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Have you heard about the Squirting? Do you think it is something that is only available to porn actresses? Does it make you curious, but do you fear not being up to it? You are in the right place! This complete squirting guide will not only help you understand what it is but also how to achieve it and enjoy it without complexes. The female sexuality It's simpler than you think (and more complex than you've been told).

We know that dealing with these issues as a couple is not always easy. Even less when you are not properly informed. Do not worry, we will tell you the keys! Read on to find out what Squirting really is, the best techniques and tips to facilitate its occurrence and postures more appropriate to achieve it. We propose an interesting challenge, don't you think?

What it is, how it works and how Squirting occurs

Let's start by dismantling a myth: Female ejaculation and squirting are NOT the same. In fact, we could talk about different phenomena. They have points of explanation in common but the organs and mechanisms that produce them are different, and the sensations that are experienced, too. Although its main difference is that while squirt is a voluntary reaction of the female body, ejaculation is involuntary.

Squirting Consists of the ejection from the urethra of a long stream of ejaculatory fluid generated as a result of an appropriate and coordinated stimulation of zone G, which gives rise to the maximum feminine pleasure. Many wonder what exactly the ejected liquid is. Well, do not panic: it is mostly urine, but it also contains prostate fluid from the Skene glands, located on the wall is the vagina. Although there are many men who try to provoke it and women who try to achieve it, It is not a simple sexual act at all.

contraposition, the female ejaculation takes place, generally, at the time the orgasm and is determined by a lower degree of pleasure who is experienced with squirting, so that the amount of ejaculatory fluid expelled is also less. Although there is no specific method to ejaculate, there are studies that defend the paraurethral zone stimulation to increase the chances of it appearing. However, you should not lose sight that it is possible to ejaculate without having an orgasm.

The famous female G-spot

Science, and specifically sexology, has been transmitting the importance of G-Point to achieve optimal female orgasm. However, it seems that it is not as easy as they paint it. Did you know that, according to a Durex study, where is the G-spot”Is the question about sex that is repeated in the search engine among adults aged 18 to 65?

Let's start with a controversial clarification. Even scientists can't agree on whether the G spot exists real and anatomically (as if we were talking about an internal clitoris), or if it is simply a vaginal wall area which has a greater nervous sensitivity to the reception of stimuli. What is proven is that Not all women have a G-spot, although there are a majority (60%) that do.

While it is true that Point G is not the only thing that can lead a woman to orgasm, stimulate the area, either manually or through penetration, it is a good way to make your partner enjoy. And now … the question that I know you have in mind, Where is the point G? Although not all men manage to find it (sometimes even women are unable to recognize it in their own body), Point G is located between 5 and 8 centimeters inside the vagina. Let's say it's easily recognizable because you appreciate a rough surface, instead of smooth as the rest of the vaginal wall.

all right, Point G is a key factor in achieving squirt. Your index and middle fingers should form a 90ΒΊ angle to the palm of your hand. Only by introducing them into the vagina through its anterior face (attached to the walls) can you reach the most striated area or point G to proceed with the stimulation. In addition, in the process you will also stimulate the skene glands and you will touch the clitoral roots, which will allow your partner to feel pure pleasure.

Where to play and how to do it to get Squirting

Although each woman has different conditions and abilities, there are a number of recommendations to get squirting. However, obtaining this superlative degree of pleasure is still part of a game in which infinite world of sexuality. That is why it is advised not to have it as an objective, obligation or goal, but to let the situation flow and concentrate on the mutual enjoyment.

Although you would like your partner to reach Squirting, it has to start little by little, since such an explosion of pleasure is best achieved with an ascending excitement. Start a previous game without touching the genitals or erogenous zones par excellence, in this way, your partner will gradually warm up. Once the woman is excited you can start perform small strokes on your genitals. Softness is the secret to achieve the maximum possible excitation.

We have already started the path, so it is the ideal time to start practice oral sex. Ideally, it begins to be done very smoothly, without haste, so implement these tips in a hotel or on a day when the house is alone It would be a very good option. It is known that haste is the number one enemy of pleasure.

Logically, to provoke Squirting you have to control a series of basic techniques that promote maximum excitement. For it, communication is essential and you have to make sure that she is totally relaxed, without insecurities or emotional blockages. Ask him what he wants to do, or if he likes it; Only then will you establish a climate of mutual trust.

The lubricant It is one of the most underrated products in sexual intercourse, however, it is very useful for avoid uncomfortable rubbing and encourage arousal. Once you reach this point of excitement caused by both masturbation and oral sex, it is essential focus on point G. It is recommended to put your fingers in the vagina and make upward movements in intensity.

The most suitable fingers to cause female orgasm are the index and the heart. They are the longest and most skillful, so they will allow you movements with power and control. Follow the girl's instructionsWell, there will be times when you want more intensity, and others when you want less.

When you sense that your partner is about to climax, it's time to increase the intensity and move all hand. Shake it up and down at a high pace and you will see that you are on the right path.

Best positions to get a clitoral orgasm

In order not to give rise to conjectures without arguments, it is important that you know, first of all, that the female nervous system makes women have more difficulty than men to reach orgasm during sex In fact, there are studies that certify that only the 30% climax having sex. However, there are always tricks that can contribute to enjoy as a couple. While it is true that every woman has her favorite positions to reach orgasm, there are some positions that favor the climax. To give you an idea, we leave you this list:

# 1 The spoon

squirting eyalucacion feminina spoon positions

The teaspoon posture It is one of the best known, although it is considered one of the romantic postures par excellenceIt also allows man, from behind, to stimulate the clitoris by hand so it is easier to reach the female ejaculation. You can lie down or stand up, the important thing is that the man is behind the woman. Both standing and lying, you can pass your hand in front while hugging and comfortably stimulate with or without penetration.

# 2 The 69

squirting eyalucacion feminina poses 69

The 69 posture it's a classic for both feel pleasure, each one places his head in front of the genitals of the opposite, thus allowing them to be stimulated at the same time. But in this case we will focus on the man contributing through the clitoral stimulation to provoke orgasm to women. You have to lie down, usually the man lying on his back and the woman lying in reverse on his stomach, making it much easier for the man to stimulate the woman's clitoris manually or orally.

# 3 On all fours

squirting eyalucacion feminina postures on all fours

This posture as the name implies, the woman has to put herself on all fours in the bed or on the floor, it is also known as the puppy pose. It is not always the most comfortable posture, but the man takes control and he can deploy all his strength, first with blunt thrusts and then stimulating the woman's clitoris to his liking. It is one of the most pleasant postures if the man knows well how to stimulate his partner during penetration.

# 4 The crab

squirting eyalucacion feminina crab postures

In the crab posture, again the boy carries the singing voice and handles the hips of the girl, who is "Sitting" on his back on his pelvis resting your arm on your chest, to reach female orgasm. It is required to be a expert lover to cause the female ejaculation. She can move with more difficulty so here you will have to put more of your part with your pelvis movements, since reaching her clitoris for stimulation is a bit more complicated.

# 5 Riding

squirting eyalucacion feminina postures riding

This is not so much a position, although we could call it the horse or rider. The man is lying and the woman gets on And take the initiative. She decides the rhythm, and takes control, although circumstantially it may be he who pulls abdominals to hit. Also in this position the penetration and stimulation is much deeper, perfect to end up masturbating and get the squirting.

# 6 The generous pirate

squirting eyalucacion feminina poses pirate generous

With funny name, this posture allows deep penetrations and there is a huge clitoral stimulation, so she can experience a spectacular orgasm. The woman should be placed on the edge of the bed or another surface, while the man lifts one or both legs with his hand or resting them on his shoulders and penetrates it while stimulating the clitoris to reach the squirting successfully.

# 7 Sitting

squirting eyalucacion feminina sitting postures

It's good to get out of the routine and that's why make love In other positions it can be very stimulating and rewarding for both. The posture sitting it can be both in bed and in a chair, the woman is the one who sits on top facing the man while he penetrates her. Vary the positions to make it more entertaining and thus enjoy it to the fullest.

# 8 The wheelbarrow

squirting eyalucacion feminina positions truck

The truck is also one of the best known positions, it is known to be a sporting challenge, but it is a great pleasure to reach the female ejaculation. She stands upside down and he holds her from behind, from the hip or legs, raising her while he penetrates her voraciously. Not suitable for women who prefer to be comfortable and lying, of course. It is a very stimulating posture but also somewhat complicated to stimulate the clitoris manually since you have to hold your legs or hips with both hands.

# 9 Frog jump

squirting eyalucacion feminina postures jump frog

In this position with a somewhat special name, the woman must be with her back to the man, can be on her knees in bed or on a surface, or throw her legs back as in a frog posture. It is a variant for ramming from behind, with the body more stretched and the possibility of being stimulated also with the hands. Any help is good!

# 10 Missionary

squirting eyalucacion feminina positions missionary

Yes, it's a classic, but sometimes being in the comfort zone it can also be positive to reach the squirting. The connection between both bodies is total and that becomes a factor that fosters female orgasm. In addition the woman can place the legs more open, up, stretched and try new stimuli. If the man joins a little, he can stimulate the woman's clitoris at the same time so that it penetrates her.

The goal is to ejaculate, in whatever way

Squirting is the consequence of an extremely pleasurable sexual practice, and throughout history we have focused too much on the pleasure of man. Sexual relations are no longer what they were years ago, and the role of women in sex has evolved significantly, taking control at times, or actively participating in the act on others. Sex is a matter of two, and it never hurts to pay attention to female sexual satisfaction.

And remember that in sexuality the only limits to pleasure you put them yourself and the couple that decides to accompany you in one of the most satisfying experiences that life and nature offers us in its maximum splendor. Taboos and prejudices have no place in bed, where people only seek the best way to express your love, attraction and desire.

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