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There are many styles of male sunglasses, choose well!

With the arrival of good weather and vacations the outdoor activities and the hours we spend in the sun and you spend many hours in outdoor spaces, but very few know the harmful impact of ultraviolet radiation in the eyes or the risks to which they expose themselves when using non-approved sunglasses. Thus, the high exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, especially in coastal and mountainous places, increases the risk of severe eye alterations, such as acute inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis) and the cornea (keratitis), appearance of degenerative processes of the ocular surface (pinguecula and pterygium), cataracts, retinopathies and even skin lesions, which can cause serious long-term problems ocular health.

As if that were not enough, according to data from the General Council of Opticians and Optometrist Colleges, 1 out of 3 sunglasses sold does not exceed the necessary sanitary controls. Conditions such as keratoconjunctivitis, keratitis or premature cataracts may be caused by the use of sunglasses bought at street markets and other unauthorized sales channels. Therefore, do not try to find the bargain of the century in this supplement and make sure that what you buy has a good UV protection (and that it is real). We recommend you use some approved and quality sunglasses (which are not necessarily the most expensive), which will be essential for:

  • Protect yourself against ultraviolet radiation: reducing the risk of cataracts and other severe injuries.

  • Protect yourself against blue light: Long-term exposure to visible light has been identified as a risk factor for macular degeneration.

  • You'll get more visual comfort: With the use of sunglasses you will minimize the intensity of ambient light and glare. You will see more clearly and avoid silly accidents.

  • You will obtain a greater speed of adaptation to the darkness: when you spend some time in direct sunlight, it is difficult to adapt quickly to low levels of lighting, but with sunglasses you will adapt more easily.

  • They offer protection against impacts: Whether practicing sport with sunglasses designed for it, or on the street even in the event of an unexpected event, your eyes will be protected.

  • They make screen effect: they will prevent you from coming into direct contact with your eyes with environmental pollen and dust.

  • They will help you reduce eye dryness. Sunglasses protect you from the air and wind that can cause your eyes to dry out more than necessary.

Looking for #Glasses of #Sol 👓 for #Man? 4️⃣ Types of Glasses and Selection of 1️⃣8️⃣ Brands and Models 🔝 to Protect Your Eyes This #Summer 🌞🌞🌞

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