Sandals for men new season 2019 in Catchalot


Are you looking for men's sandals for this summer season? We tell you which models are most in demand in the Catchalot store and what are the characteristics that make them stand out from the others.

With the high temperatures that we are living lately, there is an escape of the closed shoe to meet frequently with open models or breathable fabrics, which allow comfort but also health. Next, we show you the most striking men sandals of Catchalot:

For those who do not like the sandals type shovel, what better than this option that has a back that facilitates the movement of the foot and the tread, without fear of losing the footwear even if you walk fast. This Catchalot Fornells model has a plastic sole and the outer fabric is made of nubuck. In addition to finding it in navy blue, you can see it in leather. A valid shoe for casual looks.

For those days of casual look, these INTER-BIO sandals can be the ideal option. It has a rubber sole with a height of 2 cm and a outer skin, with strips that cross the foot for greater support when walking and a strip that hugs the thumb. For those who do not know this brand, it is a shoe manufactured entirely in Spain and considered quality, since the materials and the design of the same show us a comfortable shoe, which maintains the natural footprint.

The espadrilles They remain a typical summer footwear, a breathable and comfortable option that allows you to keep your feet covered without losing aesthetics. Every summer is typical in Madrid the long queues in the alpargaterías, this time, you can find them in a web store to acquire them without enduring the heat.

It is a natural espadrilles for men, designed by Natural World, which is an ecological footwear brand that designs and creates both for men and women and children. This Spanish company only works with 100% ecological materials, hence we find ourselves with organic cotton and natural rubber shoes.

On this occasion, we find a espadrille created with a jute sole and a height of 2 cm. You can find it in this color navy blue with worn effect, in green and beige.

This type of sandal serves both for a casual look and one more sporty style. Really, you're sandals with velcro They are ideal for active people, who like to walk or take long walks. The advantages of using a Velcro closure is that they can easily be adapted to the width of the foot, at any time and with very little time spent on the process.

The height of the sole is 3 cm and is made with thermoplastic rubber. The rest of the materials, which, as you can see in the photograph, are designed to offer good support to the foot, are made in textile and has a leather plant to improve sweating and foot care.

This type of sandals are known as sandal type shovel or slide, because they do not have a fastening on the back, if not just hug the foot at the front of it. On this occasion, we find a sandal from the Catchalot brand in an interesting combination of brown tones.

The support straps on the back embrace the foot crosswise, which offers more comfort when walking. It is a type of sandal ideal for a casual look, with a thermoplastic rubber sole that has a height of 2 cm. The plant of the sandal is leather and the rest of the materials are synthetic and textile.

Sandals for men new season 2019 in Catchalot


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