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Do you go crazy with your hair to daily? You do not know how to cut yourself, comb your hair Y take care of your hair Why don't you know what kind of hair you have? It seems a somewhat absurd question, but as in skin types in men, there are also different hair types and depending on this you have to know how to take care of it. You would be surprised at the number of men who do not know what type of hair they have and buy hair care products without knowing if they are suitable for their case. Not only does the brand, the price or the functionality of a hair product influence, but it is also important to know which one is right and why.

male hair types how to identify male hair type

The genetics among other things it influences that you have one type of hair or another. That is why you may have been born with straight, curly, thick or thin hair. But there are also many factors that can modify hair type that you have, for example, to abuse the products that aggregate the hair such as shapers or jelly beans, dyes, etc., causing your hair to lose its natural curl or become thinner, in some cases you suffer from alopecia. Therefore, we want to help you know your hair better and that you can know what hair type You have to be able to choose the appropriate care and products, this way you will have it always healthy Y well kept. Every man is a world, and his hair too.

Types of men's hair according to the shape

The hair has mainly 3 types of shapes, straight or smooth, wavy or curly, although within this depending on the amount or thickness, the shapes may vary. With form we refer to the shape of the hair itself, because extension is another topic.

  • Straight hair: This type of hair is straight hair, without form and without curves, which tends to have an aspect always attached to the head. It can be both dry and fatty, thin or thick. It is a type of hair more difficult to shape because both dry or wet always looks straight.

  • Wavy hair: This type of hair is the one that already has curves and shapes, without becoming a marked curl, it is the easiest to mold. You can smooth it out or curl it more, although we love its natural shape roll undulations.

  • Curly hair: This third type of men's hair has curls, very marked undulations with an S-shape. Depending on the thickness it is more or less difficult to handle. It is usually a hair with much more volume than the two previous types so it is important to define cuts and hairstyles that feel good and use appropriate products.

Types of men's hair according to thickness

When we talk about the type of man's hair in relation to thickness, we talk about the quantity and of the quality of the hair, since thin hair is not the same as thick and strong hair regardless of the shape of your hair. This also greatly influences your care and the products to choose to handle and comb it to your liking.

  • Fine hair: Fine hair is a very thin type of hair, this makes it more sensitive to chemicals especially, so it is recommended to use products as natural as possible. It is a hair that breaks and breaks more easily so it is good to clean it frequently. On the other hand, it is a type of hair that is easier to mold than thick hair.

  • Normal hair: This type of hair has a medium thickness or texture, is less sensitive than the previous type and easy to comb. To take care of it you can use products for normal hair care, which are the most frequent and economical.

  • Thick hair: Finally, this type of hair is the strongest and of the best quality, it is not so sensitive and it breaks less, however due to its resistance it is more complicated to handle and comb. That is why if you have this type of hair you will need very specific care products.

Types of men's hair according to sebum production

This refers, not so much to the hair itself, but to the skin of your scalp. The skin of the scalp, unlike the rest of the body, has a greater number of hair follicles, which are drained by sebaceous glands, responsible for the tallow production, a substance formed by a mixture of fats, cholesterol and proteins, whose main function is to lubricate the hair and prevent it from drying out. Depending on whether your scalp has a lower or higher sebum production, you will have a type of hair than we explain here. Oily hair is more complicated to take care of if you want it to look clean, and dry hair has to be very careful with dandruff for example.

  • Normal hair: Normal hair is one that has a scalp that produces a normal amount of sebum, which gives it shine and strength, without using special products.

  • Dry hair: This type of hair does not produce the normal amount of sebum to have hydrated hair, having a weaker scalp is much more brittle and needs special care for your care.

  • Greasy hair: This is perhaps the type of hair that no man would want to have, but it is more frequent than usual. Its sebum production is superior to what the hair needs and that is why it looks more dirty, shiny and oily. It is vital to wash it frequently with suitable products to always carry a good image. .

  • Mixed hair: As the name implies, it is a hair that neither was nor fa, it can be a mixture between normal and dry hair, or normal and oily hair. That is why it is important to identify it to know which products are suitable.

How to identify the type of hair I have

As we have explained in the different types of men's hair They exist depending on their shape, thickness and scalp. Check your hair well to see which of them you identify with and thus be able to know yours better. However, you can also go to a trichologist, a dermatologist specializing in scalp and alopecia issues to help you know your hair better.

Identify what type of hair you have and use appropriate products

Did you imagine there were so many ways to classify hair? And we could still continue according to the cut, the hairstyle, the color, etc. The important thing is that you know well what kind of hair do you have to buy suitable beauty products and do not suffer from hair loss early (the dreaded alopecia that stalks so many men).

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What do you think of ours guide to know the types of men's hair? Have you already identified What type of hair do you have? Do you think we have left something? Do you have any experience to tell and want to share? Have you had any doubt or question? Then we ask that leave a comment. No matter whether it is a question or a simple thank you, but we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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