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Do you consider yourself a true hunting-trends of the spanish youth fashion? Are you interested in the world of entrepreneurship? Are you a talent of design and the Photography? Then you arrive at the right time. You are about to know the Spanish fashion brand that threatens to mark a before and after in the panorama of entrepreneurship and the national creativity. You still don't know Vivalma? You are on time! Read on to be aware of the history of this youth company that has opted to satisfy the concerns of models, designers, photographers and lovers of cooler outfits of the moment

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Vivalma has a unique and very innovative concept. From the creativity and the social responsability, its creators have managed to enter a niche market with wide possibilities. Betting on the environmentally sustainable fashion, already have thousands of followers in Social Media. His path to success has only just begun and we are here to see it. Although there are many business ideas that young people in the world of Marketing and Business dare, few offer a differential factor. Do you stay with us to discover what is the one of Vivalma?

Vivalma Origin and History

Vivalma consists of a Innovative project that arises from the hand of a team composed of four young entrepreneurs who trained their skills and knowledge in the most prestigious business, marketing and fashion schools. Not everyone can feel proud of having been trained in an area where they have subsequently been able to develop their skills and start living their first professional experiences. But, without a doubt, when you are clear about your goals in life, it is easier to reach Reach your dreams.

The Vivalma company was founded by its four partners in June 2019, with privately funded funds. Located in the Internet sector and specialized in the field of fashion, the brand is defined as “an international diferent lifestyle brand”, or what is the same, a brand with international perspectives with a different life concept. Having the creative initiative by flag, its creators progress by leaps and bounds with the positioning in the sector, with the slogan “Only place, only moment”, A call to“ here and now ”that undoubtedly perfectly defines the current business landscape: a business idea, a disruptive concept and a lot passion for what you do.

Meeting Victor Aragón, one of his cofounders

Overwhelming personality, personal growth and dream fighter. With these three concepts we define Victor Aragon, Navarre and birth entrepreneur. Diploma in Business Studies and Business Administration and Management from the Public University of Navarra, our protagonist has not doubted throughout his career path in continuing to train and acquire knowledge in the field that drives you. Interested in Investment funds, the public relations and the world of advertising, Víctor began his career in Caja Rural de Navarra as Administrative and Commercial Manager.

We would define him as a born hipsterWell, despite having experience and skills to continue expanding his footprint in the world of work, Victor's concerns made him aspire higher and higher: as much as to own your own dream. This was what led him, between 2014 and 2017, to join several Business courses: From Banking Operations for Insurance, Entrepreneurship and Strategy for SMEs, Training in Finance and Personal Income Tax, Online Marketing or Business Viability, to SEO Positioning, Google Analytics, Google Adwords or Digital Transformation. As you will have seen, Victor quickly identified what the l would beThe key to business in this new era: the digital world How passionate we are.

Not satisfied with this, this promising talent joined the Spain Business School to expand their knowledge on Customer Loyalty Strategies and CRM Management. He also chose one of the most prestigious business schools nationally and internationally (recognized as such in the MERCO Ranking), ESIC Business & Marketing School, to pursue a Master in Marketing Management and Commercial Management. It was thereafter that his expectations began to take a more tangible form and focused on what made him grow the most as a person: entrepreneurship.

In this way, he created Cibusq, a Gourmet Online store specializing in national quality products and gift baskets. Two years later, and moved by the wide possibilities of the Online world, he entered Antevenio, the Digital Marketing multinational focused on Performance Marketing. And it was precisely the work experience acquired in this Madrid Agency that led him, in June 2019 to found Vivalma, the brand that, so far, has not ceased to surprise us with its proposals. Do you dare to know a little more about what this company does? Keep reading!

What is Vivalma and what does it propose

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Vivalma is defined as a Spanish start-up specialized in the world of online fashion which began to see the light in June 2019. We would define it as a versatile brand designed to satisfy the desires of both genders. It has a modern concept focused on music lovers and travelers. Likewise, the essence of Vivalma is committed to creativity, design and innovation; and it is precisely for this reason that its business model was conceived and directed to the creation of opportunities for young entrepreneurs, designers, models and photographers. Sometimes, thanks to familiar faces that have already shown a certain interest in the brand, such as Jaime Astrain, Alex Granell, Aitor Buñuel or the influencer Gloria Monserrat.

Contrary to what is generally perceived in most Start-Ups of the moment, in Vivalma they defend their cape and sword social commitment. Therefore, they perform Castings for models beginners who need a push to launch their career and aim for success. Similarly, they program Online Contests aimed at young designers which, subsequently, collaborate in the production of the brand's designs. Finally, and being aware of the great role that images play in the digital landscape, Vivalma promotes his ideas in collaboration with emerging photographers. After all, we could summarize all these initiatives in a co-working of momentum and common growth with which they offer a proposal of groundbreaking value.

The differential factor of Vivalma

Not long ago, the BBVA bank's communication cabinet launched a statement of notable interest: “Startups” with an ecological seal are positioned in the Spanish market. Given the increase in demand for products and services with an ecological seal, companies entering the market must seek their business opportunity taking into account the spanish environmental panorama. The brands that have been formed, are committed to the generation of sustainable wealth and the social and environmental responsibility. Thus, they promote a differential value by raising awareness of the short and long term effects of unsustainable consumption on the planet.

Along these lines, Vivalma has been concerned with establishing itself as a “Green startup”, closely linked awareness and respect for the environment. With the perspective of contributing its small grain of sand to a responsibility that is gradually taking shape among society, this small brand applies a philosophy of sustainable habits Among their usual practices. They calculate the emissions of all product shipments and offset the C02 generated through environmental protection projects. Also, the packaging of the t-shirts and sweatshirts they sell is 100% recycled and recyclable. And finally, they avoid using plastics throughout its production process.

Vivalma's digital presence

The making a fingerprint and the Online Marketing strategies application It has been defined as a “must-have” of start-ups with an Internet presence. Maintaining a successful presence on the Web is a long process that requires certain knowledge and evolutionary skills, as well as a deep dedication. In addition to make an e-commerce from where to get the products to the users, the presence in Social Media It is one of the most productive and economical ways to spread content and publicize a brand. In this way, over time it will be possible to create a faithful community of followers and even have the influencers collaboration.

This is the case of Vivalma. As we mentioned in previous sections, the brand already has some renowned personalities that collaborate with its proposal: Jaime Astrain, Alex Granell, Aitor Buñuel or the influencer Gloria Monserrat. His public appearances in Social Media are key to creating a sense of belonging to the brand. In this sense, Vivalma is present in Instagram Y Facebook, where he promotes the designs of his t-shirts and sweatshirts through Photographs of great quality and videos With really innovative mounts. Also, this is a good way for your consumers and followers to get in touch with the creators. So, you know, if after reading this article you still have some concerns, do not hesitate to contact them from their different Social Networks.

Finally, we did not want to mention one of the most innovative initiatives in the world of the fingerprint. Vivalma proposes among its digital links the access to Spotify Playlists. With this, they intend to convey the concept and motivation of the brand through playlists and songs that define them as a project. In your Spotify account you will find from Hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to the highlights of the BBK Bilbao and BRF Benidorm festivals. Do you dare to put a little rhythm to your days?

Clothing and accessories you can buy at Vivalma Store

As we anticipated, Vivalma proposes a Unisex product offer with the most trendy designs of the moment. Casual style is in fashion and they know it. Therefore, they are committed to the fashion proposals of more vintage-hipster style That the market has been crying out for some time. To go to the University, to go out for a drink on a Friday night or to be the envy of the entire stands of a condominium, the designs that we propose below will become the coolest thing in your closet.

T-shirts for men and women

top brands fashion men store vivalma store t-shirts

In the variety is the spice; and as for tastes, the colors, then we show you the most groundbreaking designs of the best shirts of the moment. The short sleeve is an essencel for outfits of any time of the year, because you can combine it with a knitted sweater or leather jacket and you will be the trendiest place. You will find two models in black short-waisted with the brand in different sizes. If you are looking for elegance, stick with the model Vivalma Line; and if you bet on a more casual look, Vivalma Black it's your style. For those who prefer a shirt that falls slightly below the waist, the design Vivalma Long In black it is the best choice. And if what you want is to give a color note to your look, the garnet Vivalma Wine It is a guaranteed success.

Sweatshirts for men and women

top brands fashion men store vivalma store sweatshirts

We all know what a cold winter afternoon is in which we appreciate having a fluffy cotton sweatshirt. In Vivalma they know it, and for them they bring us two unisex models of sweatshirts: one of them with hood and pocket, and the other in sweater style. Both are made with a slightly athletic modern cut which guarantees a good fit to the torso. The simplicity and sophistication of the model Vivalma VA In black it is ideal to combine it with skinny Chinese. For its part, with the model Vivalma Only you will become complicit in the concept proposed by the brand: "Only place, only Moment". Not bad, right?

Vivalma was born as a fresh alternative to the usual fashion

Surely when you were a child you set up your own business in the garage of your house, or made lemonade to sell it for one euro in the neighborhood. The entrepreneurial concern It is one of the characteristics of the new generations, a natural process for which it is necessary to have a certain ability to face difficulties and dangers. However, in risk is the key. Reach a dream or satisfy a concern. This is based on the new concept of startups.

Vivalma has managed to enter the market by applying the rule of three entrepreneurship requirements: be profitable, be social and be environmental. It is a self-sustaining company, which generates its own resources and invests in its growth and promotion; that helps the community and listens to the needs of its users; and that seeks to generate the slightest environmental impact with its activity. A great example to follow.

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