Hollister Catalog | Fashion Trends Summer 2019


Hollister is another brand that already has a new and complete fashion catalog for the Summer season 2019. The firm is full of trends this year, so you do not miss anything of what we offer below.

T-shirts, polos, shirts, shorts, swimsuits, etc … all the fashion of the moment you will find in this, the Hollister Catalog | Fashion Trends Summer 2019.

Hollister Summer Shirts 2019

We begin the review of Hollister catalog Summer 2019 for t-shirts. Undoubtedly, one of the jewels of the American crown. In this case, with an original shirt with logo graphic London. Made of 100% cotton, with round neck and short sleeves, it is ideal to be neat but informal.

It combines the Hollister logo on the chest, with the word London on the back. All with up to three Union Jack, that is, the flag of the United Kingdom, crowning the shirt in triplicate. Its price is 32 euros but you can find it for 19 euros if you take advantage of the sales.

Another alternative for the summer 2019 is the Classic shirt with logo graphic application. Available in four colors, it is a top selling Hollister. You have it for 25 euros but with rebates stays at 15 euros.

And finally, one of the best-selling models in the 2019 Hollister Summer Catalog. The V-neck T-shirt essential. It is sold alone, in packs and its price is 14 euros, although you can find it for up to 8 euros in sales.

Hollister Summer polo shirts 2019

From the shirts we pass to Hollister polo shirts Summer 2019. There is always an option to go something more arranged and the American signature has one of its hallmarks at the poles.

In this case, the model Hentley is halfway between the shirt and the polo. Soft cotton fabric with textured print. It has a border on the inside of the neck in contrast, placket with contrasting interior and logo on the chest in the left area. It is available in two colors and its price is 21 euros.

If you want something more classic, the polo muscle fit elastic It is one of the flags of Hollister Catalog Summer 2019. Is available in nine colors and its fabric is comfortable, mixing cotton and elastic. The logo is on the left chest area and the cut makes it fit. It is slim on chest, waist and arms. Its price is 29 euros

Hollister Summer Shirts 2019

Time now for the Hollister Summer shirts 2019. One of the recognizable signs of Hollister They are your striped shirts and, as such, you can not start with another model. Is elastic muscle fit Oxford shirt it has been sweeping sales for years.

Buttoned and comfortable, it is made in superslim cut in chest, waist and arms. Soft oxford fabric with elastic Hollister Epic Flex. Striped print, logo on the chest and rounded hem. its price is 39 euros but you find it with discounts of up to 40%. You have it up in 11 colors

If you're not long-sleeved, Hollister offers you the chance to catch this muscle fit oxford shirt in short sleeve. The price is the same, 39 euros, but has no discount at the moment. It is also available in 11 colors.

If you are risking more with your look, this Elastic poplin slim fit shirt is for you. Floral print, Hawaiian inspiration, is made of soft poplin with elasticity Hollister Epic Flex. Slim on chest and waist, has the logo on the left chest area. There are up to 7 different prints and its price is 39 euros.

To finish with the shirts, we throw something more classic Hollister catalog Summer 2019. Is slim fit oxford shirt It is a top sales of the firm. Available in 11 colors, its price is 35 euros. Slim fit badge, oxford fabric with elastic Hollister Epic Flex, short sleeves and cuffs with back and hem.

If you want to see the shirts, shirts and polo shirts that we have shown you, you can do it in this Gallery of photos from the catalog 2019 Hollister Summer

Berlisdas Hollister Summer 2019

With the top part covered, it's time to take a look at the bottom and what the Hollister Summer 2019 catalog proposes. In this case, starting with 7 inch polar prep player shorts. Available in four colors, its usual price is 35 euros, but now they have discounts of up to 30%.

Comfortable pants above the knee, with adjustable drawstring, side and back pockets. Carry the logo on the left leg and unfinished hem.

There is more to see Hollister Epic Flex Short to know that they are the best sellers of the Hollister catalog Summer 2019. Medium length, above the knee, are made of Scottish twill with elastic Hollister Epic Flex. The usual price is 45 euros but they have a 20% discount during the sales.

We finish with this classic Chinese type shorts that is a must of any wardrobe. It is available even in 13 colors and the price is 39 euros, but they also have a 20% off. Another top sales of Hollister catalog Summer 2019.

Swimwear Hollister Summer 2019

Obviously, during the summer season, it's time to keep an eye on the swimsuits Hollister summer 2019. An increasingly broad and interesting catalog proposed by the American firm.

We start with this swimsuit stamped above the knees that is causing a sensation between the 2019 Hollister summer catalog. He is doing it because he has Up to 15 prints different, which is more original and striking. Its price is 39 euros.

The surfer touch is put on the nine-inch shorts. Classic-cut boardshorts, available in two colors and 49 euros, but with a 30% discount. Quick-drying fabric and UV protection of SPF 50.

For those looking for something shorter, this 5-inch short is available in up to 15 different shades. As well It's worth 39 euros and, at the moment, it does not have a discount but you never know.

Others 15 designs over 5 inches offers the Hollister Summer 2019 catalog. And is that this measure is the most demanded by their customers.

So you can compare, we have all the pants, shorts and swimsuits that we have shown you, compiled in this photo gallery. The best of Hollister catalog Summer 2019 for you

Hollister Summer Coats 2019

If you are thinking about buying a new jacket for this season of Summer 2019, nothing like reviewing the proposals of Hollister, that bets for a season in which the parkas are going to be the big protagonists. In this way, the urban and youth fashion brand presents models like this parka, in black, with hood and synthetic leather lining with which you will not go even cold.

Another of Hollister's coat proposals for Summer 2019 is the windbreaker, a kind of jacket that has become very fashionable in recent months and that will wipe out when the cold arrives. The firm has several models and designs. We opted for this, mixing red and black, with the detail of the name of Hollister throughout the sleeve.

We also recommend the padded parkas which are going to be trend during the next months. For these, Hollister It presents us with short models, which also have some of the most fashionable colors, such as the khaki.

If you have liked the jackets and coats that we have shown you, and want to see more, keep an eye on the other proposals that we show you in this Photo gallery:

Hollister Summer Sweatshirts 2019

The sweatshirts they are also protagonists when the cold season arrives so that we can see what the latest trends are in this new catalog of Hollister. The firm presents a variety of models among which the sweatshirt with your logo which is almost one of his most "classic" garments.

We can also opt for what are zippered sweatshirts, which have become a trend. Hollister bets on hooded models, with several colors and with a design in which the logo and name of the signature appear.

Another proposal that I show you is the light sweater with round neck which imitates the style of the sweatshirts and which is presented in a color as basic as black or navy blue.

If you want to see more of the sweatshirts Hollister for the summer season, do not miss the Photo gallery that we leave you below:

Shirts and t-shirts Hollister Summer 2019

As for shirts and shirts, Hollister bet on a Summer 2019 full of proposals like this model of shirt «denim» that we show you now. A shirt model fitted with a classic style but that does not go out of style.

Shirts like the one we just showed you, you can combine them together with shirts that are presented in colors like black. Long sleeve t-shirts, with fitted design, ideal for this new season.

If what you are looking for is shirts with colors that mark trend, nothing like choosing models like this that we show you now, with poplin design that you can wear with jeans or chinos of the Chinese type.

The T shirt with print, like this that we show you with the logo of the firm and in blue, it is without a doubt another proposal that you can not let escape.

Let's see below, a gallery of photos with shirts and T-shirts Hollister for Summer 2019:

Hollister Summer Pants 2019

As for pants, Hollister It is also filled with the most varied proposals, although it focuses on fashion trends such as the 90s. In this way, we can find Texans like the ones we see in the image below. A trouser that has a straight design and that you can combine with the sweatshirts and jackets that we have just seen.

For those of you looking for a Texan who is tight, nothing like opting for models like this one that is really fitted, counting in addition, with slanted details. The color, in an intense navy blue makes it perfect for the summer season.

The pants chinese continue to be a trend towards the summer season, so that Hollister It has models that are really a hit. For you to take note, we opted for a model like this, in brown and with a fitted cut.

And for occasions that are more formal, nothing like choosing a trousers that are black or dark color. Models like this, which we now show you that it also has a cut or fitted but elastic design.

And for more "relaxed" occasions if you want to look the latest, nothing like choosing a model of tracksuit pants. These have become trends for months and again will return with great force. The models presented Hollister They are basic colors like Gray and with a straight-leg design and with the signature logo.

If you want to see more of the pants Hollister for Summer 2019, do not miss the Photo gallery that we leave you below:

Footwear and Accessories Hollister Summer 2019

Footwear and accessories are also protagonists in the new Hollister catalog for Summer 2019, with models of shoes that stand out like these that we show you: the shoes «Hi» in white. A boot model that currently trends.

We can also recommend models of most basic shoes, in black, that you can combine all kinds of jeans and pants like the ones we have seen.

And as for accessories, Hollister, opts for many models of backpacks They have different colors and also with different prints, among them, the logo of the brand or also its name.

In the photo gallery that we leave you below, you can see more of the footwear and accessories for this season:

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Without doubt the Hollister catalog Summer 2019It is very extensive, that's why we will expand it in following updates, however, from Modaellos we want you to stay informed of the latest fashion and accessories, for this reason we have selected the following links, which we are sure, you will enjoy.

Hollister Catalog | Fashion Trends Summer 2019

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