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Do you proudly assume your baldness And you want to start dedicating the care you deserve? You have the Shaved head or you suffer from baldness and you don't know what the most indicated products for you? Do you suffer from irritation, dryness, acne or burning in the bald spot? It will be because you don't take care of her too much! And that is precisely why we are here today. Because we know what it is not to have hair on the head, because we empathize with you, and why we know exactly what you need. And not only for a matter of aesthetics, but also for health and well-being. Stay with us because you are about to discover the best shampoos, conditioners, creams, sunscreens, razors and many beauty products especially designed for bald men.

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Keep a bald head, healthy and attractive It requires time and attention. Many people think that when you don't have hair on your head, you are free of hair problems. Nothing is further from reality. A hair free scalp, is exposed to the elements of the environment, like the sun, the cold, and even the environmental pollution. Although, if you take into account these factors and put on your part dedicating the time and care you deserve, being bald can play very much in your favor. If you have stopped thinking about the hair implant for a long time and you have found the taste to caress your bald head, look no further, because then we bring you the selection of products that you cannot miss in the bag

The most prominent advantages of being a bald man

Are you bald or have little hair? Yes! and that? Did you know that baldness is one of the most attractive features when it comes to flirting? According to research conducted by the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, bald people are more attractive to women, because they give a greater image of masculinity, power, strength and leadership. Traditionally, hair loss has been considered a disgrace, but nothing is further from reality! Your bald can bring you more Benefits Of those you believe. Do you accompany us to meet the most prominent?

  • You have less chance of getting cancer: A recent prostate cancer research study has determined that men who started losing their hair at an early age have a 45% less chance of getting cancer than men with populated heads.

  • You have a more efficient metabolism: Baldness, in general, implies a increased testosterone levels in the body of man, which has an influence especially positive in the metabolic process in order to keep fit, reduce the concentration of fat, do not exceed body weight or build muscles.

  • You save time and money: Have you stopped to think how many times have you been to the hairdresser to cut your hair in recent months? Have you noticed how simple cuts and hairstyles are for men with tickets or little hair? Being bald allows you to take care of your appearance and appeal with your own hands, in just a few minutes and without leaving home. As? With the products that we detail in this guide for bald men.

  • The years don't go by so fast: Men who are bald may look older at first sight, but as time goes by, they don't have gray hairs, just add some wrinkles to their face and go maintaining its same appearance over the years. Take Patrick Stewart or Bruce Willis as an example, both are bald men who have always looked the same for decades.

  • You call attention to other characteristics: Having a bald head means that people will no longer give importance to how your hair is and they will fix the attention on your face. Your facial features will become more prominent and will gain relevance when they look at you.

  • The summer months are more acceptable: If you haven't had a great mane falling on your neck and ears, you don't know what it is to be hot in the most unbearable moments of summer. And what you get! Because not only you will go more comfortable and fresh, but you will save yourself from starting to sweat, get dirty and disheve your hair.

  • A populated beard will look great on you: You don't have hair on your head, it doesn't mean you have to get rid of your beard. In fact, it is considered that bald men with a dense beard and well maintained they can become the most attractive.

  • They win in respect and power: According to an article released by the New Scientist magazine, Baldness is a sign of dominance and high social status. Many men who do not have this problem decide to shave their heads to be more respected for his "subordinates."

Best shampoos and cleansing lotions for hairy men

The sebaceous glands of the scalp produce fat and sweating which generally absorbs hair. When the hair is lost, these segregations become a problem for the people with alopecia, because in this case, since there is no hair that absorbs the fat, accumulates progressively on the skin. Deep cleaning is required for reasons of hygiene and comfort. To control excess fat and so that dirt does not stick to the scalp, thego your head with a mild shampoo performing a massage to promote circulation and don't even think about doing an ‘all in one’ by washing your head with the body gel. Below we show you our favorites.

Purifying Shampoo for Bald Men, Dr. Bald

best products beauty personal care bald men purifying shampoo dr bald

The solution for the most exquisite cleaning comes from the hand of Carobels, a Spanish company based in León that, through its brand Beardburys, just released Doctor Bald, the first line of professional treatment specifically designed for bald needs. It is a purifying shampoo, specially formulated for cleaning and care of the scalp. With an ultra smooth formula, sulfate and paraben free, its content in natural extracts calms and relaxes the scalp while clean deeply and completely eliminates sebum.

Price: From € 19

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Cleansing Lotion for Bald Men, Dr. Bald

best products beauty personal care bald men cleansing lotion dr bald

If you were looking for one cleansing lotion That was 100% respectful with your scalp, you're in luck. Your formula purifying, free of sulfates and parabens, includes three essential oils, aloe vera and mint that clean, moisturize, soothe and cool area. It also incorporates the innovative Ultra Clean brush, made with silicone bristles that adapt perfectly to the different contours of the head. With it, you can apply the product with a gentle circular massage which will favor the elimination of all impurities accumulated in the pores. A 100% pleasant feeling in your head.

Price: From € 18

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Hair Loss and Revitalizing Shampoo for Men with Baldness, VidalForce

best products beauty personal care bald men hair loss shampoo revitalizing vidalforce

Although many people think that what a bald man can most desire in the world is to get a hair loss shampoo that gives visible results As soon as possible, it is often a question that goes beyond. More and more men are feeling proud of his bald, of his sex-appel and of its differentiating factor. And more and more are those who prefer to provide their bare scalp with optimal care, rather than pretend that hair is born from nowhere. Therefore, this shampoo, qualified as a hair loss, is one step ahead with a proposal that, in addition to promoting the resurgence of follicles, Eliminates dandruff, itching, peeling, dry hair, grease and frizz. In addition, it is composed of 100% natural ingredients such as Arginine with dilator vessel effect, Coenzyme Q10 Natural Anti-Oxidant, Avocado Oil with vitamins (E, A, B1, B2, B2, B3, D and C) and vegetable proteins.

Price: From € 15

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Are you looking for a greater variety? Here you have the megaguide of specific shampoos for men, among which you will find the best anti-fall, anti-dandruff and anti-grease cleansing lotions. We have solutions for the most demanding!

Best remineralizing masks for men with advanced baldness

Baldness, as with the scalp populated with hair or facial face, may also have problems, or excess fator of be too dry. But in this life everything has a solution: a purifying mask to apply on the bald spot once a week will help you keep the fat levels in their right measure, so that you do not feel it bright or oily don't suffer from tightness or dryness. At the same time, you can clean the possible impurities That may appear. As? That you still don't use a remineralizing appropriate for your bald head? You're lucky! Below we show you our selection.

Black Clay Mask to Illuminate the Baldness of Man, L'Oreal Paris

best products beauty personal care bald men remineralizing mask black clay loreal paris 2

A mask that will revolutionize the way you treat the roof of your house with magnetic properties and in a creamy texture that does not dry out. It is specially designed for purify the skin and raise its radiance, so that, immediately after use you will notice that the skin is more clean, fresh and dirt free. Composed of three modalities of pure clays combined with active carbon, will provide you with a brighter and radiant skin tone after 7 days of use. You will be interested to know that its main composition ingredient is the Kaolin Carbon, known for its ability to absorb excess sebum and impurities, integrated with montmorrillonite: a clay rich in minerals, known for its action on imperfections.

Price: From € 6

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Ghassoul Clay Powder Mask, Samarkand

best products beauty personal care bald men remineralizing mask clay ghassoul powder samarkand

Clay Ghassoul powder of Samarkand, is a 100% natural clay, high absorbent, astringent and purifying power, in addition, it is hypo-allergenic and without chemical assets. Its main property is that it eliminates dandruff, relieves excessively oily hair problems and reduces dryness and peeling. At the same time, fixes and absorbs grease particles and impurities to later remove them with water. It also respects the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin and hair. Thus, cleanses and purifies the skin, giving it a smooth appearance. Considers, on the other hand, that the 98% of its users say it improves skin clarity, removes the tone off due to fatigue, seeks luminosity, reaffirms facial features and fights sagging.

Price: From € 19

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Effaclar Purifying Mousse, La Roche Posay

best products beauty personal care bald men mask purifying mousse effaclar la roche posay

The Effaclar gel mousse from La Roche Posay It is especially recommended for sensitive skin and for oily skin with imperfections or that are under dermatological treatment since it has PH 5.5. and does not contain parabens, soap, alcohol, or dyes. So a correct use of the different products in this range can end problems such as granites and glare. To apply it, press the dispenser, foam with the gel in your hands along with a little water and apply on the face, massaging gently. Then, clarify it perfectly.

Price: From € 11

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Best hair growth serums to fight baldness

If you have noticed that you hair starts to fall and you are worried if you will notice in your appearance, surely you have wondered how you can conceal baldness And surely after searching the web you have found an infinite number of remedies and solutions. You may not know it yet, but your dream mane is much closer than you think. And, with the Hair growth serums, you just need a little consistency, patience and hope to, after several days of application, begin to notice how your bald starts to repopulate slowly. Each head is a world, and therefore, the visible effects can vary visibly from one head to another but, to avoid doubting, what would you think of trying any of the Revitalizing Serums What do we show you next?

Hair Growth Essence for Men Pelones, Y.F.M.

best products beauty personal care bald men serum hair growth hair growth essence y.f.m.

A single Serum, two benefits: avoid loss and promote growth. The essence of growth can effectively prevent hair loss, as it provides hair root nutrition while strengthening external stimulation resistance to make it happen to be thick and shiny. Hair Growth Essence not only effectively promotes hair growth, making the hair follicle active and nutritious, but also suppress fat of the same. Scarce hair, severe hair loss, slow hair growth, inelastic, matted, easy to break, rough and ungovernable, uncompromising … If you recognize yourself with one or more of these symptoms, don't wait any longer and try it.

Price: From € 11

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Hair Growth Serum to Combat Baldness, LDreamam

best products beauty personal care bald men hair growth serum hair growth serum ldreamam

30 ml of pure miracle engulfed under the name of Hair Growth Serum. Intended to promote growth, this product that fascinates us invigorates the hair from the root, helps to improve the strength of the follicle and favors the repair of follicular damage. It will definitely mark a before and after in the life of your bald spot, since it helps rebuild the hair structure, nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, repairs damage to the outer protective layer of each fiber and leaves a soft shine free of grease. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and you will only have to add 3-6 ml of Serum for every 100 ml of shampoo to, in a few days, begin to notice its effects.

Price: From € 14

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Anti Hair Loss Serum for Hairless Men, Beau-Pro

best products beauty personal care bald men serum hair growth anti hair loss serum beau pro

Would you like to have a thicker, longer and full-bodied hair? Then try the serum for hair growth of Beau Pro. Contains essential bioactive nutrients which improve the condition of the hair and scalp, create a healthy environment for hair growth and prevent hair loss. In addition, if your baldness is characterized by having damaged follicles, with its usual application you will get strengthen the roots and relieve dryness of the scalp, while activating inactive hair follicles responsible for accelerating growth. Wait a maximum of 4 weeks, You will be surprised by the results!

Price: From € 11

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Best purifying scrubs for bald men

Like your face, a bald head needs your dead cells detach occasionally. And although you may think otherwise, intensive washing on time is not enough. You should apply a little exfoliating the scalpat least once a week to clean the pores in depth and oxygenate the skin of the head. As? with a light massage before washing to increase the scalp cell renewal. Thus, your bald spot will become a benchmark of style and self-confidence will be more than demonstrated. The wait was worth it, let's see what are the most acclaimed scrubs.

Hairless Scalp Scrub, Natura Siberica

best products beauty personal care bald men exfoliating purifying scalp natural siberian

A unique product for scalp care. This effective triple action scrub, clean deeply the scalp, prevents the fall of hair stimulating blood flow and regulates the sebaceous glands while eliminating dandruff. It is suitable for all hair types and has active ingredients and 100% natural ingredients. The vitamins and the amino acids Nourish and repair hair. He Altai hawthorn oil and the Argan oil, contribute to the formation of keratin, which provides hair with strength and shine. Calendula and wild mint from Siberia revitalize the scalp and nourish the roots. With all this, in addition, strengthens hair bulbs and prevents the appearance of dandruff.

Price: From € 7

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Scalp Scrub K-Hair Scrub for Bald Men, Alkemilla

best beauty products personal care bald men purifying scrub scalp scrub khair alkemilla

The scalp scrub from Alkemilla It has the function of eliminate impurity accumulations, such as dust, dead skin residue, shampoo, etc. Enriched with extracts of organic flax, raspberry, lemon, coconut, blackcurrant and cranberry plants, deeply nourishes the hair At the same time it allows you to enjoy its protective and soothing properties thanks to the mango extract and the passion flower. For proper use, you must apply once you have washed your hair with the appropriate shampoo, massage it for 3 minutes, leave it on for a quarter of an hour and rinse it with cold water. The microgranules and the Glycolic Acid guarantee mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation, freeing the pores, facilitating the correct oxygenation of the bulbs and encouraging the birth of healthy and robust hair. On the other hand, the panthenol content in the formula allows the hair to reach its correct degree of moisture avoiding dehydration and fragility, together with menthol with reinforcing and invigorating properties.

Price: From € 16

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Elvive-Phytoclear Purifying Scrub, L'Oreal Paris

best products beauty personal care bald men purifying scrub elvive phytoclear loreal paris

Tired of your hair disappearing in your head and dandruff appeared? Start saying goodbye to those white spots that fall on your jersey because you just met Elvive Phytoclear, anti-dandruff treatment formulated with octolamine and combinations of 3 essential oils, without silicones. Everything you ask for a traditional hair care, now, together with a effective, durable and visible anti-dandruff action from the first application. You will find it in mask format to make it easier to access the exfoliator content: a cream with a pleasant smell accompanied by scrub granules what are they wearing argan shell powder, essential oil of tea tree, lemongrass and geranium, as well as menthol.

Price: From € 5

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Better creams, balms and oils to hydrate male baldness

He scalp It requires special care that is accentuated when it has been devoid of hair protection, since in this way, there is more exposed to aggressions and external agents. Being left unprotected is more likely to suffer dryness, tightness and peeling. The solution involves using a cream, ointment or moisturizing lotion that conforms to the Ph of your skin and give you a feeling of softness and flexibility With a matte finish that does not bring shine. Let's see which are the best in the market.

Daily Bald Moisturizer for Sexy Bald, Bee Bald

best products beauty personal care bald men balm creams oils moisturizing daily bee bald

The daily cream of Bee Bald tones and moisturizes while working for reduce and prevent the accumulation of oil and shine in the bald spot The fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches are hydrated and softened so that you feel fresh, clean and comfortable skin all day. Its main components are the shea butter for one superior hydration and the Ginger root for him fat control. Antioxidant, healing and antiseptic ingredients include licorice root, honey, bee pollen extract, Goji berry and vitamin E. Additionally, titanium dioxide provides additional protection against the sun. And what about its use? Easy! You will only have to apply a thin layer on the head and face once a day by diluting it with a drop or less of water.

Price: From € 12

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Castor Moisturizing Oil for Attractive Bald, Naissance

best products beauty personal care bald men creams balms oils moisturizing ricino naissance

He Castor oil it is extracted from plant seeds of castor These seeds are dried and cold pressed to obtain the oil. It's about a excellent emollient and can be mixed with other types of regenerating lotions or vegetable oils to use as body moisturizer and nourish the skin. Castor oil is an ideal ingredient for use in homemade cosmetics, since, thanks to its viscosity, it is often used in the preparation of Cosmetic products They need shine. To use it on your scalp, add a couple of drops to the shampoo or combine 30ml of castor with 10ml of argan, jojoba and 8 drops of peppermint essential oil and use the mixture as a hair emulsion.

Price: From € 9

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Balm for Weak and Damaged Hair, Natura Sibérica

best products beauty personal care bald men creams balm oils weak hair damaged nature siberian

An ideal cream for weakened hair care With extensive experience in the field of cosmetics and personal care. Seal the hair surface with a protective layer, creating a laminated, smooth and compact effect and protecting it from external aggressions and debilitating agents. After applying the balm, both the scalp and the hair acquire a visibly softer look, elastic and manageable. Its concentrated formula of Altai sea buckthorn oil and argan oil contribute to the keratin formation, which provides strength and shine. What are you waiting for to recover the damaged surface of your scalp?

Price: From € 7

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Best sunscreens for bald men

The function of the hair is to keep warm and protected your head. Now that you have stopped counting on that natural isolation, it is important to get a good sunscreen to avoid that, when the sun warms, your head is equivalent to a lightning rod in the middle of a storm. Given this magnetism it is necessary cover it with good sun protection save you from not looking like a walking sea buoy. It is almost crucial to use a good sunscreen whenever you go outside, although it is cloudy too. The reason is that the sun's rays hit our head vertically, and make it easy prey to Burns At any time of year. And since it's never too late if the reason is good, then I show you the best sunscreens of the moment

Fusion Gel SPORT SPF 50+ Photoprotector for Bald Men, ISDIN

best products beauty personal care bald men sunscreen fusion gel wet skin sport spf 50 isdin

Photoprotector or body sun cream ideal for the practice of outdoor sport, when the sun's rays hit the head the most. Especially designed for men, hair and scalp areas, as it offers a very high UVB UVA protection SPF 50+ HE-VL and IR-A and a refreshing feeling of immediate effect that helps balance body temperature during exercise with the formula “cooling down effect" It also has a formula that best suits your skin (light and breathable) and can apply even on wet skin Thanks to its comfortable application texture, easy extensibility and rapid absorption. Worry about other things and leave ISDIN in the hands of sunscreen with a non sensitizing formula, oil free and dermatologically tested.

Price: From € 19

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Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 30+ for Men Pelones, Bee Bald

best products beauty personal care bald men sunscreen daily moisturizer sunscreen spf 30 bee bald

A daily moisturizer that provides all the benefits that your bald might need in a single article, put with its sun protection factor 30 you can not worry about those sun rays that are so scary for their annoying burns. Bee Bald Smooth Plus with broad spectrum sunscreen is the sunscreen that best tones and moisturizes while working to reduce and prevent unwanted brightness. The fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches are hydrated and softened, leaving the skin fresh, fresh and comfortable throughout the day. In addition, Smooth Plus was the winner of the 2015 Men’s Health Magazine Grooming Awards.

Price: From € 12

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Eryfotona Ak-Nmsc Spf100 + Fluid against Bald Burns, ISDIN

best products beauty personal care bald men solar photoprotector eryfotoma ak nmsc spf 100 fluid isdin

Have a protector that makes sun barrier For the scalp or bald it is fine, but we want to go further. It is important that you know that the actinic keratosis, is the accumulation of DNA damage suffering from cells as a result of several years of exposure to sunlight. Its immediate treatment is important since it is precancerous lesions that manifest with dark and rough skin spots which are frequently found in the head area. For this ISDIN has created Eryfotona AK-NMSC, with sunscreens SPF 100+ which prevents and favors the repair of actinic damage caused by the sun. Thanks to DNA Repairsomes creates a protective film on the skin (UVB 109, UVA 39) that helps prevent against new injuries. In addition, its continued use favors the mechanism of natural DNA repair thanks to its content in fotoliasa.

Price: From € 22

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Best hair fibers for man's scalp

The hair fibers are plant cotton microfibers to hide baldness or areas with alopecia, which act by performing a hair densifying action, so they are a good product to thicken the hair. In addition, due to its characteristics, you can also use the hair fibers in mane with little hair and very fine hair, since they provide an effect of volume and thickness to the hair. The main difference of this product with other similar items to hide baldness is that microfibers are loaded with static electricity, which makes that stick to the follicles and don't fall on the scalp. To apply them, you just have to shake the boat, spread them over your head and they will stay fixed. further they resist day to day: sweat, sport, rain… This product is the secret weapon used by millions of men around the world. Do you dare to try them?

Keratin Hair Builder Fibers for Men without Hair Density, Densitee

best products beauty personal care bald men hair fibers scalp keratin hair builder fibres densitee

Stop searching and start hiding baldness instantly with 100% Natural Keratin Fibers. The brand DENSITEE is registered in the European portal CNCP – Cosmetic Products Notification Portal and is recommended by hair specialists Worldwide. These hair fibers are the expert solution in keratin to hide baldness and reduce hair loss instantly. A product of semi-permanent coloring that does not damage the scalp thanks to its composition based on natural fibers that adhere to the hair, volumizing it and allowing a more natural and invisible result. You will find them available in multiple colors, from black and dark tones to light brown.

Price: From € 17

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Instant Hair Hair Fibers for Hairless Men, Tillman’s

best products beauty personal care bald men hair fibers scalp instantly tillmans

A colleague told us that Tillman’s fibers they're so easy to use and so hard to detect Like your contact lenses Therefore, professional stylists and makeup artists of the highest level, choose this hair solution as their usual concealer to hide baldness and hide alopecia. In addition, you are sure that they are “invisible” even under the focus of a study. It's about a gradual coloring treatment that you yourself can carry out without major complications and daily, at home. Also, if what worries you is not getting the exact color of your hair, you can rest easy, because the range of shades It is so wide, that concealing hair loss will never be so simple.

Price: From € 16

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Densifying Powder Hair Fibers for Bald Men, O³

best products beauty personal care bald men hair fibers scalp densifying powder O³

Tired of looking for inefficient methods to hide baldness? O³ hair fibers They're made of 100% natural keratin, which mix with your hair and increase its volume immediately covering your head As in your best days of youth. Apply them on dry and clean hair, once you have combed and identified the areas that you want to camouflage or hide. But above all, do not skimp on its use, since with a single boat will have between 40 and 50 applications. Especially created with the aim of increasing the attractiveness and favoring the self-confidence of men, the densifying fiber fibers They represent the 4th generation of this product: more resistant to water, wind and sweat. And we do not say it, experts say and specialists.

Price: From € 16

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Best hair makeups to hide the baldness of man

He hair makeup it's a makeup type intended for scalp, so you can hide the baldness immediately. Depending on the case, to get a result as natural as possible, puede ser necesario combinar su uso con las fibras, que al adherirse a las zonas con cabello existentes ofrecerán un mejor resultado. Actualmente puedes conseguirlo en formato de maquillaje al agua, es decir, requiere que mojes una esponja y una vez humedecida la pongas sobre el maquillaje y posteriormente sobre el cuero cabelludo, o bien en crema con lo que lo puedes aplicar directamente. Sin duda el invento que durante muchos años estábamos pidiendo a gritos. Y para que los más indecisos no se pongan nerviosos, a continuación te mostramos tres opciones distintas de maquillaje: en lapiz corrector, in spray de relleno y en formato de polvos compactos. ¿Con cuál te quedas?

Hair Shader Compact Powder para una Calva Sexy, Fidentia

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos maquillajes disimular calvicie hair shader compact powder fidentia

East maquillaje y corrector está indicado para aquellas personas que tienen un alto porcentaje de calvicie o la falta de cabello empieza a ser abundante. Es decir, para aquellas personas que necesitarían una cantidad excesiva de fibras capilares para disimular la calvicie. Se trata de un maquillaje capilar que usado en combinación con las mencionadas fibras, proporcionará un resultado perfecto para disimular la calvicie de una forma natural. Hay que destacar que el producto es resistente al agua, ya sea el agua de la piscina o del mar. La consistencia de la pasta especial garantiza una perfecta estanqueidad del producto sobre el cuero cabelludo y el cabello. A nuestro parecer, ¡perfecto para el verano!

Price: Desde 16 €

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Corector Capilar Aquamatch para Hombres Calvos, Nanogen

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos maquillajes disimular calvicie corrector capilar aquamatch nanogen

La forma perfecta para ocultar calvas y raíces o para usar con cabello fino viene de la mano de Nanogen y es conocido como Corrector Capilar Aquamatch. ¿Recuerdas cuando de pequeño coloreabas un dibujo en el cole? Pues piensa que ahora el lienzo es tu cabeza y será pan comido, porque este maquillaje viene en el formato más útil y simple del mercado: un rotulador corrector. Su fórmula resistente al agua, no solo le da nombre al producto sino que podemos asegurarte que está científicamente probada. Al igual que los ingredientes de su composición, que cuentan con el aprobado de expertos dermatológicos. Para un óptimo uso, se recomienda su uso en combinación con las fibras de pelo Nanogen Thickening.

Price: Desde 22 €

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Spray de Color para Hombres Pelones, K-Max

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos maquillajes disimular calvicie spray color kmax

Eres un hombre ataerado, y nosotros lo sabemos. Para facilitarte la vida y que puedas salir a la calle sin una calva visible, no tienes más que usar el spray de color de K-Max. Una solución inteligente, cómoda y de rápida aplicación para generar un efecto frondoso del cabello en unos instantes. Su innovadora formulación a base de pigmentos naturales está especialmente diseñada para proporcionar una suspicaz resistencia al agua, un efecto muy natural y al mismo tiempo, gracias a la principios activos presentes, proteger tu cuero cabelludo de la rotura de folículos. No busques más, porque no encontrarás nada similar con tan alto grado de eficacia en el mercado.

Price: Desde 15 €

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Mejores geles de afeitado para la calva del hombre

Al igual que probablemente hagas si tienes barba, un afeitado nunca será optimo sin un gel de calidad que cuide del cuero cabelludo de tu cabeza. La crema de afeitar ayuda a mantener el pelo hidratado durante el afeitado para que sea más blando y fácil de cortar. El afeitado es mucho más cómodo si no hay que ejercer tanta presión en las pasadas. Además, crea una fina capa protectora entre las cuchillas y la piel, que garantiza una menor fricción y minimiza el riesgo de sufrir sarpullidos, enrojecimiento, irritación rasguños y cortes. Por otra parte, y aunque quizá no te hayas percatado, pero a medida que arrastras el gel de afeitado con la cuchilla, vas dejando un rastro que te avisa de la zonas por las que ya has pasado. Esto te ayuda a no dejar ninguna zona sin afeitar. Si quieres beneficiarte de todas estas cualidades y muchas más, presta atención a los siguientes geles de afeitado.

Crema de Afeitado Mentolada HeadSlick para Hombres Exigentes, HeadBlade

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos crema afeitado mentolada headslick headblade

HeadSlick es una crema de afeitado rica en propiedades hidratantes y lubricantes que contiene los ingredientes necesarios para hidratar tanto tu cabello como tu piel y lubricar la zona a rasurar. De esta manera consigues un afeitado más cómodo ya que la cuchilla se dirige mucho mejor. Además, se trata de una crema mentolada, por lo que te dará un toque de frescor, perfecto para refrescar tu piel justo después del afeitado. HeadSlick es soluble en agua, con lo que te será muy fácil limpiar la maquinilla en cuanto hayas acabado de afeitarte. Basta con echarte en las manos una pequeña cantidad de gel y repartirlo de manera homogénea y en círculos a lo largo de la zona que escogida.

Price: Desde 15 €

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Espuma de Afeitado Fusion ProGlide para Hombres con Calva, Gillete

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos espuma afeitado fusion proglide calva gillete

The fórmula 2-en-1 de esta espuma de afeitar creada por la reconocida marca, combina el gel de afeitado con un intenso cuidado de la piel. El gel de afeitado Gillette Fusion ProGlide para hombre con fórmula especial para pieles sensibles hidrata el pelo para ablandarlo, protege la piel y mejora el deslizamiento para lograr un afeitado increíble y suave de principio a fin. Por otra parte, la formula del Gel Fusion5 con mentol refresca la piel y te ayuda a obtener un afeitado increíblemente plácido. Además, para asegurar una higiene óptima en todos los sentidos, el bote incluye un sistema de dosificador limpio, una base antióxido y un indicador de cantidad de gel.

Price: Desde 4,50 €

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Espuma de Afeitar Sensitive para hombres con Calva Sensible, Nivea Men

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos espuma afeitar sensitive calva sensible nivea men

Para los hombres con la piel especialmente sensible, el afeitado diario supone una dura prueba, ya que provoca rojeces e irritaciones en la piel del rostro. Para poner fin a este problema NIVEA ha desarrollado la espuma de afeitar NIVEA MEN Sensitive, que combate la irritación durante el afeitado. Se trata de una de las marcas estrellas y mejor reconocidas por todos los hombres en el campo de la belleza y el bienestar. Con esta fórmula, puedes obtener un afeitado sin irritaciones gracias a la fórmula Active Comfort System, el cual enrriquece con vitamina E y camomilla la espuma teniendo efectos anti-inflamatorios. Con su tecnología Ultra Glide, esta espuma nutritiva para el cuidado facial permite ablandar la barba, por lo que es perfecta para aquellos que buscan un rasurado muy preciso y libre de irritaciones.

Price: Desde 2,50 €

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Mejores maquinillas y afeitadores para calvos atractivos

Si eres de los que se rasuran la cabeza semanalmente deberás ser cuidadoso, ya que una calva llena de cortes e irritaciones no es nada atractiva, por una parte, y por otra, puede hacer que los microbios y particulas del aire penetren en tu organismo. En este punto entra en juego la destreza personal de cada uno, pero por la forma del cráneo, afeitarte la cabeza sin prácticamente cortes es muy difícil. Lo recomendable es que el pelo que tengas por los laterales lo recortes lo máximo que puedas y, seguidamente, apliques gel y pases la afeitadora. Si no tienes muy claro cuál es la que mejor se ajusta a tus necesidades, presta atención a las que te traemos a continuación.

Afeitadora Eléctrica Wet&Dry AquaTouch para Hombres Calvos, Philips

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos afeitadora electrica wet & dry aquatouch calva impermeable philips

Philips es una marca referencial en el mundo de las afeitadoras rotativas para hombre. Este modelo en particular te ofrece función de 3 en 1, con cabezas intercambiables que te permitirán cortar hasta un 20% más de pelo en una sola pasada con su sistema de avanzada con sus cuchillas en V. Esta afeitadora de cabeza es impermeable y puede ser utilizada tanto en seco como bajo el agua. Ofrece una autonomía sin cable por lo que no se carga a la red eléctrica. Esta máquina de afeitar eléctrica sirve perfectamente para el afeitado de la barba, recortar vellos de la nariz and orejas, así como también para rapar la cabeza. Y, como un añadido extra, te interesará saber que este modelo de afeitadora puede ser usada con o sin gel/espuma.

Price: Desde 25 €

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Máquina de afeitado 5 en 1 ST-598 para Hombres Calvos con Barba, Hatteker

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos afeitado 5 en 1 st 598 calvos barba hatteker

Al tener 5 funcionalidades en 1 una misma afeitadora, seguramente quedarás cautivado por esta máquina Hatteker ST-589, la cual te permite instalar más de 12 tipos de cabezales intercambiables, integrando la posibilidad de usarse de manera inalámbrica con muy poco tiempo de recarga. Ya sea para el uso personal o como regalo para cualquier caballero, este modelo es una adición excelente para tu kit de belleza personal, ya que obtendrás un afeitado limpio en la barba, un rasurado excelente en la cabeza y un corte de precisión en el vello de la nariz u orejas. Además, puedes usarla en seco y realizar uno afeitado pulcro y preciso, o también dentro del agua, lo que te permite introducirla en la ducha para un mejor rendimiento y una limpieza inmediata.

Price: Desde 38 €

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Recortadora 9 en 1 MGK5080 para Calvos Peludos, Braun

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos afeitadora recortadora 9 en 1 mgk 5080 calvos peludos braun

Crea tu estilo de la cabeza a los pies con la recortadora todo en uno MGK5080 from Braun. Podrás conseguir un abanico de longtitudes diferentes (0.5 – 21 mm) para recortar la barba y el cabello. Ello, unido a una serie de cuchillas afiladas de larga duración para ofrecer la óptima precisión. ¿Quieres saber lo que incluye este set afeitador para hombre 9 en 1? recortadora de barba, recortadora para pequeños detalles, recortador de vello de nariz y orejas, cortapelos y afeitadora corporal. Ademas, incorpora una maquinilla Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide con tecnología FlexBall para un afeitado al ras. Lo mejor de lo mejor es su motor con detección automática que ofrece una velocidad de corte constante para un recorte eficiente incluso con una barba o melena larga y tupida.

Price: Desde 49 €

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Mejores bálsamos y lociones after-shave para hombres pelones

La prueba del afeitado de tu calva no acaba en el momento que damos la última pasada a nuestra cuchilla. El toque definitivo siempre viene en el post afeitado y para ello se hace fundamental dar con los productos para después del afeitado que mejor se adapten a nuestra piel. Para que esto se convierta en toda una experiencia, lo primero que hay que tener en cuenta es el grado de sensiblidad de cada cuero cabelludo y también el grado de apurado del afeitado. Ten en cuenta que, tras el afeitado se producen irritaciones y la sangre fluye con más rapidez y en mayor cantidad a las capas más externas de la piel porque ésta se siente agredida y se vuelve mucho más sensible. De esta forma se hace esencial para el post afeitado buscar productos astringentes que devuelvan a los poros de la calva su estado inicial con la mayor rapidez posible. ¿Ni idea de lo que te hablamos? Para eso estamos aquí, echa un vistazo a las mejores lociones Post-Shave del momento.

Afther-shave ClearHead Antiirritante para la calva del hombre, HeadBlade

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos balsamos lociones after shave clearhead antiirritante calva headblade

ClearHead es un aftershave que elimina y evita la aparición de pelos enquistados, cierra los poros e inhibe la aparición de grasa en el cuero cabelludo. Se trata, además, del antiirritante más eficaz. ClearHead está formulado a base de extracto de té verde y zinc PCA. Los beneficios del té verde sobre la piel son numerosos ya que tiene propiedades antiinflamatorias, con lo que ayuda a devolver la piel a su estado original y antioxidantes, que previenen su envejecimiento prematuro. Por su parte, el zinc PCA inhibe la aparición de grasa en el cuero cabelludo, dándole un aspecto perfecto a tu afeitado. ¡Verás como notas los resultados después de utilizarlo!

Price: Desde 17 €

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After Shave HeadLube Mate para Calvas con Sequedad, HeadBlade

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos balsamos lociones after shave headlube mate calvas sequedad headblade

HeadLube Mate es una loción hidratante pensada para después del afeitado cuyo principal ingrediente es la manteca de karité, a regenerador celular natural que ayuda en la prevención del envejecimiento de la piel y el cabello a la vez que hidrata de forma intensa. También lleva aceite de árbol de té, que, entre otros muchos beneficios, previene la producción de sebo en el cuero cabelludo. ¡La fórmula perfecta que te proporcionará una sensación de frescor e hidratación! Además, se trata de una loción libre de perfumes y tintes, con lo cual es un producto ideal si tienes la piel sensible. Para un buen resultado, debes echarte solo una pequeña cantidad en el cuero cabelludo. Su fórmula ligera y suave no obstruye los poros y tu cabeza quedará con un acabado sin brillos.

Price: Desde 24 €

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After Shave Healing Balm para Hombres Calvos, Bee Bald

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos balsamos lociones after shave healing balm calva bee bald

He bálsamo reconstituyente de Bee Bald pensado para los instantes posteriores al afeitado calma y alivia inmediatamente la piel dañada mientras trata eficazmente los bultos, enrojecimiento, quemaduras y otras irritaciones relacionadas con el afeitado. Las composiciones naturales y los ingredientes botánicos que caracterizan la fórmula de este After Shave ayudan a acelerar el alivio y restablecen el equilibrio natural y saludable de la piel. The propiedades curativas y antisépticas de los extractos de polen de miel y abejas proporcionan ayudan a curar la piel irritada, mientras que la avena, la árnica, la baya de Goji, la vitamina E y la raíz de regaliz alivian, hidratan y ayudan a restablecer un equilibrio saludable en toda la cabeza y la cara.

Price: Desde 5,24€

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Mejores herramientas y accesorios para hombres calvos

He estilismo capilar no depende de la cantidad o de la calidad, sino de la actitud. Por eso, lo que para muchos hombres es un drama de magnitudes catastróficas, para otros se convierte en su seña de identidad y todo cuidado y dedicación es insuficiente. Para dar respuesta a estas necesidades y permitir que los hombres calvos puedan sentirse tan coquetos y atractivos como deseen, cada vez son más las marcas que salen al mercado con productos y accesorios novedosos con los que pretenden facilitarles el día a día. Quizá ya supieras de la existencia de alguno de ellos, pero desde nuestro punto de vista, estos son los must-have de toda calva estilosa.

Toallitas Húmedas de Pepino y Savia para Calvas Sudorosas, Burt’s Bees

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos herramientas accesorios toallitas humedas pepino savia calvas sudorosas burt's bees

Con el calor, no hay nada más incómodo que sentir cómo se desliza el sudor por tu cabeza sin que exista pelo que lo frene. Llevar unas toallitas húmedas te ayudará a refrescarte y a cuidar tu aspecto aun sudando la gota gorda. Por ello, un complemento perfecto para lucir tu calva con orgullo son estas toallitas refrescantes formuladas con pepino y savia ideales para todo tipo de pieles, de secas a grasas. Eliminan el sudor y la suciedad con una sola pasada. Además, debes saber que están libres de parabénos y que han sido dermatológicamente y oftalmológicamente testadas. Podrás tenerlas en tu aseo y llevarlas contigo a donde vayas gracias a su paquete diseñado en dimensiones reducidas.

Price: Desde 13 €

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Suplemento Capilar Nutritivo para el Crecimiento del Pelo en la Calva, SanaExpert

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos herramientas accesorios suplemento capilar nutritivo crecimiento pelo calva sana expert

Hay muchas razones que explican la caída de cabello or the debilitamiento de la estructura del cabello. Sin embargo, no importa cuál sea la causa de la pérdida de cabello. Lo fundamental en el tratamiento es que las raíces del pelo y la piel obtengan los nutrientes para que mejore el crecimiento del pelo y se fortalezca la estructura. El primer paso (y quizás el más importante) para evitar la caída de cabello más es, por tanto, garantizar que las raíces del pelo obtienen los nutrientes importantes. Haar Forte de SanaExpert es un suplemento capilar que ayuda al crecimiento de tu pelo con micronutrientes naturales y de alta calidad. Proporciona a la raíz del pelo elementos como el mijo natural en combinación con biotina, ácidos pantoténicos y zinc. Se trata de un preparado que se ha fabricado con ingredientes 100% de origen natural según las directivas del Reglamento Alemán de Suplementos Dietéticos y es adecuado para un consumo duradero.

Price: Desde 19 €

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Terapia Láser de Alopecia Androgenética para Hombres con Calvicie, CapillPlus82

mejores productos belleza cuidado personal hombres calvos herramientas accesorios terapia laser alopecia andregenetica calvicie capillplus82

The gorra láser Capillus82 podría ayudarte a reducir el riesgo de pérdida del cabello o a combatir la calvicie en grado avanzado. Con un 95% de éxito la terapia láser de Capillus puede revertir el proceso de pérdida de cabello tanto en hombres como en mujeres con alopecia hereditaria. It's about a experimento médico clínicamente probado y autorizado como la FDA americana como tratamiento seguro y efectivo para combatir la alopecia común (caracterizada por la miniaturización del cabello, recesión de la línea frontal y caída en forma de patrón). Ahora cualquiera puede acceder a esta terapia anteriormente sólo disponible a través de médicos desde su propia casa utilizando la gorra durante 6 minutos al día.

Price: Desde 999 €

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Eres un calvo sexy y lo sabes ¡cuida de tu calva!

Eres calvo. Sí, ¿y qué? Deja a un lado los estereotipos y date cuenta de lo bien que te sienta tu cabeza rasurada. No te obsesiones con la caída del cabello y acepta que la calvicie es una afección hereditaria muy común en nuestros días y que afecta a la gran mayoría de la población masculina en mayor o menor medida. Existen tratamientos invasivos como los trasplantes o los medicamentos, pero lo mejor que puedes hacer, en nuestra humilde opinión, es asumir que esa es tu naturaleza y que existen mil y un maneras de presumir de ella con estilo. ¡No hay más que ver la gran variedad de productos especialmente pensados para ti!

¡Hombre! ¿👀 Llevas el Pelo Rapado, Tienes Poco Pelo o Eres Calvo 👨‍🦲? Empieza a Cuidarte la Calva con estos 4️⃣7️⃣ Accesorios y Productos de Belleza 🥰

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guia cosmetica para hombres productos belleza masculinos cremas marcas tendencias novedades

Guía de Cosmética para Hombre

El mundo de la cosmética masculina hace tiempo que ha dejado de ser tabú. He neceser masculino ha sufrido una revolución y cada día son más las marcas de belleza masculina que se centran en sacar productos dirigidos exclusivamente al hombre. Por ello, en esta guía para hombre reunido los mejores productos cosméticos etiquetados “sólo para hombre“.

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