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Have you ever wondered why people respond differently to exercise and diet? Do you think you are training correctly for you body type and physiognomy? You are in the right place! If you have considered this in some of your workouts or want to start training here you can have a complete guide with the steps to get get the gains for your body How long have you been looking for. Surely you have been hard but you can not get where you want and that is because surely you have not had certain aspects that are key when training. That is why here we have gathered certain aspects such as workouts, exercises and diets that you must empower to reach your goal.

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First of all the most important thing is that you learn to know your body since if you don't know how you are you will never know what you can do to improve since depending on body type that you have one type of training or another or a diet or another will be necessary so it is critical that you know differentiate your body before you know how to train it with a little test It will not take you more than 1 minute and you can go to the next step that will be how to perform workouts that positively affect your body with a series of exercises that you will have to include if or if in your routine.

That is why we have precisely made a guide, because we know how important your body is for you and why nobody is born knowing and that is why we give you a little help that will make you take the first necessary steps to start or improve in this world. This will help you as much as if you want to exercise at home or as if you are already signed up or thinking about joining a gym and you want the time and money you spend to be transformed with time, dedication, perseverance and discipline in gains for your body.

Learn to know what your body is like to be able to train it

Before starting to strengthen your body you must learn to differentiate it. There are several ways that allow you to differentiate your body, one of the most common and the one that you have already heard about it (especially in matters related to fitness) is taking into account the biotype, which is the way to classify the human body taking into account several factors of the physical form of which among them are metabolic, genetic, muscle mass, bone constitution and the tendency to accumulate fat. These somatic body types can be divided into ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph, read on to know which one is yours.

The biotype or somatic type are the categories in which we classify the bodies according to their form, this theory was developed by the psychologist William Helbert Sheldon in 1940. This theory has become very popular in the world of sports and nutrition to help understand how the body is and what is his behavior to know what we can do to improve it. You must know that These classifications are not definitive, that is, it may be that your body has greater dominance of a somatic type and in turn also contains influence of another somatic type to a lesser extent so you should keep in mind that there are certain aspects of your body that can change with the passage of years. These are the three body types according to their somatic classification.

# 1 Ectomorphic somatic body

body types according to biotype somatic type ectomorphic body

Body type ectomorph It is characterized by being thin bone constitution, generally of muscle mass below average and with long and thin limbs. Ectomorphs have no predisposition to build muscles or store fat, since they have a accelerated metabolism, which makes it very difficult for you to gain weight and muscle mass easily (something that you can improve with a diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins).

# 2 Endomorphic somatic body

body types according to biotype somatic type endomorphic body

Men and women who have a endomorphic body they have a slow metabolism which makes fats take time to burn (so they accumulate easily in the body and tend to be overweight). his appearance is rounded, with a large bone structure, thick waist, large volume abdomen and short limbs (and generally flaccid). Endomorphs have a predisposition to store fat, so, when talking about the physical training of men and women with this body shape, it should be taken into account that they must work very hard in aerobics to lose fat.

# 3 Mesomorphic somatic body

body types according to biotype somatic type mesomorphic body

If you have the kind of mesomorphic body You can consider yourself lucky. It is the midpoint between the other two types of body, where there is a metabolism fast enough to digest fats effectively (which causes them not to accumulate excessively in the body) and, in turn, is slow enough to be able to build muscle mass in a more effective way. They are characterized by having bones of average dimensions, solid torso, low levels of fat and wide shoulders with a thin waist, in addition to being bodies muscular and athletic without having to be very strict with the diet.

Somatotype test to know your body type

Now that you know what body types exist you will be wondering to which is your body and before venturing to decide for yourself what your somatotype is, we invite you to ask yourself a series of questions (subjective) that will make you more accurately frame the place where you are. However, it is important to remember to clarify that very few people are purely in a somatic type, most bodies are a mixture Of the different types that exist, for example, most people are either a mixture of ecto- and meso-morpho or endo- and meso-morpho. Notably this may vary over the years and training That is why of the tests that circulate on the internet this is the most used and the one that approaches more accurately To define your body state. Of course, on many occasions you will be clear where you are without the need for any test. These are the questions you should ask yourself, take a pen and paper and aim.

# 1 My body has a natural tendency to …

  • Accumulate too much fat (3 points)

  • Be thin and muscular (2 points)

  • Being too skinny (1 point)

# 2 When looking at my body, it looks…

  • Round and smooth (3 points)

  • Square and rough (2 points)

  • Long and without much relief (1 point)

# 3 My constitution and bone structure is …

  • Small or fragile (1 point)

# 4 When I was a child, my parents, my friends and my family told me that I was …

# 5 When it comes to taking life into account, my approach is …

  • Quiet and restful (3 points)

# 6 As for my level of physical activity, I consider myself a person …

  • Quite active (2 points)

# 7 Normally in my daily life, my parents, my friends and my family tell me that…

  • I must lose weight (3 points)

  • I'm very good (2 points)

  • What should I gain weight (1 point)

# 8 By circling the wrist with the middle finger and thumb of your other hand …

  • The two fingers do not touch (3 points)

  • They barely touch each other (2 points)

  • One finger is placed over the other (1 point)

# 9 Usually, given the way in which the food I eat is digested, I can say that my metabolism is …

  • Too quickly ( 1 point)

# 10 At lunchtime and considering the scale I can say that when I eat …

  • I gain weight easily but I have a hard time losing it (3 points)

  • I gain and lose weight easily (2 points)

  • I have a hard time gaining weight ( 1 point)

# 11 Throughout the day you can say I'm hungry …

  • All the time (3 points)

  • Only at lunchtime (2 points)

# 12 People who know me, like my family, my friends and my parents, could describe me as a person …

Once you have answered all the questions (I hope you have not cheated) and have noted respectively the answers with which you most agree, add the points and the result obtained will indicate what biotype are you in. Remember that this is changing and that if you are training, it is likely that you will pass from one type to another over time.

  • Between 32 and 37 points: 100% endomorph.

  • Between 27 and 31 points: Mix of endomorph and mesomorph.

  • Between 22 and 26 points: 100% mesomorph.

  • Between 17 and 21 points: Mix of ectomorph and mesomorph.

  • Between 12 and 16 points: 100% ectomorph.

Recommended workouts according to your body type

If you have already placed yourself in the somatic classification and know how your body type is, you can go to the next step. Surely you have gone to the gym many times without having any idea what to do, there will be people who have recommended some type of specific training but after having followed it for months you have not noticed any improvement in your bodyThis is because you are probably not doing the right workouts for your body type. But don't be discouraged you haven't wasted your time since all physical training serves as the basis for the future. Keep reading to see what workouts you should follow according to your body type.

First of all we have to warn you that this does not work as if it were magic, that is, you will not see significant changes overnight so if you are not prepared to train with motivation, effort, dedication, sacrifice and discipline You better get out of this post. It is likely that especially if you are a rookie you start to top the first months and gradually your motivation will decrease, from here we want to tell you that the key is to be able to endure in those moments when you prefer to stay at home doing the vague so that we encourage you to be constant because you'll see that Every effort has its rewards.

Recommended workouts for ectomorphic bodies

You know what if you are an ectomorph you want a workout and you're here is because you think you're too thin do you want to increase your muscle mass and despite having trained in the gym you don't get it. We admit that this process of increasing muscle mass can be complicated and probably not easy and also make certain improvements can be noticed can be a long process but do not be discouraged, you should know that apart from maintaining the constancy to see grow your muscles in a meaningful way maybe you should focus your workouts in a much more specific way and here we will tell you how. You must perform strength workouts using the maximum possible weight to grow the muscle. It is also important to keep in mind that to gain muscle mass not only can be done in the gym but we also recommend workouts in which your body is the weight of the exercise as the calisthenics. As an ectomorph we recommend that you follow the following training structure:

  • Train 3 to 5 days a week: This is so you can achieve some improvement and the workouts are effective and also your body can rest enough. If you are starting we recommend that you train 3 days, most people divide it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to have a rest day between each training.

  • Short workouts (50 to 60 minutes): You already know that it is very easy for you to burn fat so you should not train too much as at most you will be able to burn even more fat. That does not mean that they should not be intense.

  • Do heavy weights: To know how much weight you must lift you must follow the principle of loads that in summary means that to increase in size in the muscle fibers (hypertrophy) you must make efforts in which charges between 65% and 85% of your 1RM (the maximum weight you endure).

  • Do 3 and 4 series from 8 to 12 repetitions: Nor is it a true science but if it is true that using this methodology you will optimize the performance of your muscles because this will work and rest properly during the exercise (rest a lot between sets). It is important to know that if you remarkably gain weight reduce the series and repetitions (at least 6) so you will do strength training.

  • Do exercises for muscle groups: Although it is true that if you are starting we recommend a routine that trains the whole body to start adapting to physical exercise if you have been a while it is critical to focus on muscle groups. For example Monday: chest and arm, Wednesday: back and shoulder, Friday: legs, also training abdomen in all.

  • Minimize cardiovascular exercises : Although obviously you can not miss this type of training because it is good for you we recommend that you only do a few 10-15 minutes at low intensity. If you spend you will burn more calories than you consume so there will be no growth.

Recommended workouts for endomorphic bodies

If you are a endomorph who wants a workout and you are here probably what you want is to lose weight and avoid the accumulation of fat in your body, what will cost you and also will not be easy is to lose those extra kilos but instead, transforming them into muscle mass will be infinitely easier. As with anything in life, to see significant changes in your body will not be easy and also this process will be long and hard but once you get to be where you want you will see that every effort was worth it for to look good and be totally comfortable with your body. It is possible that you have spent the days in the gym doing weights and you are not losing weight if on the contrary you are not gaining it and this is surely because you are not focusing properly on the workouts for your goal. Speaking of goals, try to mark you some in the medium and long term that are attainable since once you meet them they will give you that extra motivation.

  • Train 5 days a week: The more days a week you train the better it is for try to speed up your metabolism. In addition to speeding up your metabolism it will help you burn fat and accustom your body to physical exercise.

  • Do high intensity interval workouts (HIIT): Do them at least 3 days a week, these famous workouts apart from improving your cardiovascular health will significantly increase the rate of your metabolism which will cause fat not to be maintained in your body so easily.

  • Don't forget the weights: Do not think you should not do strength training because these are also good for you. The only thing is that you must do more repetitions with a much lower weight to define the muscle.

  • Do 3 to 5 series from 8 to 12 repetitions: This for the upper body and of 12 to 20 repetitions for the bottom Try to do them with a weight that you endure but without being too heavy to do the repetitions with slack.

  • Keep up the cardiovascular work: We recommend that you continue with some work of this type either in gym classes or with sessions between 20 and 30 minutes It is low impact for the knees (swimming, cycling, hiking, elliptical) to avoid possible injuries.

Recommended workouts for mesomorphic bodies

If you have a body mesomorph and you want a workout You can feel lucky because your athletic appearance mixed with your high levels of testosterone make you in perfect condition for physical exercise. If you are here, what you want is to learn to keep your line or define your musculature And we can assure you that for this you must also take all your training seriously. Even if you think that everything you do suits you, think that in order for you to get results that are satisfactory to your body you should train to gain size, strength and strength in the muscles It is possible that you have been doing certain workouts that have seated you well but these in the long term may become insufficient since over the years the metabolism changes and it can be a mistake to fall into sufficiency. Therefore we can tell you that to obtain optimal results you should focus your Workouts in a specific way.

  • Train 3 to 5 days a week: Try to vary them as much as possible since this will lead to better results, you will avoid stalling. These workouts that are of moderate intensity.

  • Do weight training every day you train: Using a medium weight will help maintain your muscles and even to be able to define it more, keeping your metabolism stable and avoiding fat accumulation.

  • Between 6 and 12 repetitions in 4 series: Obviously everything will depend on the weight what you use and what you want to improve as a mesomorph, if you want to gain more strength add more weight and do fewer repetitions, if instead you want to define your muscles reduce weight and do more repetitions.

  • You can do high intensity workouts (HIIT): It will be good for you to vary your workouts a bit and not to get bored and have different goals although you should not do them more than twice a week since you run the risk of speeding up your metabolism too much and burning too much fat.

  • The key is to combine : You have to learn to combine workouts of strength and cardio This will be the key to keeping your body healthy and in good shape. Cycling or swimming Apart from the HIIT they are perfect to combine with the weights you can do them for 30 minutes, twice a week.

Recommended exercises according to body type

Once we have seen how to focus the workouts according to your body type we will explain what are the exercises you should include in each training done. Exercises are the key to physical training since both people and body types respond differently to certain exercises (This is because each body is unique and has different reactions to the stimuli) so you must be able to recognize which ones are right for you and how to select them to include them in your workouts. It is also recommended that you use the exercises that we will teach you in a responsible way and that after some time the change or increase weight since the muscle gets used and therefore the exercise will cease to be effective.

Surely you have been doing workouts with a series of exercises that the gym monitor has proposed but probably apart from being long workouts, the exercises are too specialized for a type of muscle and you haven't seen the gains you expected. Although this is like everything, not because you do a series of exercises overnight you will achieve the results you expected, no exercise is a master key of success. However, the key to success is in the constant repetition lasting over time Of the workouts proposed above, here I give you some tips on some basic exercises that you can start doing. As you will see certain exercises have common denominators and are repeated despite the variety of body you have.

It is very important that you know that these It's not just the exercises you should do but a few examples that will suit you to include them in your routine.

Recommended exercises for ectomorphs

As you know you need exercises for ectomorphs, your workouts should be based to gain muscle mass and for that you have to do workouts with very heavy weights (that the last two repetitions are very expensive) nothing you don't know anymore. Starting from that base there are a series of exercises that will start you very well (we recommend some previous experience in the gym). Remember don't force the muscle too much Being an ectomorph, your recovery time will be longer because your body takes longer to replenish fibers to your muscles. It is also important that do the exercises carefully To avoid injuries. These are the best exercises to include in your routine that will make you gain the volume you need.

Banking Press

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aQY3u0Dk-Q (/ embed)

The Banking Press It is one of the most elementary exercises that you must learn to do correctly in bodybuilding. This exercise that includes the entire chest It will allow you to gain strength with the torso as no other does it is ideal for an ectomorph that is looking to gain volume using the right weight. Now you must follow a series of tips to do it correctly and if you are a newbie we recommend that start with little weight to try and once your body gets used to it, you will be able to start the system we have defined for you, a lot of weight and few repetitions. It is an exercise prone to create injuries if it is not done properly. Try to always do it with a partner in case there is a problem. Simply try to grab the bar lying as close to the wrist as possible by placing your hands, with the firm chest lower the bar to the chest and once you have it there push up.

Shoulder press with foot bar

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fn06nwnmOM (/ embed)

The exercise of Shoulder press with bar It is another very complete exercise that we recommend you do that you should never miss in your routines since it allows you to work several muscle groups simultaneously since at the same time you will be working as main muscles the shoulders and also secondarily the triceps and back. In addition, for an ectomorph, work with bars makes it possible to carry enough weight and for the body to work accurately on both sides. You should also take care especially if you are a newbie to do it correctly and that there is no risk of injury. To do it correctly, simply stand up and with your feet in parallel and the bar on the upper part of your chest, grabbing the bar with your hands at shoulder height, make an upward flexion and go back down to your chest.

Biceps curl with bar

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC0yZwpF9Ew (/ embed)

The biceps curl with bar It is one of the best exercises to do in your ectomorph routine since, like the rest of the exercises that we have presented, it allows both arms to be lifting the same weight simultaneously and therefore there is no greater growth in one more than in another (usually in the dominant arm), in addition this exercise will make your biceps fat quickly if done properly and you will see that your arms will look much stronger. Like all this exercise should be done correctly although It is much simpler than the others that we have proposed, simply in the same position as the shoulder press but this time with the arms down, lift the bar up to the chest and lower again. It can be done with a normal bar or with a Z bar, we recommend that you start with the normal one since it will be something easier to use.

Barbell squats

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOPq7v0mcuI (/ embed)

The barbell squats It is an exercise that you should include if or if. All the exercises we had seen were basically of the upper body, if you think that the only thing you have to work in the gym is your upper part you are very wrong, since it is critical also train your legs to strengthen your trunk and for your body to grow proportionately if it won't take you much longer to see benefits for your body, this exercise specifically is one of the best to harden your quadriceps and buttocks since you will be supporting the weight you want added to the entire weight of your body. It is critical that you perform this exercise correctly since otherwise you can damage your back. To do this, put the bar on your back being absolutely straight, when lowering the weight you must rest on the middle part of the foot, the feet and knees must be in a natural position without opening the legs too much or being strictly parallel.

Dips: Parallel Funds

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXXwNpsRXOI (/ embed)

The dips They are a very complete exercise that you can do almost anywhere and you have to learn to do it right now. Not everything was going to be work with bars but also especially for ectomorphs the work done with your own weight is highly recommended since it will be much easier for you to carry it and it is much less harmful to the body. This exercise is quite complete for triceps work a small muscle but very useful for arm development. These can be done either in parallel funds that is somewhat more complicated or supported by a bank. We recommend that you start doing them in bank and once you have some more confidence and experience you go to the parallel bars. Simply grab the parallel bars, stretch straight up with your arms in a straight line with your body and lower your chest until the arms are at an angle of 90 degrees.

Recommended exercises for endomorphs

If you want to know that exercises are good for you as an endomorph and you have already seen in the training that we have recommended and although you have already seen that the training should be mainly cardiovascular although trying to minimize the risk of injury (low impact exercises are preferable), also It is very important that you include strength training since weights are also a very useful way of transform accumulated fat into muscle and it is also a very useful tool to improve metabolism. Also for you the recovery time will be much less and although for a high effectiveness you must keep the record and increase the effort that the muscle should make periodically so that he doesn't get too used to it. But as for everything in life, there are a number of exercises that will be very useful and that you should include in your routine. These are the recommended exercises for endomorphs.

Deadlift or Deadlift

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KL8SgCP4KQ (/ embed)

The dead weight It is a bodybuilding exercise that everyone should do since in addition to working our entire posterior chain (soles, twins, femoral, buttocks, as well as part of the back). It is a really complete exercise that has many benefits and above all to model the lower train since it makes you gain strength and in turn tones the muscles and will also help to strengthen the central area of ​​your body, which is the most important thing to gain muscle properly. Although above all for this exercise it is vital that you learn to do it correctly since can be quite harmful and you must be very careful. To do this you must place yourself very close to the bar which should fall in the middle of the foot with the tips of these slightly facing out, grab the bar and bring the calves towards it, once this is done take the chest out.

Bench press

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUUTESuUlwM (/ embed)

The Banking Press It is the most basic exercise by definition within the world of bodybuilding. This exercise will make your whole chest work and will make this be molded and defined quickly and effectively. As in all the exercises you will have to follow a series of steps to do it correctly and so that you do not get injured since this exercise if it is not performed properly can generate many problems and muscular ailments. Remember to use a low weight but do as many repetitions as possible. Try to do it accompanied in case there is a problem. Simply try to grab the bar lying as close to the wrist as possible by placing your hands, with the firm chest lower the bar to the chest and once you have it there push up.

Kettlebell Exercises

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-AlmBftJAA (/ embed)

The exercises with kettlebells or kettlebell They are optimal for weight loss and in turn the definition of muscle, this is because they are exercises that at the same time of weight lifting are quite dynamic and encompass almost your entire body. They are also exercises that we must learn to do correctly and that are somewhat complicated at first which will cause get more stability, control and balance especially on your upper train. This element is increasingly present in gyms and this is due to its similarity to numerous types of exercises involving dumbbells or discs but thanks to the kettlebell you will do it in a more comfortable way. It is also useful to avoid muscle decompensations.

Abdominal plates

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wRv2J3sufM (/ embed)

The abdominal plates They are an isometric (static) exercise very common in yoga and pilates, as well as being very popular in core training routines (the most central part of the body). This exercise is highly recommended for you since it will require you to bear your own weight for a certain time what will make you increase your resistance and control over your body, also helps to accelerate the metabolism and burn accumulated fats and It is a little harmful training and really good for the abdomen. Although there are many variants based on their level of demand, the most common version of the plate consists of placing the raised body parallel to the ground, supported with the forearms on the front and the tip of the feet behind.

Shoulder press with sitting bar

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yLZ1Cpoq0o (/ embed)

The military press or shoulder press is one of the best ways to exercise your shoulders. This is a very common exercise and one of the most commonly done in the gym since when sitting and using the bar the concentration of the exercise falls much more on top of the body instead of on the legs and this is an advantage over the standing shoulder press. This is an exercise that is considered basic and work your shoulders in a very effective way. It is also vital to learn to do it correctly because it can be complicated at first and can cause shoulder injuries that will prevent you from completing the rest of the exercises for your body. Para hacerlo simplemente sentado coloca las manos sobre la barra mirando hacia delante con la anchura algo superior a los hombros y levanta verticalmente la barra por encima de la cabeza después vuelve a bajarla hasta la parte superior del pecho por debajo de la barbilla.

Ejercicios recomendados para mesomorfos

Si ya sabes que eres un afortunado mesomorfo y necesitas saber que ejercicios te vienen mejor y ya has visto cual es tu mejor forma de realizar un entrenamiento, te aconsejo que sigas leyendo para encontrar la respuesta. Aunque no exista una respuesta absoluta si que te podemos decir que existen unos ejercicios tipo que te servirán. Debes de tener en cuenta de que para tu tipo de cuerpo tus ejercicios pueden ir enfocados de forma diversa por lo que es importante en tu caso que varíes los ejercicios muy a menudo para conseguir resultados óptimos. Empieza haciendo ejercicios básicos con peso moderado y finaliza con algunos de peso ligero aislando el musculo que más quieras trabajar, estos son los ejercicios que te recomendamos para este tipo de cuerpo.

Zancadas con mancuernas


The zancadas con mancuernas es un ejercicio que trabajará tus piernas por completo. Es relativamente fácil y muy efectivo a la hora de conseguir resultados así que por que no incluirlos en tu rutina. Puedes hacerlo perfectamente en casa lo único que necesitas son unas mancuernas aunque también se pueden hacer con pesa rusa o con disco. Además este ejercicio suele trabajarse con poco peso por lo que es una buena forma de entrenar tus piernas sin prácticamente tener riesgos de lesiones en la espalda. Para hacerlo de forma correcta el agarre debe ser neutro con los brazos flexionados y cerca del costado, estira la espalda y mira hacia delante, después da una gran zancada manteniendo los brazos pegados al costado, vuelve a la posición inicial y hazlo con la otra pierna.

Remo con mancuernas


The remo con mancuernas es otro de los ejercicios básicos para principiantes que deberás tener en tu rutina a la hora de comenzar a entrenar y que será perfecto para comenzar con la definición de tu musculatura. Este ejercicio es algo más complicado de realizar y es habitual que no se haga de forma correcta y aunque no tiene mucho riesgo de lesión si que es recomendable que se haga bien. Este ejercicio aunque trabaja específicamente el dorsal ancho también incluye en menor grado muchos más músculos como el trapecio, el deltoides y un poco el biceps. Para realizar este ejercicio debes de tomar una mancuerna con una mano y apoyando la rodilla y la palma de la mano opuesta sobre un banco con la espalda fija deberás tirar de la mancuerna hacia la espalda así imitando el gesto del remo.

Press de pecho con mancuernas


The press de pecho con mancuernas es una variante del press de banca que se centra más en la zona central de los pectorales. Se puede decir que se trabaja de una forma mucho más especifica trabajando ambos lados de los pectorales por igual. Este ejercicio puede hacerse totalmente tumbado para trabajar la zona central o un poco más inclinado en la que trabajarás otras zonas de los pectorales. Este ejercicio es ideal para tonificar y ganar músculo en la zona del cuerpo por lo que a diferencia del press de banca este se utiliza más para definir el músculo en vez de para ganarlo. Para hacerlo de forma efectiva túmbate boca arriba en un banco, coge las mancuernas hacia arriba y mantenlas con el pecho hacia fuera. Ten los pies plantados en el suelo y un poco separados para tener mayor estabilidad, empuja hacia arriba inclinándolas de manera que casi toquen los brazos, haz una pausa y vuelve a bajar.

Curl de biceps con mancuernas


The curl de bíceps con mancuerna, es el ejercicio más representativo para trabajar los brazos. Es raro que alguien no sepa de su existencia, siendo o no aficionado, ya que es conocido universalmente por que permite tener unos biceps fuertes y prominentes que es lo que todos queremos cuando estamos en manga corta. Ayuda a crear sensación de tamaño y es raro ver alguna rutina de ejercicios que no lo contenga y esto es debido a que trabaja, tonifica y define los brazos de una forma más efectiva que usando una barra. Este ejercicio además puede hacerse de pie o sentado, alterno o levantando los brazos a la vez y supone muy poco riesgo de lesión para el usuario. Para hacerlo de forma correcta coge unas mancuernas y extendiendo totalmente los brazos abriendo las piernas para mejorar estabilidad y con la espalda recta y el pecho hacia fuera levanta las mancuernas simultáneamente hasta llegar a tocar los hombros.

Press de hombro con mancuernas


The press de hombro con mancuernas es una variante del press militar con barra, es un ejercicio muy utilizado y básico para trabajar los hombros. Este ejercicio tiene como principal diferencia el aumento del control y la estabilidad así como también evita posibles descompensaciones en los músculos al trabajar igual los dos lados. Además al hacerlo con mancuerna podrás definir y tonificar el músculo mucho más que haciéndolo con la barra. Este ejercicio se puede hacer también de pie o sentado la única diferencia es que sentado se concentra muchísimo más en la parte superior del cuerpo. Para hacerlo de forma correcta toma una mancuerna del mismo peso por ambos lados siéntate en un banco y con la espalda bien recta, llevaremos las mancuernas a la altura de los hombros por los laterales del cuerpo mientras flexionamos los codos y las palmas de las manos miran hacia delante.

Dietas recomendadas según tu tipo de cuerpo

Probablemente has llegado al lugar más importante del post, si bien es cierto que a la hora de entrenar tu cuerpo tanto los entrenamientos como los ejercicios son críticos y es algo que debes de conocer pero no es posible que notes en tu cuerpo mejora alguna si no llevas una dieta adecuada para tu tipo de cuerpo, incluso te diría que esto es un 50% y el entrenamiento es otro 50% a la hora de conseguir beneficios notables para tu cuerpo. Así es, la alimentación es la base de todo, es la gasolina que necesita tu cuerpo para funcionar y esto lo tienes que tener claro por que si no por mucho que te ejercites si no mantienes una dieta adecuada es probable que tires todos tus avances por la borda. Debes de estar preparado para darle a tu cuerpo lo que necesita, cuando lo necesita y en que cantidades para que este pueda funcionar de manera óptima y responda correctamente al entrenamiento. No importa si eres de los que te da pereza cocinar ya que también hay más alternativas con la que puedes comer saludable sin esfuerzo.

Claro está que no para todo tipo de cuerpo responde igual el mismo tipo de dieta y existen diversos factores que variaran notablemente según tu tipo de cuerpo. Los nutrientes que deberás repartir equitativamente en distintas comidas son los carbohidratos (pasta, arroz, ensaladas, espinacas, tomate, aceitunas, frutas, patata) (encargados de dar la energía a tu cuerpo) aunque algunos son de asimilación más rápido y otros mas lentos por lo que deberás de llevar cuidado en seleccionar los tipos de alimentos para este nutriente. Otro de los nutrientes a tener en cuenta de los más importantes son los aminoácidos o las proteínas (carne roja, atún, salmón, huevos, guisantes, garbanzos, marisco). Finalmente aunque es el nutriente que se debería de evitar pero es necesario para el correcto funcionamiento de nuestro cuerpo son las grasas saludables (aceite, almendras, nueces, mantequilla). Una vez que tenemos los tres nutrientes principales, tendremos que componer nuestro menú lo más variado y equilibrado posible. También debes de tener en cuenta que la hidratación es otro de los aspectos más importantes para los músculos.

Dietas recomendadas para ectomorfos

Bien como ectomorfo cuya meta es aumentar la masa muscular corporal lo que se traduce básicamente en aumentar de peso. Bien pues aunque tu meta principal sea aumentar de peso esto no guarda una relación con que comas de forma indiscriminada todo lo que sea ya que es probable que si comes lo que no debes aumente tu grasa corporal en vez de tu masa muscular. Lógicamente para poder generar crecimiento de músculo deberás comer más calorías de las que gastas por lo que si que es cierto que tienes que comer más pero tienes que hacer un reparto proporcional de los nutrientes básicos que te hemos expuesto anteriormente. Para hacerlo de una forma efectiva, recuerda no saltarte comidas y tomar como mínimo 2 litros de agua diarios para mantener hidratados a tus músculos.

  • Entre 5 y 6 comidas diarias: Comer muchas veces en pequeñas cantidades favorecerá tu alto metabolismo y además te hará que sea más sencillo comer.

  • Dieta rica en proteínas : La proteina es el nutriente óptimo para los músculos, por lo que debe ser algo que este muy presente en tu dieta, como mínimo toma de 1 a 1,5 g por kg de tu peso. Te recomendamos pechuga de pavo, huevos frescos o salmón.

  • El reparto de nutrientes debe ser: Ya sabes que tus alimentos deben contener principalmente proteínas pero no es lo único que debes comer, debes hacer un reparto proporcional, 30% proteínas, 50% carbohidratos y 20% grasas.

  • Hidrátate mucho: Al hacer comidas ricas en proteínas el agua es vital para el buen funcionamiento de tu hígado y riñones, además tras los ejercicios físicos tu cuerpo te pedirá mucha hidratación.

  • Usa suplementos: Sin pasarte, utiliza batidos ricos en proteínas antes o después del entrenamiento ya que te ayudará aunque no te olvides de contarlos a la hora de hacer tu dieta.

Dietas recomendadas para endomorfos

Si has llegado hasta aquí y eres endomorfo estarás buscando bajar peso y por contra a lo que te dicen esto no significa que debas de dejar de comer completamente si no que debes de aprender a comer lo justo y lo necesario para tus entrenamientos. Lógicamente deberás de comer menos calorías que las que tu cuerpo gasta a lo largo del entrenamiento para que tu cuerpo se vea forzado a quemar grasas acumuladas. Es importante que repartas equilibradamente las distintas comidas y ya verás como no pasas hambre. Para tí es especialmente importante seguir una dieta estricta ya que probablemente estés acostumbrado a comer lo que te apetezca y cuando te apetezca por lo que acostumbrarse a llevar unas reglas cambiará totalmente tu estilo de vida, desde aquí sabemos que es complicado y que no será fácil pero te animamos a que lo intentes y cuando pasen las primeras semanas todo irá sobre ruedas, hazlo por tí y por tu salud. A continuación te proponemos una serie de recomendaciones.

  • 3 comidas al día: Debes quemar tus reservas, y para ello tu cuerpo debe de pasar hambre parte del día. También es bueno ayunar unas horas después de levantarte ya que así tu cuerpo quemará aún más reservas.

  • Limita las grasas : Lo más importante es limitar la ingesta de grasas ya que es lo que se acumular mayormente en tu cuerpo, haz una dieta rica en proteínas que no tenga grasa (pescado desgrasado, pollo desgrasado, huevos). Las grasas que comas tendrán que ser saludables (aceite de oliva, algunos pescados, huevos, etc).

  • Modera los carbohidratos: Aunque obviamente debes de comer alimentos que tengan este nutriente ya que es lo que te proporcionará la energía suficiente para los entrenamientos, intenta reducirlos y comerlos solo por la mañana o al medio día. Por ejemplo come fruta solo por la mañana ya que a pesar de ser muy sana es una enorme fuente de azúcares.

  • Evita el alcohol y las gaseosas: Estas son una enorme fuente de azúcar que harán que se eleve tu nivel de insulina y a parte de ser muy perjudiciales para la salud retrasarán las mejoras de tus entrenamientos. Al tomar estos hábitos tu rendimiento se verá notablemente perjudicado.

  • Reparte bien los macronutrientes: Al ser muy sensible a ciertos alimentos debes de aprender a repartir muy bien los nutrientes para tu dieta, evitando las grasas y moderando los carbohidratos. Un reparto de 40% de carbohidratos, 45% de proteina y 15% de grasas saludables esta bien.

Dietas recomendadas para mesomorfos

Como mesomorfo que eres debes saber que corres una mayor suerte en cuanto a la alimentación que debes seguir ya que tu tasa metabólica te permite agregar masa muscular sin incluir demasiada grasa por lo tanto tendrás mucha mayor facilidad que un ectomorfo o un endomorfo para generar masa muscular y por lo tanto tu dieta dependerá básicamente del objetivo que tu mismo quieras marcarte. Esto no significa que puedas comer cualquier cosa ya que como todo si te pasas comiendo grasas o por el contrario no comes lo suficiente que necesita tu cuerpo te podrás convertir rápidamente en un ectomorfo o en un endomorfo. Además de hacer incapíe en las proteinas, podrás comer una alta cantidad de carbohidratos sin temor a añadir demasiada grasa a tu cuerpo. Por lo tanto para ti el mejor menú será el que combine perfectamente y sea lo suficientemente rico en nutrientes. A continuación una serie de recomendaciones.

  • 5 comidas al día: Esto es muy importante para que puedas mantener tu metabolismo funcionando de forma correcta, las comidas eso sí deberán ser pequeñas, es decir, pocas calorías en cada comida.

  • Consume las calorías suficicientes : Para mantener el estado óptimo del cuerpo debes de comer las suficientes calorías que deben de ser mas o menos igual al número de calorías gastadas. Si lo que estás buscando es aumentar un poco la masa muscular tendrás que ingerir más calorias.

  • Come mucha proteina: Es la clave que necesita tu músculo par funcionar y crecer de una forma saludable, puedes comerlo directamente desde los alimentos (pavo, huevos, pescado, legumbres) o combinarlo directamente con suplementos proteínicos antes o después del entrenamiento.

  • Haz un menú variado: Igual que en tus entrenamientos la clave para ti está en variar los alimentos de forma sistemática, es decir, a la hora de ingerir proteínas un día come por ejemplo salmón y otro día pechuga de pavo esto debes hacerlo para no aburrirte y mantener la dieta. A su vez trata de que tus comidas sean ricas en vitaminas.

  • Reparte bien los macronutrientes: Realmente como ya te hemos explicado par ti es posible ingerir una cantidad alta de carbohidratos sin hacer que este se quede en tu cuerpo por mucho tiempo por lo que es una buena forma de crear masa muscular para ti. Un reparto de 40% de carbohidratos, 30% de proteina y 30% de grasas es lo correcto.

El cuerpo es tu templo y debes cuidarlo y mimarlo

Ya te habrás dado cuenta de lo importante que es tu cuerpo, a parte de para verse bien y aumentar la confianza en uno mismo también es clave para temas de salud. Así que ya sabes que de acuerdo al tipo de cuerpo que tienes que cosas debes hacer para ser capaz de mejorarlo y que cosas debes evitar. Además ser capaz de cuidar tu cuerpo y poder obtener las mejorías que estas buscando es clave a la hora de tu sentimiento de autorrealización, estar contento contigo mismo es el primer logro que te hará ser capaz de conseguir la felicidad plena con el resto de aspectos de tu vida. Te recomendamos que empieces poco a poco marcándote pequeños objetivos y que al cumplirlos te impulsarán a cumplir objetivos más grandes.

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