve support. You will appreciate this quality greatly if the arch of your skin is especially high and you tend to wear medical insoles that fill the cavity. However, arch reinforcements can also be very useful in providing feeling of comfort in those people with normal bows or flat feet. If this characteristic is not taken into account, depending on what activities, the arch of the foot can develop a intense pain that even ends up leading to plantar fasciitis. However, do not lose sight of the fact that, although the sock can contribute to improving sensations when walking, footwear is the key factor in the support of the arch.


Have you ever gone to grab a pair of socks and have noticed to the touch stiffness, roughness and the well knownstraightening”So common in garments of poor quality when subjected to washing. Both the type of materials with which the article of clothing is manufactured, as well as the situation of the seams or the purpose for which it is intended, will determine the elasticity of the same. It is one of the features that users value most, since, especially at certain ages, the foot grows and changes sizes constantly, and so we need socks to allow a certain margin of adaptability to body changes. That is to say, if from one month to another you go on to wear a 40, to a 42, the socks that have long occupied the drawer can continue giving you the same optimal use.

Quality and durability

When we mention the term "Quality" we generally associate it directly with the price of the product in question. However, if there is a immediate correlation between two terms, these are "Quality" and "Durability". Making a disbursement or investment in renewing our pairs of socks may seem in the first instance somewhat banal; However, have you ever stopped to think how much money have you been able to spend on socks throughout your life And how many of them are you still keeping in the drawer? The figure probably has two zeros, and your favorite socks two years ago have a big toe hole. There are some brands (later we will show you a summary of the most recommended models) that, for a low price offer a reasonable quality, based on the experience and in the use of appropriate materials. In this way, you will not have to worry about the annoying "pellets" or these "tomatoes" that end up cutting your finger circulation.

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