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Are you looking for extra virgin olive oil quality? Do you know the qualities that the «liquid gold«? You're lucky! Although olive oil has multiple applications, among which medicinal, cosmetic or religious uses stand out, its use is mainly culinary, and thanks to this you can benefit from different properties that make it a gastronomic star, since it prevents cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the immune system, keeps bones strong and a long etc. In this guide we will tell you in detail the process that is followed to achieve the best olive oil for human consumption and the best olive oils from Spain and Italy.

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We have to inform you that, as we go through the best olive oils in the world, you will realize that they are gourmet products of very high quality and that they are all extra virgin, the superior category of this liquid gold. These oils have been chosen after a strict evaluation that has been carried out in the Evooleum Awards, the International Awards to the Quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, organized by the Mercacei Editorial Group and AEMO. In fact, 10 of the award-winning oils, 8 are of Spanish origin (The other two are Italian). It's time we show you olive oil in its best versions.

Did you know that Spain meets the largest olive grove in the world? It concentrates more than 300 million olive trees, which, on the surface, occupy more than 2.5 million hectares that extend to 34 of the 50 provinces of the national geography. These olive trees can be found to a greater extent in the southern half and east of the peninsula. This ability to produce oil gives you an incredible economic assets and a great social, environmental, cultural and public health value. Let's know the best copies among so many available offer.

best olive oils in the world picual gold dance picual

The extra virgin olive oil Gold Bailén, of the Picual variety and of Spanish origin it is an Arbequino of maximum quality that combines delicate aromas with the own character of the south, more concretely of Jaén. It has green aromas of herbs and wheat with fruity notes, which include almond, apple and ripe banana. When you test it you have a soft taste, although it takes a slight bitter touch later and you can differentiate the presence of spicy details. The aftertaste is almond.

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best hojiblanca olive oils valdenvero hojiblanca

The olive of this extra virgin olive oil, Valdenvero, It is Arbequina variety, so it has a mild flavor accompanied by a tight balance between bitter and spicy. It is an oil of fruity and intense fragrance, providing different nuances among which stand out freshly cut grass, tomato and ripe apple. The name of this oil comes of the town of Valdepeñas and of the optimum degree of maturation of the olive, which receives the name of veraison.

Price: From € 60 (Pack 6 units x 500ml)

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world's best olive oils picual the sanctuary of magina

Extra virgin olive oil, The Sanctuary of Mágina, is of picual variety, the most important of Spain, and therefore, of the world. The olives that produce this oil have been collected at their best ripenessn. It is an oil of low acidity with an intense and persistent flavor, with a great balance between bitterness and spiciness. On the other hand, its aroma is fruity. You can use it to give more flavor to raw food or to cook fried or stews. A oil of the best quality.

Price: From € 60 (Pack 15 units x 500ml)

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best oils of the world picuda picual sonblanca almaoliva bio

The extra virgin olive oil of the Almazaras de la Subbética company, the Almaoliva Bio, it is an oil that will captivate all those who feel a certain predilection for Bio products (It does not contain any genetically modified component, chemical processes are not used during its process and it is produced from natural resources). Regarding its taste and aroma, we can differentiate sweet details, which are combined with a slight almond touch and bitter and slightly spicy features.

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best olive oils in the world hojiblanca riparian fountain

Extra virgin olive oil Ribera Fountain It is a medium fruity green olive oil whose origin name is the Protected Origin Denomination Priego de Córdoba. It has almond shaped nuances with small details to tomato leaves. The olives through which this oil has been produced belong to the picuda and hojiblanca varieties and they have been collected at the optimum moment of duration, to offer the flavor and aroma that characterize it.

Price: From € 55.50

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best olive oils in the world picual maquiz picual

East extra virgin olive oil It has been produced from the best olives, harvested at the beginning of the campaign in order to get an oil of the best quality. The image distinguishes this extra virgin olive oil Maquiz of the Picual variety, although you can also find this same oil in Frantoio and Arbequina varieties. The Picual variety has an excellent acidic composition, in addition to other characteristics of nutritional importance that give rise to an oil of the highest quality.

Price: From € 45 (Pack of 12 units x 250ml)

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best olive oils in the world picual door of the villas

The extra virgin olive oil Door of the Villas, of picual variety and that counts with ecological certification, allows you to distinguish different shades of tomato plant, artichoke, green wheat, banana peel and aromatic herbs. Its raw consumption is perfect in toast, tostas, mixed salads, meats, fish and gourmet dishes.

Price: From € 66 (Pack from € 66 x 500ml)

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best olive oils in the world hojiblanca cladivm

The extra virgin olive oil gourmet Cladivm, of early harvest, and as we have seen in some previous oil, maintains a denomination of origin of Priego de Córdoba, with its hojiblanca variety. It maintains an intense fruity flavor of green olive, highlighting in its aroma the smell of apple, tomato, aromatic herbs and banana. In the mouth it presents very intense flavors, with sweet details and a great balance between bitter and spicy.

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Even though the oil production is superior in Spain than in Italy, the Italians have exported their oil for much of the world, acquiring a great recognition worldwide for the quality of their oils. Currently, Italy is the second producer country of olive oil worldwide but the first exporting bottled oils. Gather 2 of the 10 best oils in the world. Let's see what they are.

best olive oils from the world casaliva origini

This extra virgin olive oil Italian origin, specifically from the mountains at the northern end of Lake Garda, is a top quality oil, that has been cast in this top 10 thanks to its precious taste and its interesting characteristics. It has a wide range of aromas and flavors which is preceded by the best selection of olives in the Casaliva variety, guaranteeing the highest quality standards during the production processes. It has an intense golden yellow color with green hues. In its aroma and flavor, balsamic touches of mint and rosemary are distinguished.

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best olive oils in the world coratina don gioacchino

East extra virgin olive oil It has been produced thanks to the 220-year-old olive fruit of the Coratina variety, so we can already get an idea of ​​the exceptional quality that this product maintains. Has been produced in Italy, and it is a very complex oil. You can enjoy a smell of green almonds accompanied by a light touch of artichoke, leaves of tomatoes and herbs. The taste keeps a strong balance between bitter and spicy notes. It is an oil that has multiple awards from the main competitions that reward those oils of strict quality.

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Liquid gold, perfect for any meal

Have you chosen one? If your mouth has water and you have an insatiable desire to dip bread, do not worry that it is normal. The oil is a very healthy food for its proven benefits, so you can include it in any food, both raw and cooked. In addition, it is worth mentioning the process used to obtain it, totally Respectful with environmental health. An exquisite product, healthy and committed to the environment. Can you ask for more?

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