How much does a tattoo cost? The price of the tattoo according to the area


¿How much costs a tattoo? The price of the tattoo according to the area. The big question that is asked is whoever decides to paint his body. Tattooing is not cheap, and it's more painful depending on where you do it. A tattoo is for life, so always choose a good professional. We give you an idea of ​​prices for your next tattoo.

This being the case, in this article we are going to get you out of doubt. We are going to tell you how many a tattoo costs and the price of the tattoo according to the area. Of course, considering that many elements can influence the price. Be that as it may, who gets tattooed, usually end up repeating, so the experience is worth it in most cases.

How much does a tattoo cost?

How much does a tattoo cost?? The price of the tattoo according to the area. When it comes to tackling the price of a tattoo, one must bear in mind that, even on the skin, a tattoo is art. And art is expensive. How much? It depends. What's more, an almost identical tattoo can be double or triple depending on who you turn to.

And is that, when estimating how much a tattoo costs, we must have variables such as drawing, the design, the material necessary to do it and, above all, the tattoo artist's fame you go to There are some prestigious professionals with a one-year waiting list. Obviously, go to one of the top, has an impact on how much a tattoo costs. So things, one of the first tips is to take into account these elements before taking the final step.

Size of the tattoo

The Tattoo size matters. And a lot. Now that mini tattoos are so fashionable, you can see the contrast with those who have their arms completely covered or a whole drawing covering their backs. In the end, the tattoo artist, as in many other works, charge for hours. And the equation is simple: the larger the size, the more hours and therefore the tattoo costs more.

In fact, there are some projects that can take months and dozens of sessions to the tattoo artist. Obviously, those who demand these very specific works are experienced in the art of painting their skin. It is not our case. We would be the random customer who comes to get his first or, at best, his second tattoo.

For this reason, we would estimate that the basic tattoo, with a simple design, small size and ready in a short time, would cost around 50 euros. Examples? A ring on the finger or an ace of hearts under the wrist, as well as a Chinese letter behind the ear. From those 50 euros, the sky is the limit. Well, in reality the limit is what fits in your body and what you have in the bank account.

Tattoo color

The color of the tattoo is an aspect to keep in mind. Go from black and white to color, you can reach double the price of the tattoo. As simple as it requires more material, more time for work and greater dedication by the tattoo artist. This way, we can establish that the hour of work of a medium tattoo artist, is around 50 euros.

That's what it would take, more or less, to make a minimal and discreet tattoo without color. Now, if we want to give it color, the same tattoo could reach 100 euros easily. Obviously, you pay for the product and the design. It is what you have to be more modern, which is more expensive.

Tattoo drawing

In all the tautrage shops, you have available albums with thousands of designs, drawings Y options to capture in your skin. If you choose one of them, the thing will be quick. Now, more and more, are the customers who carry their own designs, his drawings or, more curious still, the photos of a relative. Each one, in his skin is tattooed what he wants (or what he can), as we have seen in some DTT programs. Be that as it may, if the design is not of the tattoo artist, the price will go up a bit.

Now, there is a third alternative, in which the price would skyrocket even more. We talk about the occasions in which the tattoo artist makes a special design. You not only have to think about it and design it, but also capture it. This, the tattoo artist, takes time. To the client, money. Now, we will have the certainty that the design is unique. If in addition, the drawing has shadows, 3D effects or elements that complicate its development, the price can be exorbitant.

Tattooist's Prestige

The prestige of the tattoo artist is key. The top tattooists are real rock stars and, of course, finding a space with them is almost impossible. And when you do, the price they ask for will be the one they want. Moreover, there is someone who is at such a level, that only asks the area of ​​the body where you want the tattoo. Once selected, they look at you, ask you something about you and make the drawing that gives them the real desire on your skin. The best thing is that few people have complained about the result.

Price of the tattoo according to the area

This way, we can determine the price of the tattoo according to the area. For this, we take as reference the random tattoo of 50 euros. The one that measures about 5 centimeters and is black and white.

  • Hands and fingers90 euros Notice to sailors, the tattoos on hands and fingers hurt a lot. When the needles hit the bones, they cause constant punctures that can be extremely painful.
  • Feet100 euros- If in the hands it hurts, in the feet, even more. And you have to take care of it twice, because of the risk of infections. The thing is not there. On top it is more expensive, but because of the complexity of drawing in an area as irregular as a foot.
  • Face and neck 120 euros. The fact that it is so expensive, in addition to the complication of the area, is the refusal of many tattooists to paint faces and collars.
  • Rest of the body50 euros – In the rest of the body, making a small and simple drawing is easier than preparing things to tattoo. Hence, many people opt for arms or wrist, rather than hands or fingers.

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How much does a tattoo cost? The price of the tattoo according to the area

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