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Searching erotic toys To have fun and level up your sex? You're lucky! Even if you enjoy caresses and sex a lot in the moments of intimacy (alone or with your partner), you may reach a point where monotony wins the battle and you need add an extra for prevent the flame of passion from dying. Quiet! We are not talking about sharing a partner or anything like that, because, fortunately, today there are many options to experience and, with the increasingly open mindedness of men and women, you can take advantage of masturbation and intercourse to include some erotic accessories and toys what will they do fully enjoy yourself and in couples.

best erotic toys men women adult sex accessories

The idea is to talk to you about the erotic world and the erotic toys for men and women with which you can enjoy alone or as a couple. We had already touched on this issue with prostate massage, a great unknown among women (and some men), which involves the stimulation of the prostate (considered in G spot of man) and that, apart from ending up in a very intense orgasm, improves the health of the prostate gland. An “all in 1” that you already know, but it is not the only one, since there are many more adult erotic toys for stimulate the penis and vagina from the outside and inside what can you use to get more vigorous and lasting orgasms.

Before we talk about the best adult sex toys, it is important to remember that, if you are going to include them during a sexual relationship, there must be a mutual agreement with the couple, so that you can enjoy without taboos of the pleasure they can provide. If your case is for do it "alone", then you will have no problem in experiment and try new things, since "nobody has to find out" (it is a fact that the use of erotic toys increases pleasure and it helps to know the erogenous zones better).

Index of contents

  • Tips to get started in the world of adult sex toys
  • Oils for erotic massages for adults
  • Chinese balls, Geisha balls or Ben Wa for adults
  • Erotic groceries for adults
  • Dildos, masturbators and vibrators for adults
  • Costumes, lingerie and erotic clothing for adults
  • Bondage, Fetish and BDSM for adults
  • Erotic board games for adults
  • Intimate lubricants (anal, oral and vaginal) for adults
    • Intimate Sexual Lube Strawberry Flavor, Durex Play
    • Intimate Sexual Lubricant Gel LaLaLube, Loovara
    • Intimate Sexual Lubricant Heat Effect, Durex Play
    • 100% Natural Sexual Lubricant Without Fragrance or Dyes, Durex Naturals
    • Massage and Lubricant Sex «2 in 1» With Aloe Vera, Durex Play
    • Sexual Lubricant with Strawberry Aroma with Champagne, Shunga Toko
    • Intimate Sexual Lubricant Real Feel, Durex Play
    • Neutral Sexual Lubricant, Secret Moments
    • Intimate Sexual Lubricant Aquaglide, Joy Division
    • Intimate Sexual Lubricant with Transparent Water Base, ACVIOO
  • Try erotic toys and improve your sex life

Tips to get started in the world of adult sex toys

Whether you are going to do it alone, as if you are going to do it in couple, so you can enjoy all adult erotic toys that we are going to show you in an orderly and safe way, it is important to follow some tips and recommendations for proper use. The goal is to teach you that you don't have to "run" to buy the biggest or the most complicated and that you do little by little, to go getting used to you (and your partner if that is the case) to the erotic accessory:

  • Take it easy: Whether you are going to do it alone or as a couple, it is good that you take a time to relax and relieve tensions. In the case of doing so with a partner, it is very common that any of the members of the couple is undecided with the «Introduce» erotic toys in your sex, so it is better to go slowly and move forward as you both develop the desire to experience (Do not press, as this will make the meeting not as expected).

  • Start with the most "soft" sex toys: If you're rookie In this of the accessories for adults, it is normal that at first you want to "run" and look for the most bizarre or the "biggest" toy, but it is important that you take it easy and go from less to more, since if not Sex adventure can end sooner than you expect.

  • Keep the communication: When you are going to use adult toys with your partner it is good maintain good communication while using them. This causes that, if you or your partner you don't feel 100% comfortable at some point, you can comentarlo without taboos or tapujos and thus change it or evolve it to avoid inconvenience.

  • Clean toys very well: To masturbate or have sex safe and keeping toys for longer is important that these clean well before and after each use (mainly those that are introduced into the vagina). This is logical, since they are accessories that you will introduce in the body (For more sites than, a priori, you may think).

  • Do not use the same toy in all holes: It is very important to mention that you should not use toys anally and vaginally at the same timeas it can cause infections vaginal that will leave you without sex for weeks.

  • Don't share the toys: Sex toys They are exclusively for you and your partner, so we do not recommend that you share them, as it could increase the risk of getting an infection.

  • Create an environment conducive to the sexual act: It's very important create an enabling environment To experiment with sex toys. If you are going to do it alone, turn off the light and light some candles (better aromatic) and, if you are going to do it as a couple, prepare a romantic dinner accompanied by a glass of wine (leave the bottle nearby). Both options are an excellent Preamble for a night of passion and different fun.

Oils for erotic massages for adults

If you still don't dare to use a sex toy more "heavy" but you want to take a different turn to your privacy, an excellent idea is to use massage oils. There is an immense variety of lubricants, since, depending on the type of image you want to make and the place, some incorporate stimulating fragrances, others are edible and others are specific to massage the genitals (why provide a feeling of heat or cold which increases the excitement).

To make the moment even more special, don't forget about make slow but firm movements throughout your partner's body and better yet, whisper some words sexi in your ear while doing the massage.

Massage and Lubricant «2 in 1» With Aloe Vera, Durex Play

best vaginal intimate lubricating gels durex play massage lubricant 2 in 1

Only the name of this lubricant already generates a flood of pleasure: massage, toner, moisturizer with aloe vera and sexual lubricant. No wonder it's one of the best one of the most used lubricants in the intimate relationships of many people. This other product of the manufacturer Durex It is characterized by offering a double pleasure being able to enjoy the sensuality of a massage with your partner while lubricating the most intimate areas. Also, thanks to his wealth in aloe vera, nourish and moisturize the skin and mucous membranes.

Price: From € 10

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Massage Oil 100% Organic Lemon and Bergamot, Pure

best vaginal intimate lubricating gels pure pleasure organic oil lemon bergamot

Pure It is the mark of a 100% natural lubricating oil and without aroma that revitalizes your senses and adds fun to your sexual relations. It is ideal for couples of any age and gender who want to enjoy and improve privacy in a safe and natural way. All products of this brand contain a mixture of organic moringa and coconut oil They provide an authentic sensation of moisture that endures throughout the intimate relationship. It is then absorbed into the skin and rejuvenates and nourishes your body (there is no need to shower afterwards to remove the product). All the ingredients used in this product are 100% organicbeing also groceries.

Price: From € 24

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Erotic Massage Oil «Heat Effect», Loovara

best adult sex toys oils genital erotic massages heat effect loovara

He Loovara massage oil with warm effect It is ideal for the erotic massage of any area of ​​the body since, among its ingredients, it has jojoba oil, almond oil and other essential oils that will make the act much more pleasant. Before the massage, put a little oil on your hands and heat it by rubbing them. That will generate a very pleasant sensation on the skin during the massage.

Price: From € 12

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Euphoria Strawberry Massage Oil with Champagne, Shunga

best adult sex toys oils genital erotic massages euphoria strawberries champagne shunga

Massage oil Desire, Of the brand Shunga, is a sensual massage oil of oriental origin high quality. It is composed of one essential oil blend of sweet almonds, grape seeds, sesame, avocado, pure essence of Ylang-Ylang and Yohime, which gives a unique consistency and texture. In addition, it has a delightful aroma that will give you an intoxicating sensation, stimulating of all the senses, especially for its softness when extending it on the skin without leaving greasy feeling.

Manufactured according to the ancient millenary tradition, with this oil you will glide fantastically on the body of your lover producing a aphrodisiac feeling and leaving behind a intense strawberry aroma with champagne. Of 100% vegetable origin, it does not contain mineral oils or animal origin. In addition, it is dermatologically tested, does not produce any allergic reaction and is totally harmless to the skin.

Price: From € 12.50

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Edible Shiatsu Vanilla Massage Oil, The Garden Of Love

best adult sex toys oils erotic genital massages edible vanilla shiatsu the garden of love

He sex massage oil Of the brand The Garden Of Love (from the collection Shiatsu) is another clear winner in what good erotic massages it means. Have a vanilla aroma and is completely edible, so don't have a problem with lick your partner's entire body, whether male or female. Use a small amount of the oil and enjoy the aroma and wet feeling that leaves on the skin, even if you don't use it for sexual purposes.

Price: From € 13

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I want to see more oils for erotic massages

Chinese balls, Geisha balls or Ben Wa for adults

The Chinese balls, geisha balls or Ben Wa, which, despite its name, they don't have their origin really in China, have become a great ally of women since help tone the pelvic floor muscles, controlling the problems of urinary incontinence that occur with age and recovering the firmness of the vaginal canal to experience more pleasant sex (It should be added that there are men who use it through the anus).

They are some balls of different sizes and weights they are leaving inserting into the vagina by "levels", giving the facility to insert more or less balls according to the need or endurance of the person. The way to use them is very simple. The balls are introduced using lubricant (It is important to read the instructions well) and, once inserted, you stand up, gravity will make our body want to expel the balls but then we will tighten the vaginal muscles to prevent this from happening. Over time the muscles will strengthen which will help improve the quality of our sex life.

The vibration which causes the collision of this balls against the walls of the vagina causes a involuntary and continuous contraction of the surrounding muscles, increasing blood circulation, lubrication and muscle tone.

Chinese Medical Silicone Balls, Louviva

best adult sex toys chinese balls silicone medica louviva

The silicone balls sanitary of Louviva, apart from helping to tone the pelvic floor musculature, they allow a very interesting sexual game for the one who receives it and the one who gives it. We recommend that you be the one who introduces the Chinese balls to your partner (or vice versa), so that the experience is much more pleasant. This product is totally safe and has been manufactured with medical silicone, so you don't have to fear irritations or allergic reactions. There are 3 colors and each one weighs more (the weight of the balls is different). It is important that you use it with a good lubricant and that you clean the product before and after use.

Price: From € 19

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Luvkis Waterproof Silicone Kegel Balls

best adult sex toys chinese balls silicone kegel luvkis

This other set of Kegel balls or Chinese balls they are designed so much for the Health as for him pleasure. They help tone the pelvic floor to increase tension and bladder control. They are made with FDA-approved liquid food grade silicone. It is also a jwaterproof sex toy that you can use in the bathtub or in the shower. The balls Luvkis Kegel They present a perfect fit design for women of any age. They carry a wireless remote control with which to control the 10 speeds of vibration. And they are easy to clean with hot water and soap.

Price: From € 27.99

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Kegel Ben Wa Chinese Ball Game

best adult sex toys chinese balls silicone kegel benwa

This pack of kegel chinese balls with pesos they will also help you improve your sex life. Each model has three different ball weights, depending on the training you do with each of them you will get different results in the medium to long term. They adapt comfortably in the vagina and the results are optimized by the small kinetic weights that provide a biofeedback movement in the inner muscles. The slight vibrations will remember the flexion of the muscles during the activity, so that they are reinforced and toned. It has 10 vibration modes available. Includes a wireless remote control, multiple vibration modes and speed capable of providing different levels of pleasure and play.

Price: From € 28.99

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Erotic groceries for adults

When we say groceries we refer to any adult sex toy or accessory that can be eaten. In this case they would enter baubles and sweets with erotic shapes for bachelorette parties as well as other products that can be enjoyed as a couple as edible thongs. In the case of edible erotic lingerie, it is a sweet-made underwear that you put on and let your partner "eat" while kissing you until you run out of clothes. This type of underwear is a sexy and fun option to implement during the previous game that will make your partner go through your body with kisses and bites (it's a perfect way to start).

You can use the groceries laughs with friends, surprise others in a spicy way or give sweet taste to your sexual relations.

Candy Thong for Men, Candy

best edible adult sex toys underwear thong man candy

Who said a man could not wear a thong? The truth is that nobody has to find out, since this thong will disappear very fast (and with surprise included). With a perfect combination of taste and pleasure, this edible underwear It is a delicious invitation to a banquet full of moments of passion, seduction and desire. Have fun and let your partner "eat everything" Bon appétit!

Price: From € 8

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Candy Thong for Women, Candy

best edible adult sex toys lingerie thong woman candy

¡Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! Finally a real thong of caramelitos Yum, yum, yum! You are going to put on your boots, first contemplating and then devouring these delicious candy balls tutti frutti flavor. And is there something more erotic than admiring the body you want covered in edible underwear? Once you eat it, underneath you will only find skin, skin and more skin. So you know, if you want to have fun and get excited equally, cheer up with this candy thong.

Price: From € 7.50

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Edible Honey and Strawberry Powders with Shunga Cava

best adult sex toys edible cosmetics shunga powders

These Shunga edible powders of strawberries with honey and cava will turn your lover into a sweet dessert. You can taste their erogenous zones in a delicious, sweet and especially soft way with these sensual honey powders. Spray these exciting powders on your lover and eat it like a sweet and tasty dessert. You can spread them gently using the included extra soft duster, which will give you a sensation never before achieved, and then, with your tongue, make your partner shiver to the limit. You have them available in more flavors like honey and cherry, exotic fruits, honey and raspberry, etc. They will awaken all your senses!

Price: From € 22.50

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Dildos, masturbators and vibrators for adults

They are perhaps the classic alternative and the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sex toys for Adults And the possibilities offered by these devices are many. The dildos, masturbators and vibrators they come in many shapes, sizes, colors and functions. It's not just about choosing the biggest one, but rather about the creativity that you have at the time of using it and enjoy it.

These sex toys you can incorporate them at any time during sexual intercourse. In the previous game it can be a excellent alternative to ignite passion, being able to use this accessory to touch different parts of the body (Do not focus only on the genitals, there is much more to stimulate). During penetration it can also function as a additional stimulant to achieve more intense orgasms. In short, the key is to experiment and be creative.

Dildos, masturbators and vibrators are perfect to use before and during the sexual act, since they are easy to use, they do not take up almost space and offer a wide range of options to stimulate the genitals and other parts of the body.

Vibrations, Durex Play

best adult sex toys vibrating rings penis vibrations durex play

Durex Play Vibrations is a sex toy to use as a couple that offers a vibrant clitoral stimulation, which makes sexual pleasure intensify and increase. It consists of a silicone ring that is placed at the base of the penis (it is open to make it comfortable and suits all sizes) and generates vibrations both in men and women. Has 2 batteries lasting 20 minutes each (They are not replaceable) and it is easy to turn on and off, which will undoubtedly extend your pleasure to infinity. In addition, it can be used with or without a condom.

Price: From € 13

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Blue Prostate Vibrator, LELO LOKI ™

best prostatic stimulators men prostate massager vibrator lelo loki blue

East male vibrator has perfect curves and angles for a powerful and luxurious prostate massage. LOKI ™, Of the brand LELO, is rechargeable, submersible, and includes 6 different modes that will take you to a climax of amazing intensity. It's an elegant electronic massager for Point P for the sophisticated man who seeks to play with boldness and power and achieve the most intense orgasm of his life.

Price: From € 138

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12 Modes Silicone Massager and USB Charging, Philotoys

best prostatic stimulators men massager silicone usb modes philotoys

He prostate stimulator from Philotoys It is one of the best in terms of value for money. It is manufactured in silicone Soft and elastic (medical grade), it is safe, anti-allergic, non-toxic or gives off odors. In addition, it adapts to any lubricant, has 12 frequencies that meet different needs that you may have (more or less power), is loaded into 90 minutes via USB And it is 100% waterproof (which ensures you can use it in humid environments).

Price: From € 18

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Prostate Stimulator 7V, Rocks Off O-Boy

best prostatic stimulators men prostate stimulator 7v rocks off or boy

Rocks Off O-Boy is a vibrator and prostate stimulator with powerful vibrating bullet and different functions, made of silicone soft, waterproof and with a Ergonomic design To stimulate the prostate area. Small and very soft, its silky silicone and powerful vibrating bullet will excite your senses with a double functione, stimulate the prostate and perineum at the same time. Its ergonomically designed shape will make its insertion smooth, simple and pleasant leaving your hands free for what you want to do with them, you can have greater intimacy with your partner and thus achieve even more pleasant orgasms.

Price: From € 33

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Costumes, lingerie and erotic clothing for adults

The costumes, lingerie and erotic clothing are too one of the most sold accessories sexshop. Using this erotic accessory will help you motivate different fantasies with your partner using imagination. In fact, sometimes it will only take appear in an erotic outfit in front of a man or woman and that your intentions are clear. At this point we recommend talking to the other person and, between them, decide what kind of outfit you would like to try.

The good thing about costumes, lingerie and erotic clothing is that the options are many and you will have enough material to exploit your craziest fantasies.

Babydoll / Schoolgirl costume, Kinikiss

best adult sex toys costumes erotic clothes babydoll picardias schoolgirl

A classic schoolgirl uniform with a more daring touch with which you will conquer any man and make his fantasies come true. It consists of a Red shirt with embroidery (V-neck) and a skirt with the checkered design with buttons on the side of the waist to make it comfortable to put on (and take off) This schoolgirl costume will be perfect to be submissive with your partner and play before the sexual act.

Price: From € 13.99

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Sexy Nurse Costume, Flydo

best adult sex toys costumes erotic clothes nurse

East erotic costume from sexy nurse It is made of high quality material, soft elastic and comfortable to wear. It perfectly shows the sensual curves and slender legs. A stimulating costume that can animate your life as a couple. It also serves to sleep and you have it available in different models.

Price: From € 7.99

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Sensual Sailor Costume, Dreamlove

East sexy set of erotic clothes for men from sailor It is perfect to awaken your partner's imagination. It has even the smallest detail: some underpants white and navy blue with gold border and buttons in the genital area, some wristbands which simulate the wrists of a sailor's jacket and of course the sailor's hat. You have it available in several sizes.

Price: From € 29.95

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Sexy Police Uniform, Mylhope

This other erotic police uniform for men It is a good option to enjoy with your partner a fun and different sexual encounter. Includes police top, underpants, gloves and police cap. It is one size and is made of polyester and patent leather bright areas. Perfect for many occasions, from home play to a sexy costume party for Halloween.

Price: From € 49.94

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Sexy Maid Erotic Costume, Shesy

This other erotic lingerie costume for women, is a suit of sexy french maid Very comfortable and simple. She wears a dress with black and white lace with details such as bows and apron. A perfect option to free your imagination during your sexual intercourse and have a good time.

Price: From € 11.99

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Bondage, Fetish and BDSM for adults

Perhaps you have already heard of BDSM. It is a series of erotic practices and fantasies and was created as the acronym that integrates the words «Bondage«,«Discipline and Domination" Y "Submission and Sadism" Y "Masochism«. These practices have a variety that goes far beyond pain, where the couple seeks to focus on feelings of pleasure, empowerment and control, although there are sadomasochistic activities that require pain as a specific pathway of sensations (hence the importance of it being a practice that needs consensual agreements among the participants).

All activities framed in the Bondage, Fetish and BDSM they have a common element: the participants build, voluntarily and based on a consensus situation, relationships with marked transfer of powers, Erotic Power Exchange (EPE or Erotic Power Exchange) where one party plays the dominant or active role and another party the submissive or passive.

They are not erotic disciplines suitable for all audiences, since practicing them without having an appropriate knowledge of what you want to experience It can lead you to cause harm to your partner or yourself. Before "playing" we recommend document you and advise you. There are so many accessories and toys that exist that sometimes it is difficult to name them all: handcuffs, masks, masks, jaws, bandages, whips, shovels, feathers, cock rings, chastity ring cages, necklaces, urethral dilators and a long etc.

An example is how to stop the dominant in the act of sex. Since many of the situations during a session contain fantasy elements and / or role (which in some of them staged the "protest" of the submissive participant), it is necessary to have a communication system that allows the submissive to make clear the moment in which his protest was real and amounts to the desire not to continue. In the middle of the session, the Dominant must perceive that he cannot continue along that path and differentiate him from the staging of "no, no more!" (Which may be part of the agreed sexual game). The solution comes in the form of «Security Word«. It can be a word of rapid and sound diction (“stop”, “tango”), one that is significant for those who should remember it (for example, the name of a family person, etc.).

Bondage Velvet Sex Toys Kit For Couples (10 PIECES)

best adult sex toys set bdsm fetish slavery leather 10 pieces

Full bondage sex toy kit designed for couples with a total of 10 pieces in leather Of the highest quality. It is perfect for who starts in the BDSM world And, without spending a lot of money (this type of accessories are usually much more expensive), go getting used to all the pieces. It includes shackles, glasses, whip, handcuffs, gag ball, ropes, neck collar, and leg collar. It is odorless and you can use with other erotic accessories. It is also a fun gift for a bachelor party.

Price: From € 22.99

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Bondage Mask With Open Eyes, Mangotree

best adult sex toys bdsm fetish slavery mask head open eyes mangotree

Bondage mask Highly elastic and breathable spandex (no danger of shortening even with closed mask). It is very light and comfortable to wear. The mask has a mouth opening which allows fun game variants. Fits any head shape optimally, since it is enough to stretch it completely over the head. With this sexy toy you can enjoy a bondage adventure and increase the fun of your life with your partner.

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Erotic board games for adults

The erotic games they are a very fun alternative for animate your moments of intimacy. Is about board games that include different erotic challenges that you, your partner or both must meet (also valid for groups). In the sexshop you can find a wide variety of these games, some of them also include additional accessories to make the fun even greater.

One of those sex board games are the dices. These are dice with normal shape, but that, on each of the faces, they have different challenges or positions that the couple must practice both during the previous game and during the penetration. If with your partner they have had trouble experiencing new positions during sex, these types of games are an excellent idea to try different things without including devices.

Just take it as a game and if you don't feel like doing something, I'll throw it back (some of the games include complicated positions and that can hurt sensitivities).

Glow Sex Dice

best adult sex toys table games erotic dice love

These dice with sexual positions It is a basic toy very demanded by couples that you want delve into the erotic world but they want to do it in a very smooth way. This die is perfect for break the sexual routine and enjoy a healthy and fun game. Its indications are very easy to follow, depending on the face you touch you will have to practice one posture or another. With this toy you will experience new postures and new stimulations that you wouldn't believe you would do before. Show your partner that you are bold enough to experience new sensations and become the god or goddess of kamasutra.

Price: From € 14.99

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Kamasutra Card Game

best games for couples sex adult erotic boyfriends game kamasutra cards

For the couples who want to play cards There is Kamasutra deck of cards. It is an elegant deck, which is usually made up of 54 cards, illustrating each of them a Kamasutra posture (They also serve to play conventional card games because they have the appropriate symbols to do so). Will you and your boy or girl be able to resist temptation or on the contrary dejáis llevar por este emocionante juego?

Dejaos sorprender por estas juguetonas posturas y descubrid que jugar al mus o al tute nunca había sido tan excitante e íntimo como ahora. Es, de hecho, ¡Un regalo ideal para parejas! Hazle este original obsequio a tu relación y empieza a divertirte con tu pareja! También puedes regalarlo a tus amigos recién casados o a tu compañero de piso soltero para que vaya aprendiendo. El juego incluye 4 dados de diferentes colores, en el cual se indican la posición del hombre y la mujer, la acción y la parte del cuerpo. Se deben combinar todos los dibujos para definir una posición amorosa, con una variedad de hasta 52 posiciones distintas. Es un juego que educa sexualmente y puede resultar divertido para aprender juntos.

Price: Desde 12,95 €

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The Spirits Want You To Have Sex (Los Espíritus Quieren Tener Sexo Contigo)

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo the spirits want you to have sex

Es un juego de mesa para conocer profundamente a tu pareja, de una forma más divertida y original. El tablero de juego simula un tablero de ouija, lo que le da al juego un punto de morbo, pero en vez de palabras tiene dibujadas posturas sexuales. Coge la pieza en forma de corazón y vuestras manos os guiarán a la postura a realizar. Dejaros guiar por los espíritus del sexo y que empiece la diversión. Las instrucciones están en español, inglés, francés, italiano y alemán. Incluye más de 300 preguntas variadas que pondrán a prueba el grado de conocimiento de vuestra relación.

Price: Desde 13,90 €

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Rompecorazones, Para Conocer A Tu Pareja De La Forma Más Divertida

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo rompecorazones

Rompecorazones is a juego de mesa erótico para conocer profundamente a tu pareja, de una forma más divertida y original. Incluye más de 300 preguntas que pondrán a prueba el conocimiento que tenéis de vuestra relación. En definitiva se trata de ver cual es la pareja que más se conoce el uno al otro en todos los aspectos. Si ganáis es que os conocéis a la perfección y estáis muy compenetrados, y si no ¡Pues seguro que echáis unas risas!

Price: Desde 33,90 €

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Monogamy, El juego Para Las Parejas

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo monogamy

Este juego de mesa para adultos Monogamy consiste en un tablero de cartas, las cuales se van sacando conforme se avanza en el juego. El propósito es experimentar nuevos desafíos, todos estos con el propósito de estimular situaciones sensuales, además de otras que desataran la risa. Cuenta con más de 400 ideas en 3 niveles progresivos y 50 escenarios, cada partida dura aproximadamente 90 minutos y durante toda la partida experimentaréis nuevos, excitantes y delirantes desafíos así como sexys y salvajes conversaciones que os estimularan.

Price: Desde 32 €

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The Love Or Lust (Amor O Lujuria)

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo love or lust kheper games

¿Cual de los dos prefieres? Do youAmor o lujuria? El juego de mesa para adultos The Love Or Lust está pensado para los dos componentes de la pareja y te ayudará a conocer sus gustos sobre el amor y la lujuria. Aquí se mezcla la partida con juegos preliminares, caprichos sexuales, etc, por lo que, gane quien gane, pasaréis un buen rato. Se basa en construir una fantasía, mientras se va explorando nuevos deseos sexuales que guardéis en común. Es un juego muy variado y con muchas posibilidades, ya que cuenta con hasta 30.000 combinaciones distintas para jugar muchas veces sin repetir.

Price: Desde 65 €

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El juego de la Verdad, Edición Erótica Para Parejas

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo el juego de la verdad edicion erotica para parejas

Este es el juego de la verdad de toda la vida, pero en versión erótica. Contiene 69 cartas con preguntas comprometidas o picantes, desafíos de tipo erótico y una ficha que hay que lanzar al aire que os dirá qué carta hay que coger. Cada pregunta o desafío vale unos puntos que irás sumando. Si no quieres contestar una pregunta o no te atreves a hacer una prueba se restan los puntos ¿Hasta dónde estás dispuesto a llegar? ¿Cuantos puntos conseguirás? ¡Haz la prueba!

Price: Desde 19 €

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Corazón Romántico, Tease and please

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo corazon romantico tease and please

De todos es sabido que los preliminares son muy importantes a la hora de mantener una relación sexual placentera para los dos miembros de la pareja, así que para que no te falten ideas, en esta cajita con forma de corazón tienes más de 100 ideas para un excitante calentamiento. Olvídate de la rutina, del «aquí te pillo aquí te mato» y empieza a disfrutar del sexo tomándote tu tiempo y cada vez un nuevo reto con el juego de mesa para adultos Corazón Romántico (también lo puedes encontrar en formato viaje).

Price: Desde 12,95 €

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Strippers Play

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo strippers play

A fantasía sexual muy recurrente (sobre todo en hombres) es que tu pareja te haga un estriptis, pero muchas veces cuando lo consigues a la hora de la verdad el resultado no es como te imaginabas. ¿Para qué nos vamos a engañar? El striptis como todo en esta vida tiene sus trucos y, si quieres que el resultado sea bueno, necesitarás un poco de ayuda. Y para eso está Strippers Play, un juego excitante, erótico y didáctico en el que tendréis todo lo necesario para hacer un estriptis con unos resultados muy excitantes.

Price: Desde 8,50 €

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Fantasy Affairs

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo fantasy affairs

Fantasy Affairs es un juego de mesa para novios y novias pensado para 2 participantes o jugadores en el que se proponen diferentes escenarios y en el que podréis dar rienda suelta a vuestras fantasías sexuales. Sigue las indicaciones de las cartas Creative Kiss, Fantasy Affair o Heart y simplemente disfrutad. El Funcionamiento es sencillo, sólo debes tirar el dado y caer en la casilla adecuada. Incluye el tablero, 36 cartas Creative Kiss, 36 cartas Fantasy Affair, 104 cartas Heart, 10 fichas en forma de corazón, 2 fichas de usuario, el dado y las instrucciones en español e inglés.

Price: Desde 27 €

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La Pirámide Prohibida

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo la piramide prohibida

La Pirámide Prohibida is a juego de mesa erótico para adultos en el que se puede jugar tanto en pareja como con otras parejas. Obviamente todos los participantes deben ser abiertos y desinhibidos, ya que las pruebas son subiditas de tono. Striptease, cambio de ropa interior, posturas del kamasutra e incluso cambio de parejas es algo de lo que te puedes encontrar en este juego ambientado en el antiguo Egipto.

Price: Desde 18,99 €

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Chocolate y Picante, Juego de Pareja Para Levantar… Pasiones

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo chocolate y picante juego de pareja para levantar pasiones

Chocolate y Picante es un juego de mesa erótico para parejas perfecto para disfrutar de los preliminares y que se divide en dos fases: Chocolate (pruebas más sensuales, con la ayuda de la venda) y Picante (pruebas más subidas de tono). Las pruebas se van realizando por turnos, una vez cada uno y cuando se hayan acabado todas, por fin podrán hacer el amor. Contiene 24 tarjetas de Chocolate, 24 tarjetas de Picante y una venda para los ojos. Eso sí, pierde el primero en llegar al orgasmo.

Price: Desde 13,50 €

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Adventurous Sex, Kheper Games

mejores juegos para parejas novios eroticos adultos sexuales juego de mesa sexo adventurous sex kheper games

Adventurous Sex is a divertido juego de cartas en el que cada carta ilustra una actividad estimulante o una posición sexual. Al jugar una de las tres cartas, tu y tu pareja usaréis las cartas para planear una de las 100.000 fantasías posibles (juega bien tus cartas y a gozar). Las cartas están en 8 idiomas, entre ellos el español.

Price: Desde 11 €

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Lubricantes íntimos (anales, orales y vaginales) para adultos

En toda relación sexual, el tema de la lubricación es fundamental para que la experiencia resulte placentera. En el caso de la mujer y durante los preliminares llenos de pasión propios del juego erótico previo a la penetración, esta debe experimentar la lubricación vaginal que indicará que está preparada para practicar sexo sin riesgo de sufrir molestias. En el caso del hombre, esta lubricación natural no sucede y por ello es más que recomendable el uso de un lubricante.

Cada mujer es un mundo y, por ello, no se puede determinar una cantidad normal de lubricación (aunque sí se puede considerar si esta es insuficiente o no). Tener sexo genital sin que la vagina esté preparada para tener relaciones puede ocasionar mucho dolor en vez de placer e incluso incrementa la posibilidad de desarrollar una infección por hongos (en el caso del sexo anal pasaría lo mismo).

Para eso existen los lubricantes íntimos. Se trata de productos especializados en reducir la fricción en los genitales o en el ano justo en el momento de mantener relaciones sexuales. Pueden ser usados en mujeres que sufren de sequedad vaginal y también por todas aquellas personas que quieran practicar sexo anal. En caso de que se utilice algún tipo de preservativo, siempre se deben de evitar aquellos que tengan una base mineral oleosa, ya que tienen el defecto de dañar y hacer inútil el preservativo de látex. Es por esto anterior que, si se usa condón en la relación sexual, el lubricante deberá ser hidrosoluble, es decir, con base acuosa.

No hay dos personas iguales, por eso tampoco son iguales todos los lubricantes y la variedad que encontramos en el mercado (incluidas las farmacias). La realidad es que corresponde a una necesidad concreta de cada persona. En el caso de la mujer es donde mejor se aprecian estas particularidades, pues los factores como la edad y la frecuencia de relaciones harán que un lubricante vaginal sea más apropiado que otro. Como buen hombre, es bueno que estés al día de esas necesidades y que sepas detectarlas para comprar el gel o lubricante idóneo para tus encuentros sexuales.

El sexo debe ser seguro y además muy placentero, pero sobre todo saludable. Lo más importante es que la pareja lo disfrute con salud y, para las mujeres, muchas veces es de gran ayuda usar un lubricante vaginal. Los motivos pueden ser por simples cuestiones físicas o por puro placer, pero estamos seguros de que, una vez que los pruebes (sobre todo si la mujer tiene problemas de lubricación), no querrás dejar de usarlos nunca. Sin más, veamos los mejores geles y lubricantes para tener relaciones sexuales:

Quiet! Al hacer la investigación de los mejores lubricantes íntimos del mercado, nos hemos asegurado que estén testados dermatológica y ginecológicamente.

Lubricante Sexual Íntimo Sabor Fresa, Durex Play

mejores geles lubricantes intimos vaginales durex play lubricante fresa morango

La fresa de por sí ya es un fruto carnoso y sensual. Parece que este lubricante íntimo con sabor y olor a fresa ha conseguido esa sensualidad de la fruta carmesí. Según las indicaciones del fabricante, Durex® Play lubricante fresa ofrece un delicioso sabor y aroma para endulzar los momentos más íntimos. Gracias al efecto de lubricación de base acuosa, mejora la intimidad de las relaciones, suavizando y aportando hidratación para ayudarte en las relaciones. Es de los mejor valorados y usados por las parejas en sus relaciones íntimas.

Price: Desde 7 €

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Gel Lubricante Sexual Íntimo LaLaLube, Loovara

mejores geles lubricantes intimos vaginales loovara gel lubricante lalalube

El lubricante íntimo Loovara LaLaLube is a lubricante médico a base de agua de alta calidad que ayuda a mejorar la capacidad de lubricación natural y, por lo tanto, aumenta la sensibilidad en la vida amorosa. Es apto para el uso durante las relaciones sexuales con condón y para el sexo vaginal, anal y oral. Además, es insípido e inodoro y el cierre se puede abrir de forma rápida y sencilla con una sola mano y dosificar con precisión. Este lubricante vaginal es ideal para juguetes sexuales como vibradores, consoladores, masturbadores, bolas de amor, etc, y hace que esta experiencia sea aún más sensual.

Price: Desde 9 €

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Lubricante Sexual Íntimo Efecto Calor, Durex Play

mejores geles lubricantes intimos vaginales durex play lubricante efecto calor

La sensación de ardor es un tópico cuando describimos una escena erótica. Pues este lubricante, también del fabricante Durex, juega con esa sensación de calor intenso en este lubricante, situado entre los mejores lubricantes del mercado. Según las indicaciones de Durex, este lubricante se debe «soplar suavemente sobre la zona de aplicación para intensificar el efecto calor». Irresistible sabor dulce, apto para uso vaginal, oral o anal, de base acuosa y compatible con el uso de preservativos es un compañero ideal para las relaciones sexuales de alto nivel.

Price: Desde 9 €

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Lubricante Sexual 100 % Natural Sin Fragancia ni Colorantes, Durex Naturals

mejores productos para hombre lubricantes sexuales intimos anales orales vaginales durex naturals natural base agua transparente sin fragancia colorantes agente irritantes

El gel vaginal Durex Naturals Pleasure es 100% natural y está diseñado para que sientas tus momentos íntimos suaves y excitantes. Su fórmula, de base acuosa, no lleva colorantes ni perfumes añadidos y es compatible con el pH vaginal. Que sea natural no afecta a sus posibilidades de uso, siendo apto para su uso con preservativo de látex, así como diferentes juguetes sexuales para adultos, tal como lo sería cualquier lubricante convencional (igual ocurre con sus aplicaciones, siendo apto tanto para el sexo vaginal, anal y oral). Y, por si fuera poco, incluye prebióticos en su formulación, con los que resulta más fácil cuidar de la sensible piel de estas zonas y mantener su equilibrio natural sin complicaciones.

Price: Desde 8 €

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Masaje y Lubricante Sexual «2 en 1» Con Aloe Vera, Durex Play

mejores productos para hombre lubricantes sexuales intimos anales orales vaginales durex play lubricante masaje 2 en 1

Solamente el nombre de este lubricante ya genera una avalancha de placer: masaje, tonificador, hidratante con aloe vera y lubricante sexual. No es extraño que sea uno de los mejores uno de los lubricantes más usados en las relaciones íntimas de muchas personas. Este otro producto del fabricante Durex se caracteriza por ofrecer un doble de placer pudiendo disfrutar de la sensualidad de un masaje con tu pareja mientras lubricas las zonas más íntimas. Además, gracias a su riqueza en aloe vera, nutres e hidratas la piel y las mucosas.

Price: Desde 10 €

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Lubricante Sexual con Aroma de Fresas con Champagne, Shunga Toko

mejores geles lubricantes intimos vaginales shunga toko lubricante fresas champagne

He lubricante con sabor a fresas con champagne, from Shunga Toko, es un lubricante de base de agua que pertenece a la nueva generación de lubricantes íntimos, especialmente formulados para emular la lubricación natural y facilitar la penetración. Es de textura ultra sedosa, de efecto increíblemente duradero y proporciona la sensación de ser un hidratante completamente natural (como si se tratara del propio flujo vaginal).

Está formulado a base de agua y glicerina ofreciendo una composición de ingredientes naturales respetuosos con la piel y las mucosas. Su delicada textura y su lubricidad sin fin intensifican las sensaciones alargando el momento de proximidad. Es completamente compatible con los preservativos de látex y con juguetes para adultos, siendo este soluble en agua. Tiene aroma y sabor a fresas con champagne, convirtiéndolo en tu aliado perfecto para el sexo oral. Además, no contiene colorantes y no mancha.

Price: Desde 10 €

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Lubricante Sexual Íntimo Real Feel, Durex Play

mejores geles lubricantes intimos vaginales durex play lubricante real feel pleasure

Volvemos al fabricante líder en sanidad sexual, Durex. En este caso, su propuesta es muy poética. Se trata del último de los lubricantes sacados al mercado por Durex y pretende que los cuerpos sientan que sólo les separa una leve tela de seda, en lugar de un preservativo de látex. Ofrece una sensación de calor y fría seda que hará de tus relaciones sexuales una montaña rusa de sensaciones. Además, es apto para el uso durante las relaciones sexuales con condón y para el sexo vaginal, anal y oral.

Price: Desde 11 €

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Lubricante Sexual Neutro, Secret Moments

mejores geles lubricantes intimos vaginales secret moments lubricante neutro

Este lubricante es perfecto para los más «naturalistas» y que buscan productos más amigables con el cuerpo y el medio ambiente. Es un lubricante vaginal para relaciones sexuales y está basado en la acción acuosa, es decir, se basa en la hidratación provocando la humedad natural que provoca el agua. Según los expertos, el agua es el mejor y más sano lubricante, por lo que todos los productos lubricantes para relaciones íntimas que lleven alto componente acuoso son muy recomendables.

Especialmente indicado para usar en la zona genital externa y para mujeres en edad adulta con falta de lubricación fisiológica o que deseen mejorar la propia. Para un mayor confort úsalo durante las relaciones sexuales para facilitar la lubricación y mejorar la penetración y así evitar irritaciones o heridas. Además, no mancha, no es oleoso y se retira fácilmente de la piel con agua. Para tu seguridad, está testado dermatológica y ginecológicamente.

Price: Desde 10 €

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Lubricante Sexual Íntimo Aquaglide, Joy Division

mejores productos para hombre lubricantes sexuales intimos anales orales vaginales joydivision aquaglide

He lubricante íntimo Aquaglide Original con base de agua proporciona una solución segura y confiable cuando la lubricación natural de la vagina es insuficiente. Incluso sin este problema, proporciona una mayor intensidad de sensación y excitación durante el acto sexual y ofrece numerosas ventajas en comparación con otros lubricante. Por ejemplo, puedes utilizarlo como un gel de masaje o como el complemento ideal de condones de látex. También lo puedes usar para aumentar el placer del sexo oral con sus diversos sabores.

Price: Desde 10 €

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Lubricante Sexual Íntimo con Base al Agua Transparente, ACVIOO

mejores productos para hombre lubricantes sexuales intimos anales orales vaginales acviooo base agua transparente

He lubricante sexual con base de agua y transparente de ACVIOO es totalmente compatible con preservativos. Posee un PH óptimo y no creará reacciones adversas gracias a sus componentes: agua, glicerina, hidroxietil celu (es un buen cicatrizante y protege las irritaciones al ser antiviral), antibacteriano y antimicótico. No sólo mejora el bienestar íntimo sino que es un excelente aliado para prevenir la disfunción eréctil al regular la circulación sanguínea (también es útil para tratar infecciones de cándida y elimina las verrugas).

En definitiva, humedece, lubrica y protege las zonas íntimas. Su fórmula con propiedades cicatrizantes, hidratantes, anti-inflamatorias, desinfectantes y analgésicas hacen de este cosmética erótico un producto perfecto para que tus relaciones íntimas sean altamente placenteras, a la vez que tu piel se regenera dejándola más suave y sedosa. Por último, al ser un lubricante al agua, es fácil de limpiar y disolver (la desventaja con respecto a los lubricantes de silicona es que es menos duradero).

Price: Desde 10 €

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Quiero ver más lubricantes sexuales íntimos

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¡No tengas miedo! Es normal que al principio estés un poco asustado (no es para menos) pero, si te animas, comprenderás que añadir juguetes eróticos cuando te masturbas o en tus relaciones sexuales va a ser un plus en cuanto a placer y novedad ¡Te lo aseguramos! Son muchas excusas que hemos oído y leído sobre este tema: que si duele, que si todo va a quedar manchado o que si los hombres que disfrutan de los juguetes eróticos se vuelven gay. ¡Pero no es cierto! Anímate y experimenta con la estimulación de tu punto P y el de tu pareja.

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Guía Sexual para Hombre

¿Tienes ganas de elevar de nivel tus relaciones sexuales y los encuentros íntimos? Ahora lo que se busca son encuentros sexuales de calidad y, a ser posible, duraderos. No se trata de batir un récord, sino de que todo el mundo disfrute al máximo antes, durante y después de la relación sexual. En esta guía para hombre te ayudamos a mejorar tu vida sexual.

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