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You have overweight and it costs you to lose weight? Do you usually be depressed or do you have anxiety problems? Do you suffer circulatory problems and you have varicose veins? The constipation It's part of your day to day and you don't know what to do to fix it? Do you suffer from chronic pain and you don't find a cause that justifies them? Are you tired of going from one specialist to another and see that your problem is not solved? If you feel identified with these questions perhaps you should ask yourself if the cause of all your ills is a excess estrogen. You may think that these hormones only affect women, but the reality is that there are many men who, for various reasons, have a too high number of estrogens in the organism and are not aware of it. For all this, in this guide we explain what are the symptom that betray excess estrogen in men and how to solve it effectively.

excess estrogens men causes symptoms remedies

Quiet! If you are here because you are affected by the symptoms we have exposed, I just want to tell you that they have a very easy solution and simple so you can relax and read this guide with all the calm in the world. In addition, it should be noted that although it is true that very high estrogen levels can cause dysfunctions in your body, it also has positive effects that we will list later. As if that were not enough, in addition to knowing this hormone deeply, you will also be able to put a remedy so that everything in your body returns to normal in record time and know that habits are good for you.

What are estrogens, what do they do and types

The estrogen They're a basic hormone and very important for the proper functioning of the body. Although you think it is a more typical hormone in women (if it is true that it is found in more quantity) estrogen they are present in significant quantities in men and women. They are responsible for the development of female secondary sexual characteristics (for example breast growth) and in men sperm maturation aid and of maintaining a healthy libido.

It can be said that within estrogen hormone there are 3 subtypes which are naturally segregated that affect both women and men. The estradiol (the most powerful), the estrone and the estriol they are the main estrogens and are secreted mainly by the developing follicles in the ovaries, the corpus luteum of the placenta, the adrenal cortex, the brain, the testicles, the liver and the adipose tissue.

How estrogens affect men

Being a female hormone, estrogens are usually only related to women, but the truth is that men also have, even if in smaller amounts. Also, when we are teenagers we produce more hormones and estrogens we help in skeletal growth and contribute to the maturation of the joints. Therefore, the presence of this hormone in men is beneficial for bone metabolism avoiding the appearance of osteoporosis.

On the other hand, estrogens increase the levels of “good cholesterol”, The HDL, lower blood sugar favoring the action of insulin, which prevents the accumulation of visceral fat, and also, regulate appetite and energy expenditure. So, like everything else in life, acceptable average levels of estrogen can have positive effects on our body. It is scientifically proven that men with higher estrogen levels have lower risks of coronary heart disease.

However, there are people who have a greater facility to produce estrogens and the problem arises when you are not able to eliminate them correctly. According to psychoneuroimmunologist Xevi Verdaguer, we can know if we are this type of person watching the fingers of our right hand. Thus, those people whose ring finger, on the right hand, is longer than the index, will have a male pattern, that is, more testosterone. If on the contrary it is the index finger longer than the ring finger, they will have greater capacity to generate estrogens, a typically feminine pattern.

The growth of these fingers is conditioned by the exposure we had to these hormones during our first 6 months of gestation in the womb. Similarly, these patterns have nothing to do with each other's sexuality but, it is interesting to know that those people with a markedly feminine pattern have much more predisposition to generate estrogen and, if they are not able to eliminate that excess properly, they will accumulate a higher amount of estrogen than is necessary, which will lead to a series of problems that must be treated to avoid a greater evil in the future.

We can not only feel the presence that something does not work in our body by physical signals such as, for example, the impulse or unconscious performance of a piercing high-lobe or tattooing on sensitive parts of the body (as Dani Alves did on the right side of his abdomen, which joined the fashion of poker card tattoos, where appropriate with four of them and with an ace included) . By this we mean that you must listen to your body also in an internal way to know if your body is functioning properly.

Signs and symptoms of excess estrogen in men

A fairly obvious indicator that a woman has an excess of estrogen is premenstrual pain, a situation that is socially considered normal, but in reality is not. I hope it's not you who suffers that kind of pain, but then, how can a man who has this problem know? Although there are obviously biological and personal factors that depend on your body's ability to generate this hormone involuntarily, there are several symptoms that manifest as a consequence of this excess hormones:

  • Gynecomastia: Too high estrogen levels can cause breast tissue augmentation of men and a decrease in free testosterone. In addition, if gynecomastia is not taken care of, it can end up unleashing breast cancer, just like prostate hypertrophy in prostate cancer.

  • Constipation: As the fats are not digested well, the bile is much thicker and its amount is reduced, which will cause the stool to be harder and difficult to expel.

  • Circulatory problems: Poor blood circulation not only causes the appearance of unsightly varicose veins in the legs or belly, it can also cause infertility due to dilation of the veins responsible for testicular drainage, which is known as varicocele. Also, painful and uncomfortable hemorrhoids may appear.

  • Psychological illnesses: Excess estrogen conditions serotonin levels and affects cognitive ability. That is why men with this medical condition can show memory problems, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

  • Problems related to the digestive tract: In addition, they will have difficulties to lose weight, which generates problems of overweight and obesity and, in turn, suffer an increased risk of suffering from heart disease or stroke. Irritable colon, low libido or suffer autoimmune diseases They are other symptoms that can betray high estrogen levels.

Remedies to solve excess estrogen in men

If you are one of those who encounter an excess of estrogens, do not panic, as any problem that can be had there is a solution, simply by acquiring a habit and carrying out the steps that we will take, in a short time your hormone levels may return to normal. As you know we are what we think and especially what we eat so that the key is in your mind and obviously in your diet. These are the guidelines to follow to find the hormonal balance you need:

  • Live without worries: Stress is not good, so the best thing you can do is avoid being in situations of constant tension. To do this it is fundamental to practice physical exercise and even activities that help you develop relaxation and concentration techniques such as yoga, taichí or Mindfulness.

  • Take care of your diet: Food plays a fundamental role in our health and, in this case, it is important to keep in mind that you will have to remove, at least temporarily, certain foods from your diet: meat, dairy and all derivatives that come from animals raised with hormones. Also, the consumption of soy milk is also not recommended, since it greatly increases estrogen. The same goes for coffee and alcohol. A low histamine diet will also help enormously to get down estrogen levels.

  • Balance your hormones: There are certain enzymes that are responsible for level your hormones and in the case you want, estrogens. One of them, aromatase, which is an enzyme responsible for synthesizing estrogens and for regulating hormonal functioning. Foods such as oatmeal, pomegranate, citrus fruits, sprouts, grapes, onions will help you with the task.

  • Strengthen your liver: As you know the liver is the great scrubber of your body so it is very important that you take care of it and help it to function properly. For it, don't overload it (avoid alcohol or coffee). Choose organic food, make small fasts, season your dishes (turmeric is very good), get infusions (to start or end the day).

Don't go crazy, but control the excess estrogen

You don't have to go crazy either! Hormones are something natural in your body and as much as you are reading this does not mean that you have to eliminate estrogens in your entire body, just we recommend you watch it so that you can have an adequate level of this hormone since, like everything else in life, well-being lies in a healthy average environment. So if you manage to have a emotional well-being, having a healthy and natural lifestyle you don't have to worry about.

In fact, the estrogen You can also find them in products that are part of your day to day. Get used to reading the labels and avoid those that contain BPA (Plastic bottles) PFOA (for example the Teflon of the frying pans) or parabens (personal hygiene products, body creams, etc.). These are really the products with which you have to take more precaution because apart from increasing estrogen levels they are harmful to health in the long term.

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