The best haircuts for men according to your type of face


»What haircut favors me«? Our readers always ask us for advice about how to comb their hair and how to wear their hair. For this reason, we want to collect the best haircuts for men 2019 depending on your type of face and clarify what your face type is if you have doubts.

One of the biggest mistakes that men usually make when choosing a hairstyle or haircut, is that they tend to fix a lot on trends bring the celebrities. Over time, they realize that they do not have the same. Every man has a face type, of facial features or contours. A) Yes, they will have a type of hairstyle or cut that will be better or worse depending on whether they are oval, square or triangular

If you want to know how to style and to guess with your style, it is essential that you know if your face is more oval or square. Or if you have, for example, a more or less long face. With this you can also know how to choose a good cut. In fact a good stylist or hairdresser know how to cut a man's hair depending on the type of face you have.

If you look at the hairstyles that many men carry we will realize about it. Those that are better are those that better combine with the corresponding factions.

The best haircuts for men according to your type of face

Choose haircuts according to your face type

One of the hairstyles for men Fashion are the cuts of the «spiky» with bangs and hair towards above. Also the shaved cuts. This does not mean that everyone can carry them. We must distinguish between different face shapes and hence the hair can stay better or worse depending on whether you take it right to your facial type.

A flattering haircut points out, highlights the best of your face and hides your faults. Also, also improvement your total image There are seven basic forms of face: oval, Diamond, round, square, rectangular, elongated Y triangular. For each one of them we will have a cut and comb option or a suggestion of which styles can be the best.

How to know what your face type is?

To know what kind of face you have, you must do is Put all your hair back. That there's nothing left on your face, look in the mirror and examine your lines of your face.

How is it: The oval faces, are those that have the shape of the elongated and round face. It is what is known as the face with an "egg shape". The forehead protrudes little, in the same way as the chin.

The cheeks dominate the contour and the chin is shorter than the forehead. It is a type of face, next to the square very common among men (do not confuse it with the round whose features are much more circular as we will see later).

Far from what it may seem, the crest itself lengthens the face more, but it does so vertically and refining it. That is to say, it does not lengthen the face but a minimum part, that is the hair that rises, reason why the effect is not as if you were Blas, of Sesame Street. In your case, the shaved sides help to further stylize the face and enhance the oval of the look.

Another alternative, more than reasonable, is the one that proposes Enrique Iglesias. The singer, in addition to an oval face, has always had an important alopecia. In this situation, the Baseball caps are a blessing. Almost a religious experience. Of course, any cap is not worth it. If we see the one that Enrique Iglesias is wearing, we will see that he has been shaped so that it curves in the visor and becomes rounder. This softens his oval face.

However, the times we have seen him without a cap, his alternatives have been two. The first, short hair, bangs forward and disguise maximum alopecia. In his day, Enrique Iglesias opted for the bowl, so fashionable at the beginning of the century. In his case it was fatal. Between the oval of his face and the bowl, it did not favor him at all. Luckily, he changed his look in time.

Also among the cuts that can favor you in the case of having an oval face, we have to talk about the toupees or cuts in which you have more volume in the central part with the sides well reduced.

Cut to avoid: As for that cut that you never but never have to make in the case of having an oval face, it will be the cut with fringe that I mentioned earlier when talking about Enrique Iglesias and neither the Cutting maximum cut since the only thing you will get is to mark those oval features much more.

Diamond Face

And is that the actor he is not the most handsome in Hollywood, neither the sexiest, but the one that most matches is taken out. Starting with a haircut that enhances your diamond face. To do this, opt for a classic cut, neither long nor short, with a stripe on one side and, in this case, bangs upwards greased. To start, it takes away 10 years and, to continue, it feels great.

And from an eternal seducer, to an eternal teenager. Elijah Wood It shows, clearly, what a diamond face is in this photo. Go ahead that the actor, at 38, begins to clear and has important entries. In spite of everything, use your haircut to hide them too. And is that the bangs forward is key in the diamond face of whoever was Frodo Bolsom

On the other hand, everything that they are classic cuts of the type combed to one side and lowered slightly to the sides (something that Clooney puts a lot of hand on) will also be quite flattering for your face type. In addition, Asymmetric cuts or layers can also favor you.

Although the diamond face par excellence in Hollywood, is that of Leonardo Dicaprio. With a prominent front, the Oscar-winning actor knows how to make the most of the world. Short hair, combed backwards or to the side and to work. Help that has one of the most beautiful faces of the cinematographic panorama.

Cut to avoid: As for the type of cut that you have or should avoid in the case of having a face of the diamond type, it is essential that you forget the idea of ​​leaving you in a pinch or wearing a cut that has volume up as much as it is a trend. This type of cut will only do that your face looks much more elongated.

Round face

How is it: As it indicates its own word, the round face is the face that has completely rounded shape, without protruding neither chin, cheekbones or anything. This kind of faces, they create a kind of circle from the width that usually has to the height of the cheeks, the curve that it has in the forehead and in the chin. Many men have these types of faces and although you think that is more typical of men who are overweight or something "chubby", the truth is that there are many thin people with completely round features.

In the case of Chace Crawford, It is true that he has a round face, but also that he is handsome to rage, so few hairstyles look bad. The protagonist of Gossip Girl He has managed to mature with elegance and put aside his look of the Upper East Side. Now opt for a shorter hair, defiled and disheveled above. With it, it manages to verticalize the roundness of the face, and make it have many edges.

The populated and semi-neglected beard helps to give that rebellious point that looks with the hair. And it is that with the shaved face and his face of ball, added to the pint of good boy of Chace Crawford, could well pass for a juvenile. It does not suit you if you want to continue working in Hollywood.

Martin Freeman, The eternal Bilbo Bolson or Watson, also has a round canonical face. In your case, pull elegance to qualify it. Short hair, bangs up and a touch of wax to keep it. Not only does it change his face, it takes years. It is a youthful, modern and carefree court that looks great. Would someone say that he is 47 years old?

Another haircut that favors men with round faces is the asymmetric, leaving the sides shorter, with more hair in the center. Yes, I already know that I said that in order to «soften» your features, it is better that you take a long hair and leave it, but also if you opt for a reduced side cutting and a little more in the center, you will achieve more marked factions and create a point of attention in the upper part of the face.

Oval face cuts

Cut to avoid: On the other hand, if you have a round face, it is better to avoid everything that is cuts with bangs that will only make your features look more framed in the same way that It will not be good for you to comb your hair backwards either.

Square Face

How is it: The square face is a face with the maxillary jaws. Presents the forehead and chin flat. It is associated with being the most masculine type of face of all. However, it happens to him as when triangular, which is not the most common. Depending on if you like marked and masculine features you can choose cuts that disguise them or that mark them more.

Different is the case of Gerard Butler. The English actor combines his square face with tremendous elegance. Always with short hair, paraded and short sides. In the top part it has alternated, but the best it has is disheveled with fringe a little blunt. The look lengthens the face and detracts from the appearance.

Everything that they are cuts above the ears and short whiskers they will favor you so that your features do not look so square. On the other hand, if you choose to wear a beard, it is a good idea to leave it a little long so that the jaw looks more elongated.

Cuts to avoid: If you have a square face type it's always better than avoid everything that is too shaved cuts, or cuts of the military type. The long hairs or medium hairs are not your allies either, so you should focus on the most asymmetric and very short cuts.

Rectangular Face

How is it: It is a type of face where the chin is almost the same width as the forehead, making the shape of a rectangle. They tend to be broad faces but not to be so as for example the oval. They are often confused with the square face type.

How is it: The elongated faces are the same as the squares when it comes to the proportions although the FRente and chin will be rounded instead of angular. This type of face is more common than you can think and in addition to the cut we can recommend I tell you that if you have a long face and you leave a beard you will be very favored.

Justin Bieber He is another famous with a canonical elongated face. The singer was long with his famous bangs, which was his hallmark. For a long time, Justin Bieber combines the blonde wicks with medium hair and disheveled hair. Tapes and caps help to disguise the shape of your face, a very valuable help.

Maluma is a Latin version, today, of Justin Bieber. No obstante, el cantante ha tenido infinidad de looks. Desde las trenzas, a las mechas con media melena, pasando por el tupé imposible. También lo ha tenido rapado por completo. En todos los casos le sienta de maravilla, al combinarlo con su cuidada barba y sacarse todo el partido.

Por otro lado, el corte del tipo «spiky» os puede quedar bien dado que al subir el pelo en la parte frontal aunque sea ligeramente lograréis que toda la atención se acapare en ese punto. Por otro lado, los cortes con un poco de flequillo también os pueden favorecer.

Cortes tipo rostro alargada

Corte a evitar: En cuanto al corte a evitar, es mejor que teniendo el rostro alargado evitéis los cortes de pelo largo o de hecho llevar el cabello demasiado largo dado que las facciones se verán más alargadas.

Rostro Triangular

Cómo es: Es un tipo de rostro que muchos consideran bastante armónico ya que la frente es más ancha que los maxilares o los pómulos, los cuáles suelen marcarse bastante.

Corte a evitar: En cuanto a los cortes que se deben evitar para este tipo de rostro, tenemos que mencionar com no, los rapados ya que van a hacer que tu frente se vea demasiado.

Tom Welling, el desaparecido Superman of Smallville, dio una lección de cómo aprovechar la cara triangular. Durante 10 temporadas, alternó el flequillo hacia adelante, con un punto más o menos largo. Pero el flequillo era innegociable. Es la forma de redondear una cara triangular y ser un superhéroe ideal.

Y el tuyo ¿cuál es? déjanos tu comentario con tus experiencias y dudas que puedas tener acerca del corte de pelo que más te favorece.

Teniendo la información sobre el corte de pelo que mejor nos va según el rostro que mejor que escoger un corte de pelo que sea tendencia para este año. Espero que os ayude.

Vídeo de los mejores cortes de cabello para cada tipo de rostro

Fotos con los tipos de cortes para cada tipo de rostro:

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